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26 November 2015 @ 07:39 am
No need to reply to this. It's just a log for myself of comments I have gotten on DA or other places that I really enjoyed but can't save directly as they are not on my own art. For fear of them getting deleted by the owners I am keeping my own record of these positive events the way I keep records of negative ones.

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24 November 2015 @ 10:09 am
New art to share.

I LOVE how this turned out. I like it so much I made it my new icon on DA. So my tribute to Victorius. Here's the album cover I reffed.

The cover of chapter 1 of my comic. Page 8 starts chapter 2. I need to think of a cover for it. The name of chapter 2 is Nightmare. I'm open to ideas.

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I hurt my back the other day. I've been in bed the last two days. Today it's less painful but I still need to take it easy. The colder nights might have something to do with it.

I watched two new horror movies the other day. Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2. The first one wasn't good. The second one was way better but not the best horror out there. The only reason I liked them was for the bad guy. He looks so much like George. He dresses like him and he's a demon. So yeah I had to check this out. His design is lovely. But he's different from George in that he has wings. Which I really like too.
14 November 2015 @ 05:01 pm
I didn't do anything special for Friday the 13th but it was a good one. I watched a 3 part documentary called Ocean Giants and really enjoyed it. It was about Whales and Dolphins. I was so excited about the Fear drawing I finished it. Check this out.

I'm thrilled with this. It's beautiful. Did use a different line coloring and shading technique so it looks different than my usual style. Love it on the wings but not on Fear. So happy Fear flying over a desert. I named it Flying High on the Black Wings of Death. Inspired by the song by Running Wild. I wrote a short story for this on DA. But basically he found a victim that was both an ornithophobe and an acrophobe and he got these powers out of it.

And I have page 7 finally done. If you need a recap here's the post with page 6.


Ok this time you DO need me to translate the text.

Frame 1: Disgust: How are you doing that?
Joy: What are you doing?
Sadness: WAAAAHHH!!!
Frame 4:Joy: Is he dead?
Fear: No. I wouldn't do that. Charlie needs him.
Joy: You've changed.
Frame 5: Yes I have. I finally stood up for myself. A change for the better.

The last four frames are "read" top to bottom. So Anger slowly wakes up and she sees Fear glaring at him. He gets scared after what happened. But Fear doesn't do anything to him. He just turns and walks away. I love how Fear looks in frame 5. No more stupid scared look. He looks very clam now with his new powers. He still hasn't discovered them all yet. And I'm very happy with Joy in frame 4. I draw Joy prettier than she really is. I actually think she's ugly so I guess I'm making her prettier without thinking about it much.

And I think this is the end of chapter 1. I was talking with AudeS on DA and told him I don't usually put my comics into chapters. But I might for this one. It's an excuse to draw more covers and come up with titles. So pages 1-7. What do you guys think I should call it? And what should I draw as the cover art? Fear all curled up and scared? I really don't know. I need to think about this.
12 November 2015 @ 07:49 am
The last two days were great. Chris took two days off so he could play Fallout 4. We went to the midnight release and got it but were too sleepy to play when we got home. The next day went out to breakfast and had a nice time there. I was working on my first clay sculpture. I made a very nice figure of Scary Fear I'm quite proud of. I know he has a lot of flaws still but I think I did great for my first time.

I used a type of clay of clay that glows in the dark for his eyes and teeth. So I was very thrilled about that.

I helped Chris make his characters. I made him and me as Leeanix and he's playing as Leeanix. I also made characters for my game. I made Cope and Caroline. I haven't played much though. The two days off were for him and I most worked on sketches while he gamed. Then we went out to Red Lobster and split the Ultimate Feast. Oh gosh that thing is to die for. It's a small lobster tail, shrimp scampy, battered shrimp and half an Alaskan crab. The crab is my fave. Also I was in a mood for some good lobster because after having gone to Charlie's steakhouse and it being so expensive it was also a huge disappointment. I got this big lobster and it tasted terrible. The butter was bland and I don't know it was gross. I've never had bad lobster. I just said on the spot that the Red Lobster's butter and lobster is better. I'm a cheap date I guess and that's good. I think the lobster at charlie's was $60!!! I could have bought another Fallout game for that. I don't think it's worth it to pay that much for food. Luckily we didn't pay for it though. While the meal at Red Lobster was $30, you get more stuff, you get better quality and that's all you pay for two people (not one)because we split it and we're both always full after that. Way more value for the buck. So that was a very nice dinner date.

Then yesterday we mostly stayed home and gamed. Well I watched him game a little. I actually don't know too much because I'm not paying attention as I want the story to be all new for me.

I drew a lovely pic of Fear though I'm looking forward to coloring.

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09 November 2015 @ 08:07 am
Here are the next two pages.

Panel 1: I have NOT scared Charlie unless he wanted it. I only scare you guys and other inhabitants of the brain. And things have been better since I left.
Panel 2: Charlie got that dog walking job. He stood up to this bullies. And dreams have been the best they've been in years. All thanks to me!
Panel 3: If anything, things were worse when you were in charge. You're a lousy leader.
Panel 4: Get out of my city, and leave me alone!

