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02 April 2013 @ 01:34 pm
Clouds - Photoshop tips and tricks  
Whispy clouds

On a bright blue background use a round brush set to 30% opacity. Select solid white then make cloud shapes in the direction of the wind. Pass over them again adding whiter spots where the sun hits them. Then take the smudge took set around 70%. Smudge in the same direction until desired shapes are made.

Storm clouds

This one is harder.
Use a brown background gradient. Select a light yellow and with the round brush set opacity to 10%. Make whispy shapes again. Then smudge like above. For light breaking through a dodge tool can be used on hot spots.


Make lines like wood cracks or in V's with a lighter and a darker color. Once done do Filter > Noise > Add Noise and adjust percent as needed. Then do Filter > Blur > Motion blur. 0% for horizontal. 90% for vertical. Adjust blur percent to preference. Easy.
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