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16 November 2014 @ 07:37 pm
It's time for the yearly wish list. Here are some ideas if any of you wish to get me anything this year.

* Giant Microbes from this list
* Amazon Wish List
* Amazon UK wish list
* Gift art of George or Gallemotch
Or of Ophidius, Owen or Cope. These are my current fave five but I'll be happy with any of my characters. There is a Ref for Ophidius in my gallery.
* Ebay, Best Buy or Paypal gift cards.
* Budgie gift art. This is my favorite budgie color
* Gift card to Grassy Knoll Exotic Plants
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25 November 2014 @ 08:57 pm
Well I got my camera today. I did a lot of research and heard that it's good to sometimes buy used to save money. I did my research and decided the 60D was the right camera for me. Then I found out that the 60D is discontinued because Canon has now made the 70D. It was still expensive at retail so I started looking for used ones. I figured it would be good to find a deal on a camera that's still relatively new. I looked on Ebay with not much luck. Then last week I found one on Craig's list. Thing is most of the Ebay ones were still over priced and for body only. That doesn't help without a lens. With the lens they are more expensive. But I found this guy in Sarasota selling one with lens of a good size and case and all these other neat things for $600. I called him and he was very happy to talk to me and I told him I couldn't come out until Wed because I didn't have a ride. That's when Chris has off. He said that worked great as he wasn't working. He told me he'd even hold it for me so I was thrilled. I felt like this was my camera and meant to be. Everything seemed so perfect. But then he calls me the next morning and tells me someone else called and he would do first come first serve. I can't blame him for that. I understand needing money but I did tell him that then he shouldn't have said he'd hold it for me. He apologized but said he'd let me know how it went with this other guy. Well I was very upset and thought that was over. I already had a second guy lined up as a back up. That one was more expensive because it came with the original box, case and two lenses and tons of accessories. Still a good deal for all the stuff you get. But the first guy calls me back and tells me the guy didn't buy it and if I was still interested. YES! But again for Weds. I hoped no one else would call.

I called him today to ask if he still had it and if we were on for tomorrow. He said yes. Well then Chris got a call in Nakomis which is south of Sarasota. I told him to just pick up the camera for me on the way back so we don't have to drive on our day off. The weather is terrible right now with rain and it will be the same tomorrow. No fun driving long distances in that. So I transferred the money to Chris's account. He picked it up and had a nice chat with the guy. I did a phone conference too as Chris put me on speaker with his cell and we all talked. I wish I could have been there but we had no idea such a call would come in and lucky it put him in the area. Also lucky the guy was home in the evening. So here's what I got.

Click for full size.

Look at all that neat stuff? I've also learned from all the videos I have been watching that it's better to invest in good lenses because you keep those for life but you go through camera bodies which become outdated. So different as it didn't used to be that way with film cameras. You kept both lenses and bodies for life. The technology just didn't advance back then. So I have a lot to learn with this camera.

I got a reply back from LJ about the tags and they told me what I already knew. I sent them THIS Screen cap. You can see there's nothing in the drop box. They told me it was the layout for Xcolibur. Xbolibur is the original layout and I have never wanted to change it as it's the easiest to navigate. So what I did was open the control panel in two tabs and changed it on one to the new default. Well it didn't work and the same thing was still happening. When I went to the control panel I couldn't change back to Xcolibur even though they told me I could change back. The button was gone. I had a feeling that would happen. Good thing I kept the other tab open. So I closed the experimental one and saved on the original and got it back. I told them that wasnt the problem and never mind because I refused to change my layout. So I guess I can't add anyone to help me with tags. ACTipton, you think you can help me with those few months. Feb-June of 2005? I will do some of them too. Would be nice to meet that goal before the year is over.

And the other thing I'm very excited about. Badcowboy sent me the awesome news that the first trailer is out today for Jurassic World. That's basically Jurassic Park 4. I didn't care much for parts 2 and 3 as they really strayed from the first movie and they ruined some of my favorite characters. Malcom became a wimp and lost his cool arrogance and confidence. He became whinny. And Dr. Grant turned into a grump. They screwed my fave characters. But this one seems really good. Here's the trailer.

I wonder if that guy is Tim all grown up and he took over his grandfather's park and brought it back. It takes place on the original island Isla Nublar. And that hyrbird dinosaur I bet has Therozinosaurus DNA because of the big claws. Would be cool if it looked like a deathclaw from Fallout. That would totally rock. And what's up with the raptors. They seems tame which is cool. I wonder if they bred them to be loyal and they are like the guard dogs of the park? This is great timing as I'm back on my JP kick and this is so cool. And marine reptiles. YES!
Chris mentioned I got my capture copter at a good time because with this new movie the original toys might sky rocket in value. I mentioned I still need the compound. He said go ahead and buy it. We have the money. Ok. I definitely should. I hope I can find one in good condition hopefully with the box.

Oh and if you didn't notice Leeanix is now my default icon. Just here on LJ. I'm not changing my George one anywhere else. But here I feel it's right to show her/me.
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25 November 2014 @ 05:47 pm
I was chatting with glitter_pi on DA and the subject of being intimidated came up. When her and I first met there she told me she was intimidated by me. I noticed and I can pick up on this. She's not the only one that has experienced this around me of my friends. Well that's long since past now but yes initially it was there. Now I've never been mean to my friends or future friends when we first meet. There's no reason to. Of course you all know that if there is reason I will give people exactly what they deserve. But that's not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about just meeting people and talking about normal things. Normal for me being the geeky stuff I like. I mentioned to her that those that meet me for the first time in person after only having had an online relationship are also intimidated or nervous. One of the funniest for me was when I met my ex-friend kitora at Gatorland in Orlando. We were supposed to meet at those gator pits at the entrance. Well I wasn't nervous at all but she had told me she was. I hadn't seen her so I was just staring at the gators and enjoying myself. Chris having Fe was more aware of people around us and he noticed a frail looking girl just staring at me with fear and amazement as though she'd seen a celeberty. Well she thought of me as Thagirion so as though she'd seen a real demon. Hehe. He went up and asked if she was kitora and she nodded and then I noticed. I must say that was an interesting get together though she annoyed me from the start. I don't know why I kept her around so long.

But back to the subject at hand. I have had others, not everyone but most, that I have met tell me they were nervous about meeting me the first time and I've had to allay their fears. And once that's over and they get to know me things go very well. Funny enough when I have met people I look up to I have never felt nervous or intimidated. I have only felt excitement. I barge right in and ask for autographs thoroughly enjoying myself and asking questions. Also my intent with many of these people is not a one time autograph session but to say something to get their interest so much that they become a connection to me. People I keep in touch with on a more real level than just fan and star.

Well I am a very confident person and it may be two things. One I know the people I admire are human and if they just give me the chance to get to know me they'll admire and respect me in return. That is usually my goal when I want to meet someone. The other is because I am confident that intimidates others even if I have been nothing but nice. I know I tend to leave people star struck after a meeting. Most people, especially online aren't used to real confidence. Another of my hopes is that will rub off on them. I'm so thankful it did on Chris because when we first met he was not a confident person. Actually I didn't like him at first. I usually don't like most people that come to me first. But I gave him a chance and he didn't screw it up. As I say I always give everyone a chance to screw up. Well I will write our story one day. I've been meaning to for years but that's for another post. So Glitter was saying that it might also be my personality. Well that ties in with my theory as many sources cite INTJ's as the most confident of all the types. I'd say closely followed by ENTJ.

Of course this intimidation is unintentional and can be very annoying, though I have used it to my advantage many times too, when trying to make connections. I've talked to people that were so afraid they could not say two words back to me which only pisses me off and makes matters worse. It becomes a vicious cycle and the relationship is doomed to fail at that point. They need to fix their insecurity. Their problem not mine.

So what conclusion have I come to from all this? Well nothing solid so far only that I think that in an ironic way confidence breeds insecurity and is bad when trying to meet new people. But in the long run it weeds out the bad eggs so it's for the better and I wouldn't change a thing.

Please comment on this whether you've met me in real life or not. Where you nervous? And if so why?
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23 November 2014 @ 06:55 pm
I've done a lot today. I cleaned the kitchen floor and washed the drapes in the living room that were really dusty. What's funny is they shrank in the wash but it was for the better. They were so long they used to mop the floor and get dirty. But now they don't touch the ground which is great. I see where the budgies chewed on them too when they are up there.

Then I drew today. I drew Ophidius one of my easiest characters. He turned out great but for some reason that hurt my hand. So I had to stop. No more art today and I had to put my mouse on the left side. I'm sure it will fine by tomorrow but eh just sucks when I finally motivate myself to draw something like this happens.

Oh LJ question now. actipton80 do you still have access to my tags? I was trying to add Glitter today and I wasn't able to. There a drop down box but no one is in it. I sent LJ a question. We'll see if they reply and if that feature hasn't been disabled. I still need to finish Feb-June 2005 and I should try to before the end of the year a sit was one of my yearly goals to have everything tagged before it's over.

I think I'm almost done uploading photos. I can't imagine there are too many more for day 6 and 7 as those are on the ship and I already posted most of the interior ship pics. What else could there be that isn't just for my own personal viewing?

I need to repot several nepenthes. Perhaps tomorrow I can do some of the priority ones. I might treat myself to a few more things and buy gifts for my friends for Christmas. Then after that I must not spend anymore. I must save everything no matter how tempted I am to buy something. After Christmas I need to be hard on myself like I was when I saved up for my macaw Joel. Unless it's an investment like gold and silver coins.