And Anger loses it again at that point. The next few pages will be all action like this and I love drawing wordless comics actually. The last frame needs some help on perspective so I may work some of that out and fix it when I put it photoshop. But nothing like using your enemy's momentum against them in a fight. This fight is a bit weird and I had a hard time choreographing it as both were wounded badly from the start.
07 November 2015 @ 12:04 pm
I'm still here. Just so much has been going on. I finished that commission finally. I'm so happy to be free and now to be able to go back to my own art. Chris and I finally went to Sea World and I'm soooooo tried still. I'm recovering from too much excitement. You can read about it here.

I'm almost as exhausted as that time I rode the helicopter. I think I needed 3 days of rest. This time seems like only 2. But yes though I had fun this is why I don't like strong emotions. Even extreme happiness can drain me for days and I don't like paying for it afterwards. Wish I could just keep going.

Anyway got another page colored. I didn't like this page when it was in pencils but now I'm surprised how nice it turned out.

I'm happy with the colors. That last panel took forever but it's the best. And I'm happy with the new lightning background.

Well I have skipped far ahead in the story. About 3/4 ahead and am drawing the big battle and rematch with Anger. I have 3.5 pages done so far and Hope to draw more soon. I'm hoping to finish out this scene.

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31 October 2015 @ 09:22 pm
Happy Halloween everyone. I had a very nice one today. I figured my icon of Scary Fear was appropriate. I have some art to share too. I worked on art all day. Then Chris came home and took me out. I dressed up as Dr. Grant and we wen to IHOP since we know the staff there and know they'd dress up to. It was so much fun. The busboy was this giant grim reaper on stilts. Here is this year's Halloween pic.

Fear gives Jangles the clown a jack o lantern gift. He's the on in control of Jangles so though he's a giant he is friends with Fear.

And Scary Fear's character sheet. I'm quite proud of this. I'm half way done coloring the comic. I did the hardest frames first.

I have a commission too I hope to finish soon. Will lay out the flat colors for that tomorrow. And once that's done I might have another. It's good to be making money.

25 October 2015 @ 08:26 am
I have to write down this dream before I forget. But a little back story first. I watched a documentary about the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future. It came out on Netflix on the 21st. It was ok. Moved a bit slow so I don't recommend it but I did learn some things I didn't know. It was great to see all the actors talking about it and meeting fans. But then I realized something. Where was the actor for Biff? I wondered if he was the "Ginger" of the show. I say that because I also LOVE Gilligan's Island and all the actors were so cool and would take interviews, meet fans and have reunions except Ginger (Tina Louis). She hated being associated with the show wouldn't do reunions didn't do the movie Return to Gilligan's Island and was a jerk to the fans. She claimed it ruined her career because that's all she was associated with. I hate that because it's a huge beloved franchise. She's an idiot and I don't like her. So I wondered if this was the case with Biff. Maybe he didn't like being a bad guy.

Well I found out what happened and it was really dumb actually. The documentary puts the names up so darn fast you can't read anything. I'm a slow reader as it is and have a difficult time. But even someone that reads fast would not be able to read how the titles flashed during the interviews so I gave up trying to read and just watched. He was on there. I just didn't recognize him. I assumed he was a cameraman or something. Also he's gotten fat and doesn't look anything like he did so I didn't recognize him. I only found out when I looked up info on him online yesterday and I remembered he was nice and enjoyed talking to everyone also. THAT'S GREAT. How rare to find a cast that's 100% cool like that and doesn't get sick of what made them famous. So looked up what else he's done. Didn't recognize much that I'd care about except one thing. He did voices for SpongeBob. He was Flats the Flounder and the Stranglers. Great eps. Both bullies and bad guys. I had no idea that was him. Flats and Strangler are Biff. HAHAHA. I also looked up info on the new game and everyone returned to do the voices. I love it when celebrities are cool like that. So yes I want that game now too. It's so cartoony hehe.

Well because of all this research I had a dream last night. I dreamt I was walking around this mall that was like a maze. Some budgies had escaped and I was trying to catch them and was selling them to the pet store there. I had to be careful because I almost sold my faves and I needed to keep those for breeding. So I took out the one I liked and went out into the halls to get an uglier budgie to sell. And then I ran into Biff. I was so happy. I know that sounds so wrong and the first thing I thought of was, "How stupid of me to go ANYWHERE without my camera!!" I was mad at myself. But I sort of knew it was a dream. I wanted my lovely video camera but only my crappy point and shoot appeared in my hand. Crappy camera's better than no camera. So I asked if I could film him for my youtube channel. I wonder if that part was inspired by Gamma's art haha. And I knew he knew I was using him to ride off his fame but he didn't care and said yes. My first question was, "So you were Flats the Flounder?" OK I could have picked better questions. I guess I was to excited. I was hoping to get to the point where he'd introduce me to the rest of the cast. But we went outside and it was nice and sunny and he showed me his black car. Which I always liked btw. I like those classic 50s cars.

