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27 December 2012 @ 10:26 am
Barnacle Bay 11 Vacation in France and switching to Ursula  
I still need to upload some Christmas pics to my Flickr. There are a few more things I want to share. It's too bad the time off is over now. Chris went back to work yesterday. He's super busy with jobs. It's both good and bad. It's too bad there was no easing back into work. I need to find time to do art. I just have to. I've been using all my free time to play Sims, but now it's winding down a bit since I've gotten to a point where I'm not totally sure what to do. More on that later. No, I'm not going to stop playing it's not that kind of wind down. I just need to strategize my next move. I don't like it when I sit there thinking to long about what to do next. I like knowing exactly all the things I want to do and enjoy them. So that's the problem right now.
Oh I forgot to mention in my Christmas post that Chris has also ordered two cool nepenthes for me. I can't wait to get them. One won't be shipped until the 5th because of cold weather. I'm sure they're also backed up on orders. I don't know when I'll get them but I'm so looking forward to my N. lowii x campanulata. It's also time for me to start rebuilding my funds and recover from Christmas spending. Shoot! I need to buy five new calendars. The ones I had this year were great.

Ok, so next Sims chapter. I'd love some feedback on the last one. The wedding one since it's one of my favorites and one of the pretties and most fun I think.

I found out the reason Skipper didn't come to the wedding was because he was one of the two that Destina had been going out with. I went to his boat house (Wish I'd gotten pics of this) and was going to be mean to him so we'd break up. I was happy to find under the "mean" menu to ask to "just be friends". I did that and he was very cool about it. "ok." and nothing happened. Good. Then I called Airball since he was her other love interest. He wasn't available to meet me. So I called him again in a few hours and told him the same thing. I just want to be his friend now. Unlike Skipper he started crying and begging. Then he got mad and started yelling at me accused me of wanting to fight with him and that I need to learn to have fun. Then he ran away. Wow, ok good riddance. I know he's a player too because his life wish is to be the boyfriend with 20 girls. In the pic he had a broken heart symbol too.

Now that loose ends were dealt with Destina could just concentrate on Owen. He never had to know about her past boyfriends. It's funny because it reminds me a bit of my dating life and that I was going out with a few guys at once when I finally met Chris.

She's being sweet to him and he's loving it.

Time for them to get the honeymoon underway. Owen goes on the computer and sets up a vacation in France for three days. I love the detail on the computers. Just like the weather I think this kind of detail makes a game more fun and realistic.

After making the travel plans he's still thinking about the wedding.

The arrive in Champs Les Sims. This is a little store they were checking out.

I thought these were neat. They are Shower in a Can. They recommended them because if you go exploring tombs you'll be in them for days. They also sell dried food you can carry and eat. I also liked the mounted fish.

Destina plays chess. The scenery in Champs Les Sims is so different. They did manage to catch that small European village feel.

I did make one mistake. I bought a jeep for Destina but I forgot to put it in her inventory. Owen keeps his car with him all the time. Since she didn't have a car she had to use one of these European POS scooters. It's so slow haha. Owen totally passed her in his car. After this I had them go as a date everywhere with him initiating it so he'd be driving her.

They arrive at the art museum.

There were three different areas. A Chinese room, an Egyptian room and what looked like possibly a Roman area. These were some cool dragons in the China display.

Owen in the Egyptian wing. I'm thinking Solan would love this too. He'd spend most of his time in the museum.

Next he checks out a statue army. He was very impressed by this one.

These were so cute. A pharaoh, a Napoleon and a Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee kind of looks like Moe. They could easily have spent all day snapping pics but I took them to a store.

Cool, a statue of Sorath. Solan would definitely be amused...or not impressed that they got his likeness wrong. I love the vases in the background.

There was a big mansion and Owen went over to check it out. But what's this? Traps at the front door? He disarmed the left side but couldn't disarm the right side. Lightning came up but luckily he dodged it in time. He freaked and I couldn't get him to do anything else after that. Eh, I thought it was a rich family to visit so I left it at that.

Destina got some missions to instigate why the security guards kept quitting. She found a cursed sarcophagus and a secret door. But then they wanted her to explore the dungeon in the hidden door and I called it quits on that too. I've been disappointed with the World Adventures game. I like going to new areas and finding new fish, bugs and gems. I like meeting new people and seeing the stores. I don't like the RPG style dungeons and puzzles to solve though and just don't want to do those. Because I left that one half done I can't get rid of the thing that says, "Return to France to complete this mission." in Destina's menu. I want to just cancel it but I can't and it sucks it stays even when your return or switch households.

