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11 January 2013 @ 09:40 pm
Giant Mansion video P1  
I've been looking forward to sharing this. LJ is glitching up again. It's really annoying. If you don't have one get a Dreamwidth account now. I will post there when this is not working and that way you don't miss my posts and you can still comment to me. So while I can here's the first video. I showed everything on the first two floors though I missed the magic room. Everything's painted up nice by this point.

I will hopefully make my next Sims update with screen caps. A lot has been going on and I've got way more pics now than where I actually am in the game.
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Cheezey: Bushy Simcheezey on January 12th, 2013 03:23 pm (UTC)
That is a huge house! I can see why it takes sims a while to get to different parts in the house. So I guess your guys spend a lot of time at home, since they can pretty much do everything there! Do they get stir crazy or do you just delete that mood when they get it?
Des: Solan in The Sims 3thagirion on January 12th, 2013 03:38 pm (UTC)
Yes, sometimes when I tell them to "go here" I set it to run. I used to set the time to 3x, but that was wasting time. It's so big I also get the option to "Job here" which I have used a few times to build athletics. Chris just did a version 2 of his mansion because the first one had issues. His place is huge like this too and we built it for the same reasons. No need to leave. Yes they do get the stir crazy. I used to just ignore it because everything else was green. Up to 8 moodlets I had to scroll which is great. But now with Master Controller I do just remove that one. I don't mess with the moodlets, that one has been the only one I needed to remove. If they have a bad time for some reason I want them to endure it like normal.

These awesome houses are a blessing and a cruse. Yep we send a lot of time there and never have to leave really. But it doesn't help for the more social sims like Owen that want to make lots of friends. And I'm only just now starting to get them jobs one at a time because I wanted to level their skills for those jobs first. I've got Cope at home since he's an inventor so that's nice he works at home.
Cheezey: Fearsome Sims Version 2cheezey on January 12th, 2013 04:29 pm (UTC)
Jogging is handy for building athletics, or if you play a sim that's fat and want to keep them thin but don't have a body sculptor. That probably doesn't come up in your game, but I've had some generational games where I didn't use cheats for challenge rules and I usually kept sims who looked better thin that way by having them jog places with "don't break a sweat" so they didn't get stinky. Plus it builds toward the marathon runner skill task in the skill.

If you don't want to delete Cope's mood you could always send him to the junk yard to get scrap or detonate stuff for fun. I love watching inventors blow things up.

Jobs are good for making friends. I always have them meet and socialize with co-workers and bosses at work since it is positive for performance and fills social needs and makes friends effortlessly at the same time.
Des: Sunballthagirion on January 12th, 2013 04:39 pm (UTC)
Oh, I forgot about the marathon runner. I haven't gotten anyone to level 10 since my first play through with Davon. I like having my sims do a bubblebath so they are relaxed and nothing phases them. Then I have them work out and they don't get sweaty.

I have some awesome screencaps in the works about that. I had one of the coolest and awesomest explosions happen at the scrap yard with him. I was laughing so hard when it happened. I always laugh when I click on anything and the option to detonate is there. I'm not used to it and it always make me laugh. Bed - Sleep or detonate? Haha. It's tempting.

Yeah, my last play through went great with Owen because he filled the social more than was necessary at work. So there's pros and cons about waiting before you get a job and leveling.

I noticed something new and annoying in Chris's game and I don't now if it's because of the new patch or what. When you're at the festival it closes at 9pm but that never mattered before and I would stay and chat even if the lights went out. But now the menus don't come up on the other sims. I've never seen that before and that is really stupid if it's the patch. Ok so close the activities but don't close the sims. That's lame. I haven't encountered that in my game yet because I need to get my guys out more. Also he's playing in Sunlit Tides. I've never used that world.
The Silver Wolf of Darkness: Kurtz and Razz Simssilvolf on January 12th, 2013 11:13 pm (UTC)
It looks awesome! Hehe you have the same fridge as me :D I use that in all my houses.
Des: Davon in The Sims 3thagirion on January 13th, 2013 01:30 am (UTC)
Thank. I love my house. YEah that's the best fridge you can buy. I love it too. The house I had Ursula in had a very cheap fridge. She got sick on some left overs and got a moodlet for Fridge Taste. I'd never seen that so I upgraded her fridge to this one.