Then that was it for that part. The dream changed back to birds and I was working with a golden eagle. I was supposed to observe some rare behavior and she was sitting on a pole in a lab. But the weird thing was I was given a pen like a marker with a flat sponge tip. There was a blue plastic edge that went around the room that used to have a thin silver part in the middle that had faded. I was supposed to paint it. When I started to paint it it was dark red and I realized it was a blood pen. Why would they want me to paint the edging with blood? Oh well. So I started painting and half way through the pen starts running out and I'm getting frustrated because there wasn't enough blood. And the eagle is watching me the whole time. The "paint" would get thinner and thinner and I had to apply more coats to the same spot. They never gave me a refill. And that's what I dream about last night. That very last part is what's normal and not at all disturbing for me while I'm sure normal people would consider that a nightmare. I was more upset that the pen didn't work and I couldn't finish the job which is funny now that I'm awake.
23 October 2015 @ 10:23 am
Oh gosh looking at my little calendar in my sidebar I have been terrible this month about posting. Well I had a blast on Wed the 21st. It was Back to the Future Day. For those that don't know that's the date that Doc and Marty arrived in the future of the second movie. Oct 21, 2015. Disappointing flying cars have not been invented for the mass market yet. Chris and I watched the movie to celebrate and just had a very nice day off anyway. We caught the cat but didn't let it go far away enough and it came back. Now it will be very hard to catch it again. I may try different bait and put the trap in the different location. If I can catch it again we're taking it across the bay. It won't come back. I don't understand why it likes my yard to much it has to live here. We also went to the Toyota dealership to have his first oil change. It was complimentary. And I had fun looking at all the new cars. So very cool. We also watched Jurassic World as we got it on Bluray and DVD now.

Been very busy with art. I'm working on a character sheet for Fear. I drew 10 turn poses of him. Five for his normal form and five for his scary form. I'm still inking those. Might finish that today. I'm looking forward to coloring them since they will just be flat colors. Though it's 10 drawings this might be the easiest character sheet I've ever made. I'm also working on a commission for some one. Some Skyrim vampire art. Money's money. It's going well so far and I should finish the sketch phase today.

Because we had so many chores on Wed we didn't go kayaking. I can't wait til we can. Sun we probably won't as it's a half day. Next Wed we're going to Sea World to celebrate Chris's birthday early. That's my gift to him. I bought him tickets to the park. And then on his birthday the 29 we're going to his parents to Charlie's Steak House. A very fancy steak restaurant in Tampa. I'm a bit nervous. I don't like fancy places but it's not about me. It's his birthday. Though I know we both prefer casual I think this was his parents' idea. I don't even have fancy clothes so I'll probably wear my kayaking shirt as I think it looks nice on me.

This month has been great. So many interesting dates. Well that's about it for now. Got to get back to work.
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17 October 2015 @ 08:42 pm
Well I spent nearly all day working on art. But I didn't finish any of the pages like I thought. I drew up this year's Halloween drawing and finished it tonight. I'm thrilled how I did the pencil art, inking and coloring all in one day. But not please I didn't touch anything else. And I can't upload it just yet. I'd love to share it right now but I'm going to wait until the 30th. Don't know if I can work on it tomorrow. It's a half day and I want to go with Chris if he gets one job in the morning. Plus we're going for an oil change so it will be neat to go to the Toyota dealership and see all the Toyotas.

So we're both anxiously awaiting Nov for different reasons. Well I can't wait for the 28th so we can go to Sea World and celebrate Chris's birthday. Then there's Halloween on the 31st. I can't wait to dress up for that. Nov 3 is Inside Out. I'm more excited about these things than I am Jurassic World which comes out Tuesday. And Chris is dying for Fallout. OH actually the 21st is Back to the Future day. I'm kind of excited about that too. Maybe I should do some fan art. Bosh I hate drawing cars though. Vehicles are hard.
16 October 2015 @ 07:04 pm
Things are going well. There was a lot of stupidity on DA recently but it has been dealt with. I knocked a lot of heads and now I feel we are coming into a time of peace again. I'm glad of that. Flamewars come and go in sine waves. I think we're approaching a low now.

I want to talk about my character Scary Fear. I love him. I'm very proud of what I have created and what he is based on the science that I know. Yet another extension of myself so he's rather special to me. I'm so glad I decided to not use Riley as the host and in the comic he resides in the brain of a young INTJ boy named Charlie. Of course he's also my lead emotion. Remember in my theory he's not just fear but also logic and intuition. Because of this I am not at all tied to the laws of the fandom and I love having this kind of freedom. Basically why I'm mostly an OC writer. Also I have never had a character before with electric powers that I have loved so much. I have had them but they weren't that interesting to me either the character wasn't developed or I just didn't see what was so fun about electrical powers. But being a neuron has really made things so interesting for me. I loved studying them in physiology in college, although I didn't totally grasp the concept. I got it in general. But even then it fascinated me. I've always wondered if you could consciously control your nerves and get them to fire an action potential in one location you could shock someone. I later discovered this is what electric eels do. But to do it in water is easier. Through air it's not possible as your target would have to be positively charged to attract your negative energy. That means to shock someone you'd have to grab them and make physical contact. That's not so cool for art, and stories though. It just looks neat to shoot lightning from your hands. But yeah Fear can do this. Also living in the brain I suspect they are all surrounded by a fluid medium too.

