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16 January 2013 @ 10:08 am
The Five Bad Boys & Cope 7 - Sad chapter  
I know I've been making a lot of Sims posts. I can't help myself. I'm having so much fun and I want to share that with you all. I'm also trying to catch up to where I am in my story and I think I'm about two or three posts behind. So quick update on what's been going on with me. Not much really. Mostly thinking about a lot of things I want and need to do. We finally narrowed down the choices for our trip. Though I really REALLY wanted to do that Costa Rica rainforest tour I decided not to. All of these trips should always be available. The Eastern Caribbean one that I took in the mid 80's is still available so that tells me so right there. Chris and I have been wanting to go on a cruise for years and after the Bahamas one that he loved so much I still want to take him on a real ship and have the ship be our home. I think the Costa Rica thing was a spontaneous urge from reading those books they gave me and I shouldn't stray from the original plan. So now we were left between east or west Caribbean. We finally chose East. Chris says he'd like to see the airplanes in St. Maarten. Plus we'd stop in the Bahamas again in Nassau. Though he's been there I never have and it will be cool to check it out. The West would have been nice but I've been to Mexico in about three different cities. Perhaps for 2014 or the Costa Rica one. Now to save up and hope that we can book for December. We may get to take our tiny Christmas tree with us yet!

Because of this I am open for commissions. I could use anything really to help me save for this. My prices are listed in the sidebar of my journal. I'd love to make some budgie gourds for you guys. Got a few other possible trips in the works too. I would love to go to Orlando again in Feb. I hope we can do that. We really need a vacation NOW not until Dec. Poor Chris is so work stressed.

I ordered 40lbs of bird food yesterday from Petstore.com. I love that the shipping is only $5 if you order a bunch of little 5lb bags. Too bad they don't sell chicken food that way. And I should be getting my hanging baskets today which I'm very excited about. That would definitely be great shipping service.
EDIT: I updated my Deviantart yesterday.

Alright now on to the Sims. I got a little ahead here because I want to show you the outfits I made for my guys that are like the ones I drew for them.

Four Bad Boys Band

So here's the drawing again for comparison. Click for larger size.
First up, Owen Marsh.

Chris got me this outfit from the exchange. It's called Gentleman First. When I saw it I loved it because it was the closest to my artwork. I gave it leather texture and colored it up.

Solan looking good. His outfit was the hardest. I knew it would be because I made it so unique. But this one came close and looks nice now that I put his colors on it.

Davon with his biker jacket. Too bad there wasn't one that was opened. Same problem I have with Owen's lab coat.

Thanatos's suit is almost perfect. Just needs the metal studs on the vest and the puffy shoulders.

He looks good at the keyboard. Gosh, I forgot how big and muscular he is. Solan too, but I always make them wear long sleeves so though it's by design I forget.

The whole band. It bugs me so much Owen can't be their singer. Now back to the story.

Thanatos is chopping space rocks. The awesome thing is when he does that the pieces turn into minerals and appear in neat triangle rows behind him. I don't need a spawner anymore. This is great! Way better and so pretty to see all the colors.

The sink in Davon's bathroom broke right after Ophidius used it. Davon became furious about it and slapped him silly. Are fights between these two always going to break out in the bathrooms?

Davon thinking he's better.

Ophidius is not in the mood for Davon this morning. So...

The two take it outside into the kitchen. Bonehilda happened to be in there and got all excited. "Oh a fight between my masters." Solan feeds the birds in the background without even knowing what's going on. Davon beat the stuffing out of Ophidius.

Ophidius runs into the magic room since it was empty and yells, "I HATE THAGIRION!!!"

While there's all this tension and strife between Davon and Ophidius, Thanatos has nothing but inner peace. He's meditated so hard he's figured out how to Zenport. I decided to get him away from the turbulent house and send him to...

A beautiful park. "Aah!"

Davon brews up a vial of bliss. Though he won (he always wins) he needed to calm down. Thanatos's meditation method is too slow. Davon wants happiness NOW.

Up on the third floor Owen is very happy. He's made his own potion. His very first one. Chemistry is way harder than alchemy (I should know) and he finally succeeded in making something. This one can be used in pranks by mixing it in water. Who ever drinks it will have to run to the bathroom.

Owen's collection begins.

Out in the park Chris finds Thanatos and decides to take his picture because Thanatos is famous.

"Hey hey, I'll kill two people for the price of one." He says happily.

I took this nice close up of Sin the Cardinal. I'm very glad I did.

While going through his dresser, Owen found his old graduation outfit and decided to try it on. What's funny is the hat messed up his hair and it does make him look even younger. I can imagine him looking like this in school. This was great.

When he went to put it back the drawer got suck. "Hey what gives?" He says as he pulls really hard.

"Ouch." Well it finally opened.

Trying on a fancy blue tux. Owen was trying to figure out what to wear for his singer look. This is before he got his cool rocker outfit. The phone rings and he takes the call. It was Freddy. He wanted to boast about his killings in dreamland.

But while Owen was messing around with changing outfits Sin died. This totally sucked and not only was this annoying but I had to reload the game because Bonehilda threw him away before we could have a proper funeral. So I banished her to her coffin and had Solan feed the birds. I thought maybe he starved and had to redo all the stuff with Owen and the dresser again. But it didn't matter. Though I have aging off it doesn't affect small pets/minor pets. It does for dogs cats and horses, but nothing else it seems. So here's Davon crying.

