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31 October 2012 @ 09:12 pm
Halloween and offline  
Happy Halloween everyone. Sorry I haven't been on and responding. Our internet and phone got disconnected today for a very stupid reason. I got up and noticed I couldn't go online. That hasn't happened in forever. We called Verizon and they fixed it. We were on hold for ten minutes. But then it went out again. So I was rather annoyed and the day had a slow start. I mentioned to Chris that it didn't feel like Halloween. I've been so excited and stuff was leading up to it but on the actual day it fizzled out. He was on call so we couldn't really do anything. So I watched him play Two Worlds 2 and got really lazy. But then in the afternoon he did get a call and I started play Assassin's Creed 3.

I'm really enjoying that game for the most part. It's my first time playing any Assassin game and my only complaint is the control. The lead character is very hard to control and doesn't do what I want. I have a gun but haven't figured out how to pull it out, if you can. You're supposed to reload with RB but I can't do that. He only does it sometimes. And when I zoom and manual aim and the gun is loaded he still doesn't shoot. Sometimes he does so I don't really understand how guns work in this game. I'm pretty good with a sword but it's still hard. And I definitely need to get used to all the jumping. That's it. What I like about the game now. I'll try to not give spoilers. You start off as Brit, I think his name is Hythan or something like that. He sails to the American colony of Boston. The ship ride was great. I was super impressed with the look of the water and how it really felt like you were on a ship. When the water goes by you really get that sense of motion. The storms were pretty awesome. I have more praise but then I'd be spoiling it. I like the social aspect of course. I like talking to any character that is clickable. Remember I'm ENTP when I game. Once you arrive to America it's HUGE!! I'm wondering at what part of the story you get to change characters because I know this guy isn't the main character you use. Too bad because so far I like him and would like to play the whole game as him, but that's not how the game will be. The graphics are excellent. The people and environments look wonderful. Everything is sharp and there is so much detail. One of my favorite things to do is interact with the animals. You can interact with almost any animal in the city. You can pet dogs, pigs, cows, sheep and you can feed chickens and have cats rub your legs. It's great. You can ride horses. Horses are pretty easy to control and faster than walking. The other nice thing unlike in other games you can ride any horse and it's not stealing. The cops won't chase you. The horse you use also follows you around unless you lose it by going over buildings it can't follow. So that's neat. Too bad you can't keep them though like if you find your favorite color it would be nice to put it in a stable and you can always pick that horse. Kind of like you could collect cars in Grand Theft Auto and then choose which one to drive and never lose it. So that's all I have to say for now without giving too much away. Chris doesn't want spoilers and like when I was playing Mass Effect 3 it's hard for me to not tell him all the cool things I've done. Looking forward to playing more. I may disappear again for a while. I just hope I don't hurt my hands again and my problems start over. Oh and the cool thing and one of my favorites is it takes place during the birth of our great nation.

So later I decided to call Chris and found out we had not phone. I know we paid the bill so what was up? No internet and no phone. Chris finally got home and called Verizon again. The robot told him to check our box in the garage. We'd totally forgotten about that. He found that somehow the corde had unpluged and we were on backup battery and the back up had run out. That's why everything went out. Now that's just stupid. It wasn't the server or the bill but something dumb like that. And because of that we were disconnected from the internet all day. It's 9:00pm and it's my first time really using the computer today. Sigh.

But it was nice he was home. I wanted to get a Starbucks coffee because it's the end of October and I won't have coffee again until December. He was nice and took me on a date there. I got a Latte with Vanilla, a turkey sandwhich and a browny. We both got caffinated and became ENTP's. He's lucky he only flips one letter when he's buzzed. I flip two, but at least I like ENTP's and being one for a short time is fun. There was a fat guy on his laptop that was annoyed that I was talking. I noticed him stealing glances and whenever I looked at him he'd hide his eyes and couldn't make eye contact. So I talked even more and made fun of the crappy music they were playing. Chris kept moving his chair around and it was making noises which was funny. I kept ripping on the music and that it was Halloween they should be playing up beat stuff like Monster Mash, not depressing jazz. When they played a slow jazz version of Bluemoon we went off on that. It was flat, slow, boring and nothing like the original. "We need to watch the video." Chris goes. Yes, Bluemoon pumpkins for Halloween the way it was meant to be. Then we made fun of the fat guy all the way home. He probably thought we were extroverts...well at the time we were. Two ENTP's can be a bad thing if they decided to gang up on you. Hehe. Hey, it's a coffee shop. They need to realize that people will get caffinated and loud.

So at last it finally felt like Halloween. But wow we went supernova and the coffee wore of not long after and we couldn't believe how much we slowed down after that. I'm going to leave my Halloween decorations up through the 3rds since Nov 2nd is El Dia De Los Muretos or Day of the Dead in Spanish. At least I can leave half the stuff out for Thanksgiving.

I started on a drawing of expressions/emotions for Cope like I did for Owen. Cope is easier to draw so I'll probably have more made for him. I have six so far. One is totally out of character and looks really funny, but it's for practice. I need to get back into making art and reading my story. The holiday has really side tracked me. So yes, Happy Halloween everyone. It's too bad it's over now. I need to go update my xbox now and play my game again.

Edit: Thought of one other complaint in the game I forgot to mention. It has an autosave which means only ONE save file. WTF? NO, that's not fair. That means if you mess up you can't reload and try again. But that's not the worst thing. The bad thing about one save file is if your game get corrupted, all the hours you put in are lost forever. You can't load an older file and not lose as much. It's over. There's no reason why games shouldn't have more than one save file and let you have mannual saves along with autosaves. I'm worried that this might become a trend in games but I hope not. I have not doubt programers do this so we won't "cheat" with multiple save files and keep doing stuff until we get a perfect on all missions or whatever. I say screw that. Let us cheat. It's our game we paid lots of money for and it's worth the cheating to have the safety of not losing your entire game. If the power goes out when you're saving or your xbox gets turned off accidentally durving saving, it's over. Everything is lost. My xbox is updating right now. I'm impatiently wating because I want to play.
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kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on November 1st, 2012 11:32 am (UTC)
That sucks that the chord somehow got unplugged in the box in the garage and you were without phone and internet for so much of the day. I'm glad you guys finally got it worked out. Good on Chris!

And, aww...that was sweet how Chris took you for coffee. Sounds like it as fun :)
Des: Black coffee Black Metalthagirion on November 1st, 2012 02:06 pm (UTC)
I'm glad it wasn't anything serious but it was annoying that it was something so silly and simple too.

It was definitely a nice way to enjoy Halloween.