AND based on how an action potential works I actually like that Fear has a limit to his powers. I have not figured out just what that limit is yet but he can run out of charge then have to repolarize. I just need to figure out what his limit is. Perhaps 5 of his most powerful bolts. And then what? How long before he can get it back? He would be vulnerable while repolarizing. But of course his electricity isn't his main power. He'd probably use it only if his fear powers weren't working for some reason. Well not ONLY but he doesn't use it as often as he does his mind games and scaring his victims. Another thing that is neat is he doesn't have to be in scary mode to use his electricity. He can zap people while he's got his normal eyes because that power is always there within him.

I have this idea. I don't think I'll ever have time to draw it but would be great for a one page comic. Fear is in the main HQ and has just discovered his electricity. He knows it's dangerous so he's being careful making tiny bolts between his fingers as he tries to master control of it. He's concentrating so hard he's not aware of what's going on around him. Joy comes up to him from behind, "HEY FEAR!" He screams startled and loses control of his powers. A huge bolt shoots out and takes out an entire wall. HQ is now open to the air. Joy is horrified into silence as is everyone else. Fear turns on her angrily. "I told you not to sneak up on me." He says.
"I'm sorry. I thought you weren't afraid of anything anymore. I just had a question."
"I'm not." Fear says annoyed. "But no one is immune to jump scares. It's a reflex reaction. It's not true fear. And believe me I know about reflexes."
"How, how did you do that?" Joy asks looking at the huge hole.
"I don't know. I was trying to learn how to control it when you scared me."

That's all I've got. I just think the exploding wall would be so funny as it's so violent and everyone's scared reactions would be great. Too bad this can't happen in the main comic though because Fear leaves HQ before he finds all his powers.

So yes I love this character. I actually want to make a drawing of him using his electricity but I can't think of how. I'm not seeing a pose or what he'd be doing. I do have a cool idea for him in a Halloween drawing. I need to start on that soon. I finished inking Renegade page 6 today. That's a huge progress. I should finish inking page 3 of Fear Before the Fall tomorrow.

I really love the color of the neighbor's house. It's got white too. I want to paint mine too now. Multicolor would be great with blue in the back wall since I spend most time there.

Back to Fear. I don't know if I have mentioned it here but the reason I have named him Scary Fear and not Evil Fear is because he's not really evil. He has his moments and he does enjoy killing other brain inhabitants once in a while. Non crucial ones of course. But just based on his looks everyone assumes he's evil. And that's part of what this comic is about. He's not evil he's just cold logic as well. So even the other emotions will think he's become evil when in fact he's working to make things better. I'm enjoying that I've purposely created him to be a very misunderstood character. But those that are smart should question why he's not named Evil Fear. He's so much happier with what he has become but there is one side effect to his powers that he does not like. Sometimes he scares others without even trying. A simple "Hello." could scare someone even when he's got his normal face. It might be amusing at first but it quickly becomes annoying when he's out in the town trying to do normal things. He then gets angry and might react with, "I'll give you something to really be scared about!" He left HQ because the others were needlessly afraid of him.

So that's what's been on my mind a lot. I love this kind of speculation and world building.

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13 October 2015 @ 06:52 pm
I was totally not in the mood to do much with the computer or games today. I did some yard work and pulled half the weeds from the gourd arbor area. I want my chickens to have a place to forage. So not bad for the limited amount of work I can do. I changed the indoor bird papers so that can all go out with the garbage tomorrow. I cleaned the kitchen floor. Uploaded a bunch of chicken pics. Will share those soon. So I had a nice time sitting out with the chicks. And I washed the kayaks. And as some of you know I hurt my arm and chest muscles doing that. Now it's hard to breath and it hurts.

I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be ok and we can go kayaking. I really want to go to Weeki Wachi again. I still want to see a manatee up close. Oh I also emailed my travel agent about changing rooms on the Allure of the Seas. We had a room to far to the back. I'd rather be up front because even though it's non smoking people still smoke on the balconies against the rules. I'd rather be as far upwind as possible. I also like being close to the elevators. So I gave her a big list of other room I'd be satisfied with. One HAS to be available. It's just under a year so they can't all be booked right? She wrote me back and is looking into it. I'm so excited about this trip. Been paying it off. The way things are going I may not do any shore excursions through the company this time. Last time we saved so much and we actually got money back because of it. They don't tell you that's what it was but because I didn't book two I found out that you get a tax credit you can spend while on the ship. I don't remember what our complimentary credit is. Well I want to book an independent bird watching on St. Maarten this time. Saw the planes last year. That was amazing. Wouldn't mind doing that again but I'd like to see more of the island too. Something different though it's tempting to do the same thing again. I'd love to go to the fort too but there's no time. My biggest complaint about these cruises.

