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28 December 2012 @ 01:58 pm
Barnacle Bay 12 Ursula and cats  
Yesterday Chris took me out to Walmart and I used my American Express gift card to get Sims 3 Showtime. I haven't actually played it. Off the bat I'm disappointed that there's nothing in buy mode to have a microphone in your house to just sing on your own. The singing and all the other things like magician are jobs and you level there. I guess there's not singing skill to practice on your own. Barnacle Bay is starting to get a bit cramped with all the new expansions I've been getting. I'm really running out of room since it's a small town. I had to make new lots with world editor so I could place the new venue for the concerts. I don't see the point in having two music places so I may get rid of the original one since it doesn't have a stage. So the plan is to have Owen finish the medical career since that's his life time wish and then have him get a new life time wish using the perk to be in the singing career. So then I'll have an official review of what I think. Right now it's too soon to tell. But my town is becoming a problem. I really don't want to restart since I've got so many of my guys at a high level. I want to play as the Copes again. Mostly as Cope and have considered placing him solo next time I start a new game. Or I could just kill off his family hehe. I'm sadistic. I'm having thoughts of killing Destina too. But the point is that I've been leveling Owen's inventing skill. Now he's capable of making inventions in my story because he's a genius he just doesn't unless he has to. Owen's a leader and he'd have one of his employees do it for him. But there's a certain level of the inventing skill that lets you detonate objects. I didn't know this and I'm cracking up because whenever Owen clicks on something I get the option to Detonate. It always makes me laugh. He's not the type so I haven't done it, but Cope is. So I need to get Cope at least to that level. Well he needs to master the skill.

Ok, so here's the last bit of stuff I did with Ursula before I switched back to Owen's household.

Ursula getting a drink from the concession stand. Kurtz gave her a coffee. Freddy stands in line impatient and angry. Hurry up! I had them talk and Freddy fell in love with Ursula. He's been calling and leaving her love letters. More on that later.

Ursula also met Nedry and they hit it off too. Ursula's a flirt I guess. They started playing rock paper scissors. But Ursula lost one round. Yikes!

Nedry, a woman like that you always let her win or she might eat you.

Nedry's scared. This was so funny. She is scary when she's angry like this. This reminds me of a scene from the movie. This was the game where I had the three of them take a greeting card photo I put on the website.

Ursula's house has become a hot spot for alien visitations. I was nice to one female alien and she must have told everyone that all are welcome because they keep coming and coming. It's getting annoying actually and Ursula always stupidly runs out to see what's going on. I can't cancel this action normally.

This is NOT a friendly one. Run Ursula!

AAAAHH!! Alien abduction. She was all messed up when they brought her back. She went to go home and didn't know she was already home and drove all around the town before coming back. Then she went to bed in her winter clothes.

I temporarily switched over to Chris and Des because I had to fix something with them. When I got back to Ursula she was in the Stunt Scab's mansion arguing with Badyear. They both got really angry and got into a fight. I knew it wouldn't go well because Badyear is a bodybuilder stunt man. She got her ass kicked. She declared him her nemesis at that point and the meter was filled to the red. Gosh, I wish Owen could make enemies that fast. But he's not evil just mean.

"That Badyear is really going to have a bad year now mwaa ha ha!" Urusla says as she mixes a potion of Angry Bees.

Meanwhile Mr. Poof had a wish to watch TV. So I turned it on for him. The faces he made were hilarious. I think he was watching a horror movie. Then Downy joined him.

I had to get all these expressions. They are so funny.

This one's for you silvolf. Kurtz walking to his concession stand.

Ursula met Des and Sasha at the botanical garden. She got to the level of Acquaintance with her. I want that mod that makes them come out of their work outfits. Des in a lab coat is cute but not for all the time. I hate that they all stay in their work outfits.

Ursula went fishing for toads and ran into a unicorn. She fed it a few apples and he loved it. In fact he kept following her around kind of annoying and making loud horse noises.

Do you mind? I'm trying to fish. Ursula catches a toad but gets yelled at by a creepy horse that can make light and rainbows.

