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02 November 2011 @ 09:00 pm
Moby Dick again  
Today was a good day. We got a call in Bradenton. I told Chris if we got one today in a decent neighborhood I'd like to go since I felt like getting out of the house. I was happy to hear this was in Bradenton and thought that if there was time afterwards we could stop by Earthmother's. We did have a little time so I called her to ask if it was ok. She said come on over. What a nice unexpected trip to see my friend. I was very happy about that. She showed us the Mermaid window she's making for a customer. It looks very pretty so far. It's nice to see the work in progress in person. So much pretty stuff in her studio. She also showed me the photos she has made big. It's amazing how she gets such wonderful wildlife action poses. Birds especially. Birds are so difficult because they move so much. I suck at bird pics, well I don't try. I kind of gave up on it ages ago. Even pet birds move a lot and are hard to take pics of for me. So I admire anyone that can do it. I'll have to bring Protist and Peep over one day and have her do portraits of them. But unfortunately we couldn't stay long. We got a second job in St. Pete. But the little time we spent together was quality time and I had fun.

I'd forgotten that I stepped on a huge thorn the other day. I think it was from the boughanvilea. I was wearing flip flops and it came through my shoe and got me in the right foot between the big toe and the second toe. So I've been walking with the side of my foot as putting pressure on the tip hurts. I put alcohol on it and neosporin. It should be ok in a day or two as long as I remember not to use that part of it.

I forgot to thank you guys last time for responding to my pumpkin post. I loved getting so many comments on it and hadn't expected that. You guys know I love comments.
So as the subject says Chris found a new Moby Dick movie for me on Netflix. It was two parts and we finished the last part today. I liked it. I have yet to see a Moby Dick movie I haven't liked. I don't know what it is about this story that I like so much. And even when they leave stuff out or change things it's still good. I know the book fairly well. I've read it twice so I always compare the movies to the book. This one was the one that strayed from the book the most, but was still very interesting. I had a hard time getting over how active a roll Ishmale had in this movie when in the others and in the book he was just an observer for the most part. He was in so good with Ahab it was weird but still fresh and new and enjoyable. Starbuck wasn't quite himself. He seemed more treacherous than a worry wort like he was in the book and other films. Stubb and some of the other sailors had some of Starbuck's lines which didn't make any sense. And Stubb seemed to be the one most interested in making money when that was always Starbuck's role. Also Stubb wasn't funny at all in this film. He was downright devious but again it all worked out well and made it interesting. Because of all the changes I couldn't quite predict what was going to happen...except Stubb getting promoted for Starbuck being so treacherous hehe. Ahab even said that, "Mr. Stubb, you're promoted to first mate." I laughed at that. That never happned in the book.

The animation for Moby Dick was decent. The attack scenes with the bulging water were very cool. They made him very fat which made him creepy looking. So far my favorite is the Patrick Stewart movie just because it was the most faithful to the book. Oh and one thing that was neat was at the beginning they showed Ahab's wife and son. You only hear about them in conversation but this was the first time they ever showed them. All speculation of course since it was also all in passing in the book, but still well done.

I'd still like to make my own movie of this. Have it be accurate to the book but have two endings. The original ending and then the Happy Ending. I always cheer for Ahab and if you think about it if Ahab had one EVERYONE would have been happy. Here's the breakdown.
Ahab kills Moby Dick. How I haven't figured out yet but he does. He's thrilled and gotten the very thing he's always wanted. He returns home after the voyage and retires from whaling. He's an old man and he wants to live out his life with his wife and sun as a gentleman farmer.

Starbuck, is made acting captain right after Ahab kills Moby Dick. Ahab being the recluse he is disappears into his quarters to savor his victory and the great feelings he got out of killing the beast. He gets to do instant replay every night in his dreams and sleeps with a smile. Starbuck is thankful to God that this nasty business is over and now HIS crew can get back to the real business of making money. Moby Dick fills a quarter of the barrels with oil as he was old and huge and had so much. Starbuck being an expert navigator and planner leads the crew to fertile hunting waters. The take two big pods that fill the rest of the barrels with oil. They have to make port in a few countries just to get more barrels. They return to America almost sinking under the weight. Since Ahab killed the whale he kept the gold coin but with the haul Starbuck made everyone got a gold coin apart from their share of the pay.

Ishmale bought a nice house on the beach and took up hunting for recreation. Only when the urge hit him would he go sailing for adventure. He saw so much of the world and met so many interesting people he continued making money on the autobiographies he wrote of his world travels and stories on how to be a sailor and whaleman.

Queequeg returned home to his native Island in the pacific. His father was so proud of the things his son had done that he retired early and passed on his feathered crown to him. Queequeg became king and chief of his tribe.

The Pequad was fixed up after returning home. She served a few more years before being retired as new more advanced ships were invented. Because of her legend she was maintained in great condition despite the passage of time and the end of whaling. She was made into a museum and now people can come to see what whaling life was like in early American history.

There. I didn't make an ending for everyone but I could if I thought about it a little longer. Something nice for Flask, Tashtego and Dagoo. Oh even Fedallah who was Ahab's personal prophet. Hum, actually his ending might be bad. Let's see. He was paid by Ahab for being loyal and staying by his side. But upon returnng to China had a hard life as he found he had no gift for fortune telling after all. He lost his ability to see into the future as he had failed to tell his own and Ahab's fate. He set off for America again and to avoid work on the railroads opened up a small noodle restaurant that made enough to make ends meet for him. Hehe there. Oh oh, and the secret ingredient for his soup was whale and because of his travels and having been a harpooner he knew how to stayed supplied for it.

Pip, upon returning decided never to go sailing again. It was too dangerous and he'd had too many close calls. He learned he did have a good voice and a talent with the tamborine. With his share of the profits he bought his freedom, opened up a small church and made it famous for it's gosple music and boys choir.
Ok now I'm done with his ending. This is fun. I could probably make this all very long and detailed.

Well, I guess that's all for now.
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kabuldurkabuldur on November 3rd, 2011 10:11 am (UTC)
I'm so happy for you that you got to go out on a trip with Chris and that you went to Earthmother's! Just to see her would be more than good, but to see her mermaid stained glass window would have been a privilege. I admire her bird photography, too. I suck at it as well. It is so hard! I am getting better at taking photos of moving grandkids, though. You just have to get to know your camera and learn to predict. They're a bit bigger subject than birds, hehe.

I had to stop reading your Moby Dick post, though, because I just bought the book from the op shop, and don't want a plot spoiler!

I hope your foot heals up soon. I stood on many a bougainvillea thorn when I was a kid. Sometimes I had to use drawing ointment if the tip got stuck in my foot, but I think that was for bullheads and not bougainvillea. I hope you don't have to do that.
Des: Cope 80's Groovethagirion on November 3rd, 2011 01:43 pm (UTC)
It was nice to visit Earthmother even if only for a quick Hello. Well I'm not really a photographer so I don't feel the need to practice. I prefer video anyway and with so many other things I do adding to it would be a lot.

Ah ok. That's fine. But I'm guessing you know how it ends. Everyone knows the ending even without reading the book. I'm glad you got the book and can't wait to hear what you think. It is a LONG read. No spoiler but the middle part can be hard to get through when Ishmale gets really off topic talking about history, art and a bunch of other stuff. Ahab is my favorite character.

Thanks. It's better this morning. Not as tender but I still have to walk carefully.