And Chris and I are watching Gilligan's Island season 1. That's been so much fun.
Speaking of tags. I'm not sure how to tag this one. Perhaps I should have a tag for mundane for those posts that just don't fit anywhere.
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22 November 2014 @ 07:51 pm
Not much interesting stuff has happened which is why I haven't posted in a few days. It's been cold and yucky down here. I've mostly been editing videos and uploading photos. I should probably start making posts now about my trip here. I made my second attempt at my Christmas card today and it just did not go well but I think it's better than the last attempt. But I'm not sure if it's something worthy of printing. Perhaps I shall try a third time and if I can't get it draw something generic...gah no. That's not my style.

I found three eggs yesterday that belong to Amaretto. She was laying them in the bottom corner of the coop. I put her in one of the nests today and she was digging but nothing happened. But that's a good sign. Maybe now she knows what the nest is for. I have been shoving my chickens in there to try to each them they need to go inside. So two of the six are now laying and both are my normal brown egg layers. All the eggs are still extra small. I don't know how many to use in my pie that requires six. I hope the others will start to use the nests because they have the special eggs. Latte and Hazelnut lay olive eggs, Leafie lays chocolate eggs and Melon lays cream eggs. I miss the eggs the old girls used to lay. It's a shame they retired. I washed out the coop today.

Chris is going to take Wed, Thurs and Fri off next week for Thanksgiving. I have some Thanksgiving decorations already up. Well I really want to get that camera and found this guy in Sarasota selling one of a good price. He said Weds is a good day to meet but I'm worried someone will go before then and buy the camera. Hope and pray that doesn't happen and that camera will be for me. If that works out then we can do stuff around Sarasota and I can start to use it. I hope the forecast is wrong and it won't be so cold that day. I do have a back up plan if this does sell. There's another guy in Tampa with one but it's more expensive. Still it comes with more lenses and the boxes so that's kind of better but also why it's more.

I got my Jurassic Park Helicopter the other day! I love it. I was so happy. I think I will put it together for display as it's just such an awesome toy. I can't believe I got it mint in box with all the parts. The net is awesome and usually what's missing in these toys when you buy them used. Over 20 years and I got a new one. I was like a kid on Christmas and Chris even got pics of me like that.
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19 November 2014 @ 08:59 am
Finally I had a real George dream. HA. I'm so happy about this so I must write it before I forget everything and it is already slipping away.

So I was George and sort of like in my story I was captured and being held prisoner. But it was modern times and everything was much more advanced. This organization had the ability to use holograms to make the room look like anything they wanted to. They'd set mine up to look western with wooden walls. I did not like it. They were using some kind of device to keep me from changing forms. They wanted to keep me human but study me to learn weaknesses of demons so they could defeat them. I had the sense that time was passing and somehow I knew I'd been there for 13 years. I had sort of made myself at home though and had some things. I walked into the bathroom for a bit, saw myself in the mirror, didn't do much of anything then walked back to my room. When I did they had turned off the hologram and everything was modern with silver walls. I liked it except that my stuff was gone. There was a guy at a desk writing. I got very angry and asked what was going on. He said something like I had to be taught a lesson. So it was at that point I decided I wasn't going to take any more of this. I was going to get out no matter what it took.

I might not have been able to change but they couldn't take away my strength. As a human I was still way more powerful than anyone at that facility. And I also somehow knew the technology they had was based on transporter and replicator technology. That's what I had to destroy. Yes I've been watching a lot of Star Trek and that got into my dream. Because I had had good behavior I had access to some lower security areas. I just walked past some of the guards. There were these two huge gold coins I had to get too. I mean massive like those Chinese Gongs. I knew this was the key to breaking the outer force field. They were hung like gongs too. I grabbed the chains and ripped them right out of the supports. Several men came at me and a swing the chains around like propellers and smashed them with them. Took out the whole team that way then I tossed them over my shoulders and picked up the "coin" and also carried it on my back. I did the same thing with the second one. It was pretty heavy having those bit metal things on me but I could manage it and still had enough strength to fight my way out.

I walked past the secretary's desk and was going to take her out. She begged me not to kill her that she had been "good to me." "No you haven't." I said. "If you were good to me you'd have let me out." I was just about to grab her when I heard lots of foot steps coming my way. "Consider yourself lucky." I said then ran out the door. I didn't have time for pleasure just yet. So I was outside and running through this long grass field. I remembered really enjoying that. My duster was flayling in the wind behind me. I was going very fast despite being weighed down. I knew I had to get back to the area where my room was because the force field was weakest there. But I had to hide in a building for a little as my enemies were catching up and I was getting tired. I needed to breath. Then I remembered that I had destroyed those machines earlier. I changed into hybrid form which gave me even more strength. I felt better then. Someone was coming into the hallway where I was and there was nowhere to hide. So I spread my arms and legs out against the walls and climbed up. I remember thinking if this was a narrow hallway or not. It was to me but well I was a giant centipede man and what might be normal to everyone else was small to me. So the walls seemed close enough and it wasn't hard for me also being part bug it seemed really easy to climb the walls. My tail also latched on to the ceiling so it was out of the way. The man walked in and the perspective was so cool from an over head view. He was very nervous and was writing something on a wall. I watched a moment.
"I know you're around somewhere." He said. "Could you just let me go. I brought a piece offering." It was a slice of pie. I smiled then softly dropped down behind him. He had no idea I was there.
"You made the mistake of making me hungry." I said softly then snapped his neck scene blacks out.

Next I'm outside and in another fight. Hand to hand I'm just brutally knocking people down and throwing them. I could do that all day but enough was enough. I had to get out. The force field was right there. You couldn't see it. It was completely invisible until you crash into it. Then blue sparks would pool out of it. But I went into it. It looked like I was being electrocuted all over with hundreds of blue lightning bolts. Hurt like hell too. I was walking slowly and could see my enemies on the outside. They were freaking out that I'd gotten in there.
"What's that crazy fool doing? We got to get him out or he'll die. We need him alive."
I fell to my knees and then onto my back and closed my eyes. I thought I was going to die. I was slipping into sleep. NO! This wasn't the point. I wasn't just going to die. I felt the coins against my plates as I lay on them. I called on all my strength and slowly stood up. I took the first one off my back as the guards watched realizing what was coming. I grabbed it by the chains and spun around quickly several times then let it go back into the facility. It burst through the force field lowering its power by half. Everyone was running and screaming as generators buzzed and exploded in fire and sparks. I pulled the second one off my back and began to spin it again all the wile still being electrocuted. I tossed it in the other direction outside. More explosions and all the force fields and security went down. I had done it. I was free. But instead of leaving I wanted revenge. I decided to turn into Gallemotch and level everything.

Unfortunately I did not. Either the dream changed to something else or I woke up. But WOW I FINALLY got to be George and really feel his powers. It was amazing and I really felt proficient. I knew what I was doing and wasn't afraid. I have sooooo been needing this. I wonder if I will get to be Gallemotch at some point? I hope so.
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18 November 2014 @ 01:41 pm
I'm just taking it slow today. Don't feel like doing much of anything because it's so cold. It's in the low 40's right now and I'm slowing bringing in all the nepenthes. Tonight it is supposed to be 32 which is freezing. That's bad. That means all the birds have to come in again too. I'm going to bring the most sensitive plants into the house and put them under lights. The rest will stay on the patio covered and out of the wind. I brought in the amorphophalluses too but I can only do a few plants at a time as it's cold. I'm between that right now and having some hot tea to warm me up. Shame I lost all that energy I had yesterday for working on all those projects.

I'm still very nostalgic and thinking about other older shows I used to watch. My Mysterious Cities of Gold has one ep that is defective. I've had it in my Amazon wishlist forever. I should have gotten a copy but now they are gone and there are none on Ebay either so I'm worried I will not be able to replace the bad disk. Not good when it's a rare thing. And I found Belle and Sebastian on DVD but only in Spanish. That works for me but I can't really share it with Chris. I wish it had been released in English on DVD.

So tomorrow is a day off and I don't want to do anything. I just want to stay home and take it easy. Chris can help me around the house and he needs an easy day off too. It will be to cold to go anywhere anyway. So that's why I'm not doing much of anything today as I know I'll have help tomorrow. This cold weather is very subduing. Even all the birds are pretty quiet and inactive.

This is cool. Ok now if I ever want to travel with my Xbox I need one of these.
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17 November 2014 @ 06:25 pm
I'm very happy right now and feel so creative. First off I can't believe what I ordered. I have been wanting the Jurassic Park Capture Copter since it came out back in 1993. I saw one today on Ebay new in box. That's extremely rare. I told badcowboy about it and she said I should get it. Then I called Chris and told him. Though it was expensive the price it was going for considering it's new in box was good. Chris goes, "Why haven't you bought the darn thing yet?" Haha. I'm so thankful to have his blessing in these things. Sometimes I worry about buying things that would make me happy because they might be a bit expensive. But I'm always good at managing my money and would never do anything stupid. So sometimes I need that little push to buy stuff and I'm so glad Chris supports me. He wanted me to get it and now though I feel weird having spent what I did I'm sure that will all fade away when a huge box arrives on my door. Gosh I can't wait. What's cool about this toy is that it has a giant net to catch the dinosaurs with and this is the piece that is always missing in the used versions. So now I am only missing one thing from my Jurassic Park collection. I collect the original series of the first movie. And that's the Command Compound. I so want that but it's also rare and expensive and hard to find with all the pieces. Usually the eggs are missing from the hatchery, or the missiles or the fire on the gate. I see people selling the individual parts and I have thought about buying it that way and then piecing it all together. But I think those eggs would be hard to find. That's next on the list and there is one available less than the copter was. I can afford it...I just don't know if I should. I do want it. I have been wanting it for over twenty years now.

