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11 February 2013 @ 09:20 pm
Ophidius is a French guy!  
Hee hee, I love how quickly Ophidius is developing and coming to life. I have decided that his origin is French. I was trying to decide if he was Mexican or French for a few days now. I was thinking Mexican because Quetzalcoatl is Mexican. But Chris told me that didn't seem right. Mexican's are like tough cowboys. Yes, I'm going by stereotypes, deal with it. I'm Latin I can get away with it. Ophidius is the typical short wimpy French guy build. So it is decided. His human form is French. I'm loving this now. I never thought I'd have a French character let alone that I would love them so much. I do need one more thing for him. He needs a middle name. I have a list of names I made of historical people I admire. Two names stood out. Osborn and Ostrom. Problem is I think a middle name is another first name. These are last names. And they are English names. So I don't think I can use them. There is one French scientist I really admire. The anatomist Georges Cuvier. How I'd love to go back in time and hang out in this guy's lab, if language weren't an issue. Amazing guy way ahead of his time. Full name is Chrétien Léopold Dagobert Cuvier. But none of those work for me. And I think of him only by his last name so again that's a problem. So hopefully I'll come up with something for Ophidius.

Speaking of names, I have been meaning to ask you guys this. Names, do you prefer to call your friends and characters by their first names, last names or both? What about screen names? For me it seems random. Some of my online friends I think of them by their screen name only and refer to them as such in conversation. If I know their full name some of them I refer to by last name only or by first name only. I don't think I call anyone by both names. With my character it also seems random. Cope - last name only. Thanatos - last name only. Ophidius and Owen I prefer to call them by their first names. Davon I refer to by first name also but I don't like saying Davon Flare. Sounds like something is missing. He's one that if you say his last name may as well say his full name so when I do I prefer to refer to him as Davon Ember Flare. He's the only one I use the three names with like that. So clearly I have no set pattern on how I refer to others, unless they tell me to call them a certain way. And even then if I don't think it fits them I have a hard time with it. Like this one girl on youtube asked me to call her "L". I thought that was silly. "L what?" I thought. I think of her by her screen name though she stupidly changed it to her real name.

I have been working all day on art. I'm drawing 25 facial expressions for Ophidius. But I'm probably going to make up my own Meme because I don't like that this one had Bereft. That's not an emotion. It just means empty. You can be bereft of some emotions like "bereft of sorrow" or not have something like, "bereft of ideas", but it's not an emotion so not something that can be drawn. Some are redundant too. I don't like they have "Hollow/blank". So I will probably get rid of those and replace them with "Pain" and "Laughing". How can you leave out pain? I'm so good at drawing that it must be in there. I may add some others that I think would be good to have, like Cold, Hot, Thirsty and Hungry. Not emotions either as those are sensory, but still it causes facial expressions that are fun to draw. Hot and Thirsty can be done in the same pic. So I don't know if I'll add those extra four, but definitely replacing the other two. OH, and then there's drunk. I'm having a Hell of a hard time with that one. I looked up some pics of drunk people. Funny stuff but for some reason I can't seem to draw that. So I drew Rage instead which I'm very good at. I seem to be good at the "negative" emotions.

But I used up all my free time doing that. Tomorrow I need to manage my time better and ink stuff in Illustrator. I need to get further on the Solan pic and start on the Quetzalcoatl pic.

I was going to talk about more stuff but now I'm tired so I'll just stop here.
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The Silver Wolf of Darkness: Chisilvolf on February 12th, 2013 09:07 am (UTC)
I call people by their first names in real life or screennames or first names online. If I know them personally then I use my online friend's real name. If not, then it's just their screenname.
I haven't been drawing much lately and I have a lot to do. That will start tonight :D
Des: Drawingthagirion on February 12th, 2013 02:57 pm (UTC)
Hum, sounds like it's sort of random for you too then. Glad I'm not the only one then.
That's good. I've given myself so much to do, I'll never catch up.
Cheezey: Cute Cobacheezey on February 16th, 2013 04:31 pm (UTC)
So Ophidius is French, huh? Haha, now I'm imagining him talking like Airball and it's cracking me up.

As for names, I tend to think of online people by their screen names unless I've spent a lot of time around them in person and/or they use their names regularly online. Even if I have them on Facebook or otherwise know their real name, my mind defaults to calling them what I knew them as when I met them. So you are always "Des" when I refer to you.

Good luck with all those mood pictures. Some of those you mentioned seem really challenging. I don't blame you for changing "bereft" ... that's just weird to put into a visual.
Des: Ophidius angrythagirion on February 16th, 2013 04:58 pm (UTC)
Haha, yeah could definitely sound like Airball. He's openly treacherous like Airball too. Funny enough my characters with foregin origins I don't imagine them with accents. If you use Ophidius in you Sims game his voice and accent is perfect to how I want him to sound. Perhaps he had the accent during medieval times, but now in the present he speaks English normally. Same with Davon. A friend asked me if he had a German accent. No, not at all.

Huh, ok. Well, good. I love my name Des so that's fine. I think of your as "Cheezey" and you come up in conversation that way with Chris though I know your real name. I only think of your real name when I send you packages.

Yeah, "Bereft" isn't something you can draw. I am nuts and my meme ended up being 35 expressions. I added "Nerdy" but think I may remove that since not all characters would act nerdy even to be funny. Still fine tuning.