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21 May 2013 @ 10:11 pm
Popular animals and Oh no, I have NF's  
So with the whole Flickr fiasco I finally decided to use one of my old accounts to upload photos to on Deviantart. I have been trying to decide if I should upload photos and if so how. On my main account in scraps or on my fan art account. Because I will probably quit Flickr I just decided to make an account just for photos and transfer most of my stuff over to there. Sorath-Rising is my name there. I uploaded 80 pics today. I warned my friends they may want to wait before adding me so that they don't get their inboxes flooded and I'll let them know when upload goes back to a normal pace. I'm pretty happy with it except that I forgot that sub galleries is a paid feature.

Popular animals. This is a topic I have been wanting to talk about for a while. I joined a group on DA called something like Unpopular animals or No popular animals. The rules were you can't post art work of wolves, felines, dragons, or horses. It's funny and I never realized but these animals are over done on DA. Almost every fantasy artist draws one of these creatures. Luckily I'm an exception. Malidicus doesn't count because he's not mine. I unknowingly tend to go for the lesser know characters or animals for some reason. But it is funny that I think the #1 drawn animals on DA are wolves. But these aren't what I have been thinking about. Even in the "unpopular" or "Unseen" category you find hierarchy. Not many people draw birds, but since I watch a few bird artists I have a list of popular birds that I'm kind of sick of seeing. If you draw these birds or take photos I'm not talking about anyone on the friends list. I'm just kind of amazed that no one else draws other birds when there are 900 species to choose from. WTF? So popular birds: Secretary bird, Lammergeier or bearded vulture, Peregrine Falcon, Macaws and peacocks.

Macaws I can understand because they are pretty birds, people encounter them in pet stores or bird show and with Rio they became popular birds to draw and make characters out of. I love macaws. I have owned and worked with them. I was obsessed with them for years. But I've never made any macaw characters.
Peacocks are also pretty and well known birds that you see often at zoos and parks. Because of Kung Fu Panda 2 though they have sky rocketed in popularity. Thank you Lord Shen who wasn't even that great of a bad guy. I'm actually rather sick of seeing all the bird artists draw him and draw females for him or other variants in the panda style. Gah!! WHY, please stop it! I'm sick of peacocks. Danphe pheasants are much prettier and they don't even have tails like that.
Peregrine Falcons make sense. They are powerful birds and famous for being the fastest animals on the planet. Lots of people draw them and now I technically have two which kind of bugs me because I admire what they can do, but they just never interested me as birds. Not to the point that I would make them into characters. BUT, I have Sorath who has a falcon form. The reason for that is because he was Ra the Egyptian Sun god who is a peregrine falcon. It's Sorath that inspired his myth actually. When the Egyptians saw him he was so alien they didn't understand what they were seeing. His eyeless head looked like a bird of prey so they represented him as a falcon. Arramon is my other character. Part black mamba part peregrine falcon. I'm not sick of seeing these guys, but I have noticed they are very popular.
Lammergeiers? WTF? I remember the first time I found out about these vultures on a documentary back in the late 80s I think. It was called bone breaker's mountian. They lift bones and drop them to eat the marrow. This is their primary diet. Very obscure bird even among bird fanciers. How is it then that this bird is so well known among amateur artists?
Secretary bird? WTF? Why? It's one of the ugliest messed up raptors. Terrestrial mostly with super long legs for stepping on snakes and scorpions. But these guys are drawn all the time and are usually females. I watch one artist that has a flock of fictional birds three of these species are key characters.
I'd say harpy eagles are a close 6th place bird. I prefer Steller's Sea Eagles. No one draws those of course.

So what would my flock of birds be like if I were to make a story about birds? Before that I have tried many many times to come up with ideas for a bird story and get zip. I don't like making characters without a back story so this won't ever be happening for me. So probably a budgie. Budgies are very popular and I see lots of photos and sometimes even budgie art. But I've never seen anyone have a budgie character they consistently use. Budgies just aren't used as characters. That should change, but I just have no ideas.
Quetzal. Got one. Ophidius is a quetzal.
Turquoise Browed Motmot. It's El Salvador's national bird. Exotic and not well known.
Sword Billed hummingbird. Largest beak of any bird for its body size.
White Throated Magpie Jay. A Blue Jay on steroids.

There. That would be my cast of characters. Possibly a sixth but I can't remember what it was. So yeah, popular animals. The popular birds annoy me.