In San Juan I want to go to the fort/castle there. Castillo San Felipe del Morro. The one with the famous hanging towers. Was going to book that with the company but from what I hear the castle is walking distance from the port. And instead of $60 or more through the ship it's only $5 entrance fee and you can go to two castles. Uh yeah so for some walking it's not even a choice here. But I need to look into exactly where everything is. Besides I hate guided tours. I always want to break away and look at everything at my own pace in silence. I take photos of the plaques then read them when I get home at my leisure so I have more time to look at stuff.

As for Labadee Haiti. I don't know how that will work out yet. I'd like to book snorkeling as early as possible then have the rest of the time to explore the island on our own. I don't know if you have to pay for the rollercoaster and zip line or if you just go there. Not right to pay for everything I don't think when it's owned by Royal Caribbean anyway and should be included. But last time I had so much fun exploring on my own and seeing those caterpillars an palmchats. I had no idea that was an endemic bird soooo want to see lots of new birds.

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13 October 2015 @ 08:35 am
So I've still mostly been working on art. I've started to sketch the next page of FBTF. I'm a bit stuck on what to draw for the last three frames. Keeping the action flowing nicely without too many unnecessary scenes or too many confusing gaps is hard. I don't know how people lay out comics. I really don't. I get that question a lot about how I make my frames. Each page I start I have no idea what the page will look like. I tend to have huge scenes in mind but once I start with the specifics it takes a lot of thought and replaying the movie in my mind over and over. I'm also stuck on Renegade for the same reason on the next chorus. At most I know what three frames will look like then try to get to a decent stopping point at the end of the page. But it doesn't always work.

I've started the game Sleeping Dogs on PS4. I like it so far but don't know it enough to make a review yet. So far my biggest complaint is the camera. It's so stiff. I feel I'm always fighting the camera. I like to swing it around and look at everything. Look at details on walls and objects. Can't do that much here. It turns slow and you can't look straight up or down at times or directly behind you. Once you let go it turns back forward slowly. I hate that. I want to be in complete control of the camera and it should have a full range of motion and be smooth. But if that's my only complaint so far that's good. I am enjoying everything else. I'm sure I'll find other flaws as I go though.

I've been opening the patio door and the chickens have started to free range though they don't leave the paved area of the backyard yet. I haven't taught them to sleep in the coop at night and I'm a bit hesitant. I don't want to let them go that way yet. I like them sleeping in the cage on the patio. Bad thing about that is I need to put shavings out and the patio is a mess with chickens coming and going. I guess I'm like a parent that doesn't want the kids moving out all the way. They're so pretty. They're the pretties chickens I have ever had. Leafie was all white and now she's so dirty. I don't want my new chicks getting dirty or hurt. Sigh.

Things are starting to cool off. Nights have been in the lower 60s which is too cold really. Soon I'll have to start bringing in the more delicate hoyas. Not looking forward to that.

Also I have been on the diet for almost two weeks now and I am doing excellent. I'm almost at my ideal weight. Got too high a moment there and had to get strict with myself. Same with Chris. We have been on this and we are both doing great. We hope to look good for his birthday and Halloween. I have been eating two eggs from my chickens for breakfast for about a week now and that's been helping too. I have discovered I no longer like scrambled. My new fave is over medium.

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07 October 2015 @ 07:30 pm
Sorry to have vanished again. I'm so glad it's October. I consider this whole month to be Halloween so yay! I haven't been posting because I've mostly been drawing. There hasn't been much to say as I've been spending hours on the computer coloring or inking. I've mostly been on DA. I have pretty much decorate the house inside. The front garden is too weedy to put pumpkins and gravestones out yet. It might not get decorate this year. Gosh it's weird not going on vacation this Halloween. I miss that actually. But I loved my summer vacation and want to go back to Georgia so bad. But next year might be a big year for me traveling.

Well I do have lots of art to share.

Finally colored that scene of Leeanix seeing George's true form for the first time as Gallemotch. A scene from chapter 5 of No Longer One.

I made this awesome animation of Fear's transformation.

More fan art and photosCollapse )

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26 September 2015 @ 09:04 am
So I have been very busy making art. I should probably start to ink Page 3 of Fear Before the Fall as I don't think I'll have help this time and will be working all on my own. Gosh I got spoiled on the first two pages. So here are my emotions colored.

I'm rather pleased with how these turned out. Yes I know Disgust looks like Owen. I don't know why he turned out that way. This design is like the 4th attempt and I decided to just go with it and let him create himself. Owen is a part of me so I allowed this to happen. Joy loves budgies and all the nerdy stuff I'm into. Sadness well not much use for her so she's in the circle of Sadness.

Ok next two pics behind the cut because if cartoon blood upsets you then you don't want to click this.

Blood Test. Neural ShockCollapse )

I've gotten a lot of Halloween decorations up. I hope to get more up today. My energy level has been a bit better but I still am a bit weak in the afternoons. I have finished watching all of Puffin Rock and am doing my second watching of Season 1. I hear Season 2 is in the works. The chicks are almost ready for free ranging. We just need to fix one fence panel they might be able to escape through. They're still small compared to the adults.

I think my car is working. I don't trust it. They never fixed the starter issue. I took Chris for a drive the other day. But when I got it in the drive way and started it it stalled once. But then it was ok and I was able to park it in the garage. That's scary. I don't want to get stranded somewhere and I've used AAA way too much this year.

