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10 May 2011 @ 09:52 pm
Finally a Formula to Rate your type's percent accurately.  
Remember how I always hated the percent system for the Myers Briggs. It works well until you get into the low numbers then it just doesn't make sense. If you get 1% introvert then aren't you 99% extroverted which means you're not an introver at all? That's dumb. Well some nice INTP guy on youtube came up with an awesome forumla to fix all of this. (x + 100)/2. X is the variable you get. So if you got 1 for introversion you'd have 1 + 100 = 101/2 = 50.5. So that means you're really 50.5% introverted and 49.5% extroverted or you're borderline. A 1% is actually a borderline case. This means that my numbers just got sent through the roof! But it does make so much more sense this way. I was plugging in numbers just for the fun of it. Of course 100 cancels itself out so my I and my T being at 100% are just that. I thought I was near borderline for N vs S but I'm a...darn it youtube is down. I think I'm 60% N which now translates to 80% N. I'd not border line at all. My N is fairly strong actually. And my J I think was 78 so that means 89% J. Hehe I like my numbers in the 80's. So there you go. No more confusing low numbers.

Here is a good video that explains the difference between N vs S since it can be rather confusing. Keep in mind this guy is INTJ.

I like the thing about the S stare and the N rolling eyes. My eyes DO dart around a lot. I can't just look someone in the eye for long periods of time. I was recently with an S friend of mine and I did notice how she just locked her gaze on me which caused me to dart my eyes around even more. We actually had some very funny S vs N moments I might talk about one day. Strong S so I really noticed it. Anyway, he's right that both types can work on developing the other side. Cops with intuition developed is an excellent example of that.

I think I'm done with the shading of the Solan and Davon drawing. Now I need to add the lights which is even harder for me. I'm SOO looking forward to adding the special effects and colored lines. That's always my favorite part.
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The Silver Wolf of Darkness: Cool Zoraksilvolf on May 11th, 2011 07:58 am (UTC)
Its good that someone made a better formula for it. Maybe people will find it easier to find what type they are now!
For shading and highlights and stuff, I imagine a lightsource on a picture and then see where the shadows and highlights fall. I dunno if you do that already but it makes it easier for me.
Des: Mr. Burns INTJthagirion on May 11th, 2011 12:42 pm (UTC)
Yeah, if people find my post then it should help because getting a 1 or 2% really was so confusing.

Hehe, that might be a good example of S vs N here. I think S types are better at art and visualization for final products than N's are. I do try to do that. I know where my light is coming from but I just can't visualize it so it's stressful but I have to do it by trail and error. I lay down shadows and then go, "No that doesn't look right." and do it again until I find where it goes. I hate that. I know it's just something I'll need lots of practice with if I can't find someone to teach me.
actipton80actipton80 on May 11th, 2011 02:26 pm (UTC)
The stare is a lie. I don't do that, but I can't bear to make eye contact either. I have to force myself to do it, and even then I'm not looking at their eyes. Eye contact is a giant TMI, especially when the whine and flicker from the lights is already making my eyes hurt, and the other person is standing close enough that I can smell them or feel their body heat.

I can usually visualize things like shading, but if I get stuck, the standard fix of flashlight and similar shaped object works wonders for visualization.

Des: Hummmthagirion on May 11th, 2011 03:06 pm (UTC)
I think you and I might just have a problem with too much eye contact and it doesn't have to do with personality. After he brought this up I now realize that the S types I know do stare or look right at you the whole time. All my inlaws do it. I don't know how Chris ended up as an N hehe. My mother did it, and all my S friends and accuaintances. Even the ESTP waiter we just met. I have to look away when he serves us. Now not as exagerated as the guy did with the giant eyes but so far I have to agree. It's not a bad things it's just different. I just found it very amazing and N's do have rolly eyes. As far as not being able to look someone in the eye for long I need to look up which of my books talks about that and quote it because they explained it very well. I think it was in The Introvert Advantage or The Female Brain. I don't mind eye contact with people I know and am comfortable with. But with others I can't. I feel like they'll see into my thoughts or something and I have to look away.

Holy cow you can smell people and sense their body heat? I only notice smell (It's my weakest sense and I only notice bad smells when I do or good smells if they're strong) is when someone needs a shower badly. Body heat? It's never registered. I have to touch someone to know if they have a feaver.

I REALLY need to get one of those posable dummies and use a flash light. That would help so much! That is a good trick I should use.