I didn't get much art done today. I got some inking done. But not much. Worked a little on three drawings. I'm feeling frustrated again because I feel like nothing's getting finished. I've been thinking about Stunt Dawgs a lot lately. I have this urge to draw fan art of them. I have so much to do though and I'm also frustrated I haven't created any other species of Coatls. That's really bugging me. I'm still new as a snake artist and when I try new species they are hard for me and they are not to the standard I would like them to be. Yes they all must be the quality that Arramon was.

Speaking of Arramon I've been wanting to mention this for awhile that's funny. It's funny how I have been ending up with characters I have been trying to avoid. I know have two NF characters. One is a main character. No, one is THE main character. Thagirion is INFJ. That does bug me a little bit. Yes I'd rather he had been a T but he's not. He's angry and explosive. If things don't go his way he throws a temper tantrum. He doesn't think, he just acts on his emotions. And as god who can stop him? Who would dare? I realized INFJ is perfect for him too because he has Ni first just like we T's do. That makes him a strategist and system builder. He easily sees the interconectedness of things. This is a MUST have quality for a creator. And for the master planner and multitasker.

The other one is Arramon. He's...oh gosh...he's INFP. I can't believe I have an important character that's an INFP. My least favorite type. He's shy, nervous and timid. He's not a very good bad guy and he feels too much. Yes Idealistic thinking that Quetzalcoatl should lead and when he does take over things will improve. He totally believes that because he loves Quetz too much. He developed on his own and the more I get to know him the more I see that he is an INFP. That means if he were real, I'd hate him. How did this happen?

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The Silver Wolf of Darkness: Silvolf by Kuitsukusilvolf on May 22nd, 2013 07:45 am (UTC)
Back when I created Silvolf to be my main character I never realized how overused wolves are. Luckily I have other animals and fantasy creatures I draw as well so it's not all a common creature. I like finding unusual animal art. Two of my rare faves are naked mole rats and red river hogs. I haven't seen many characters of either.
Desthagirion on May 22nd, 2013 05:07 pm (UTC)
Those animals that were mentioned on that group like wolves, dragons etc, never bugged me. I had just never noticed. It's the popular birds funny enough that I got tired off. Good you got some obscure you like as characters.
actipton80actipton80 on May 22nd, 2013 01:32 pm (UTC)
Felines and horses are just blah to me. I don't have a connection with either type of animal so blah. I used to like dragons, but I think I'm over that. Dragon cave and all its idiots put me off of them. I like wolves but agree they are overused.

I'd personally like to see more owls. I know Guardians of Ga'Hoole is popular and had them. The characters were well done in that movie too, even if the plot was just an LOTR knockoff.
Des: Cooper's Hawk Juvenilethagirion on May 22nd, 2013 05:11 pm (UTC)
Those don't interest me either. Hehe yeah those dragon pet sites just totally suck.

I know this is hard but what is your favorite owl or owls? I hated that movie because the main character was such a wimp. Why was he the hero? They should have chosen a better character. I really hoped that his brother would kill him. This is one of those movies I'd rather write my own ending. The owls were accurate and the animation was spectacular but yes the story sucked, the message of feelings over thinking always pisses me off and the character only stupidly seeing good in people was a waste of time. That movie could have been way better. Adventures in Zambezia was WAY better and the art was no where near as good. The main character was a peregrine falcon hee hee.
actipton80actipton80 on May 22nd, 2013 05:43 pm (UTC)
I don't know if I have a favorite owl. I do love Great Horned Owls, even though they are very catlike in that they are opportunistic predators that will hunt anything they think they can catch. I love their hoot and the way they look, and they are very cute when playing, if you can catch one playing that is. I do have a soft spot for Eastern Screech Owls though because I've gotten to work very closely with one, and she was a very sweet little bird.

The movie had to follow the plot of the book, which I admit I didn't read.
Des: Pirate Parrotthagirion on May 22nd, 2013 06:07 pm (UTC)
In my childhood home I used to fall asleep to the great horned owls hooting. I loved it. I haven't see the cute screech owl that used to come here. I miss it.

I didn't know it was a book. I have no desire to read it.
Cheezey: Vampy Haggar Hmmmcheezey on May 23rd, 2013 08:00 pm (UTC)
It shows that you have good character building skills even if it is a little frustrating to discover your characters are ones you wouldn't like in real life. It means you give them depth and variety and traits that make sense rather than just making it a universe full of characters that come off too perfect. You need a good variety for a realistic universe.
Des: Cope Nervousthagirion on May 23rd, 2013 08:39 pm (UTC)
Thanks. Yes, Arramon has a specific role to fill and he can't have the same personality as Quetz. I never thought I'd end up with these types but that's what the story calls for.