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26 February 2011 @ 08:37 am
Catch up post  
I think I'll put this behind a cut because it's so long text wise.

Two days ago I got these emails from a guy saying he was with a domains company and that thagirion.com would be available for sale in a few days. I own thagirion.org and have been keeping an eye more or less on the .com, but really hadn't given it much thought. I liked the idea of having the .com as that's more official and would be much better. But something told me it was fishy and not to go with this guy or the other emails I had gotten. I was telling Chris when I first got into personalities I didn't think I used my inuition much but now I realized I actually do use it quite a bit and I could just sense something odd and not to trust these emails. I've never been caught in an email scam/virus because of this. Here's what it basically said.

In the next few days, thagirion.com will be listed for sale. Since you have a similar domain name, I thought you might be interested in acquiring thagirion.com.

You can confirm your interest in the domain thagirion.com by filling out the form here.After I receive a confirmation that you are interested in the domain thagirion.com, I will be in touch with you promptly to make arrangements.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

No you won't be hearing back from me. So last night I called my server and asked customer support what was going on and if it was true that the domain was up for sale. A guy named Jeff helped me this time (Though I wish it had been Matt from last time. More on that later) and told me to be careful of those emails. Yeah, I figured that. That's why I wanted to go with a legitimate company I've done business with for years that I trust. He said what happens is that those guys do the same thing he can do which is back order the domain. It expired in December and will soon be up for the general public to buy again. But before that if someone wants it it can go on back order. He explained it that it's like an auction. You pay them and they fight to get the domain for you. Translation - it's gambling. I give them money and they try to get it but there's no guarantee they'll get it. This is what the emails don't tell you. They make it sound like a sale and you can "buy" it from them. But it was only $20 and not a big loss if I don't get it. So I told him to go ahead and do it. I would love to have the official .com. Before that I asked him what his success percent ratio was on these "auctions". He wouldn't just come out with it but told me it was pretty good. Hum. He said he'd only heard of one case at their office where one had failed. Also thagirion is such an obscure name I'm fairly confident I will get it. I asked him how long the process took and he said it could be three days to two months or more. Well, like I said I'm not set on it and not in a big hurry.

The other thing I asked him was if I'd have to pay extra for hosting. If I did I just wanted the domain and I'd sit on it without doing anything. He said that I can have more than one domain on my hosting so all my files would instantly go on it. "Ah so it instantly becomes a mirror site?" I asked. He said yes. Well I guess that's nice. But what if later I want to make them about two different things. He said I would have to upgrade my server then. Ah, that made sense since I actually downgraded it. Well that's ok. I don't need two websites right now when I can make subdomains.

So I'm glad I looked into that. Although this guy was a bit frustrating to talk to. I could tell he was an NF and likely an NFP. No straight answers, no set numbers and very worried about my feelings. He kept repeating himself and many times I had to tell him I had understood the first time. My gosh I hate redundancy. He kept going on and on and wouldn't get to the point when I asked a question. One time I finally told him, "Don't worry I'm not going to get mad." I'm sure he's had those angry types that heard what they want to hear and when things don't work out they get pissed and get on his case even though he told them up front. I'm sure he's been burned a few times and that scares him but that's not me.

Which leads me to think about personality types and frustrations about being the rarest type. Now I dont' trust anyone the first time I meet them. Usually I don't trust anyone until I've met them several times. I understand and don't expect people to trust me instantly either. I wouldn't. They don't know me. People that do trust me right away instantly put ME on the defensive. I had one girl one time give me her phone number just because she had a bird question. WTF? I'm a stranger. Why are you giving me your number? Lucky for you I'm not calling it. These are usually the extroverts. But to the point. I also hate it when I say I'm going to do something and then people don't believe me. I know in many circles you have to prove yourself, like initation and with men. But because the majority of people talk and don't act on their talk people that are new assume I'm "just saying that" or something. This is annoying and conflicting for the reasons I mentioned above. If you've never met me it's understandable to doubt, but to keep worrying and asking when I have said I will do something bugs me to no end, because when I give my word I follow through on it. It's an INTJ trait and very few can reach their goals once they've set their minds to it like we can. But the conflict is that type of integrity does take a long time to get to know. So conundrum and frustration. In the end I just prefer to speak through my actions, then say "I told you so." Or better yet. Not say anything then say, "look what I made." That usually causes astonishment.