So I've been feeling very nostalgic. I have Jurassic Park and Gilligan's Island on my mind. Two of my favorite things. And then I had the crazy idea to merge them. What do you guys think of Jurassic Island? This is a work in progress so yes I'm open to suggestions. I starts with Gilligan and friends getting of the island finally. Somehow the professor finally does manage to fix the boat. I'll figure out how later. So they sail away when a time portal opens up on the ocean during a storm kind of like in the pirate song Back Through Time. They get sucked into the future in 1993 and crash on Isla Nublar. Now here's the part I'm not sure. Should the cast of Jurassic Park be there? Should I have the castaways meet Dr. Grant and Malcolm and "the rest". If you're a fan of the show you'll get that. Or should this take place after Jurassic Park was abandoned. So this is at the end of the first movie and only dinosaurs are there. They castaways think they are on Gillgian's Island until they find the visitor center and have to start fighting for their lives. Being me it will take a dark turn and probably nearly everyone will get eaten. I'm guessing the Howls would be the first to die since they are old and money won't work on dinosaurs. Though Mr. Howl claims he was a big game hunter I think it's all talk and he was just showing off but never did any hunting. So I do think they'd be the first to go. They aren't good runners like the rest of the younger castaways. What do you guys think? Just them alone or should they team up with the JP cast?

And here's another idea I have. I know it's crazy but I'm thinking of making another comic. Budgiezilla. So it's about a Giant budgie that goes rampaging through some cities and no one can stop her. Yes has to be a female budgie because they are bigger, meaner and stronger. I got this idea in the shower and was laughing my head off at a laser spewing budgie smashing building with her wings and stepping on humans. She'd throw tanks and have dog fights with F-22 raptors. Her screams can shatter glass. And it won't be like the cheesey 60's Godzilla but more like the 90s version where there are serious explosions and people dying. I don't know if I'll actually make that but it's an awesome concept that would be so funny. I wonder if I can make it look like old comic book style too and make the white borders look like paper.

See what I mean about I'm really creative today?

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16 November 2014 @ 08:01 pm
I found the drawing of Owen that I was missing. It was in a folder that was buried under other stuff and out of sight. So I have started to ink that. I'm not sure what I'm working on next in art. I have a lot of half started stuff and most things are in the inking stage right now. Well I hope to try and draw the Christmas card tomorrow. I started it the other day but wasn't able to do it. So I ended up making a bunch of practice sketches that actually turned out very nice.

Click for full size.

I'm really happy with the lower left corner. Thanatos turned out great and I hadn't drawn him in ages. This is when he presents George with his Desert Eagles for the first time and George retires his 44 magnums. This also kept George from killing him which is something few have ever pulled off. And George was so hard to make him look surprised in a pleasant way.

Check out this video I made today of our day at Cas Cay on St. Thomas Virgin Island. It was a kayak, hike and snorkel ecotour.

So I posted and pinned my Christmas Wish List today. It will be up at the top of my journal through the 25th of December. It's good to put it up early to give people ideas and time. Yeah I'm not quite ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas though. I'm still in a Halloween mood and I forget it's not October anymore. I guess I just didn't want it to end. I was a bit disappointed how fast this cruise seemed to go too. The first one I enjoyed every minute and it felt like a full seven days. This one seems to have come and vanished way too fast. Didn't feel like 7 days. I'm not sure why that happened. That's just too bad.

I'm making plans and researching about Kauai. I really want to go there now and that should be our next major vacation. I think it will be great for our 20th anniversary in 2016. I already found all the places where they filmed Jurassic Park there. It's amazing but that island basically IS Jurassic Park. It's amazing.
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14 November 2014 @ 01:41 pm
I need to organize my art better. My computer room is a disaster with pages of art strewn everywhere. My scanner is so hard to open and my art table, which I never use for drawing on, is a messy shelf. I have colorful folders for my art that I kept in my night stand drawers but those are bursting at the seams. I don't know it's just such a mess. I wish I could work 100% digital then there wouldn't be a paper mess everywhere but well I can't. I was trying to find an old drawing of Owen. He's jumping off a building. It's one of my over sized drawings that doesn't fit on one page. You'd think that would be easy to find but no it's missing. The reason I never finished it was because back then I didn't know how to color buildings and hated the notion of drawing in each window and getting the perspective done right. But now I can do it and was ready to tackle that old pic. I was looking forward to it but well I can't find it. I might work on some other old drawings. I found a battle with Quetzalcoatl and Thagirion that they are still just in skeleton forms. I need to flesh them out...well not Thag so much, and that should be an excellent pic. Perhaps the best thing for me to do it get a metal filing cabinet and have everything in order by year. I just don't know where I'd have room to put something like that.

I was telling a friend on DA today about Gilligan's Island and I started to watch some clips on youtube. Well I found an interview with Gilligan and found out there were plastic figures. OH NO!! I didn't want to spend any money and I told myself not go look but I did. I looked on Ebay. I found those but then I found even better ones. Three figures were released in 1997 of Gilligan, Skipper and The Professor. I found Skipper at a good price but Gilligan and Professor are being ransomed. I will keep checking for those. You guys know how I love this show. Watching the interviews got me a bit down because everyone except Ginger and Marry Ann have died now. I think I watched that show before any other so to me these characters were more real than real people I have interacted with. And they were good people too, except for Ginger, that didn't do bad things like drugs and cared about their fans. The coolest were Gilligan, Skipper, Professor and Marry Ann as they would still get together to meet fans and they were friends. It's so cool they stayed in character long after the show was no longer being produced. Alan Hale really got into his role as the skipper. And I think his last wish was to be buried at sea. So I hope I get my Skipper figure in soon. Too bad they didn't make everyone at this great quality level. I'd like to have figures of all seven characters.
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13 November 2014 @ 08:55 am
Yesterday was a day off and I got to spend some nice time with Chris. First thing we did was take Bullet to the vet. I realized at that point perhaps it was best to take away one of her toys because all she does is snuggle with it all the time and it might be getting her excited and making eggs. I showed the photos to the vet and she said yes take it away and that I was doing a good job by adding calcium to the water and everything else. She was impressed with Bullet's colors and said she'd never seen a lacewing before. She also asked how Latte was and was glad that she has recovered completely. I was given some dilute antibiotics and told to reduce her photo period. So I must try to remember to turn off the lights around 7. The egg laying stopped at 4 eggs which is normal so that's good. She was due the day before yesterday and didn't make one. Also as soon as I took away that toy she seems all normal tight feathered again and is standing normally. I think she was too in love with that soft toy. Her pesky personality is returning so that's good. I have been very happy with this vet.

Because of that I ordered some more Giant Microbe plushes yesterday. I hope they will ship today. I ordered a petrie dish of E.coli since the vet said that was her fave microbe and I ordered a dish or rods and cones for my optometrist. Yes I need to start thinking about Christmas now. I will probably post my own wish list next week. Oh and I ordered a red blood cell for myself. Wanted to get one more but it was getting to expensive. Next pay check perhaps.
Speaking of things I want. I really want a Dr. Grant hat. I have wanted one well since the movie came out. Funny that several years ago I went to a fair here and got a black leather hat that I thought would be like his, other than black. I liked it but it was always too big for me. It rested on my ears which I hate and also has little leather braids coming out the back that I don't care for. I need to find out what hat size I am. Well I'd also love a custom hat like George's. I just LOVE his hat. It's not a normal cowboy hat (but then George isn't a normal cowboy) but an Australia Western hat. Well I later found out that "Dr. Grant" hat I already have IS basically George's hat. How annoying it's too big for me. I'll have to see if I can cut off those stupid braids too. I have always loved that hat just that it's too big. I found this thread and they mention where to get a Grant hat and how to mold it.
The pics on the manikin are amazing. And further down they even show you how to get Muldoon's hat which I also like as I liked that character. I wish there was a way to fix my George hat so I don't have to search for another one although I wouldn't mind having one custom made just like his. I can get all the views of different angels so the hatter knows just how to make it. In my story Leeanix wanting George's hat is kinda my desire shinning through her.
EDIT: Just did some more research and found out that George's hat could also be called a Gambler's Hat.

I have been thinking about my Christmas card design for this year. Like I was telling Suzi I too am not yet in the Christmas spirit so it's hard to think about that. But if I don't do it now I will be late like usual. I have to start thinking about these things really two months in advance so I'm probably already going to be late with gifts and cards. But I'm thinking of using Cryahgan as he's my ice demon and seems perfect for this season. Wow this year will be my 8th custom card. See the previous ones here

After finishing two big art pieces I'm kind of not in the mood to jump back into art just yet. I have to make new art so perhaps I will draw on paper today. I need to fix some things on the next page of Renegade. I also think I will focus on rendering more videos today and transferring photos off the laptop to my computer. I will be making some photo posts of my trip here eventually.

Oh and great news! I found the first egg yesterday. Hoboken my Black Jersey Giant laid the first egg. First one we've had in months as I think the four old girls are retired now. And she laid it in the box. Typical of a first time it's a mini egg but looks good. Normal brown. I will get a pic of it. None of the other girls are interested yet in the nests so I think they are not ready for that yet. I'm surprised Hoboken is the first as I have always read that's the slowest breed to develop. Well perhaps as far as reaching full size goes but she's laying right on schedule. I wonder who will be next. I can't wait for those olive eggs. That will be from Latte and Hazelnut. I do miss the pretty blue eggs. I will replace those chickens eventually but right now I have too many. I definitely want blue egg layers again and perhaps some more chocolate layers and a few Salmon hens. I love the Salmons. Melon has gotten really friendly when she used to be skittish. She follows me around.