Sorry for all the edits. I just keep thinking of stuff to add once I think I'm done. I've noticed that you always measure yourself against all the types. A statement like "S's do this" but you don't makes you think the statement might be wrong and get defensive about it. No need. Just because there's a list of what S types are supposed to do and you don't fit all the points doesn't mean it's wrong or you don't fit the picture quite right. There is great variation among the types and I think the percentages are the reason why some of us fit the "mold" more than others but can still be that type. This is no one answer for "This is how this type has to be!" I definitely don't fit all of the INTJ traits, though I do fit most of them. It's rare to find anyone that's 100 all the way across the board and it doesn't mean you have to strive to be that way either unless you really want to change.

Edited at 2011-05-11 03:13 pm (UTC)
actipton80actipton80 on May 11th, 2011 03:29 pm (UTC)
My N dad is just as bad about demanding eye contact as my S mom. I hate it when he stares. It's the visual equivalent of having someone scream in your ear in a language that you not only don't understand, but it is also a language that isn't aesthetically pleasing to listen to either. And they are trying to rip information out of my soul too, at the same time. I have to be very comfortable with someone to look at them.

If it is in a crowded place or the person has just come in from outside I can feel their body heat without actually touching. And I normally only smell them if they are smokers, people who use cologne, have bad breath, or just came in from outside. I inherited the sense of smell from dad. He has barred garlic from our house because he can't stand the smell of it. He smells me when I've had it in the last 24 hours, but in exchange the smell he puts out after being outside is enough to make me gag. I've been actively trying to desensitize my sense of smell just so it doesn't drive me crazy.
Des: Hyacinthsthagirion on May 11th, 2011 03:41 pm (UTC)
Welcome to the INTJ Death Stare. When I am serious about something and I'm in a confrontation friend or foe that is when I have no trouble locking my gaze on. I don't know why but INTJ's are just masters at that and using their eyes to intimidate and pierce into your soul. I have bright green eyes so I know that when I do it the point gets across as though it were words. I've used it many times when annoyed. I don't demand eye contact unless I'm in an argument and putting someone down. *fingers snapping* Look at me when I'm talking to you."

Wow that's something. I can't imagine being like that. Funny senses like smell and touch are one of the subjects I want to do question for on a youtube speech eventually. I don't know how you'd desensitize it. I do remember when I was like 3 my mom got me a cute bunny talc dispenser. The tail was a sponge where the powder came out. She goes, "Smell it. It's really nice." I took a big wiff really close and the powder went up my nose into my head. It hurt so bad and gave me such a headache I started crying and couldn't stop. To this day I wonder if that messed up my sense of smell. If so I'm actually thankful because I'm glad that's my weakest sense. If I had to give one of my senses up there's no second guess for me it would be smell.
actipton80actipton80 on May 11th, 2011 04:51 pm (UTC)
He does that if I've done something that he doesn't like. And the immediate (usually not verbalized) retort is, "Suck it, if all you are going to do is lecture me or put me down, then I can hear you perfectly fine without having to look at you." combined with turning the back, especially since most of the time I already know I've screwed up. The demanding that I look is only because he needs confirmation that I heard him, which makes no sense to me since you don't use your eyes to listen.

Working at the raptor center and being around stinky dead things has worked. Also going into Yankee Candle or Bath and Body Works and smelling all the things in there. There are certain smells that I still can't stand no matter what I do, like the floral ones still make me gag no matter what. And garlic, although only if it isn't cooked right, or if I burp it up after eating it.
gamma_wingsgamma_wings on August 19th, 2014 12:29 am (UTC)
Yay there's a formula for this now! I also found the lower percents odd. Such as I'm 33% perceiving, so does that mean I'm 67% judging? What? xD But according to the formula I'm 66.5% perceiving. Yea that makes much more sense. Yesterday I was wondering if there was a formula for this, haha.

That's cool how S types stare while N types roll eyes. I didn't know that before but makes sense.:D Yes when I'm talking to someone I can't look at their eyes all the time. My eyes start to dart around and look at the surroundings. xD
Des: Castor Troythagirion on August 19th, 2014 12:25 pm (UTC)
Yes. This helps those small numbers make so much more sense. I was thinking about this yesterday and that it's not compared to your opposite. But just a scale of how strong your letter is on it's own. But that's not a good explanation either only slightly better than the other. On my other youtube account there was an INTP guy that would comment to me and he came up with this formula. Leave it to an INTP and I'm thankful.

