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03 January 2013 @ 12:43 pm
Sims 3: The 5 Bad Boys & Cope 1  
So I have started my new game in Moonlight Falls. I really like this town because it's big and mostly flat. It is a valley and the mountains are only on the edges and you can't get to them. Fine. I love the environment of the trees. It's basically a New England town and reminds me of Cope's hometown in Connecticut. Lots of lovely deciduous trees. There are lots of empty houses and parks that can be converted into any type of lot you want. So there's lots of room to build how you want. I removed all the original families because most of them were supernaturals like vampire and fairies and again I only wanted my characters and what few witches will be around. I'm glad for witches you can use wands or hand. Though you have to save up points to buy the magic hands perk. I want that for Davon. I wish there was an option to use staffs. Jafar preferred a staff for his magic casting. But what's funny is that despite removing all the magical towns folks I see them when they are paparazzi and the random workers that come with the buildings like the alchemy shop and the dance club. The dance club I placed is really crappy but the effects in it are neat. The house I put the Stunt Dawgs into is so cool. Everything inside was bright pastels. It was like an Easter house. I liked how the breakfast table chairs didn't match. They were different types and so colorful like pink, green and blue. So it took me about two days to get everyone set up and place in buildings from the other expansions. One thing that was fascinating is that I knew the computer would have to set my guys to certain jobs because someone has to be manager of the different places. When I switched to the Stunt Scabs I got all these notices that Airball had been promoted to level 8 of hair styling. I decided to leave him as that because that means the game chose him to be the manager of that building. I knew the game did this I'd just never seen it happen. It was pretty cool.

So I finally place my giant mansion and my six guys into the game. You guys have no clue how huge this is. If you have the expansions and the store content that comes with this I recommend the download. Be prepared for a long wait. So he's everyone standing out side the house as they do when the game starts. That's so weird. It was night when I started so everyone was sleepy. I sent them to their proper beds so they learn where their rooms are. After a while the beds to become assigned to those characters.

So Thanatos is practicing his karate on this stick man. He's terrible because he's a white belt. That's his bedroom in the background on the top floor of the mansion.

He makes it to yellow belt and now wants to try breaking a board.

I gave him an oak board. Big mistake.

He hurt his hand and that was the end of karate practice hehe. Sucks you have to start with a foam board. Anyone can break those without any martial arts classes. Oh well.

He did make it to orange belt. I love that the moon was setting. I'd never seen the moon before in the game. Only seen the stars moving. This house is lovely and I find myself not cropping the pics as much because the background is just as important as what the characters are doing. Unless I just want a close up of a funny face.

I put this outside the mansion because I thought it was funny and cool. The big statue is called Posidon's Rage. So I put a little mermaid in front of him. I can just hear him saying, "NOT MY DAUGHTER!" I need to have Ursula come over and view these. I wonder if she'll like them or not.

Jafar brushing his horse. Looks like he's ready to go out and conquer some land.

Picnics at the park. Lucky and Badyear have one on the ground while the Skipper looks around all brave. I love that because he would do stuff like that in the show.

I found this in the Stunt Dawgs' house. I'd never seen it but it was a cool model of the city.

And I caught Freddy riding a broom to his house. I love that he's thinking about sleep. I'm sure it's always on his mind. I gave him a nice scary car with flames on it. I don't want him using brooms.

Cope wakes up the next morning in his lovely nerdy room. Cute space themed bed. He's got a telescope and planets over his bed.

A view from the outside. He's got toys and action figures on his walls.

I love the movie posters over his bed. The dino is my fave. It's either supposed to be Godzilla or Jurassic Park.

Cope plays a game at his messy desk. See how pretty this town is? He's to a lovely view of the trees and neighbor's house.

Owen's room is very different. It's elegant and modern. He's a nerd too but a mature one. He quit playing with toys when he was about 14.

View of his room from the outside. Very lovely. He'sa jerk but you have to admit he has good taste and color coordination. He could almost have been an S type. At least for decor.

View of his room standing by his bed.

Davon's room. The furniture is the same as in the other play through and other house. But this room is so much bigger he has more furniture. I later redo his room so remember these green walls and floor.

This was something funny that happened. The main kitchen was too dark so I added some very simple hanging lights called Lucid Lamp. Basically if these were in the real world they'd be shop lights. Well when I came back into life mode everyone ran in to look at the "new object" like it was special. They were all screaming happily. Solan almost danced. Well he is a sun god so he'd like light. I was cracking up they were all making such a huge deal about something so stupid. It's a lamp! Chill out guys. It's not like it's a new big screen TV. Haha.

Davon's coming around the corner to sneak up on Ophidius.

He scared the crap out of him. This was a great face. Davon is so arrogant here. I love it.