I need to renew my website before Oct. I hate doing that. Perhaps I will call today.
Oh I also bought some cool black and green seat covers for Chris's truck. An early birthday gift.
22 September 2015 @ 08:42 am
I lost my internet for a few days. My router just went out for no reason. Called Verizon and they ordered me a new one. Had no problems setting it up so all our devices are working again. The worst part was not being able to use netflix to watch Puffin Rock. I have now seen all the eps and really enjoyed the show. I hear they are working on season 2 and hope that these will soon be released to DVD. During all of this I had time to work on a lot of art and thanks to Shadowdagger helping me again I finished the second colored page of my comic. Gosh I wish I had him as my full time inker. Everything would be going so much faster. He follows directions so well unlike the last idiot I had here and he does what she could not. He takes the initiative and does things without me asking. Like each character was its own layer. That was a nice surprise. I didn't tell him to do that and was expecting to separate them all myself. He also fixes mistakes in the pencil lines as is the job of the inker. So I'm quite impressed. Here's the page.

I love that first frame. I found it funny how many people freaked out about the reaper in the last panel thinking he's actually in the room. You guys know in the next page it will be revealed that Fear can see the fears of others. And Joy was afraid he had died. She down played it to saying she was just "really worried". Also the reaper is actually a reference to the band Helloween. He's on the cover of Keeper of the Seven Keys and Time of the Oath. So in my layers I named him Keeper.

And here's my first Puffin Rock drawing.

Oona finds a glow worm on her way to the sea at night. The characters are easy to draw. The backgrounds are hard because of the textures, lineless art and making digital look like traditional. But I'm quite happy with this and hope to try other backgrounds and characters. I really want to draw Baba next.

We saved up some money so Sunday we called to take the car into Tire Kingdom to get an estimate on everything. Wouldn't start like before. Had it towed there. Well after pushing it into their garage now he starts up no probs so they can't find what's wrong. That's annoying and worrisome because it's not reliable. The AC is expensive to fix. They want to add a new compressor just over a thousand bucks. I'll hold off on that and try to get another estimate somewhere else. So the only things left was I asked them to do the driver window and there was a leaky line. Finally go to pick the car up yesterday and the window still doesn't work right. So I got pretty mad about that because I paid nearly $300 for that and it's not working. So I made them do it again and left the car there yet another night. This is very frustrating and I just want a working car. I know my car's issues are minor and it could run great but it's been so annoying getting it to normal working conditions. I hope I can take it home today. With the windows working it won't be so bad to not have AC especially since things are now cooler.

Oh and the last thing was they couldn't change the shifter because they need the parts for the inside. So I already ordered those but they haven't shipped yet. I realize I may need the wires too. Might have to make a trip to the junk yard for that and hope I can find some. I've been very stressed over this.

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15 September 2015 @ 11:04 am
I'm so glad that cooler weather has finally arrived. Yesterday was the first day I noticed that when I went out to feed the birds it wasn't oppressive. It gave me that Fall feeling and has me thinking about pumpkins and Halloween. Or as I like to call it "That pumpkin feeling." The forecast says highs in the mid 80s. That's great. I haven't had to run the AC as much yesterday which is great. Lower 80s would be ideal for me and then no lower than 70 at night would be great.

My plants are doing wonderful. I have several strange succulents in bloom right now. I can't wait for my starfish flower to open. It's been a bud for days now and keeps inflating.

I'm working on some penguin fan art today. Should finish the ink and we'll see if I can finish the colors. I'm inking the next page of Fear Before the Fall. Almost done with that too Half way there. And a bunch of my own personal projects I need to get a move on already.

Found out that Puffin Rock has only been around since May so it is a very new cartoon. There's only one fan art on DA so for once this may be something I get into from the start instead of coming in so late. I'm looking forward to watching more eps today.

I still don't have any energy but I need to find some strength to do some chores today. Stuff's been neglected too long.

So that's all for now. I should probably get to all that.

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14 September 2015 @ 03:45 pm
Yesterday was a nice relaxing day off with Chris. We mostly stayed home. The only time we went out was to buy some toys for Bullet's birthday. I got her a few chew toys and some pellets. I hope she likes them though she'll probably be afraid of them at first.

I've got the next page sketched out. No much to see though because I've already drawn the main part of it.

So the majority of the page is blank because I've already drawn it. Deepest Fear takes place at that point. Though I'll be adding the extra text to Anger "SHIT! I'm SORRY!!"
Then he's hit by the huge wave and goes rolling under. Pretty scary especially for a fire type.

So I'm happy with how much progress has been made. I don't know how many more pages of them being in HQ it will be before the scene changes. I'm looking forward to drawing some new backgrounds. What's neat is Fear has the ability to attack his victims either just in their minds of to make their fears manifest in the real world. I think that's a nice choice to have.

The chicks caught a lizard today and this funny chase happened.