Oh and lastly I got my nepenthes in the mail yesterday. I potted up N. bicalcarata and N. raffelesiana. But it's cold outside so I may have to bring those two in and some of the more sensitive ones.
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11 November 2014 @ 08:48 pm
Things are going very well here. I'm happy with the progress I have made in my art. I have actually finished two things. So here's what I have.

Click for full size.
This is finally finished. The Warehouse fight. This is over two years old. Was not easy to do and not fun. I can see how my line art wasn't as good back then but I do like how I colored this.

And today I finally finished page 4 of Renegade.

Click for full size.
I'm very proud of this. It was a lot of work and a long time coming. I lost a lot of time over the summer when I was in bed hurt. The next page is only two frames so it should be done in good time.

Well I have been doing research on cameras and have decided I want the Canon EOS 60D. I'm trying to find a good used one so I can save. It's been discontinued as the new 70D is out now. That's why I'm hoping I can get a good deal eventually. Well I missed a great deal I'm kicking myself for. One guy on Ebay had one for $600 new in box with two lenses and a few other things. Someone bought it. I doubt I'll ever find one that low again let alone with a lens. But though I have the money I was just hesitant to spend so much. I'm trying to save for my new truck and I'm at a good place and don't want to take a huge chunk out of my savings. I even dreamt about cameras last night. I should not look online and try to ignore this for now as perhaps now is not the time to buy. I do feel bad I missed that deal though. That sucks.

Tomorrow's a day off. I'll be taking Bullet to the vet for a check up.

OH btw, have any of you gotten my post cards yet? I sent them off to actipton80 kabuldur earthmother45 audes_lj crazybirdlady14 suzidragonlady badcowboy glitter_pi...uh I can't remember who else. I think there were three other people. I only know Badcowboy got hers already but no one else has.
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08 November 2014 @ 08:26 am
At last I dreamt about George but it was too short and I wasn't him. I was in a huge mansion or castle with a guy. There was a killer on the loose and we were trying to find him. My partner thought he was still in the place. We walked down a hallway and there was a doorway on the right that led to what was like a small prison. He told me to wait outside and he went in. There was a window with bars and on the ground it looked like someone had left a duster. He moved it aside and there was a metal grating on the floor leading to a basement. But it was locked and the holes were very small. "How could he have escaped? Where did he go?" My partner was saying as he shook the grating trying to find out how to get through it. The camera changed back to my view and from the next door down to this one George calmly stepped out. He was wearing a different coat. This one only went to his knees and was a dark ugly green. He was huge and I was instantly afraid of him. I froze like I usually do when I'm afraid. He noticed right away as he looked at me, but then put his hands up and moved them in a "calm down." motion. I did calm down and kept quiet. He went to the door way, pulled out a hatchet from his coat and tossed it into my partner's back. Instant death. Then he walked out calmly, looked at me and tipped his hat. Then he walked away.

I was taken by him. I did like this dream and even the short moment I experienced fear. First time I have been afraid of him in a dream. But he's always been good to me and I wasn't his target. He seemed glad I stayed quiet and didn't try to stop him.

So yesterday I did lots of art. I finished coloring frame 4 and will start on frame 5 today. I also got pretty far on the Cope and Owen drawing. I can probably finish Owen today and then I can start on Cope. Then I had a fun 3 hour chat in text with glitter_pi in Skype. I sent her tons of music to keep her busy for a long time and we talked about my characters which I always greatly enjoy doing.

Oh speaking of art. Here's a teaser for the next page of Renegade.

Edit: One more thing. I'm seriously considering getting a new camera. I know, WHAT? I'm thinking of retiring my main Canon point and shoot. I love that camera it's great but I got really frustrated on this vacation not being able to get good bird photos. I'm reconsidering my position on a big camera. Originally I did not want it because of my back and how heavy it was and if I can carry around a big camera like I did when I had the film one. But after lugging around a back pack with 4 cameras, batteries and chargers it wasn't bad at all. Also I carry my cameras on my shoulders not my neck. I've always done that even with binoculars because my neck was always sensitive and hurt with weight. So yeah I don't know if I want something like what Chris has or a full DSLR camera. earthmother45 What advice to you have on that? I will also do research on what's out there, prices and models. I know I want another Canon. And it won't be right away either. I'm in the research phase. But perhaps it would be better to have a bigger camera that weighs as much as all the little cameras. Wouldn't that be the same thing with better zoom even maybe for video? I just don't know yet.
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05 November 2014 @ 04:45 pm
Well I haven't done much art lately. I got the background colored on the next frame and made the brick shapes for the building but not much else. When we got home Chris's mom called us worried that a cruise ship on Halloween had almost sunk and she thought it was ours. We had a very rough night Nov 2 but not on Oct 31. So I did some research when I got home on what this was about. I found out it was the Bahamas Celebration that leaves out of Port of Palm Beach. If you guys remember we went on this ship in Feb 2012. This was Chris's first cruise. Click on the tag below for "Cruise" and you'll find my posts with all the old photos. Well what a shame. That bothered me a little because it was a ship I had been on and I kind of get attached to ships. Seems I always leave a piece of myself on all of them. Here's a news article I found.

No one was hurt. It had just left Freeport and was going to Florida when it hit something and the tug boats came out and pushed it back to the Bahamas. Everyone was sent home on a different ship. I remember when we went on this ship I was not happy that there was never a safety meeting. They are supposed to tell you where to go in an emergency and from the videos I've seen people took with their phones the crew knew nothing and it was total chaos. I brought flash lights on our trip in case power went out on the ship. I also had a plan for an emergency but being a professional line RC did give us the mandatory safety meeting and they do things right. I'm also disappointed because I was planning on taking this ship again to Freeport as of all the small cruises that are over night it seemed the best one of all the reviews. That's not saying much of the other ships. I hope they can repair it and they don't go out of business. I'd rather take a ship than fly these days. But I don't know why that stretch of ocean is so rough between Florida and the Bahamas. Going out this time to Nassau was smooth but on the Bahamas Celebration it was a rough ride. It was smooth coming back. It was rough coming back this time. I think the highest winds we had were 56 knots which is 64 mph. That's just under a category 1 hurricane. I do like sailing in Oct because hurricane season is "officially" over. But like one of the guides said on the islands hurricanes are year round. They do what they want. The island was nearly whipped out once in a December hurricane. On St. Maarten we got to see lots of hurricane damage and boats that were still beached after a year. But yeah just kinda hit close to home being a ship I knew and had sailed.

In other news Bullet laid two eggs. She laid her first one the day before yesterday and her second today. She does not have a mate so they are not fertile nor do I wish to breed her just yet. I am worried as one egg was bloody and she looks tired and is always bobbing her tail. I gave her a cuttle bone which she doesn't know she's supposed to eat. But I also put calcium in her water so she is forced to get calcium. I need to get pellets again for her diet. I am a bit worried though I don't want her to be constantly laying eggs so I hope to take her for a vet check up soon.

I suspect that my video of the Celebration will suddenly jump in views after this and I'll probably get comments too. Oh and I went and ordered those two nepenthes. Thought I'd treat myself.

And that's been about it really.
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05 November 2014 @ 08:16 am
I'm so glad we took the day after we returned to just be home and do nothing. I'm exhausted and not feeling so well. Felt like a cold was trying to get me. I've been taking Zaicams and drinking hot tea. I had an ear infection in my right ear that may have been the cause of that. It's starting to get better and hurt less. I've had no energy. I've been editing videos and uploading photos to DA. I have a bunch to upload to for Day 2. I probably won't finish today.

I got an email from one of the plant companies I shop at and they got in two of the rare plants I have been wanting for a long time now. I think I will order them as money's good and they aren't that expensive. Plus they gave me a coupon I will use. They are N. bicalcarata orange and N. raflessiana. I think I actually have some energy to do stuff around the house. I need to do laundry from our trip, clean the patio and get the birds back outside. I remember that vacation we took and I went on the helicopter ride and I got so excited that I needed three days to recover from that. I think this will be the same. I'm always tired and get sleepy around 7. Way too early. I took a survey yesterday about the trip but forgot to mention one very important thing. That I'm displeased that the TV's don't allow you to hook up HDMI to your laptop. Hotels do so why not the ships? That's still my biggest complaint but I had so much to say I forgot.

I am trying to get back into my normal routine. I really want to work on my Renegade comic today. I started to last night so we'll see how this goes. I made this cute drawing while I was on the ship.

Click for full size.
Top left we have Leeanix hugging a Brown Booby. I don't know how she caught it. I was lying in bed on one of my days at sea thinking about all the awesome birds I saw in the Bahamas. I thought I wouldn't see anymore birds let alone a new one for my life list out on the ocean. Suddenly a huge bird flies past my balcony as I'm watching the waves. I jumped out of bed and yelled "WHOA!!" Chris goes, "What was that?" And I'm already flying out the door and yelled "A booby!" I just didn't know what kind yet. Haha. I got this idea as I imagine myself as Leeanix reaching out over the balcony, grabbing one and hugging it.

Next is George talking to Leeanix because she's been running around all over this new area having too much fun.

George: Wait a minute! You're one of them tropical centipedes aren't ya?
Leeanix: I think so. I love all this stuff. But I also like your desert habitat.

I love how calm she is. She knows George won't hurt her and his grumpiness isn't directly towards her. He doesn't understand how she can be so happy but deep down he is glad. He certainly doesn't like tropical stuff but finally came to this conclusion as to why she does. He's a giant desert centipede of course.

I also drew a Bahama Woodstar (hummingbird), a bananaquit and a flying fish. All of which are first time for me seeing them. I saw so many cool birds and other animals on this trip. I think this has been my most amazing trip as far as animal sightings goes. Will be hard to top it. I did not have a ref for the fish so it's crappy. Would have been great had I had a photo.