The next day they go check out the "nectar" factory. That's what wine is called in the game.

Destina tries one of the nectar bottles. It was sweet.

Then they went fishing for frogs. Destina caught the first one.

Owen caught the next one. "Eew." Destina said when she'd had several already. I actually heard her go "Eew". I love how huge the frogs are in the game. But if you put them on the ground they turn into fish, but still register as frogs. I guess that's one detail they didn't bother with.

Back at the dorms Owen contemplates his surroundings. He finds a new equation after being inspired by a table. I just love his genius expressions.

A nice view to the Eiffel tower. Too bad it's a back drop and you can't actually go there.

The next day Owen asks Destina if she would protect him since she'd been a warrior. She agrees happily.

She's watching out for him now.

So after this they came back and that's when I switched over to Ursula's household. It was at this point that I got Supernatural and wanted to start making potions mostly for everyone else. Supernatural has been fun and annoying. But I like it much better than World Adventures for sure.

Meet Mr. Poof. He's a Main Coon with big spots. His traits are: Friendly, neat and non-destructive.

I like these big fat cats.

This is Downy.

I don't remember his breed. Perhaps Ragdoll. (EDIT: Found out he's a Birman.) I changed the coat color on both of them. Downy's traits are: Genius, Hunter, Hyper. The reason I got two cats for Ursula was because I learned having one pet and you being out all the time makes their social go too low and then they'll run away from neglect. But with two pets they can socialize with each other if you're a busy body and all you have time for is filling bowls.

This is Ursula's Car. I ordered Fast Lane. I hope it arrives soon. I know there's a Lamborghini looking car in there that will be awesome.

Ursula in her magic room.

She didn't start as a witch because she was already placed in the game. Everyone was so any magic casters I have I have to wait until that potion is available in the store to become a witch. But she's started on alchemy already. You don't have to be a witch to do that.

Here she is being vain, "I'm beautiful, darling."

Mixing a level one potion. She's come so far. I've got her at level 9 now. So I recolored this room and it looks way better. This house I'll slowly rework all the rooms to her liking.

Her bedroom redone. I guess I should have showed a before picture. I didn't take one. I wanted to give her an underwater feel to it.

This mirror is awesome! I got it free as a gift bag when I bought some Sim points a while back.

Pulled out view. She has a neat chandalier in there. The bathroom is ugly but she doesn't use that one so I haven't done anything to it.

Downy and Mr. Poof playing.

Ursula talking to Bonehildah her skeleton maid. She's pretty awesome actually. I found her under security systems. She'll defend your house from burglars (I've yet to see that) and she cleans everything up better than the human maids and butlers. But I also found out she can fix stuff! The sink broke and she fixed it. That rocks because Ursula isn't handy and I kind of miss that with Cope and Owen. They fix all their own stuff. I was worried about this but now I'm not.

Ok that's all for now. More pics of Ursula and her cats next time. I do want to complain about two things with Supernatural. In options you can chose with creatures you want in your game. I turned everything off except witches. But stupid Zombies were still showing up and there was no option to stop them. I was so mad because they got into my garden and ate all the plants. I had some mushrooms and wolfsbane in there which is hard to get for me. It took forever for the store to get them. I also didn't want to build a fence around my garden because I want my other characters to help themselves to it when they need it. And you can't fight the stupid zombies. I wish there were shotguns. That would get rid of them. So what I did was I turned off the phases of the moon. They come out on a full moon night and destroy all the plants in the game. The whole map. Anyone that has an open garden they will attack. I hate them. So I set it to be a crescent moon forever. No more phases. So I'll miss out on full moon discounts and other unique full moon stuff but I don't care. None of that is worth it for the Zombies. So my first night playing supernatural I was very angry.

There's a glitch I found that's really stupid. If you have any rare or special unknown seeds in your inventory your sim won't make potions. They'll go to the book and just stand there and the action self cancels. And special seeds won't go in the fridge so I've just been dropping them all over the floor. I was so worried my game was ruined but luckily that fixed it. How are people supposed to know this? That really needs to be patched. Chris found this for me on a forum. So other than that it's been great.