I haven't been feeling well though. I get weak in the afternoon. I still think it's a fibro phase. Been going on since last I mentioned it. I'm sick of it. I want to be normal so I can get out and do things. I get too tired to even work on art so I lie down and watch stuff. Found this new kids show that's really cute called Puffin Rock. The art is stylized but they are real animals and I can tell them apart anyway. It's very cute and educational. The main characters are Oona a juvenile puffin girl and her baby brother Baba. They are friends with a shrew, a bunny and a seal. I love the seal of course. So roundular and cute. I might draw some but I need to figure out how as the work is all lineless and the backgrounds look like they use a lot of brushes. I like plants even because I recognize things like dandelions, dill, thistles etc. The fact I can ID plants on a stylized cartoon makes me happy. Here's the trailer for it.


I like these enough that if they're on DVD I'll buy them.
I think that's all for now.

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11 September 2015 @ 11:10 am
Alright major progress on the Fear comic. The cover and the first page are finished. Check this out.

I'm very pleased with the font, the cliff walls of the pit and the tower. Fear also looks pretty frightening as a ghostly image grinning at his victims in the tower.

And the first page. I think this turned out lovely, with the colors, action and effects. I thought it would be a long time before I can start and finish the second page. But luckily my friend Shadowdagger offered to ink again. Thank goodness!! So he's working on that over the weekend. Just the characters. I'll ink the backgrounds and frames. But gosh this will be a huge help. So page 2 might be on the way before long.

More artCollapse )

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08 September 2015 @ 08:11 am
I have just been so busy but all is great and having a very good time. Mostly I've been working on art. I've started to color the new comic and am trying to pump some life into my fan art account. I do feel bad I've been ignoring George and the others. I haven't given up on them. I'm just obsessed over this new fandom. I haven't been into a fandom art wise since 2010. So I'd like to share some stuff I've made. Here's my latest.

I love how his memory sphere turned out. This is also my first time coloring him with normal eyes. I actually love coloring his eyes since there are so many shades to them. And I liked showing his dark side inside of his memory. It was fun putting in the effects on this and was pretty easy for me.

Chris got me all these nice things a few days ago. Most of the Disney Infinity figures, two cute Inside Out Books and the Penguins of Madagascar dvd. You'll notice Fear is missing from the set. He's not available locally anywhere. He's a timed exclusive on Amazon which I don't like the concept of. I should be getting mine in the mail today. The books are those that have multiple endings. I haven't read something like that since I was a kid in the 80s. I finished Forget This and got all the endings. I wrote them out cladogram. Still reading the other one but it's not as good so I haven't done that and forgot what all options I've chosen.

I saw the penguins movie on Netflix and didn't expect much. Boy was I wrong and I loved being wrong. I couldn't believe how action packed and nonstop that movie was. I LOVED it and liked pretty much all the characters. I might draw the villain who's a giant octopus.

So I'm working on lots of art with Fear. I have to ink all 35 expressions now that they are done. That will take a while. I've finished the cover of Fear Before the Fall and am almost done with page 1. I'm hoping I can finish that today but if not then it should be done by tomorrow. Then I can slow down this rapid pace and concentrate on other stuff like my George art.

We pretty much got Sunday and Monday off for Labor day. Chris only had one morning call on Monday so it was nice. Work today then full day off tomorrow I'm looking forward to. Need to get a hold of my travel agent and ask some questions. Hope she's back now that the holiday is over.

Bullet is back to normal. She's all tight feathered and has a good grip when she's on my finger. She always felt too light and loose before. Her birthday is coming up the 17th.

Well that's about it for now. That's what I have been up to.

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31 August 2015 @ 09:54 am
Things are going very well here. I'm busy working on art and loving the working with Fear. Just something new, fresh and a nice break from the difficult art I usually draw. I have finished drawing all 35 expressions for him. I find him extremely easy to draw in just about any pose now. Easier even than Ophidius who was my easiest Thagirion Realm character. So even he is more complex than Fear is. I got this adorable little 2 inch figure of him the other day.

Aw it's as though he's begging someone to spare him and hoping looking cute will save him.

I've been anxiously awaiting the Infinity figures to come out. They're supposed to come out early Sept but they bumped up the date and a friend on DA told me they came out yesterday. DOH! I looked at my Amazon wish list and sure enough it's no longer a pre-order. I found out so late. If I had known I would have gone to Gamestop yesterday but they were closed when I realized this. So I'll have Chris be on the look out for me. I do want them all but Fear and Anger are priorities. Anger comes in a set with Joy and the core memories which is awesome. They are clear like a big crystal. So yes that will be nice to have too. I don't care about the game. I don't own a Wii nor will I ever. To me it doesn't exist. I only acknowledge Playstation and Xbox. But I want the figures just as that; figures.

I inked the cover for Fear Before the Fall last night. It was easy. Was just a tower and a close up of Fear. What will be hard will be the landscape. I have no idea what I'm doing so I hope I can pull it off and make it look like a scene out of the movie. It's digital painting and something I'm not too confident in.

