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14 December 2012 @ 10:46 pm
Character creation  
I worked on some budgie art today. Drawing the perfect budgie digitally is very hard. I have never drawn a perfect budgie. I made two versions of the same budgie. I like the body but not the head so that's been giving me a hard time. I've started drawing another on in a different pose and we'll see how that goes. I should probably have just drawn them on paper first like I always have. And I need to work on my pic of Caroline. I'm almost done inking that.

So today I've mostly spent time making characters. I was on Sims for hours but didn't play anything. I'm trying to make everyone in Jurassic Park. You guys know that's my favorite movie and this should help me fill in my map with all my characters. I downloaded some of the characters and like with the Gilligan people they were almost right but I've had to remake almost everyone in some way. The ones that needed the least changes were Lex and John Arnold. They were very impressive and I only changed I think the personality traits and job for Arnold. But everyone else had to be completely rebuilt. I learned something I didn't know about the exchange today. If you download someone that's wearing a custom pattern the pattern gets downloaded too. You don't have to go and download it. But I downloaded a Sim today that I didn't know had custom content. Chris downloaded some custom content and I've always been worried about that. I don't trust it. But I didn't know this one was like this and now I have all this jewelery and fingernails in my game. I hope it won't mess up my game. Anyway it was Ursula from Little Mermaid. She was almost perfect except some of her traits were wrong, she was too skinny and they made her skin way too purple. So I lightened it, made her fatter and tweeked her face a bit and now she looks great! I never thought I'd have my own fat characters in a game but I do and I worry about them losing weight hahaha. It all started with Curly. Anyway, so all that I have left to do is Grant, Malcolm and Muldoon. I'm worried that Malcolms hair isn't available. That would totally suck. And I got Nedry's shirt today so I'm pretty much out of points which sucks. I only have 30 left.

Making characters takes a long time, especially since my computer is slow in the creator and gets slower the longer I use it. What I do is I sit with my laptop and I make the characters. That way I can look at references on Google Images. But making houses is even harder. I wish I knew how to make patterns and I wonder if you can make custom patterns for pet fur? Well that's been the most exciting stuff today.
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The Silver Wolf of Darkness: Kurtz and Razz Simssilvolf on December 15th, 2012 09:21 am (UTC)
I always get annoyed when I try to draw something perfect and fail. And the more perfect I try to get it, the worse it looks.
Haha I worry about my Sims ganing weight. Do the family icons change to match them? Cos Razz looks chubby in the hips in one of them. I'll get her a running machine or something.
Ursula must be interesting in the game. I only discovered last night you can make Sims with different skin colours to normal. I remember my friends used to make green Sims in Sims 2.
I'm still amazed at how big the game is and how long it takes to load.
Des: Mr. Burns  Coffeeethagirion on December 15th, 2012 01:18 pm (UTC)
The budgies are giving me trouble. Like Suzi said it has to be right because it will be forever on my gun. I knew that but hadn't really put it in those words. Now I'm a bit stressed and hope I can draw one.

Yes, if you click on a house in Edit Town you'll see if they have someone else living with them, if they got a new pet or if they had puppies/kittens. I checked on the Three Stooges yesterday when I was placing my new characters and saw that Moe has a girlfriend or a wife living with them now. I think that's funny because he was such a looser in the show. Since I'm letting them be an NPC for now I will let them do whatever.
Yeah, I want my skinny Sims to stay skinny and my fat sims to stay fat. The only one I don't worry about is Homer because I gave him the couch potato trait. So he'll stay fat.

Ursula is awesome so far and I haven't even seen her in action yet. Now I want to get Supernatural because she HAS to be a witch. I want her to have witch powers and make potions and cause trouble. I think today I'll do some screens of my creations close up and comparisons with screen caps from shows. I've been meaning to do that. It used to be you could only make blue to grey skin. I don't know what expansion allowed the other colors but that's neat. I'd like to make a devil but again no beard. So many characters have that beard they really need to install it. That and a suit with a bow tie. Those are just essential.
Yeah, the game takes forever in the initial load for me too.