I definitely want to make Davon into a magic caster since he's Thagiron. And Ursula knows how to make the witch brew potion now. The problem is I can't find moonstone. I have no idea where it spawns in Barnacle Bay. So despite finally knowing how to do it I can't make it. I think this will be a problem for a lot of the potions. I hate hunting stuff down. I'm hoping getting the perk that shows items on the map will help with that. I'm saving up points for it. 40,000 ouch! The other thing I'm contemplating and I really don't know yet is making Owen a magic caster too. The reason is there is fire in the game. Both him and Davon could use that and would be cool to see them get in a fire fight. Or have Owen chase Cope around with fire. There's also a perk called Magic Hands where they can use just their hands and no wands which is perfect for both of them. So I haven't decided yet about Owen. But yeah, I still have the problem of the ingredients and having to wait til the store gets another potion in which could be ages.
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Cheezey: Blow My Horncheezey on December 27th, 2012 04:49 pm (UTC)
Wow, that is a nasty bug with the seeds preventing you from making potions. I haven't experienced that, so I guess it's one of those random ones that gets some people but not others. There was a similar bug a while back where if you had seeds in your inventory, you couldn't use the grocery store. It's probably something similar. I haven't had it in ages so I thought maybe a patch fixed it.

You can store seeds in the alchemy potion cabinets, or in the world adventures treasure chests. (You can buy the chests in buydebug if you don't want to travel.) I use those to keep my inventory from getting too cluttered.

It sucks that the foreign destinations are so adventure-oriented. There's not a lot to do if you don't want to do the RPG style adventures. Egypt is the worst for that. The only solution is to build or customize lots in edit town to make more fun things to do. In France, I converted one of the empty houses to be a gym with a pool in the barn in the back, and called it Le Pump. I also converted a house to a dive bar (one of the Late Night bar types). At least the Nectary and museum are fun to visit.

Oh! And the adventure opportunities, you can cancel them by clicking on the compass to get them to show up, and then right-click on the box where it has the country icon, or in the box with the text. That should erase it. You can do that with regular opportunities too.

The zombies are annoying. I now pretty much leave all my plants locked up, or grow them in pots inside. I don't know of a way to turn off zombies other than avoiding the full moon.

Your pics look great. I love how you decorated Ursula's house. It's awesome. It's funny, I have that mirror too. That "free gift" is actually a mirror from The Sims Medieval. I love how they claimed they couldn't cross items between the games because they were incompatible, but now that they aren't making medieval stuff anymore, suddenly those items are "bonus" items for Sims 3.
Des: Owen's Lead Singerthagirion on December 27th, 2012 05:50 pm (UTC)
I remember that problem with the grocery store. Gosh 2009 seems like a long time ago now. I need to experiment with that buydebug cheat.
I hadn't thought about editing the countries. That's a great idea. Ha, I love your Le Pump. I got an Amex gift card from my inlaws. Tonight I'll probably go pick up Showtime. If not that then Late Night. Hard choices. Not sure which I want more. I want Owen to be a singer.

If you do testingcheats, go to the mail box hold shift and click it. An option will come up to turn off Supernaturals. Then a menu comes up with options for which ones. Zombies is in there. I did that and I did turn off the fullmoon just in case.

Thanks. I love her rooms. I've fixed up the living room a bit more now. You'll see that next time. So slowly I'm changing the whole house for her.

Interesting. I remember them saying there was no crossing. Shoot, I still want a suit of armor from that then. If they had any nice ones.
The Silver Wolf of Darkness: WaveRidersilvolf on December 27th, 2012 10:50 pm (UTC)
Looks like Owen and Destina had a nice honeymoon, what an adventure! Its cool she guarded him.
I love Ursula's cats! So chubby and cute! I had a Maine Coon in real life but he was skinny. I love Ursula's bedroom too. You got the underwater feel perfectly!
Des: Davon in The Sims 3thagirion on December 27th, 2012 11:23 pm (UTC)
Yes they did. A short one though. Half way through I wanted them to go home because most of the missions are RPG style. But I'm going to take Cheezey's advice and next time I go, especially to Egypt which sucks that way, I'll change some of the empty houses into public areas for fun.

Thanks. I love those cats. They are awesome. It was hard to make friends with them but now they are so nice and pettable. That's cool. I only recently found out about that breed. I don't know much about cats. Supposedly it's the biggest cat. I like them for that alone. If I wanted a real cat I'd consider one of those.

Thanks. I'm glad her room turned out so nice.