At last she runs into Badyear again outside the supermarket. She tosses the bottle of Angry Bees at him and the fun ensues.

It was so funny to hear him scream like a girl over and over and jump around as the bees attacked him.

Mr. Poof gets a flea bath. Both my cats got fleas because they are outdoor cats. They both asked to have a flea bath. This is the only time you can bathe cats. Try it any other time and you'll be sorry.

Downy's next and he reluctantly asks for a bath too.

Drying Downy. Hee hee.

At last a potion of witches brew becomes available at the store. Ursula is now a true witch. She pulls out her pretty custom wand I made her and starts to play with magic.

Oooh pretty magic words.

I love that wand.

I thought this was funny. Mr. Poof realizes his master is a witch.

Aw, snuggle hug her poopsie.

Kiss hug! Too bad there aren't any pet eels. Not that I remember anyway.

The sink broke but Bonehilda fixed it. That was great.

The new magic garden. I got rid of the zombies but decided to put the peashooter there anyway because it's cute. Yes it needs to be weeded.

Tending the bees as a butterfly flies by and the cat wants to pounce.

I cut down the trees in the backyard and got Ursula a flying arena. I still need to get her her own broom. She has a broom holder inside but I just found out brooms are listed under cars. That's funny!

So I get this love letter from Freddy.

It was so appropriate and in character I had to get it's pic. A bit creepy too considering he's the dream demon. I'd never seen that before. So I invited him over.

Ursula didn't want to mess around and used a friendship potion on him. This is the first time I've been able to snap a pic of the bottle because they throw these so fast.

But despite that they had an argument and Freddy was thinking about Squirrels for some reason. He was pissed.

So they played rock paper scissors.

But Freddy made the same mistake Nedry did.

It's funny to see Freddy scared for a change.

But they made up. I think he'd be a difficult friend to have.

The cats being cute.

Practicing some magic on a pumpkin. Notice how I have fixed her living room now. It's much better than the ugly yellow walls she had. And she has fancy new couches. The ones the cats were sitting on had to go.

She went on a walk and saw Owen. She introduced herself and instantly fell in love with him. I got the note saying, "Ursuala met an attractive Sim she'd like to get to know better." The only romantic thing I did was have her ask his sign because I wanted her to know all this traits and his job. Everything else was just friendly. Apparently she didn't think so. I'm playing as Owen again and now it's annoying how I keep getting love letters from her and she calls me and asks me out on dates. I keep telling her no. I'm going to have to go and be mean to her. Maybe she'll stop.

And I couldn't believe it! I saw a bird for the first time in my game. I think this is the rarest macaw in the game. A Catalina macaw. Which is funny because it's a hyrbird and you would not find one in the wild. I didn't want Ursula to have a pet bird but they are so rare in my game I had her pick it up.

So now she has a macaw and I had to lock the room to the cats. Only Ursula and the maid can go in there

