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24 November 2012 @ 11:36 am
So much to do!  
Wanted to take a break and make an early update post. There's so much to do today and I hope I can squeeze it all into the day without hurting myself. My back is acting up so I know I won't be able to do everything I want. I need to take down all the Fall stuff. Would love to do that in one day but it probably won't happen. I need to check if triple experience is still going on. If so then I should do that most of today. If not then I'll have time for everything else. I already watered most of the plants which was put off from yesterday. All the plants are inside because tonight they are expecting a low of 41. Actually that's bad need to bring in all the budgies too. I never like having all the budgies inside because they make such a mess. The cockatiel cage is too big and I'll just have to cover it. I want to start my new Sims 3 game too. I'm very excited about that. I think I'll try to remake Thanatos since I was never a fan of how he looked. Now that I have Ophidius I should try to make him as well. I don't know who I'll play as for my primary family. Probably just Owen again. Who knows. I also want to find time to work on some art today. Either ink the Caroline drawing, continue with the Cope and Solan drawing or ink and color Ophidius's expressions. I haven't put that up on DA but I think it would be nice to have him colored in just flat colors and black lines. Seems that would be an easy project. So I need to decided that too.

I have an over abundance of pumpkins inside and out in the front year and entrance way. Not sure what I'll do with them now that Fall is basically over. It's tempting to give them to the chickens but I don't want to reinforce the bad habit of pecking at pumpkins. I don't want to cut them up either. Perhaps I can put them under one of the trees in front.

Well I have pics of my new plants I want to share.

More plants

Here they are. Nothing spectacular yet. They are all hybrids. From left to right. N. (spathulata x robcantleyi), N. (ventricosa x robcantleyi) and N. clipeata x (eymae x clipeata). I wanted robcantley hybrids because I couldn't get a robcantley this year. It's a new described species that was thought to be a black truncata. Some have amazing flared peristomes. I'm hoping the ventricosa x robcantleyi will have more features of the rob than the ventricosa and that both will be dark plants. The clipeata hybrid I got because I want a real clipeata but haven't been able to get one. They are very are, probably extinct in the wild and super rare in captivity. What's special about it is that the tendril inserts midway from the leaf instead of the leaf tip. I don't thikn the hybrid kept this trait though. We'll have to see.

New hybirds settling in

Here are the new plants settling in on my grow rack. If you click on this I put little notes around the individual plants and IDed them. Mouse over to read them.

More pitchers under lights

And my truncata D's growing nicely. They are red truncatas. The speckled one is a miranda. That's a hybrid. Notice the big leaf in the foreground. That's my biggest leaf yet on a truncta. The pitcher is so flat. I can't wait for it to start to inflate. It will be fun to see the progress. Would you guys be interested in that I could take a pic every few days or so of it.

Well enough goofing around. I'd better get back to work since there's so much to do.
Current Mood: busybusy
The Silver Wolf of Darkness: Chi Chewsilvolf on November 24th, 2012 10:14 pm (UTC)
Hope you get as much done as you can!
The plants are all looking good.
Des: Bottle Gourdsthagirion on November 25th, 2012 12:31 am (UTC)
It wasn't a bad day. Red Dead is still doing 3x XP so I mostly did that. I did get some inking done though.
I'm so glad they're growing so well.
kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on November 25th, 2012 10:50 am (UTC)
Well, you got quite a bit done of what you wanted to do!

Edited at 2012-11-25 10:50 am (UTC)
Desthagirion on November 25th, 2012 01:26 pm (UTC)
YEah it wasn't a bad day.