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02 February 2011 @ 06:59 pm
Flickr and yard stuff  
Sorry I haven't been keeping up with posts as much lately. I'm going to have to catch up eventually. I've been a bit obsessed with Flickr and having a lot of fun over there. I now run three communities. I'm not addicted. I'll stop now as three is more than enough and they cover some of my best interests. So I have Sphingidae, Wild Budgies and now Cucurbitaceae. YES! I have the official taxonomic group for gourds. The other group I'm on had more words in the title so the original on its own was available. That's also how I got Sphingidae so I'm very happy about that. I now have a small number of members on all of them. This is so different from the old messageboard days because it was always a big "no no" to spam. Here on Flickr it's expected and the only way groups will get discovered. Though filling out the descriptions and adding key words helps a lot. So I've been going around to budgie, moth and gourd pictures and leaving my link and asking people to post their pics on them. It is hard work and for all my effort I've had very few bites. :P But a few is better than none. I'm sure that in time once I find the right members that are active others will find the groups on their own and it will climb in the ranks. Well at least Sphingidae and Cucurbitaceae. I don't have high hopes for Wild Budgies but that's ok. Two groups is probably enough.

Actually I have four groups and the 4th one I picked up by sheer luck. People are way too trusting I swear. Lucky for them I'm not going to take over and change everything. Anyway, I joined another gourd site. It was for invitation only so I asked the owner to add me because I like watching gourds grow. That was days ago. I get an email today saying I've been accepted. How nice. I go there and see I'm an admin. WTF? This guy doesn't even know me. I also noticed he made admins of everyone except for one girl. Gee I wonder what she did wrong? Very strange, but I don't plan to be active there anyway. I mostly wanted to watch it.

Well Mike didn't come over today for the chicken. He had to work late, but wants to try again for tomorrow. I've been slowly clearing out the garden and taking advantage of the dead dried weeds. Mike said he'd bring his trailer tomorrow and just leave it there so we can fill it up. It might take two or three trips but it will be so nice to clear everything out. I don't know if I'll do a before and after picture as it's really embarassing how bad it got.

My contacts are in so I need to find time to pick those up. If Chris can't take me tomorrow I'll have to go out there myself. The good thing about almost having had company over is that the house is now quite clean. If only we can keep it that way forever now.

I'm not feeling the mood to go back to music. I'll probably play my bass again very soon. Gosh I'm going to suck from weeks of no practice.

Oh and I'm so glad I ordered those rare gourd and tree seeds last year from Trade Wind Fruits. They don't have them this year and I don't know if it's because they ran out or because they can't sell them anymore. Anyway, I'm definitely growing exploding cucumber this year and saving all the seeds. I can't wait for the growing season. After the 14th I should be in the clear to start sprouting seeds indoors. I'm getting hyper and impatient.
Current Mood: hyperCan't Wait
The Silver Wolf of Darkness: Cool Zoraksilvolf on February 3rd, 2011 01:07 am (UTC)
That's cool you're having fun with the groups. I had to put my insect group into manual acceptance because people were submitting the wrong kinds of pics and they were getting automatically accepted.

Lol I try to clean my apartment when my friend Neo comes to stay. It gets messy again so fast though.
Des: Birdhousesthagirion on February 3rd, 2011 02:14 am (UTC)
Yeah, two of them are really doing well for being so new. Oh that's annoying. Good thing you fixed it.

Yes, sometimes I don't want to bother because of that.
kabuldurkabuldur on February 3rd, 2011 11:08 am (UTC)
There's pumpkins on my journal! Just a heads up :P I should put them on your cururbitae journal, but I haven't got time tonight.

That's great that you are active over on Flickr. You've got some cool groups.

well, you get one more day with The Cheeper. That's good. She will lay him lots of eggs this spring.

You'll get to your bass when you feel like it. Yes, you will be a bit rusty at first, but will soon get back to where you were before.

I'm glad you got those seeds when you did. I guess you will plant more of them, if you have any seeds left, when the time is right (ie after the 14th). I wondered when planting time was! (Indoors).
Des: Peep Heartthagirion on February 3rd, 2011 04:42 pm (UTC)
Oh I'll go look! Yes please do put them there. That would be great.

Yes, it's so fun. I don't know why I didn't start using it sooner.

Yeah, I might have time to practice today.

Other than Hawaii, Florida is lucky to have the earliest planting time. I've found it's fairly safe half way through Febrauary. By March it should all be clear.
Marianne E. B. Markhamphspopular2002 on February 5th, 2011 11:21 pm (UTC)
I had no idea you were into Flickr until today. I barely pay attention to my free account over there. When it comes to images I just stick with photobucket, mostly. (Reminds me, I should one day get back to organizing more of my icon creations!) It's cool you're having a good time on Flickr though. ^_^

Probably around April is when the day lilies in the pots near my store will start growing back. And I'll have some weed pulling to do. This year I will take pics of the deep red ones I like very much.
Des: Tersa Sphinxthagirion on February 6th, 2011 03:21 am (UTC)
I've only recently gotten into it. I've had my account for a year and only just now started to enjoy it. Flickr sucks for hotlinking. Photobucket is best for that. But I like Flickr for the groups and meeting other people with the same interests. What's your name there? I'd like to add you.

That's cool. Do you plan to plant anything else?
Marianne E. B. Markham: Fai - amusedphspopular2002 on February 6th, 2011 05:08 am (UTC)
Friending you back. Yeah I like PB for hotlinking, as well as saving many, many image things. I should put my flower photos on Flickr sometime. I still have one of the orange lily ones as a desktop.

Hmn... I think pretty much all the herbs that I knew of were sold. (Basil, Chocolate Mint, and Rosemary I remember selling a long while back.) There's still some of--oh what's it called... Hostas? Yeah, there's a Blue Hosta I still haven't sold yet! I still have some Chocolate Mint leftover too, and a type of grass that's a bluish color.

Maybe my dad and I will get some more herbs or perennials (or Mums even) this year, grow them in pots, and sell them. Last year we didn't because of the sunspot activity that's happened. It was a rough summer keeping what we had healthy.
Desthagirion on February 6th, 2011 12:57 pm (UTC)
Yeah that would be cool. One nice thing about Flickr is you can change your name so long as not one has it. I was going to Owen for a while but then changed it to Thagirion3. I hate having a number but some jerk is using Thagirion. Sometimes I can get that name and somethings I can't and have to go with the 3.

You should try vegetables sometime. They are a lot of fun to grow. Tomatoes and cucumbers are a good beginner plant. They ahve lots of seeds right now at Home Depot and Lowe's since it's almost Spring.