I've noticed some geologic shifting in our backyard. Several of the pavers and bricks are falling over and out of place. I'm not looking forward to fixing those. But worst of all our fence by the aviary was falling over backwards. Part of the probelm was termites had eaten the post between two panels. We replaced the post but now the problem was the panels won't reach the post. I think eventually we need to get two new panels anyway or dig under the old ones and push them in towards the new post. I was mostly worried about it falling over while we weren't home and the chickens escaping into the backyard neighborhood. I've decided I'm going to buy those leg bands from that guy even though he's expensive. I'll do one or two at a time because I am constantly worrying about the chickens getting out and getting lost. If they have names and phone numbers then at least they might be found and returned. Though I know some people would want to keep them. I now know that that's probably happened to some of my lost pigeons. The last one I recently got back the lady admited to me that she would have kept it if hawks hadn't shown up in her area. That's wrong since pets with tags have owners that love them and want them back safefly. Also the pet loves and misses the owner. My pigeon was clearly happy when he saw me and flew right into the cage I brought. But I understand wanting to keep a cute lost pet. I've been tempted to myself with some pigeons I found. But the good feeling is always way more worth it when you see the happy reunion with the owner. So I'll get bands for Henrietta, Zucca and Raptor first since they're my favorite hens and the ones that are bonded back to me as well. Zucca loves me.

Chris almost had a job but there was some confusion about it and it was canceled. The good thing was we went to an auto parts store and got some cute American flag stickers for his car. They were simple and flat. I need to replace mine that came with my car. It's been melted by the sun and basically gone. The budgie too. It's been destroyed. Poor stickers. But I like the one that came with my car because it was a wavey flag. I haven't seen any like that and wonder if you can only get them from Chevy? Then we went to walgreens and got more supplies and cookies. Gosh I was bad but they were yummy. I also found this neat fruit thing in a squeezey bottle. Basically it was apple sauce with strawberry.

When we got home I'm very happy that Chris and I practiced music together. We're both working on Sonata Arctica's Land of the Free. I was very happy because I've been working on all this new stuff and then Chris said, "I need to learn those too." I hadn't expected that. I thought I would have to learn the songs he played like the Helloween stuff but I hadn't him expected to want to play with me on all the lower down tuned stuff. That made me very happy. I've always known he doesn't like to down tune his guitars no matter what the songs are. He likes to play in standard pitch. So that did make me very happy. Hehe, but I suck at this song so far. I'm quite new to it and it's a bit hard. But that's what I like. I like very technical songs. I'm looking forward to when we both perfect it.

Oh and the other night we watched Jason X. Oh man that was a very funny horror movie and one of the best Jason's I've seen. Except for the annoying nude scenes that horror movies think they must have, everything else was very entertaining about it. The ending was great and I loved how the movie poked fun at its own series. I also really like that it wasn't called Friday the 13th X. It was Jason X. I've noticed when I talk about the movies I always say, oh that was Jason 1 or Jason 8. Rarely do I say Friday the 13th I. I guess because it's too long and saying Jason is easier. Also as the movies went on it wasn't just about being on Friday the 13th. I have a very cute icon that shows Jason looking at a calendar and it says Friday 12 and he's all sad. Sorry no killing today. Thirdly, the movies are about Jason. He's the star. I guess I'm not the only one that does this. I think all the fans refer to the series by "Jason" or "Jason movies". So I love that they named it this.

Oh one last thing. I was on DragonAdopters and you guys know when I run out of room on the inventory I'll put things up on the market as a temporary storage. I don't expect people to buy things and if they do they're morons. Well it happened. I had a level 10 growth ring up for 100k and some moron bought it. Wow, he can have it then if he wants it that badly. I can buy 100 more now if I wanted. I never thought that would happen. It wasn't for sale but fine by me. Helps me out all the more. Either he's very generous or he's an idiot.

I have to remember I'm allowed 4,000 tags now. I need to be more of a splitter so I can find things easier, but at the same time keep some sort of organization. So new tags this time around. I'm sure I'll talk about auto parts store again in the future. The bad things is I feel like finding my old posts and back tagging them correctly with that one now. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make huge general tags more specific like "garden" and "dvds" I'm open to suggestions. I just don't want to make tags for one time use like if I mention I bought a certain DVD but then never talk about it again. So I don't know.

