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26 March 2013 @ 10:29 am
Random thoughts  
Worked a bit on art yesterday but my hand started acting up again. I think I'm in a bad fibro phase again, though nowhere near as bad as it was the first time I got it. I have almost all the same symptoms again (hand pain, arm pain, shocks, stabs in the shoulder, tiredness and headaches in the back of the head) only much more tolerable. So I took another hot shower and stopped for the rest of the day. Heat always helps me. This morning it's still tender and I'm using the mouse on my left hand. BUT I'm going to try to finish my piece today. I only have three expressions to go and I want today to be the day I finally finish. This thing has taken me two months and I need to concentrate on my other stuff. I hope I can make it.

Weird stuff on DA. I had a jerk kid invite me to join one of his groups. It's one of those "accept all" groups. I almost didn't join because he only had 400 members and I like to join groups that have at least 800 or more. But since he invited me I figured I'd make an exception. The only rule I found was put all your best stuff in the featured folder. When people do that it's because the admins want to move stuff later and they don't want you posting anywhere else. So I submitted two pics. He declined them. I looked in the comments and saw he'd done the same thing to someone else. So I sent him a PM and got on his case. Why would he invite me if he's just going to decline me? Getting punished for following the rules? He just wants to look like he has members and he's a liar if he calls his group and "Accept all art" group. He read the note and probably got scared because I pointed all this out and hasn't responded. Doesn't matter. I left. I will warn the person that also got declined to leave and show them a real group that accepts all that has 12,000+ watchers and encourage her to quit his group too.
Then I had another guy ask if I did request. I told him I take money. "Wish I could but I'm broke. I like your art." I don't care. You don't have the cash then no deal. At least he was nice but I don't make stuff for free for strangers. I barely have time to make gifts for friends and I do want to make some stuff for my friends. I have been meaning to on some for years now. So I put a button on my front page about no requests.

I'm sick of the cold weather. The few neps that were outside are now back inside. I'll probably have to bring in the budgies again too. I really want to kick all the plants back outside. I miss seeing big beautiful pitchers. Right now the only nice pitchers I have are on my truncatas under my grow lights (they are excellent house plants) and my big bicalcarata (snake fangs) in my tank. But it's an ultra lowlander so it can't go outside until nights stay in the 70's consistently.

Chris has the day off tomorrow. I am SO looking forward to that. I hope I am well enough that I can go out and stay out for sometime. He's going to help me with some Spring and Easter Decorations too, so that will be really nice.

I had a dream about my snake character. I posted it on my dream journal. If you haven't seen that check it out. I'm slowly developing him. He hasn't been as easy as Ophidius was. He is an introvert. He's also timid and soft spoken. He quietly admires Ophidius and just stares in amazement when he does things. He doesn't like to fight unless he has to, and when he does he's deadly. He's also a feeling type. Eep, that makes two NF's in my story so far. I have a few ideas for him temporarily joining Ophidius and Malidicus on adventures, but not many. He's very hard to write for actually since he doesn't do much.

And I'm still undecided about getting a tumblr. I know it's a twitter for artists and it's crawling with liberals. But I won't be adding others to read their stuff so my friends page or whatever won't get flooded. I'll only add my close friends I have here. I also won't post anything personal. Just drawings. Probably my sketches since I hear it's a good place to just dump art. What I'd like for it to be is another means for me to get exposure and maybe it will send people to my LJ and DA that wouldn't find me by normal means. Like most places, I'm there so people come to me, not the other way around. Thoughts?

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The Silver Wolf of Darkness: Chisilvolf on March 26th, 2013 05:53 pm (UTC)
Ergh the guy on dA sounds like an idiot. I run 9 groups and if people stick to the rules, then I accept their art. I accept about 95% of the things submitted. The only prob I've had is my Gorillaz group. It is for fanart of the band and related characters, also stories and cosplay photos or crafts. But people submit things just drawn in the style of the Gorillaz band (the style of Jamie Hewlett, the artist who drew them) and I don't accept that. I don't accept OCs unless they are with official characters. In my opinion no one really wants to see someone draw themself in Jamie's style. I state all this in the rules of the group. But people don't bother to read. I don't decline things though, I just ignore them. That way the person doesn't know their art has been rejected and they won't whine about it. I don't have time for people who aren't observant enough to read the rules. I never hear anything back about why the work wasn't accepted when I just ignore it. Sometimes things are put in the wrong folder and I will ask the person to resubmit to the right one. They always do it on the Dragon group I mod, with the free lineart for coloring. They put coloured pics in there and all sorts of stuff and have to be told to put it elsewhere, simply cos they don't read.
And I got asked for a request the other day. I wish people would read my FAQ. I just said I don't do requests and they responded with "Oh" which was a bit silly.

Everyone is hating the cold weather. Over here it's been covered in snow (except of course my town but they did have the gritters out gritting the highstreet) but it's so bad. Farmers on the hills were digging their sheep out of the snow and hundreds of lambs have died. It's really sad. And weird. I heard today this weather won't ease off till the end of April. I want to be in South Africa NOW!! And my friend just got back from Sri Lanka where she got married and is hating the cold too.

Yes, Tumblr. I'm on there a LOT and I have two art blogs http://silvolf.tumblr.com and http://NubsOfDoom.tumblr.com I don't follow anyone on the Nubs one, though the Silvolf one was my first Tumblr so I follow people on there but ignore my dashboard. You can have an art Tumblr. Lots of people do. The nice thing is you can make an account and have sub accounts on it. For example I have two sub blogs on my Kurtzz account (my main one that I socialize/share WIPs or funny pics) and they are Razmantyz (a Mantyz blog) and Nubs of Doom for my Nubbies. I made the Silvolf one and didn't realize you could have sub blogs so I made a new account for Kurtzz. But it is a useful feature. So you could have a fanart blog and an original characters one, for example. And you can have links to your dA and LJ down the side. With Tumblr, you need to tag things well. The more tags, the more people will find them. They find your art and they may reblog it and then their friends will see and may reblog it but it will always link back to your account since you posted it there in the first place.
I don't know how most artists do on Tumblr as far as promoting and selling their art. I like to post WIPs on there and they get a few likes or sometimes a reblog. I find that artists who have other friends on there and socialize a lot get more luck with promoting their art. I get more likes on my art on Instagram. Lots of people like it there and I get some comments but you need an Android phone for Instagram, sadly.

Edited at 2013-03-26 05:54 pm (UTC)
Des: Hummmthagirion on March 26th, 2013 06:47 pm (UTC)
Yeah he is. I hate liars. Why say your group is for anything when it's not? Those rules are fair for a fandom. I will do the same thing once I get around to making my Stunt Dawgs group. No OC's unless they are with a cannon character sounds good, or people won't know what it's about. If they don't interact with the cannon characters then best to split from it completely and make it completely yours. I've done that a few times.
Requests are stupid. I hate how people have a sense of entitlement like they should get anything for free. No you have to work for it or you have to pay for it. The only way I would do requests would be for stamps of birds. And that's just because I run out of ideas for what birds to use and don't mind other people doing the thinking in that case. Then I know at least one person would use it. Speaking of stamps. I think it's silly when people freak out and say, "Don't use off of DA. You must credit me!" Most of the time those are stock photos that aren't theirs anyway and they didn't make the borders themselves. I don't care if people use my stamps off of DA. It would only bother me if I drew them myself.

I checked out your tumblrs. I know Suzi is there too so I would add her also. Not sure of anyone else I'd add. I may make one tonight. Yeah when you posted your new nubbies I saw the link to that one and it got me thinking again. I like the simplistic layout Suzi has, though I'd like more colorful.