Yesterday I was wondering if there was a formula for this, haha.

There's your intuition in action! And it was right. I must have been picking up on that because I wanted to tell you this since so many of your friends got 1%. Actually I don't listen to the percents. I'm just interested in the results. It only matters to me when someone isn't sure and then I look at the functions.

Yes that's such an S type thing. They stare when they are in a coversation. They can't get any info from you except from what you're saying so they look at your eyes and look for facial cues. I think I have a disorder that I have a hard time looking into eyes unless I trust the person. It's not just because I'm an N. It's an actual problem I read about. I forget what it's called. If I' m walking and a stranger makes eye contact with me I instantly look away like I didn't want them to know I was watching them. I've tried to stop that and I can't. But yes N's look around at everything during conversations. This is another of those videos that's been taken down I regret not having downloaded now.

Oh the exception for me is if I'm sure and in an argument then I'll stare hard at the eyes of the other person as I want them to see I'm drilling home my point.
gamma_wingsgamma_wings on August 19th, 2014 03:46 pm (UTC)
Wow your icon. xDD

Yes it does for sure. ^^ Yea, it probably is just comparing the strength of the letter on it's own, but it's still not the best thing. Much better to compare both letters and how much more you are a certain letter over 100. And ah an INTP came up with this formula? Ooh that's awesome. :D

Ah yes, stuff like this happens often to me in fact. Sometimes I get a bit surprised I managed to somehow know it was gonna happen/did happen but I didn't know of it. Though fortunately I know as to why that happens. xD I suppose I just use my N quite often. xD My intuition is always right. And ah, so you did want to tell me this? Yep it makes sense and it's so true how so many of my friends got a 1. Hmm, are younger people naturally prone to getting lower percentages on the individual letters? Sometimes it seems that way. Though if that's so then clearly I'm the exception, getting high 80's in everything but my P. xD Well I do occasionally look at the percentages because they could very well be low percentages, and in which case there's always a change the person is a slightly different type from what they've scored. xD But I do agree, if the percents are high it doesn't really matter. :P

Yea it really is as I've noticed. xD I can gather info in conversations without having to directly stare into the person. I do occasionally, but only for somewhat short moments then I look at the wall or something, then back to the person again. XP And ah, really? o.o I suppose I don't have that disorder because I can stare strait at the person if I wanted to. Though in a way I can relate, I don't want a stranger to think I'm staring at them, either. xD I think that's rude. And yes, very true. Looking at the surroundings can be more fun than staring at a person.

Haha that's funny. xD The INTJ death stare you called it? :P
Des: INTJ Death Starethagirion on August 19th, 2014 05:03 pm (UTC)
Hehe that's Nicolas Cage from the movie Face Off. He was high on drugs and had looked in the mirror and was going, "I'm Me!" It was hilarious. Funny in the context of the movie. It's one of my fave movies sometimes I like it better than Jurassic Park. I highly recommend it to you.

Yes I thought it was great and leave it to an INTP to come up with a formula like that.

Yeah to an S it seems like magic or ESP but it's not. We're just more in tune with our subconscious than they are. They want facts and concrete evidence but that can't be provided when you try to explain what intuition is. It's just a feel very different from a sensory feeling or an emotional feeling. I have another article I wrote here where I don't like the word "feeling" as it's confusing as what you mean in these three things. Emotion, Sensatory and intuition are all "feelings".

Yes, young people test weird because they aren't totally developed yet. Their letters get stronger as they age. They are also going through their functions in order. When very young they are whatever their first function is only. I have noticed that now that I'm in my late 30's I'm focusing a lot on my Se, hence all the traveling and desire to get out and see the world. Getting the GoPro camera is such an obvious thing too as that's a camera geared to the SP adrenaline junkies. I'm not like them only in a mild sense that I want to experience things for myself without being an idiot jock. But yeah I have seen so many SP's watching reviews and researching accessories and use of this camera.

Yes and also I don't like people. I would rather look at a wall than in their face when talking to them especially if they are a stranger. But then you get those S types that go, "Look at me when I'm talking to you." They think we're not paying attention just because they can't do it and they can't read us if they aren't looking in our eyes. Dude my mouth is used for talking not my eyes.

