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22 January 2013 @ 09:42 am
The Five Bad Boys & Cope 8  
Before I start on the Sims stuff, I want to say I'm thrilled with how I'm back on an art roll. I did art all day yesterday. I inked the background for the Solan and Cope drawing. Now I just have to ink them and add a few details. I started the background work for the Sorath Roars pic. Half of it is looking good and half is giving me trouble. I may have to restart some of it. And I started inking Ophidius Mauled and got half way through. He's become my priority so I shall try to finish inking him and start his colors today. I'm anxious to see if I can make his wings metallic green. I didn't play Sims yesterday. It tried though. It was late and four of my guys have traveled to China, but the game keeps locking up at night. Found out it's a glitch that's never been fixed (shame on EA for not fixing know bugs that are bad like this for year) and happens when you install Generations. Supposedly a random sim will become stuck at one of the pools or hot springs and screws up the whole game. I had Solan go fishing there and he got stuck too and I had to reset him. But to find which sim is stuck in the whole game would be too hard. I've heard that a radical way to stop it is to set the dragon springs to No Visitors Allowed. If that works I'll do it but it sucks because that's where I wanted Solan to go. It's such a cool place full of little lakes. The whole point of going to China was to get Thanatos to grandmaster. He's been fighting opponents but I don't know how many times it takes before he can do it. I have a bad feeling I won't be able to finish that on this trip as you only start with three days when you travel. That's annoying. Well on with the story. I have an awesome video to show too.

Just before sunrise Ophidius goes out to the weather stone and tries to summon some bewitching rain. He gives it all he's got and the stone trembles but in the end it rejects him and doesn't do anything. He was disappointed.

Then he had to go to work. He's moved up in the political career and is now mayor. I think that's so funny. The town is screwed with him in charge now.

He's got a cool Pegasus broom. I decided to let him use that as his main vehicle because though the ugly car was funny it was way too slow.

There was a bluebird outside the house chirping loudly. I SO wanted to pick it up and I had the option to. But no. You guys know how much I love bluebirds I don't want it just so it will die. May-be I'll catch birds name them then release them. Bluebirds are considered very rare in the game so even more reason I wanted him.

Even Ophidius wanted him. He's dreaming about the bluebird. When I saw this I nearly did go out and pick it up for him. But no.

Cope is very happy Solan made hamburgers for him. I've never seen anyone clap and I think it's because that's his favorite food. I'd like for Solan to cook everyone's favorite foods but he hasn't gotten high enough for some of the recipes.

Up in the music room Ophidius is feeling treacherous. "Davon, I should be leader. I'm already leader of the city. I challenge you to your throne." Davon's annoyed but he takes the challenge.

Ophidius gets the first blow in before Davon could get ready, the sneaky snake.

He shoots light at him but this time Davon blocks it head on. "Your powers are no match for mine. Give up before I hurt you again."
"Never. I wasn't meant to be the true ruler!"

"Very well." Davon says and throws his own light back at Ophidius.

Ouch, right in the face.

He then nails him with ice before Ophidius can do anything.

And then fireworks.

He mocks Ophidius afterwards. "I won. I won."

"Oh, that's not fair! I'm not very comfortable. Let me go change, this isn't over."

Ophidius returns in his favorite suit and they go at this once more. It's cool that Davon has magic hands. He doesn't need a wand.

No more horsing around. Ophidius is serious this time.

Davon readies himself for another fight.

Ophidius all evil ready to take his place as leader.

But instead gets nailed by darkness.

Davon looking handsome and confident. I love that his magic looks like nebulas or galaxies.

Cope walks in at the worst time. "Hey guys, whatcha d-doing Oh..." Davon wins again and Ophidius is forced to retreat to his room. He needs to keep working on his horror book called Living With A Demon. Fiction to everyone else but an autobiography for him.

But he finds Owen and Cope in his room blocking access to his computer. "HEY! How did you get up here so fast. Get out of my room you geeks and freaks!" He's not in the mood after losing twice.

But the two are having too much fun talking about each other. "Who's this jerk interrupting us?" Owen says rudely. "May-be i-if we i-ignore him h-he'll go away." Cope whispers. "What? I heard that! This is MY room!" Ophidius yells. He can't believe the nerve of them.

But they still ignore him.

Ophidius comes over and gets in Cope's face. "Stop talking to this jerk. I don't see what you see in him. He's an ass. Everyone knows that."

Cope doesn't like that at all.

He then turns to Owen since it didn't work with Cope. "Why do you hang out with this loser geek? He's a stupid worm."
"Yawn, did you hear something? I thought I heard someone crazy but it must have just been a bug that flew by." He says to Cope. But Cope is furious.
"I'm standing right here! Don't walk t-talk a-about me as th-though I-I'm n-not!"

"Oh, now you want to talk to me? The baby wants to talk to me? Wa wa wah baby!"

"SHUT UP!" Cope can't think of any witty insults he's just so angry about everything. After an argument with Owen, that Owen wins Ophidius sees he finally has access to his computer. Fine let them say, he needs to work anyway.

Cope tells Owen how he's been humiliated and upset he is.

"Don't worry about it. I humiliated him even more. Haha." Owen says in a laugh.
"Ha, you are the m-master of the i-insult, Owen."

And that ends this Chapter. I do feel a bit sorry for Ophidius because it was his room. Had this happened to me it would have turned into a fist fight. But extroverts are different.

Check out this video I edited together of some of the duels Ophidius and Davon had. This is now one of my favorite things to do. They are actually friendly competitions and build your friendship and your magic. Though I don't want them being friends I like that this levels them faster than just playing with magic. And I pretend it's not friendly because it doesn't look that way. This reminds me of monster battles with all the beams flying so it appeals to me. And it looks like a fighting game which I also like. The clicking is when I paused. I wish it didn't record the menu sounds but it was the best I could do to make the transitions be as smooth as possible. I'm proud of this because I do feel I would be a good director.

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The Silver Wolf of Darkness: Kurtz and Razz Simssilvolf on January 22nd, 2013 11:54 pm (UTC)
Lol Ophidius really got it! It was fun watching them fight. I like the convo between Owen, Cope and Ophidius too.
Des: Cope in Sims 3thagirion on January 23rd, 2013 12:11 am (UTC)
Yeah, those magic fights are so much fun. I love doing that. Hehe that was so wrong they were in his room and wouldn't leave. I'm glad you liked the video.
draconisthanos: evildraconisthanos on January 23rd, 2013 03:52 am (UTC)
This post was awesome!! The video was so well done despite the limitations of the program. Very cool!

It's nice to see Cope so much in your game. Also, I think it's great that Ophidius is getting attention. I am really starting to like that character.

Davon looks so cocky in some of the duel pics. hehe
Des: Davon in The Sims 3thagirion on January 23rd, 2013 01:05 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you like it. I had fun making the video. So much more time to make than the length of it.

Well he's part of the family so he's there a lot. I'm really starting to like Ophidius too. I think about him a lot.

I love Davon's faces. He's calm because he knows he's in control.