Lastly George and Leeanix walking on a tropical beach. He's not happy again but he's only there to keep her company and protect her. She knows this and appreciates that he's there though he's all grumpy about it. She puts her cute hand on his arm and she's very happy as they walk. I also wanted to show the size difference between the two. Don't know if I got the scale right. He's 6'9" and she's 5'3".

And I have two videos to share since I am too tired to code a bunch of pics right now. Our rooms at the hotel.

And our airboat ride, the fast parts.

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02 November 2014 @ 06:25 am
It's early in the morning. Getting ready to go home now. Not sad any more. Last night was very rough. High winds and the boat was rocking a lot. Had to be bad to rock a big ship so much. Was a bit scary. Everything was creeking and hangers in the closet were like jingle bells. And I had bad dreams because of it. I dreamt a tiger was after my chickens and I couldn't scream to get the neighbors to help me. I had no voice. Stupid dreams like that. And it's cold in Florida. Nooooooo. I liked the 80 and 90 degree weather in the islands. My minutes are almost up so I think I'll end here.
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01 November 2014 @ 08:11 pm
I decided to buy internet after all on my last day. I couldn’t take not having it and checking what you guys said to me. Well this is our last day. I have mixed feelings about it. I am starting to miss home and my birds. I am thinking about Bullet off and on now. But these vacations are like living a fantasy. I don’t want it to end. I don’t want to go back to “normal”. So though I’m tired and need to go home the end of amazing trips like this are depressing. I think this is one of those times it’s perfectly normal to get down and sad. I felt this way last year and the drive home was sad though beautiful. I love south Florida. I’d love to move to the Okeechobee area. I’d love to even live near Ft. Lauderdale. I like it as a city, more than Miami. Miami is lovely but only to visit. One of those “I wouldn’t want to live there” places. But Ft. Lauderdale is so nice. I don’t want it to end and I’m kind of melancholy about that. I’ll choose that as my mood for this post.

I have felt very well today. I figured today would be a slow relaxing day. Well it started that way. Then I decided I wanted to go rock climbing. And then I had some real coffee and coke at Starbucks. Had to do the Starbucks at sea as I missed it last year. That got rid of the lazy sad feeling I had this morning. That last day blues. Well I was very alive and happy.

I have never done a rock climbing so I asked for the easiest beginner row. I started great and made it half way up the mountain but there was a big gap. I couldn’t figure out what to grab to get around it and then I fell. Darn. I was half way there. My right arm was tired as it was holding all my weight up. I’m so glad I lost weight too as I’m sure that helped. I took a break and then tried it again a few hours later. Didn’t do much better. I think I got two steps ahead and my arm was hurting so I just didn’t have the strength. I’m only disappointed I didn’t try this sooner. I think with rest I could do it again but well that’s it. I’m off the ship tomorrow. Still I did enjoy it and I filmed it with the GoPro so that’s going on youtube when I get home.

BTW, I tried to watch a short one minute video on youtube last night about flying fish. Forget it. Can’t do youtube on a bad connection. Just figured I’d give it a shot. Speaking of GoPros. My GoPro camera has been quite the head turner. Everyone mentions I have a GoPro or asks me questions about it. Pretty cool though I saw lots of other travelers with them too. I guess my home made telescoping pole attracts attention too. And people liked that I had it on the helmet today. I’m also happy how I have impressed people with my knowledge of bird and nature. I’m glad our guide in Nassau liked me and that I was an easy customer. But not just that she said I was a very good birder so that made me happy. I also impressed our guide on the kayak trip. And just other random people in general.

Seas are pretty rough today. It rained also. First time it’s rained while we’ve been sailing. It rained also when we were in port on some islands but not while we were sailing. Short scattered thunderstorms though so nothing major. They pass in 5 minutes. And I saw a bird on the ship today. In the central park area. I need to ID it still from the bad pics I got of it. All are blurry, or have no head or just show his butt. Darn warblers. I hate IDing them. They show you their butts on purpose. And they always hide in thick leaves. Central park is open air but still deep inside the ship so I was surprised to find a warbler again out at sea.

Oh and I got some drawing done yesterday. I drew Leeanix, George and a few birds. They aren’t great drawings but they aren’t meant to be. They are for fun and what inspired me on my trip. I have the bags packed now as much as is possible. Again things like glasses, tooth brushes, sleeping clothes etc. can’t be packed until the next morning anyway so that’s what I mean about mostly packed.

Well I guess that’s it for now. I really don’t want to go home.
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31 October 2014 @ 08:59 pm
Happy Halloween everyone.

Today was Halloween and was all day at sea. I thought it would be slow and we’d mostly stay in our room but it was a blast. I slept very well and slept late. Missed the sunrise because of that. Got up around 6:45. This was the day we both decided to do our own things for a little. I wanted to explore the halls and find Halloween doors so I did that for a few decks. I’ll try to finish the other decks tomorrow but did find some nice decorations. The promenade was all Halloweeny.

The famous car there was all decked out in spider webs and skeleton drivers. I also walked around Central Park and they had this cute giant glass birds. I took pics and videos of.

Then I met Chris back in the room. He felt well enough to go with me to The Shop. Yes that’s the name and I bought postcards and a model of the ship. I wrote up postcards today but could only mail one because they only had one stamp left. ACTipton I mailed yours. Everyone else unfortunately I’ll have to mail them when I get back. So much for exotic stamps. While exploring I found how to get to the Sun Deck which is a look out above the bridge. I’d seen this before on Oasis and here but had never figured out how to get up there until now. What a gem. We LOVED it. Awesome view. Nothing but ocean all around. A Merlin was following the ship and we got pics of him. I was thrilled as he hovered right over me. He was so cute I wanted to grab him, but I always want to grab all cute birds. And we saw more flying fish.

And we watched the sunset from here. You can see the heli pad. We were on that too for the All Access Tour.

After dinner which was yummy we went to watch the Halloween party. We ran into most of the Gilligan’s Island crew.

If you don’t know who these characters are…shame on you. One of the best and most popular/famous TV shows of all time. If you have not watched eps of Gilligan’s Island I recommend you do. It’s one of my all time favorite shows. Left to right is The Skipper, Gilligan, Mary Ann and The Professor. The only others missing are Mr. and Mrs Howel, and Ginger. We met them again at the Halloween party and got pics. I mostly filmed as my camera hated the low lights and there were so many great costumes. I got pics with the Gilligan crew. There was even a cowboy that kinda looked like George but I didn’t get my pic with him.

We had so much fun today. Well sadly this is my last day of internet. I’m not paying for just one more day tomorrow..may-be unless I go nuts. I’m dying to look up stuff on flying fish and a few other things I really want to look up right now. I wish I could watch youtube. But I can’t. So if I don’t post tomorrow that’s why and then we’ll be on our way home. I hope I can get some art done tomorrow. I wanted to play in the casino but I’m having second thoughts about that. When we left the Halloween party we had to walk through it and the fat couple in front of us was slow and I got all stinky and couldn’t stand myself. I’m clean but now I have to take a shower again. Too many showers this week. I thought I was done but nooooo. So I don’t know if the chance of winning is worth the smell aggravation.
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30 October 2014 @ 10:04 pm
Thanks everyone for your comments. I read them all. Sorry I can't reply right now. I'm very tired and just want to copy and paste this post in. Just one thing to comment on. Yes Glitter-pie. I thought of Cypcelurus. I know his name is the genus of flying fish. Wish he had an LJ and was reading this.

Today was incredible. Better than yesterday I think though those rocks were hard to beat. We arrived in St. Maarten and got off and met our guide. Always a bit nervous about a tour not officially through the ship. Biggest fear is not making it back to the ship on time. But we got back with almost two hours to spare so all was good. Right from the start I saw a new birds. Some type of cuckoo but I didn’t know which. My book doesn’t help. I think this is a juvenile but the book doesn’t show juvenile stages. Our guide’s name was “Oscar the friendly grouch.” I liked that because he was nice but very sarcastic about stupid things people do on the island. The island is owned by two countries. One half is Dutch the other half is French. So it was a lot of Dutch praise and French bashing which was very funny. We stopped a few times at some places to watch green iguanas, and there was like a look out tower at another place. Chris photographed a falcon but it was so far I don’t know what kind.

Then we went to Orient Beach. I was worried about this and at first wanted to stay on the bus because it was the nude beach. On the way in though I noticed lots of little birds and a wetland. So instead of going to the beach we walked to this place as he gave us an hour to explore. I had a great time. I saw the Puerto Rican variant of the Bananaquit. They were everywhere and easy to get photos of. I even found two nests and know now they are weavers. They were as common as House Sparrows are back home. I also saw my first Lesser yellow legs, a pair of Black Faced Grassquit and I think that was it for totally new birds in this area. I was very happy. Then we headed off to Maho Beach where the airplanes land.