Haha, yes INTJ death stare. It's a threat without words.
gamma_wingsgamma_wings on August 19th, 2014 07:04 pm (UTC)
Ah cool. :D Hehe I might just have to check that movie out at some point. xD That facial expression alone brings good promises. I bet it was a hilarious moment. :D

Yes indeed. :D Though when I was wondering if there's a formula for this I unfortunately didn't come up with any. ^^' The closest I came to is maybe flipping the percentages of the low number you got that's your letter (let's say 33% XP), with the rest out of the 100 you got (67%). Then it would mean that you're 67% whatever letter and 33% the letter you're actually not. Come to think about it if I actually set down to think about this I might have came up with a formula. xD

Haha yea exactly. :D We go more by our intuition than something simple like our senses. XP And yep, in a way you just can't explain what intuition is. It's just there, that's all there is to it. I should know because I'm an N type myself. xD Yep and I believe that the intuitive feeling is the most interesting and possibly most complex type of feeling, which is understood by a smaller amount of people than typical sensory and emotional feeling. xD But yea they're all different for sure. I don't like the word feeling either, it reminds me of feeling types. xD

Ah, I thought so and that makes sense. :D Possibly why there were so many 1%'s with my friends. xD And I thought so, too. So judging by that logic when I age, my letters will be in the 90's and possibly even 100 later on? Except for my P I suppose, that'll most likely always be my weakest letter. And yep, that's true. I was told to be very quiet and calm when I was a toddler. And hmm, yea that makes sense. :) You do do a lot of Se type stuff, like traveling and that GoPro camera that you've mentioned. :D But that's good you'd never become an idiot jock like them. XP I'm just dead bored of SP related stuff for the most part. xD I wouldn't be too fond of a GoPro camera since I'd like just normal shots without the fish bowl effect. However I do like traveling... always loved traveling. ^^

Neither do I, to be honest. I trust only a few people (like you), and consider other to either be potential slaves, something to scientifically observe, or to chat with when I'm in a boring place. And yea, same here. Though I do occasionally look at the person, too. I alternate looking at them and the wall. xD Oh gosh, I don't like S types like that. Heck sometimes I pay even better attention when not directly staring at them.

Yes, and I love it. :D (when used against my enemies, of course xD)
Desthagirion on August 19th, 2014 09:20 pm (UTC)
Great action and good bit of sci fi as it's about a cop and a bad guy that switch bodies. Masterpiece of a movie.

As you get older your Fe will start to come out more. Oh no!! I told Chris to please not ever do that. Hehe. But you know I do my travels from a nerd and biologist point of view. Yes I want to go to many places but I want to go alone or with Chris where it is quiet, out in nature and see all the wonderful things I have seen in documentaries. You already saw my bird videos which are nearing documentary quality. Since I was a kid I would watch documentaries and dream of being out there living that and making them too. I've had it with dreaming now I want to make it come true. I want to go to the Galapagos. I want to go to Australia. I won't be using my GoPro for sports much like surfing and stuff but kayaking is good to get to natural places were other vehicles can't go. Snorkeling and scuba would get me to see the marine environment I also love so much. And I want to film time lapse. Perhaps I can capture some sunrises. And if there are any stupid SP's around I can enjoy them getting hurt. I am very excited about going to the beach at St. Maarten where the planes land so close and fly over you. Some of the lowest air plane landings in the world are there. But I'm not stupid enough to grab the chainlink fence and get jet blasted. I'll leave that to the dumb jocks and laugh when they get hurt. Should make for some interesting videos.

I'm glad you trust me. I do too and feel comfortable around you. Yes some morons are fun to observe from a distance.
gamma_wingsgamma_wings on August 19th, 2014 10:41 pm (UTC)
Ooh the idea does seem cool. :3

Oh no! I don't need the Fe to start coming out more now, heh. xD But alas it is... I've been laughing much more often than I used to to. o.o Yea, that type of traveling is the best kind of traveling. :D Personally I love to travel in order to see and photograph different cool species of birds. And yea, same here. I don't like it when there's a plethora of people in places. And yea you do have nice bird videos for sure. :3 Ooh I'd love to visit Australia and the Galapagos, that would be very cool. I'd especially love to see budgies in Australia of course. <3 That would be cool to use your GoPro camera to get videos of awesome natural places. Hehe yep, seeing SP types get hurt can be quite funny, hehe. xD Maybe you can even film them? :P Ah I've heard about that place before! o.o And you're gonna be going there? Whoa that's so cool! Should create for interesting videos for sure. :D

Yes, and that's a good thing that we trust each other. :) I agree. :D