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15 January 2013 @ 02:12 pm
The Five Bad Boys & Cope 6  
My game is going extremely well except for two sad things that happened. I'll post those when the time comes. I have started playing Owen as a singer and I'm so glad that the glitch with the karaoke machine isn't happening in this play through. He has his job and he can still play with the machine. He had his first open air concert and I must say it is rather exciting. I got to set up the stage the same way you make a room in buy mode. I know better how to set it up for next time and the props you use can be stored in the order you had if you liked a certain set up. It was too dark to get pics so I need to work on setting up his lighting better for next time. Chris bought me an outfit from the exchange that's very close to the outfit I drew for him as a singer. I've been trying to make outfits for my guys that kind of look like what they wore in my art. I'll have to do a side by side comparison of that later too.

Big news in the Sims world. Of course the Stuff Pack 70's, 80's & 80's comes out this month on the 22nd. I can't wait. To me it's just an 80's pack. That will be cool. The sad thing will be I will loose my lovely Season's intro. The newest Expansion always takes over what load screen you get. The Seasons one is one of the most fun and beautiful. University Life comes out in March. I'm not too excited about that because I think it will focus mostly on students. It would have been cool if you could have been a professor. I'd be playing that as Cope then. Yes he'd be teaching physics or astronomy. Paradise Isles, I think that's the name, come out later in the year and is about tropical islands. You'll be able to drive boats for the first time in a sims game. And lastly, still in production with no name is a time travel EP where you will be able to go into the future. That sounds cool and something also for Cope. So lots of great news Sims wise for this year. So let's get started.

Solan cooking for the family. I'm giving serious thought to putting him into the culinary career instead of the business one. In every game I have ever done I have played him as a businessman. I want something different for him this time and he's already level 6 of cooking and gardening. I think he's level 2 fishing. I don't know what all is needed for this job but that will be the fun of doing something new.

Thanatos got high enough in the athletic skill that he could train other sims. He's training Davon how to lift weights. He's grilling him hard.

Thantos is a hard task master. I think that it's interesting that his athletic went up on its own from just practicing martial arts.

Cope goes to the grocery store and finds a spaceship parked outside. Does that belong to an alien? Cope wants one of those. He's determined to get one one day.

Ophidius rides a broom home from work. That's his latest uniform and he looks good in brown. He has a car but I think this default broom is faster which is why he uses it though he has his crappy car set to Favored Vehicle.

Owen steps out of his room in the morning and sees Cope tending the plants. The two have been chatting a lot and wanting to become friends. I haven't forced anything. Will this be the day Owen and Cope become friends?

Friends with this geek? He's yelling at the plants with his loud speaker.

Well he has grown nice pumpkins and other things. Owen did go in and they chatted. They did end up becoming friends. Amazing.

Thanatos has really come a long way in his karate. He's only one belt away from his final goal and he's got some amazing moves now.

He makes it. This is his ultimate black belt uniform. But still no life wish. For that he will have to go to China and compete in a tournament to become Grand Master.

Solan talks to the birds. They have become his. Horus the falcon is talking about being evil.

Down in the kitchen Davon plays with magic. He looks so good doing it.

Thanatos's first space rock. He's ready. He's been training for a long time for this.

Success in breaking the hardest substance in the sims universe.

Down in the music room Davon is playing the electric guitar. It's easily become his favorite guitar, though he has his own.

Owen displaying some rare emotions for him. Embarrassment? Or perhaps minor concern "Ooh, no."

Now he's definitely concerned or worried.

Cope enters Owen's room. Owen doesn't look very welcoming at that moment. But...

Owen never looks welcoming. He pulls out a gift for Cope. Now this seems like a very nice gesture but don't be fooled. Owen stole the static machine out of Cope's inventory and wrapped it up for him as a gift.

"F-for me? Owen, I-I'm touched. Hey it looks like o-one I m-made." He says happy.
"Yeah funny that." Owen adds trying to change the subject. But Cope is fooled and happy. That was so wrong. I was laughing pretty hard about this.

Cope gives one back to Owen. It's an excersize machine. Owen only likes it because it's expensive. He's not athletic since he's a nerd. It's very hard to please Owen with gifts since he rejects most of them if he thinks they are not expensive. He's a cocky snob.