Oh my gosh, this was just thrilling. I got excited while still on the bus because at last here we were in a place I had seen so much in documentaries and youtube videos. Not I was here for real. We went to the Sunset Bar and saw the surf board with all the arrivals listed on it. Seems only big planes are listed as the little planes appear and are not on the schedule. The big planes were amazing of course but all of it was a thrill to film and watch. I got scared twice. Once when one of the big jets came in for a landing. Well it’s very aw inspiring to have a giant jet flying straight at you. But I held my ground and kept filming. The other time was when a huge Jet Blue jet was taking off. I think this is the notorious pilot on the island that waves at the tourists then purposely turns his jets on full throttle while on the ground still to blast everyone off the fence. And yes lots of morons were hanging on the fence. Chris was standing on the beach but still behind the jet. I freaked out seeing that huge tail looming and I bragged the most valuable stuff we owned and ran off. I felt the pressure change on that engine and OMG I was out of there. I’m glad I brought my ear plugs. Chris lost his sunglasses but found them. I found out later on the bus that a British guy on our tour also lost his glasses but there was a Mexican family and they stole them. One of the guys was wearing them. He didn’t want to say anything because it was a huge family. That pissed me off so bad. I told him I wish he had told me because I spoke Spanish and would have told them to give them back. Grrrr, that really made me mad today that he got robbed right on the beach. Anyway, so since I filmed this giant jet from the sidelines I figured I’d do it again from the other side. The jet that was taking off was smaller and I wasn’t in the path of his engines. But I was closer to the road. Well I was wrong. There was a rock behind me and the wind still made it to the sides though I wasn’t behind the plane. Took me by surprise. You hear me say, “I feel the pressure.” Then I was knocked on my back. I remember thinking while I was falling, “Not again this did not just happen.” As I also remembered when Raptor my chicken hit me in the head and I fell. I also remembered my martial arts training on how to fall. So I loosened up as I knew I couldn’t stop the fall and to go with it. I landed on my back but kept my head up so I didn’t hit my head. I landed on the soft sand and only got a scrape on my left leg from the rock. In fact I didn’t even know I was scraped until about 20 minutes later when it started to sting. What’s funny is that I now realize that when I fall I tend to lie there for several minutes. I just lay on my back thinking, “What just happened?” I’m also not much of a screamer so I went down in silence. Chris was in front of me and had no idea this had happened until a guy ran past him and came over to pick me up. I figured if there was all this hurricane force wind I should stay down but it was finally over. What’s even funnier is my GoPro Camera got blasted back on its pole so it filmed me falling. I may upload that later just for you guys. Ok so stand really far to the sides. I know this now. I’m not a thrill seeker like those morons that purposely stand behind the planes. That’s just dumb. I had not idea the blast would go out so wide. I wasn’t near the runway so I thought I was in a good spot. I guess I’m only mad about my miscalculation.

But I got up and kept filming. From a safer distance still. I’m very happy that today I have had no pain at all. I have totally enjoyed my day on this beautiful island. And when going back to the bus I saw three new birds. A Zenaida dove, a Caribe grackle (could only photograph the female) and…oh wait. I think that’s all. Just two new birds on the way home. There were so many brown boobies today it was great to see adults in their pretty colors with yellow feet. I think I also saw a royal tern. So my list of birds for today was.

Cuckoo of some type (L)
Black Faces Grassquit (L)
Zenaida dove (L)
Rock dove
Caribe Gracke. (L)
Brown Booby
Royal Tern.
Lesser yellow legs (L)

Short but awesome list with so many new “lifers”.

I keep forgetting to mention the ship has a cool channel that tells you where the ship is on the map, the temp, wind speed and what’s really cool is water depth. So far the deepest part we have passed under that I have seen is 17,000+ feet!!! Amazing!!

So two days at sea as we now head home. Tomorrow is Halloween and I’m going to go to the other floors and look for more Halloween doors.
Ok time for photos. Extras this time too.

Here's the Cuckoo. I was in St. Maarten. Can anyone ID this for me? EDIT: ID by glitter_pi. Pearly Eyed Thrasher! Wooo.

Bananaquit. These cute colorful birds were everywhere. Puerto Rican version.

Zenaida Dove. So similar to a Mourning Dove but bigger, stockier, redder, white wing strip and flat tail.

Sunset Bar surf board with all the Arrival times of the planes.

Plane landing at Maho Beach Princess Juliana Airport.

Big JetBlue Jet taking off. I'm not ashamed I ran away. I thought if this was cowardly or smart to do. I think it was smart to run now. Not ashame I ran away.
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29 October 2014 @ 09:17 pm
Hey everyone. I know I keep saying this but today was a great day. I’ll get to my day soon. First I want to reply to comments.

Eric, glad to see you’re still here. Thanks. I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts. It’s been great for birds and other wildlife.

Kabuldur, yes they really do swab the deck. It was very interesting. The bridge was very cool. And the booby was a great surprise.

Tipton, the bridge rocked. I took a bunch of photos. It’s so hard to pick just four pics for my posts. There were all these cool monitors. You’ll get a more detailed photo post when I return and am not limited on time. I think you might like engineering too. I let Chris know you wished him a happy birthday.

AudeS, The all access tour was worth everything we paid for. Not only was it enjoyable but it’s so cool to know we got to see things most people will never seen not even the other passengers. It’s a small fraction of people that take this tour as it’s very expensive and most people also don’t like going into the parts of the ship that are not pretty.
The play was disappointing. The music wasn’t so great either. I didn’t recognize any of the songs but know the phrase “And all that jazz” comes from this play.
I’m spoiled now. I don’t want to travel on a ship again for a long voyage without a balcony. I’ve done the interior rooms where they are basically a box. Never again. Having that ocean view is just incredible.
Yes I loved the laundry room. If I had to work on a cruise ship that’s where I’d like to work. The bottom of the ship, alone, warm and quiet. I don’t have to deal with people other than a few fellow employees, the boss and a bunch of machines. Perfect introvert job.
Wow that was fast. I’m so glad you go it. And just in time. I’m glad you liked the drawing. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever drawn a badger. I’m glad you liked it.

Glitter pie, Yes it was neat to see all the electronics and geeky stuff.
The brown booby was great. It’s like he read my thoughts or something. I was lying in bed just watching the water and he literally made me jump in the air and run outside.
Unfortunately I didn’t see anything new today. As far as birds go.

Ok so today. I keep forgetting a few days ago I saw a flying fish for the first time. It was about the size of a swallow or small tern. I saw a few and thought they were birds diving at a weird angle into the water til I realized they were fish. I told Chris about it but they were gone. Well today he saw some. These were different. They were tiny and green. And waking up this morning was great. As we got closer to St. Thomas many brown boobies were following the ship and chasing the flying fish through the air. Chris thinks he filmed it. There have been so many photos and vids to sort through. I make a folder for each day and empty the memory cards at the end of the day. So arriving at St. Thomas was very cool. This was an island with lots of mountain. There was another ship docked. A Holland America ship. One thing I enjoy about curing is seeing other ships. Not just other cruise ship, I love comparing those, but also cargo ships and oil tankers. Though this year I haven’t seen many of those. And luckily no scary ships like that car carrier we saw that time.

Our tour wasn’t until 1:30 though. So we waited on the ship and I got out camera bag ready. Oh before I go on. I saw I made a really bad funny typo last night. I wrote “Book” instead of “Bird” When I saw that I was laughing for real and realized I wrote what I was thinking about. “Red footed book.” HAHAHAHA!!! Of course spell check doesn’t catch these things. So sorry if there are spelling errors. Laugh at them. I have to type fast. When we finally went there it was so cool that there were iguanas at the port on the rocks. They were just walking around. I need to find out what kind they are. I have no idea. So we got on these buses and went up a mountain to the place to do our snorkel, hike and kayak tour. You guys know I worked out by rowing with my fighting staff daily. Well it didn’t matter it seemed. My arms still got tired and I couldn’t do it long. We both had a hard time. But it was fun. We brought our Gopro cameras and I brought my Fuji all of which are water proof. We kayaked all the way out to Cass Cay then hiked to where they had these aweome volcanic rocks. The water comes in and sprays through them. I think that was my favorite part. The geology of the place was so cool and it was so lovely. Then we went snorkeling. This was not so good for me and the only part I have a complaint about. The mask they gave me was small with a limited field of view. That was bad and it fogged up easily which made it even worse. Second you had to wear a life vest. They seemed paranoid. Yes life vest on a kayak, but not when you’re swimming and WANT to go underwater. I didn’t think anything about it at first but then I realized I couldn’t swim with it. I had like no power and I’m a decent swimmer. I did very well last year at Labadee. But this whole vest thing was slowing me down and I had no power no matter what I did, arms, legs or both. No fins either so I was swimming with just my beach shoes. I think that was hard too. I would have been better with just the mask and snorkel. So from now on I’m going to buy my own personal snorkel set because something always goes wrong renting. Last year the flippers cut into my feet. This time the mask had issues. So I just need my own stuff that’s always right for me.

Then we kayaked back. I’m proud of myself. This was the most strenuous day and I did well. Yes I’m tired, sore and my back hurts but I’ll be ok. Chris had a blast. So he had a very good birthday and the places we went to were very beautiful. Yes it hurts but I’m quite happy that despite having a disability I’m still living life and doing the things I want. I just have to rest and build my energy before I do activities like this. Tomorrow is airplane watching on Maho Beach at St. Maarten. That will be easy and relaxing. Sit on a bus, sit on a beach, sit un a bus again and then go home. I’m on my heating pad right now and will go to bed early tonight. Ok time for photos.

Here is one of the iguanas that was at the port. This is a female and this is the best pic I took all day.

This pontoon plane landed in the cove near the cruise ships. I thought it was a very lovely plane and cool to see it landing.

This is Cas Cay. I was in love with this area. It looks like a mix of desert and tropical. My two favorite habitats in one area. This gave me an idea for George and Leeanix. A short conversation they can have. Some cute character building.