I don't know when I'll get back to Ursula. There's so much stuff for me to do now.
marchskies: raylan - business timemarchskies on December 28th, 2012 07:20 pm (UTC)
I'm enjoying your Sims post. They're making me want to play myself, but then I know I'd really get nothing done around here!
Des: Thank Youthagirion on December 28th, 2012 08:23 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I'm very glad you enjoy these. Yes having Sims 3 is both good and bad. It's a lot of fun and you need lots of free time. And it does help for nothing to get done. I feel bad about neglecting my art and my stories.
The Silver Wolf of Darkness: Kurtz Whatsilvolf on December 28th, 2012 11:32 pm (UTC)
Ursula's having some neat adventures. I love the love note from Freddy, so in character! But yeah considering he's the dream demon, a bit creepy too lol! It amuses me Kurtz is still working at the consession stand. I found a copy of Razz and Kurtz in my Razmantyz game that I'd accidently placed a while back before I got the hang of moving. I deleted them but it would explain why one day when they were in the living room, I saw Razz walk past outside.
I love the cats' expressions too, so cute and funny! It's cool Ursula is a fully qualified witch now too! Congrats on finding the macaw, he's pretty colours. If cats have access to birds, will they kill them?
Des: Cope in Sims 3thagirion on December 28th, 2012 11:40 pm (UTC)
Yeah she is. I was so tickled by that letter from Freddy. Yes a little scary too. Oh I had that happen with the Stunt Scabs which is a family of 6. So that was pretty bad. I realized it when I saw two Badyears. WTF? Oops. I'm glad about that too. I'm just having a hell of a time finding the final ingredient which is a moonstone. I just thought of something. Maybe they only come out on a fullmoon at night. If so that sucks because that means I need to turn on the full moon again and the zombies could come back and kill all my plants. And I have some very rare ones.
Thanks. I was so happy to finally see my first bird. Yes they can kill the birds. I've never seen it happen, I'm just not going to take the chance.
kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on December 29th, 2012 10:14 am (UTC)
You've done a good job on Ursula, and I liked following along on her adventures. I really like her new decor you gave her. And her cats are cute!
Des: Disney World Epcotthagirion on December 29th, 2012 01:37 pm (UTC)
Thanks. I'm glad your enjoying her adventures. I'll play with her again. I've switched back to my guys since I missed them. Her house is so pretty now. I tried to imagine what she would like and make a nice house for a mean witch. I wanted to keep the underwater theme since she's an octopus and keep things similar to what she had at her castle in the move.
Cheezey: BooBoo Munchcheezey on December 30th, 2012 02:25 pm (UTC)
The love note from Freddy is hilarious. I also like when he looked scared of Ursula.

With the singing job, what you would have to do is have Owen quit the medical career and then join the singer career. Then he has a self-interaction where he can practice singing. You can also put a karaoke machine in his house to build the karaoke skill if you want to watch him sing, but I don't know if that affects regular singing.

Also, you can't complete the medical lifetime wish and then pick a new one with that reward. That reward is only available if you haven't completed one. Once you complete one that's it. So if you want to change his careers now, you might as well get the reward and do it. He will lose all of his perks as a doctor, though, including the ability to give experimental treatments, determine gender of babies, or help out sick people at random or hold clinics. I hate that they took stuff like that out in a patch. It's not like the sim forgets stuff they learned.

Edited at 2012-12-30 02:25 pm (UTC)
Des: Owen Painedthagirion on December 30th, 2012 03:21 pm (UTC)
I got such a kick out of that love note. I don't like that the game makes it random who sends them. Ursula was sending them to Owen and calling him. He always turned her down and ignored the letters. I even had him go insult her and get them down to acquaintances. But when I switched over to Ursula there was a love letter from Owen. WTF? I never did that. So now I know the computer's doing that randomly. So much for eternally faithful. That bugged me.

I was so close I went ahead and finished the medical career to get his life wish. I then quit and joined the singing career. But gosh yeah I so HATE that they changed that about jobs early in the game. Yes it's true. Your Sim would not forget those skills. I loved it that in my first game Owen had the ray gun from the Science career AND was a doctor.
Cheezey: Blow My Horncheezey on December 30th, 2012 05:15 pm (UTC)
What's even worse is if your sim is single and accepts these dates, most of them turn out to be married sims and if you flirt with them, they're like, "Eeew, jerk, I'm in a relationship!" Well, you called, dumbass. And there's no way to stop the date calls that I know of. I've heard if you answer and tell them no 3 times they'll give up, but I don't think that always works, because I've had some sims NEVER get the hint. They will stand outside your house sometimes, too. What, did they go to the Edward Cullen school of romance? Creepy.

I hope you have fun with Owen singing. Of the careers in Showtime I tried I liked that one the best.
Des: Owen's Lead Singerthagirion on December 31st, 2012 02:07 am (UTC)
Oh how annoying that they keep calling. I haven't had them standing outside the house luckily.

I've had a few glitches with the singing career. Some of which I've never found anywhere else. I had a Karaoke machine and it was nice. But after I got the singing career I can't do anything with it but upgrade it. Destina can't use it at all. She gets "no interaction available." WTF? For a while the singing wasn't working for Owen either and I was really upset about it. But now it works. I am looking forward to it though it's not his voice. I liked the karaoke because it was his voice. Too bad I only got to hear him do it crappy and not improve.