The whole family came down to mourn. This is one of the crappiest most depressing Sims games I have ever had. I'm so glad this didn't happen when I was playing with Chris and Des. Had it happened to her I don't know how I would have handled it since I gave her all my best pets that I have lost and hurt me the most, Joel the blue and gold macaw, Punkin the pigeon and Phage the budgie. I'll never play Chris and Des in the game that has those pets again.

The rest of the crew pours into the room. Owen looks like he's trying to swallow his emotions. I wish I'd gotten more pics of Solan since it was his bird.

I like the angle I caught this one in. Owen finally couldn't take it anymore. It was down to just him and Cope in the room.

Cope felt bad for his friend, Solan.

Owen was the last one to leave. Now all this time Horus the falcon sat happily then fell asleep like he didn't care. He was happy there were so many people in the room. The cage door was always open to Sin's cage. That falcon looks too happy to me.

Owen went upstairs to work. He doesn't look to pleased to even be with his chemicals. But he found a new potion so that's good.

Two now so this is a pretty collection. This one is a happiness potion. "I can do any thing Davon can."

My games love to place Kurtz on concession stands. This is one of my faves with the pumpkins and gourds.

It's the next day and Owen is singing and showing off. He hopes Crash from Stunt Dawgs will give him some tips.

The Queen of Hearts and Ursula arrive. They're very impressed. Why is it that it's the ugly and scary chicks that are attracted to Owen.

The queen was in love and really liked Owen's singing. Tim Murphy from Jurassic Park looks on a bit worried.

On his way home Owen decided to stop in a bar since he was tired and thirsty. Turns out it was a Karaoke bar and Queequeg from Moby Dick is singing really badly. Splat from Stunt Dawgs is booing him. Needham the leader of the Dawgs stands to the side. He was feeling sad.

Moe Howard recognized Owen and wanted his pic.

Owen's only too happy to pose and show off.

"Oooh oh my gosh it's Owen Marsh!" Queequeg is a fanboy.

Queequeg is star struck and now Splat is doing it too. "Alright alright fellows. Let me show you how it's done." Owen says and takes to the stage. Though he's tired he love all the attention and can't say no to them.

One quick song and everyone loved it.

After Owen left Jason and Captan Ahab from Moby Dick take the stage and try to sing his song as a duet. They were terrible. It was so funny I wished I could have filmed it.

That ends it for this chapter.
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actipton80actipton80 on January 16th, 2013 04:43 pm (UTC)
Poor cute little cardinal.

If you go on a cruise that stops in Nassau, try to get to the zoo. They have lots of birds at that zoo, and there are flamingos that you can walk right up to.
Des: Cope Sadthagirion on January 16th, 2013 04:50 pm (UTC)
Oh thanks for the tip. I need to look up what here is to do on all the island. The other one is St. Thomas. You only get a few hours so I need to plan well what will be done on each.

Yeah, my game was sad and annoying. The worst was seeing everyone so upset.
The Silver Wolf of Darkness: Kurt sadsilvolf on January 16th, 2013 10:24 pm (UTC)
Aww poor Sin :( Is he classed as a small bird? I know the falcons and macaws are big birds and they say they live a long time. It reminds me of when Razr the Womrat died and Kurtz, being over emotional, was distraught for ages. Razz didn't care but she did buy him a new one.
I LOVE how they pose for photos hehe! I used to pose like that when I was a kid. They're getting very good at their various talents now. Ophidius's face is funny when he loses the fight.
Des: Budgiesthagirion on January 17th, 2013 01:56 am (UTC)
He was a small bird. But large and small birds are still considered minor pets because they are not sims you can control like dogs, cats and horses. I wonder why she didn't care but that's good she bought him a new one. I lost Horus too. That will probably be in my next post. He lived about the same amount as the small bird. So that sucks and no more birds for me. I don't like that they die. I get enough of that in real life.

The photo thing is cute. Owen is high enough now that he also signs autographs. Hehe, yeah that's a face of the insane trait.
Calzephyrcalzephyr77 on January 17th, 2013 01:38 pm (UTC)
That's such a bummer that Since died! I remember when the animals in Zoo Tycoon would do that.
Des: Eastern Bluebirdthagirion on January 17th, 2013 02:05 pm (UTC)
I hadn't expected that to happen. I wish they gave you more control over pet birds like they do with other pets.
Cheezey: Fearsome Sims Version 2cheezey on January 17th, 2013 02:52 pm (UTC)
Awww. Poor Sin. It's very sad when the birds die in the game. I always get attached to them and I don't know of any way to keep them alive except for the lifetime reward that makes them live longer. I'm surprising they died with aging off. I guess they just have a set number of sim days before they die.

It takes a long time to discover all the chemistry potions. I think there are about 10 of them, if I remember right.

Bonehilda watching the brawl was funny. I guess she was waiting to see if she'd have to clean up any blood after all the excitement!
Des: Davon in The Sims 3thagirion on January 17th, 2013 03:41 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I got attached to them. No more birds. I saw that reward. I wish I had known about it before this happened, but who knows how long it might make them live. Like just a little bit longer? Sucks there's no way to stop that. They should have made all the pets more like Sims.

I'll keep Owen working at it. It should be interesting to find them all.

I thought that was so perfect she was cheering while they were fighting.