Lastly a photo of a barracuda I saw while snorkeling. I’m so glad I got this pic. I wasn’t afraid at all either. I was more focused on trying to get pics and film it. Just lovely predator.
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28 October 2014 @ 10:46 pm
Today was a pretty good day. Spent all day at sea as we head to St. Thomas. I got up early and walked around the Promenade around 6am. It was great as there was no one around other than the crew swabbing the deck. Literally. We’re on a ship despite being inside and they were cleaning and soaping the floors. So they were swabbing the deck. I took some nice pics and video of that. Nice to see everything without out tons of strangers in the way. Then we got ready for the All Access Tour. That was incredible and the best part of the day. We went to the galleys, “Hwy 95” which is the main road for traffic on the ship for the staff, Engineering, the laundry, the helipad and the bridge. We took it easy. I went off on my own to take pics of other Halloween doors. Sadly there are very few. I’ll get to that in a minute. And then in the evening we went to see the play Chicago. I did not like it. It was not what I had expected. I thought it was a girl that ran a gang in the 30’s. Instead it was about women murderers in prison and in court. I was expecting police chase and gun fights. Not quite. Also what was very disappointing was the lack of things changing on stage as far as background. I know they can move things round because they did on Oasis with Come Fly With Me where they had an airplane on stage. So yeah was disappointed in that.

The All Access Tour was great. It was cool to see them making food in the galley and how hectic it can get with waiters going in and out. Engineering was awesome with all the cool computers they had. The laundry was neat too because it was on deck 0 underwater. I could hear the waves hitting the side. Also the temp down there was the right heat and humidity for me. Most people would probably hate it but I loved it. Oh we went into some giant freezers and refrigerators too and saw where they store the produce and meats. The Helicopter pad had a great view but it was too windy to really enjoy it. And of course the bridge was just so awesome.

I’m still hurting on and off though it seems less. While I was lying in bed resting I was watching the ocean from our balcony. I was thinking about the birding tour and how I enjoyed that and that I probably wasn’t going to see any new birds today. Suddenly something huge flies past the window.
“WHOA!” I yelled.
“What was that?” Chris said as I jumped out of bed and ran to the door.
“A booby!” I yelled all happy.
Turns out it was a juvenile brown booby. Another lifer!! Last year I saw a red footed book while at sea. This time a brown booby. That’s just so awesome. I got great video of him and Chris took pics.

Check out some pics now.

This is how the sunrise started this morning. It looked like a volcano erupting. I have never seen a sunrise like this. I love sunrises at sea.

Here is a photo of the bridge. They have the best view of course and such cool computers and things up there. We got to see things very few people get to see on this behind the scenes tour. This was like being on the bridge of the enterprise.

Juvenile Brow Booby. He was a very good flyer. Too bad I didn’t see other pelagic birds.

So tomorrow we are going on a Snorkel, Kayak and hiking tour. I think I am up to it. I can’t wait to see more birds and wildlife. I’m feeling pretty good right now so I hope no other pains will keep me from doing stuff tomorrow.

Oh more Allure vs. Oasis comparisons. Well I have decided that Oasis is WAY better than Allure in so many ways. Besides being laid out the same and being the same ship over all just things like this one having a Mexican Restaurant and Oasis having the seafood one well I prefer seafood. I’m allergic to corn so that makes 90% of Mexican food bad for me.
Well I went exploring for Halloween doors today. I found only one other person on our deck, deck 6 that had any. I went through 7 and 8 and so far 8 is the winner but not by much. On Oasis all the doors were decked out for Halloween from day one. That’s when I found out you could decorate stuff. Tomorrow I will go through a few more decks. Or actually the next day at sea. But this ship has such an air of stuffiness and boringness to it. Everything seems so froo froo and no one knows how to relax and have fun. Oasis was a fun atmosphere and I’m not the only one that’s noticed. There was a youtube review that covered this. Well time’s ticking I’ll write more on this this later.

Glitter yes agree with everything. I’m glad you like the list I got this time around. The Ani’s were so cute. Big noses. Oh man, yeah Oasis is just better in soooo many ways. I need to find time to draw though.

Thanks Calzephyr. The birding was excellent. You’d have loved it.

Earthmother, thanks. I’m so glad you like my vacation posts. I love sharing my experience with you. I wish you were here so I do my best to explain things this way. Yes lots of new “Lifers” for my list. I was so happy and I had not heard of these birds either. Thank goodness she gave me a check list because I would not have remembered what we saw.

Kabuldur. Yes the best thing so far about the trip.
Yes the sand and the water was awesome at that beach.

Tipton, yes quite the list. I miss real bookstores.

AudeS, yes it’s been great. Well I like Oasis better. It deserves to be the flag ship as it was better. But apart from the few annoying things on Allure it’s still be an awesome vacation so far.
The internet is really stupid and now it’s worse it’s even more expensive than last time. But yeah as always I’m find ways to get around things. I love my Reaper door cover. Looks very metal.
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27 October 2014 @ 09:17 pm
OMG What an incredible day today was!! I woke up at 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Then officially got up at 6 and started to get stuff ready. The ship landed ahead of schedule and we disembarked right at 7:15am. We walked to the pink parliament building and waited by the statue of the Queen. Our guide Carolyn met us there. She was a very nice British lady. She took us to these very cool locations like the beach, a bar, front yards of homes, road sides and even a dentist’s office. Yes unlikely locations you wouldn’t think to find rare birds but as a local she knew all the hotspots and where there were feeders. I’ll list everything I saw and put an L next to all my new life list birds. I can’t believe what all I saw just amazing.

Least Grebe (L)
Tricolored Heron
Green heron
White Cheeked Pintail duck (L)
American Kesterl (Cuban version)
Merlin (L)
Common Gallinule
Ruddy Turnstone
Laughing Gull
Lesser Black Backed Gull (L)
Rock Pigeon
White Crowned Pigeon (L)
Pied Imperial Pigeon (L)
Eurasian Collard Dove
Common Ground Dove
Smooth Billed Ani (L)
Bahama Woodstar (L)
Belted King Fisher
Grey Kingbird
Loggerhead Kingbird (L)
Red Legged Thrush
Grey Catbird
Norther Mockingbird
Bahama Mockingbird (L)
European Starling
Northern Parula
Black Throated Blue Warbler (L)
Yellow Throated Warbler
Prairie Warbler (L)
Palm Warbler
Black and white warbler
Worm Eating Warbler (L)
Oven bird (L)
Bananaquit (L)
Cuban Grassquit (L)
Greater Antillean Bullfinch (L)
House Sparrow

Look how many life listers!! And of these the ones I am most thrilled about are White Crowned Pigeon, Pied Imperial Pigeon (We called it a PIP haha), Smooth billed ani, and a few others I forgot. The PIP was flying so no photo gosh what a lovely huge white pigeon with black primary feathers. It’s an Australian native but since I saw it in the wild it counts so I’ve seen an Australian species for my list. Just so cool. And the White Crowned Pigeon is one that is in Florida but only in south Florida. So I have seen that for years in books but never for real. And the Smooth Billed Ani is the same thing, In my books but a South Florida bird that’s even rare there. So cool to see that. Well I even found a smoothed one in the road so I got a very close look at the details of that bird. I loved going all over the place, running across roads, trying to not get run over. We also went to a cool park. My gosh we took so many pics so it was hard to narrow this down to just four pics out of nearly a 1000 between the two of us and videos. My camera died. I went through two batteries and Chris went through one and a half batteries. We had to get back early because the captain changed the time from 2 to 1:30 to be back on the ship. But it was funny though we arrived early we left late. We left…at 2. HA, that’s the original time so I’m sure he wasn’t happy about that. When we left we noticed we were going extra fast. Gosh I can’t wait to make a proper post when I can upload all my pics and tell this story properly.

Then we at hamburgers at the windjammer. My back was really hurting though. So we took a break in the room for a while. Then that evening we went to the hot tub and that was so nice. Oh we noticed a leak in the port hot tub. We reported it and they’re going to look into it. The hot tub water was raining down on our balcony. Nothing serious, like mild drops but this could cost them a lot as they are losing water. They got worried and sent a repairman to look from our room what we were talking about. We had to leave the hot tub that evening because they roped it off for repairs. I’ve noticed the caulked it instead of doing a real repair and well to really fix it they’d have to put into dry dock to replay the rubber parts that have gone bad which probably means replacing the glass. It’s funny even on vacation Chris still did a leak detection. He can add Cruise Ship to his resume now.

On thing I’m not happy about is the internet. It’s more expensive. It was $35 an hour over the whole week last time on Oasis. Now it’s $15 per hour but you have to use your hour within 24hours. That’s bad and more expensive. But instead of buying an hour daily what we’re doing is we bought it late last night and I made a post. Have noticed used it since and tonight I’m making the post earlier. Tomorrow I’ll buy another $15 and stretch it over two days again. The last day I may not post as I may not renew it. I hate that they changed it but there a lot of stuff I don’t like now and Oasis was a better ship. It’s late as I’m typing this off line so I don’t have time to go into it. So let me post pics. Sorry I did not reply but I did read your comments and will try to get to them next time.

Here’s our ship docked at Nassau Bahamas.

One of the beaches we went to

Smooth billed ani. I LOVED this bird. It’s a member of the cuckoo family.

And our door. Isn’t it cool how we decorated? I LOVE it. Happy Halloween. And we have our little pumpkins in our room too.

Ok I do have time for some replies here actually.

I’m glad you guys liked the fancy cars. They were awesome.
Kabuldur. I had a bit of a hard time but I did feel better after the Jacuzzi. I think it will help.

Glitter that’s great there are lots of book stores still in your area. The internet and Amazon is just killing them. I know I’m part of the problem as I buy books on Amazon as I can find anything for cheaper than stores. An yes so stupid about the 2 inches. HAHA.

Crazybirdlady, I love trucks too. I sooo want a Dodge Ram. I’ve wanted one for years.

I miss my characters though. I haven't had time to really think about them.