Owen's so happy he has to sing. Cope follows him to the music room and cheers him on. Love him or hate him Owen's a natural.

He really gets into it and Cope cheers on.

In the grow room a firefly finally spawns. I forget what these things are called but I placed the spawners for them when the house was new.

Ophidius runs in and catches one. He's thrilled he's been so successful with his first bug.

But it's short lived as Davon bursts in. "Hand over that bug or else."

The threat was unnecessary since he froze Ophidius anyway had he given it to him or not.

The two accidentally meet up again in the community bathroom by the pool. Ophidius is pissed and this time he starts it. "Everything is your fault because you're evil!" He yells.

"Evil?" Davon says taken totally by surprised. He's shocked. "How dare you? You're evil too!"

"That doesn't matter! You're more evil!"

"And you're a snob!" Ophidius adds.

"I am not a snob." Davon says and turns his back to Ophidius.
"Sure you aren't." Responds Ophidius.

"Well you creepy slimy fly, you're insane with no chance in Hell of every leading anything!" Davon yells back. When it comes to chances in Hell he would know.

"That's right, you heard me. I'm sick of you and will demote you further down the ranks. You'll do the bidding of Solan's servants."

That one hurt. Ophidius is sensitive about being insane.

"And you know what else? You're bad luck. I don't want you around anymore. Get lost, sidewinder."

"GASP! I am not a sidewinder." Opidius says in an attempt to defend himself. He's insulted.
"Yes you are. You." Davon and points in his face. "Everything is your fault."
"Now see here, I'll have you know that..."

"Don't talk back to me!" Davon demands and wacks him. "Time to show you another lesson."

Davon blasts him with fire and the crazy screaming comencess again. The phone rings at the worst time but Davon takes it. It could be an important business deal.

"AAH!! Help! I'm on fire again!"

"Alright alright, I'm sorry. Help me!"

"Help me, Davon!" Ophidius calls out.
"Hey, shut up! I'm trying to talk on the phone here! How rude." Davon says and walks out of the bathroom.

Luckily they were in a bathroom and Ophidius Slith just gets into a shower and puts himself out.

Davon walks off with a devilish grin. He knew exactly what he was doing

I'm loving how this game is accurate to my story in some areas but not in others. An natural hate is forming with Davon and Ophidius and Davon and Owen. And unnatural friendship formed with Owen and Cope and possibly Solan and Ophidius. Those are just weird. I'm happy that I'm getting to know Ophidius through this game and it's become a tool for character development. I'm really liking him and understanding him and think you will be seeing more art of him this year.
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
The Silver Wolf of Darkness: Kurtz and Silvolf hugsilvolf on January 15th, 2013 11:08 pm (UTC)
Its interesting how Cope and Owen became friends all by themselves. And the gift Owen gives him is hilarious XD
And that fight between Davon and Ophidius was fun to see :D I LOVE the expressions Davon makes. I think he's my fave for expressions.
Des: Davon in The Sims 3thagirion on January 16th, 2013 12:07 am (UTC)
Owen isn't evil just mean and since those two have some things in common it makes sense in a game they'd be friends. Hehe, I loved that he gave him his own stuff.
That fight with Davon and Ophidius was so fun. "Be quite. I'm on the phone!" That cracks me up. Yeah Davon has some good expressions. He's so handsome. I'm glad you like his best. Owen's got some great ones too. Anger comes across so well with him.
Cheezey: Cheerful Bushrootcheezey on January 17th, 2013 02:41 pm (UTC)
Hahaha! I like how he just sets Ophidius on fire and then chats on the phone. Good thing that shower was there.

It's really weird seeing Owen and Cope as friends.

It's funny that Solan taught the bird to say "Evil."
Des: Owen in The Sims 3thagirion on January 17th, 2013 03:36 pm (UTC)
That last part with the phone is my favorite. I'd never seen a Sim put themselves out in the shower. Would be great if they jumped in the pool too.

Yeah, that's going to take some getting used to seeing those two together. It's funny how some things matched up well with my story and others did not. But I don't think I want anyone to be declared nemesis as that would be too hard in the same house. The band would be over.

Yeah, I was surprised when he said that.