Ok more more thing. I keep meaning to mention this. When I put covers up of songs on youtube I like to be the first to do anything and play stuff few or no one has played. I'm the first to play The Hero and very proud of that. I want to learn Guardians of Asaagard, and it seemed pretty easy. BUT because it's easy I've seen a few people have already done it. So I don't like that too much. The Final Countdown is awesome but everyone has done that on almost every instrument. I may redo that but instead of going up to high D and C and C# I think I'll go down on my five string. I know no one's played it that way and that would be unique and much heavier. I also don't mind if a song's been done a lot but all the videos suck and I can show them how it's done. So basically I just like being the first, and am working on a few songs hoping to be the first.
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The Silver Wolf of Darkness: Coridor Blinksilvolf on February 26th, 2011 05:10 pm (UTC)
My friend wanted me to get silvolf.com because he was afraid someone else would get it. He's the one who helps me get my stolen art removed from those stupid Polish forums and blogs. Well I never got round to buying the .com so he bought it for me which was cool. I'm glad though. He said he'd renew it for as long as I wanted it.

The end of our garden shifts around. We lose some of it each year because it falls down onto the terrace below. There's not much that can be done about it sadly.

When I get a car, I want to draw my own art for it, that would be cool! I did a picture for a friend he got made into a decal for his car.

I remember Jason X! I agree though, why have those stupid nude/sex scenes in horror movies. Its about HORROR, not sex!! I hate seeing sex scenes when I'm not watching the type of movie I think should have them.

Lol congrats on the 100K resources! Sometimes stupid people are useful.
Des: Laughing At Youthagirion on February 26th, 2011 06:12 pm (UTC)
That's awesome that he bought the domain for you. Do you use it? Does it have hosting or are you just sitting on the name to have it? Either way I think that's awesome he helps you out like that.

I just got back in from doing a bit of work. I want the garden to be nice this year and enjoy it not have a mess like I did the last two years.

I saw that on your page you put up for comissions. It was the road runner from the Lunatics right? That is cool. I want to get a big truck. A dodge Ram and have it all done up with my art. I love that the Ram symbol looks like Thagirion's skull.

Jason X was a great movie. But yes, I hate how nearly all horror movies think it's mandatory to have a sex or nude scene. Yuck. I don't want to see that. I just want to watch killings. Leave that for the porno...hum or may-be that's what the X was for in in Jason X hehe.

Yes, this moron came in quite handy for once.
The Silver Wolf of Darkness: Cool Zoraksilvolf on February 26th, 2011 11:16 pm (UTC)
Yes I do use it! Its just the name. If you visit it, it takes you to www.silvolfstudios.co.uk but it was very awesome of him to get it for me.

Our garden isn't a mess either, mostly cos last year we really cleared it out what with building the new fence and such.

Yes it was! He also had some t-shirts with my art on and a ceramic tile printed with a pic of him and his partner as their characters.

Lol yes! That's probably what the X stood for!
kabuldurkabuldur on February 27th, 2011 04:10 am (UTC)
I thought you might have a pretty good chance of getting that site because of the obscurity of the name, too. I'm glad the company you are with was so helpful. Yeah, he probably does have to talk to a lot of agro people, which is why he was hedging around with his answers. But people like that annoy me, too. I had that at the meeting I went to, and asked him what he meant because I didn't understand what he said...and low and behold, he was 'lying' by selectively telling the truth...as someone who was more in the know pointed out later. Double speak...ugh!

I guess your backyard is suffering from shifting, as the ground is apt to do. A lot of work and maybe money for you and Chris! But I can understand that you want your garden looking nice and want your chickens to stay in. It's a pity that those leg bands are so expensive, but it would be good if they did get out that people could return them. Yeah, it's not right if they like your pet and decide to keep them.

Yeah, I wouldn't want to see sex scenes in a movie that was about something else. If it's irrelevant they should leave it out, but they think that it's a selling point *headdesk*.
Des: Tabebuia pinkthagirion on February 27th, 2011 01:14 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I hope it works and doesn't take to long. Waiting is the worst and I'd rather have a "yes" or a "no" than be left hanging.

Yeah that's probably what's happening. I'd never seen this on any other property though. Hum, but there are more hills out here so that's probably why. Darn gravity. Hopefully he'll right me back soon and if shipping isn't killer then I can buy them one at a time. It's expensive but now I'd rather pay for that than worry about a lost bird.

Yeah it's not just horror movies. I do hate them when they pop up unexpectedly in any movie. Very annoying.