Oh and tomorrow is a day at sea as we head to St. Thomas. We will do the behind the scenes tour which will rock and at night we will go to the play Chicago.
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26 October 2014 @ 10:01 pm
Wow what a day. I want to say thanks to all of you that commented. I saw what you said. If I don’t reply to one of you it’s because I wrote this off line and didn’t see any new responses until afterwards when I was uploading this.

Suzi, thanks. Yeah actually it’s been a bit cold in Florida too. Mornings and nights are cold.

Tipton and Glitter-Pie, well there are no Golden Eagles in Florida. I’m think you’re right about juvenile Bald Eagle now.

Earthmother, perhaps the feathers are molting. That forked tail threw me too. I thought it was a kite too but the colors and wing shape are all wrong.

Kabuldur, yeah the people next to us had the door open all the time. They must have gone through an awful time with their room smelling too. I’m so glad they let us change at least and the second room was better.

Today was wonderful. Got up and I had an early shower. Then Chris and I went to have our continental breakfast. You could make your own waffles and they had cereal and juices. We found some millipedes on the walls. So I played with them. We went out to look for more of those Curly Tailed Lizards. Well you know that Ferrari we saw yesterday? Chris noticed a Ferrari and Mazerati dealership right across the street from our hotel. What are the chances of that? I didn’t plan that so that worked out great. We got out cameras and took a bunch of photos and I took some GoPro videos. They had one Lamborghini and some Rolls Royce too.

It was so cool. We love exotic super cars like that. We stayed at the hotel as long as we could. We had great customer service and we asked if we could stay an extra hour without getting charged and they let us. So we checked out at 1. We still had a few hours to kill so we went to a Barnes and Nobel bookstore. I have not been to a real bookstore in forever as all the ones that were in our town went out of business. There is something exciting about going into a big bookstore and seeing what’s new. I found some books I want. One was a parrot training book. There were a few travel books I want too on some of the states I want to visit. And there was a book about the Everglades with lovely photos. The cover had a snail kite. Oh how I wish I had seen a snail kite when I was in Ft. Lauderdale.

We got at the port around 3pm and once on board the ship I could finally relax. I still have to set up my wifi so I hope I can put this up tonight. The lines at the customer service are crazy as it’s the first day of madness and everyone’s freaking out not knowing where stuff is. But supposedly I can set it up from the laptop myself so I will try that.

Here you can see our truck, the silver one in the foreground in the parking lot and our ship in the distance. Allure if the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world. They get “bragging” rights because they are two inches longer than Oasis of the Seas. I suspect the two inches are a stupid antenna. Chris is very happy. We both are. We love having the ocean going by our door. Having a balcony is great. Already we’ve noticed a huge difference between Allure and Oasis. For one the art on Allure sucks compared to the art on Oasis. Remember that hallway to the casino with the awesome petrie dish art? Here’s what’s on Allure.

Metal plates. Sigh. Ok yes they are colorful and arranged like clouds but they look like that ugly metal roofing you get in hardware stores. This artist seems to have just cut metal roof, painted it and glued it on the wall. There’s no talent. I could do that. Can I have a million dollars now and have my art displayed on a ship? The glass petrie dish art was incredible. See my older posts and you’ll agree. Just click on the tag for cruise. And the art in the hallways and stairs, if you can even call it art, is terrible. Mostly photos of ugly people and children. Oasis had landscapes and cool fictional art. How can you compare the cool neon alligators from last year to a painting of….nothing! Yes there is a painting of nothing in one stair well. It’s WHITE. WTF? Are the artists for Allure this inept? Oh and remember the cool bird art in the elevators on Oasis? This one has dresses. Yes boring stupid dresses in the elevators. Birds are better than dresses. Ok so failure as a floating art museum. Still too soon for me to say if I like Oasis or Allure better on everything else.

It’s cold. It’s colder this year than last year. But we got a very nice sunset as we left.

I’m looking forward to the sunrise tomorrow. I’m also looking forward to that one day I get up early to explore the ship so it is virtually empty and quiet. I wanted to do that last year and never did.

Tomorrow is Nassau Bahams. Unfortunately for some reason the Captain changed the schedule. We’re supposed to leave at 2pm (which is already ridiculously early) but now it’s been changed to 1:30. So meeting the lady earlier for the bird tour is a good thing. I think the doors open at 7:15 so I hope there are no delays on that and we will try to go out as early as possible. I hope there is time to do some cool birdwatching.

I’m still hurting. I slept extremely well at the hotel but I just can’t seem to recover. So I hope tomorrow I will be good for a long walk. I want to use the jacuzis too to help relax me.

Ok I think that’s enough for now. We are enjoying ourselves.
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25 October 2014 @ 09:06 pm
I'm in Ft. Lauderdale right now. We've had a great day though I am very tired. I have still been hurting but it's been manageable. We got up before sun rise and fed all the birds. Then we left and started our day at the usual McDonalds for breakfast. Then we set off to Ft. Lauderdale. We drove on US 27 and it was a great drive on country roads. Saw neat buildings and beautiful Florida nature. But one thing was disappointing. Once we got to lake Okeechobee it had a huge hill all around so one if the largest lakes in the US and I didn't even get to see it. I didn't even get to stop so we couldn't look for snail kites. But we went to Everglades Holiday Park and had an awesome time. It was such a lovely day today and though cold in the morning the day was great. The airboat ride was fantastic and I got to finally see and photograph a Purple galinule. That's one of two species I had hoped for on my trip to South Florida. I have some pics to share.

Grrr bit claw. Haha I love their yellow feet. This is such a lovely colored bird with blue, purple and green. Unlike our ugly common gallinule. This one had a juvenile with it that it was feeding.

I need an ID on this bird of prey. I know it's a bad pic.

Approaching downtown Ft. Lauderdale.

This awesome Ferrari was parked near out hotel in the lot next door.

My first time seeing a Northern Curly Tailed Lizard. These were at the hotel. I had no idea what these were and we were so fascinated by them. So different as in central Fl we only have Green Anoles and Cuban Anoles. These are way bigger. I'll try to catch one tomorrow.

We watched some of the ships leave the port from Ft. Lauderdale beach. This one is a cargo ship and it was huge. So cool.

We both took lots more photos but that's all I can do for now. It's so nice to have free wifi but tomorrow we only get half a day of it as we have to check out in the afternoon. Then on the ship my time will be very limited so if I have pics I must pic at most my four best and make them small for fast upload. When I get back I will post everything to deviantart.

Ok so we got to La Quinta Inn. The room was nice except it stunk really bad of smoke. I specifically chose a nonsmoking hotel. We went to eat at Olive Gardens. I'm not a fan and my meal wasn't good but it did the job of feeding me. We went to the beach then came back with supplies. Traffic was bad there but we got to see some ships leaving. I also got to see a cool restaurant. Bubba Gump Shrimp. Named after Forest Gump's company in his movie. We picked up some joint supplement for me at Walgreens. This was a cool old fashioned Walgreens that had the liquor section as a separate room. I haven't seen one like that since the 80s so very cool.

But when we came home we couldn't take the smell anymore. I started to feel bad so the front desk was helpful and let us change rooms. Now we're in a better room with fresh air. Some jerks broke the rules. Our neighbor had the door open so I think they were smoking in that room too as it also smelled and they were trying to air it out. Much better only thing is the TV doesn't work with our computer. But I can live with that as clean air is more important. We'll just watch stuff on the laptop directly. Ok that's it for now. Awesome day. Tomorrow we go to the ship.
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24 October 2014 @ 07:58 pm
Well I am almost finished. I just have to pack the last of the electronics and cameras and everything else is pretty ready. I've been working all day. Unfortuantely I'm in pain. My back and my fibro are acting up. The worst is the stabbing pain in my shoulder and side again. It's like that shoulder/neck injury has relapsed. I don't know why. I could have been done by now if it weren't for that. Mike came over and I showed him how to do everything. It will be so much easier on him now with fewer birds. I got his email on his phone this time so hopefully if I have to write him from the ship he'll actually reply this time. If not Alex is the middle man like he has been every time. I also warned Mike about all the old birds and to not get upset if any die it's not his fault. I've been expecting this for a while now and it might happen when we are gone. Even some old chickens.

I will have internet and I will be posting everyday so please comment. I won't be able to reply to you directly but I will reply the following day in the post. Tomorrow I can stay on longer and make real replies as it's free wifi at the hotel. But on the ship it is not free. It's fairly expensive. I'm going to buy one hour of time and try to not go over it. I also made a file on flickr to quickly dump small photos on so I can show you guys what I have been doing. I know when I get back I'll have at least 1,000 photos.

So tomorrow we're going to the Everglades for the airboat ride. I'm hoping too that I'll get to see Lake Okeechobee. I have always wanted to go there and google maps routes us through US 27 which should take us through the southern part of the lake. I hope I get to see it. Perhaps I'll see my snail kite there. The goal for birds in south Florida is to see a snail kite and a purple gallinule. And to get decent pics of them too.

All the birds are now inside the house so Mike can get to them easily. I'm so tired and stressed from all the work and planning. I don't remember if I had back pains last year before I left. If I did I must not have led on because I didn't see anything about it. Reading about last year's cruise it's neat how I was so into playing GTA V as George. Not into any new games but it's been fun replaying Fallout NV. If I were playing a game I'd love to take my Xbox but then I found out you can't hook up a hdmi on their TV's. That's stupid. Solution: Bring your own small TV. So we'll have to watch our DVD's on the laptop again. I wonder if there's a way to hack the TV's. What's wrong with us bringing our own DVD's to watch or even our own game systems? I heard they used to let you.

Check out all the budgie food I ordered. Mike shouldn't run out while we are gone. I need to leave instructions for him on the walls. I'm so excited. Well I better go. I need to make my good bye post on DA and then get back to work.
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