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24 May 2012 @ 09:27 am
Mass Effect 3 mostly  
I'm doing better today. My back still hurts but I'm up and doing some things again at least. I have been playing Mass Effect 3 a lot and I think I may beat it today. I'd love to talk about what's happened and how my game hasn't gone exactly as I would have liked (lost some of my favorite poeple) but I can't say anything yet because Chris doesn't want any spoilers and once I'm done it's his turn to play. Although I'm already thinking of second play through. It's very rare that I play a game through twice let alone beat it twice. In fact I can't remember a game where I've completed the second play through despite knowing exactly what to do or not to do. Second play throughs are great too because you've earned the right to cheat and I allow myself to look at the books to see what are the best choices to make. There have been some great cinemas of Owen as well. I want to record them so I can take pics. But I have to set up the DVD recorder for that. Also I'm wondering if I could create Cope in this and play through as a good guy with Paragon points instead of renegade. Hehe, I know it will be harder for me to make those paragon choices in conversations because I like being a jerk and not taking stuff from anyone.

If I did play as Cope I'd start a new game on Mass Effect 2 provided I could create him. Mass Effect 1 had a great story and introduced you to important characters but gosh it also had some really annoying missions I just don't have the patience for. So if I even go that far I think ME2 is the way to go. I'm amazed how the character of Commander Shepherd if you choose the renegade options is so spot on for Owen. I even like his voice. If I made a movie and couldn't get that ideal high pitched snotty voice for him I'd like to have the voice actor for Mass Effect play Owen. So provided I could even make Cope it would be odd hearing him with Owen's voice. OH! Plus I'd probably have him be a biotic instead of an infiltrator. Cope wouldn't have fire powers after all, but he'd have more sci-fi water like or magic like powers if he had to have powers. Other wise I'll just play him as a guns character because that's what he is. He's all about fancy ray guns.

Another thing that's very different in this game from the last that I had to get used to is this is not about recruitment. The other game you had to find all your team members and then do missions for them to gain their loyalty. I loved that actually and was expecting more of the same. When I ran into old friends I would ask them to join me again and was shocked when several said no. WTF? So it's more of they have cameos in this game and I suspect they won't come around until the final battle. I actually don't like that and I LOVED having my giant team in ME2. When I went to pick my two partners for each mission I loved mixing it up and having so many people to chose from, then after the mission going through the whole ship and talking to everyone about what just happened and hearing their take on it. This is what I mean that when I play games I'm actually very extroverted. I love the social aspect of games and so does Owen. Though I think I become more ENTP when I play, just like when I've had too much caffeine. I wish there was a place to upload your Commander Shepherd and they would make a custom figure of him for you. I'd buy one for sure. That would be so cool.

So changing gears. I'm on the look out for the Papo Zorro figures that were based on the Disney black and white show. I think it came out in the 50's. Chris and I have been watching it again. There are four figures I really want. There's Zorro with a sword, Zorro with a whip, Zorro's horse Tornado and Sargent Garcia. Garcia is the comic relife on the show. But they're near impossible to find in the US. It's too bad an American show is more popular in Europe. So I started to search European stores. I found some and the figures were decently priced but the shipping is rediculous. But I've been asking around and there's hope. Remember the baby T-rexes I got from Germany? The person there is very nice. I asked them if they could get since they seem to order from Papo directly. Also Papo still has those figures listed. They said they could and I've been amazed that no matter how many figures you order from them on Ebay shipping is only $5!! No matter how big the figure. Now that rocks. So I can't wait for their next order to come in. She ordered more T-rexes too because I do want to get more as well. This is very exciting.

So hopefully today will be my last day in bed.
Eh, ok too many of these positive emotions look the same. I'm going to have to do something about that. All the ones for Happy, Chipper, Pleased etc are this raven with his wing going up. It's like I always use the same one. I'd like to see something different.

Edit: I just beat the game and saw both endings. I didn't like either. I'm actually disapointed with the endings and it's turned me off of the game. No I will not be replaying as Cope starting on ME2. Forget what I said. I don't think having made different choices would change the endings all that much anyway. What a disapointment. It's not the journey bu the destination and the destinations sucked.
Edit:Edit: Ok I have to admit, I'm rather grumpy now. Grrr. See? This is one of those rare things where NT's get emotionally involved.
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
The Silver Wolf of Darkness: Trinitysilvolf on May 24th, 2012 10:33 pm (UTC)
That sucks the endings were bad but I'm glad you got some help with the figures!
Des: Owen Painedthagirion on May 24th, 2012 11:41 pm (UTC)
I hear lots of people are very upset so much that the game designers might redo the ending. If so that would be unheard of but good. I hope the rumors are true. I need to rant about it and know how to do it now so those that don't want to read the spoilers don't.