Ophidius was embarrassed. I like that these two are forming a natural rivalry. I haven't instigated anything. Davon has a wish to throw a potion at Ophidius. I think I'll fill that wish and have him throw a bottle of discord at him. I've never seen what happens with that.

This is the greenhouse room. All these planters allow you to grow seeds inside the house which is awesome. I'll have to do a full tour of this room because I did some cool things with the walls. Notice the butterflies and insects on the ground. I added some spawners of rare bugs and butterflies because I thought it would be nice to have this be a botanical garden and a butterfly house. This later backfires on me as you'll find in alter posts.

Ophidius checks out a palm tree and thinks it's "so so". He has a tendency to go around checking objects out. If I travel I need to send him to a museum. He'd probably like that.

Thanatos in the arcade. Yes they have their own arcade. I love this mansion.

He plays a game with Davon. Davon wins. I hope Thanatos didn't make a bet.

Ophidius playing Wack a Gnome and getting really annoyed he can't hit anything.

Owen doesn't like games. He just turns on the giant TV instead of using the consoles that are on the ground for it. Davon thinks about how he just beat Thanatos. Thanatos thinks about it too.

Davon in his magic room. I change this room's walls, floor and ceiling too.

After all that spell casting, Davon enjoys a mud bath in the sauna. Him and Owen use this thing way too much.

Ophidius summons Bonehilda to clean up his mess. I love that to summon her you pull out a huge skeleton key. Appropriate. This house is so huge though I have wondered if two Bonehildas would be called for. I don't want two but it takes forever to walk anywhere. She's very good but can she keep up with this mansion?

Ophidus's room. He lives in a bathroom. This room was tiled like this and since Ophidius is such a weird guy I thought it would be a great room for him to have to sleep in. Rainbow farting cat. He would like that. He's an insane ENTP.

He's got a Napoleon state and two snake statues. Like Solan he likes things that remind him of himself and his true form is a three headed winged snake.

This guy has no color coordination or sense of anything. I love the hideous couch he got.

His bed is ugly and his night stands are two different kinds. He's one of those annoying rich guys that wears gaudy ugly stuff and thinks it's fashionable. And since he's insane he slept in his swimwear.

His ugly desk and old computer. Hehe.

That's all for now. When I start a new game I have a hard time getting into the groove. It has nothing to do with how many people there are. It just happens when I first start for some reason. I purposely haven't gotten them jobs yet because I want them to build skills first then be head for when they get to their jobs.
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The Silver Wolf of Darkness: Kurtz and Silvolf hugsilvolf on January 4th, 2013 12:39 am (UTC)
I love their rooms, especially Owen's and Ophidius's! Cope's is cute too. That mansion is really huge though, I bet they enjoy exploring it. I didn't know they put cucumber on their eyes in the mud bath till today when Razz was in hers. They don't do it if they are wearing glasses. I really want to make a Sims post but I played for too long and don't have time before bed now. Lots of neat stuff happened.
Des: Cope Thumbs Upthagirion on January 4th, 2013 02:46 am (UTC)
Thanks. Owen's room is beautiful. Ophidius's room is funny. I could live in Cope's room. I want to do a video tour of it. I'll have to have Chris help me since he'll have to hold the camera. Yeah, I noticed the cucumbers right away. You'll find time. I look forward to your post. I thumbs upped your memories. I saw them come up in my game so I kind of know what you've been doing. I uploaded a bunch of Sims today.
Cheezey: Fearsome Sims Version 2cheezey on January 7th, 2013 03:50 am (UTC)
Love what you did with the house. I've noticed with the premium items, like the sauna, sims seem to be drawn to them to use them. I think anything that fulfills more than one need attracts them like a magnet. Like how the ice cream machine fills both hunger and fun, they will sit and make ice cream and eat it all day. The sauna probably fills both fun and relaxation I bet. I have it in my game but haven't used it a lot.

Evil and insane sims are so much fun to watch. They cause so much trouble and it's hilarious.

And I agree, that couch is hideous. Haha!

Reading this post makes me miss the Fearsome Sims games, since they were such a dysfunctional gang. I can already see Megavolt and Bushroot running away from Bonehilda. None of your guys are neurotic or coward, right?

Des: Davon in The Sims 3thagirion on January 7th, 2013 01:42 pm (UTC)
Thanks. I finally got a video tour of the house and will upload that soon. It's long so I'll have to break it into two parts.
Yes, I love the evil ones. When the paparazzi come to the door I usually have Ophidius be rude and scare them off.

That couch was so bad it was perfect for him. But if done properly in an all western setting I think it could work. I hope to make Woody at some point and I'm curious if I could make a western room for him that looks nice.

Nope none of them are neurotic or cowards. I did make all the Three Stooges cowards.