I've been feeling a bit weak in the afternoons from 1-3pm. I don't know why. I'm getting enough food. Chris bought me some vitamins hoping that might be it. I may be deficient in something. But that hasn't been working to well. It may be a stupid fibro phase I have to endure for a few weeks. I hope that's all it is as feeling weak is one of the symptoms. I've just been taking it easy when that happens and either watch something or draw. So that's why I've been drawing so much. There are papers all over the house. How I wish I could go 100% digital.

Here's Bullet with Disgust. They were not impressed with each other. My two Divas. Haha. I made the joke to some friends that all of Bullet's emotions are Disgust.

I name this pic Please Don't Drop me. My cute Fear plushie that I dangled over the top of the castle at Ruby Falls Tennessee. I love putting him in scary situations. And our old truck is in the far background but you really can't tell. I know it's there.

I had a lucid dream the other night.
Was on top of a building and the view was amazing. So high up. I knew it was a dream and wanted to fly. I love that even when you know you're dreaming you're always a bit scared to toss yourself off a cliff or building. Even birds feel this way. But I did and I began to fly. I then became a bald eagle. Wasn't my choice despite being lucid but I went with it. Last awesome flying dream I was an Andean Condor juvenile. Like all my flying dreams this was great I could feel gravity pulling on me. I was so happy I went around screaming and I did have the cute silly eagle whistle that sounds more like it belongs to a song bird and a big raptor. But I kept losing altitude despite even flapping my wings. Soon I was only above the tree line. There was a man watching me and taking photos of my as I zipped back and forth. I guess we were in a northern state because he kept saying things like there are no thermals. That annoyed me and I was determined to prove him wrong. I flew around trying to find one and at last I did over a lake near a cliff. That bugged me though because thermals don't form over water. Heated land causes them. But I just went with it. I circled and oh man it was like being rocketed into the air. I was lifted several feet really fast but didn't circle in time and had to find the invisible cylinder and get back in. Like being on an invisible elevator. This is the dream I had before I woke up. It gave me an adrenaline rush.

Well I think that's all for now.

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30 August 2015 @ 07:53 am
I got another page finished. I'm rather happy with this one not only for the art but for what happens.

Frame 1: This wasn't a time to be afraid. Just cautious.
Frame 2: To have panicked now would have been just as bad as to have over reacted in anger.
Frame 3: WHAT?!
Frame 4: I'm sorry! I didn't mean...
Frame 5: (thinking) Wait a Minute!
Frame 6: (Thinking) Not this time. Not ever again.

So the insert of frame 5 is very important and the turning point. I love that that's when he gets over his own fear and stands up for himself. Saying he's sorry never works and only gets him beat up. And he wasn't insulting Anger himself so there was no need for him to get attacked. I love that he dodged the punch. I thought about having Anger say, "Don't dodge!" Or something like that. Think I should add that? And then we have Fear's first transformation into his freaky evil Fear form. In case you can't tell the background majorly changed when he did. Will be obvious when colored. But now he's inside Anger's mind.

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28 August 2015 @ 09:33 pm
Today has been an amazing day. I got some art done today. I drew 8 more expression for the 35 expression challenge with Fear. Some are really good. Can't wait to start coloring those and putting them in the chart. And I finished my ID on my fan art account.

So I made this pic of Fear today to represent me on DA. Here's the full version with all the text and lightning.

Chris's comment is right. I hadn't realized it but this looks like it could be a power metal album cover. Gamma Ray specifically. I'm loving this fandom and having so much fun with Fear. I just love my version of him so much. I hope I can dream about him soon. I'm surprised I haven't dreamt about him yet.

Ok and here's the other awesome news. Chris bought a new truck today! We've actually been talking for a while about getting a new truck because his has been in the shop way too much. August is one of the best times to buy because they're trying to get all of this year's models sold and the new ones in. So he got another Toyota Tacoma 2015. There are no black ones left in the state of Florida so he got a white one. I told him color doesn't really matter because it can be repainted later. I wish I had been with him when he went. But I told him to buy one if a good deal came up. Don't pass something up because of me. Well a good deal did come up. They accepted his old truck for more than it was worth. It's crazy how fast it happened too. He was worried it would be hard but basically he did it between jobs. Credit wasn't an issue. So the old silver truck is gone. The only bad thing now is we now have monthly payments again. But what a year this has been!! Two new cars in one year. I'm so thankful things are going well financially for us. Very thankful.

And here's my post of when we first got our silver Toyota back in 2007

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26 August 2015 @ 08:39 pm
Ok here is page 3. Wasn't too happy with the looks of this at first but I managed to save it at the end. You can tell what panels I was having an off day.

Here's the text.

Frame 1: Joy: The day's almost over. Why don't you turn in? Don't worry. I don't think we'll need you.
Frame 2:Fear: (Thinking) I think the visions have stopped. My head hurts and I'm tired. But I think after some sleep things will be better.
Frame 3: The Following morning. Yes. I can feel today will be much better.
Frame 4: (thinking) What the? I can see everyone's fears. And I feel less afraid myself? Am I broken? He must have hit my head really hard this time.
Frame 5: Fear thinking: I'm really starting to enjoy this.
Joy or Disgust: Fear? Is this a safety issue? Should you do something?
Fear: Huh? Oh yeah.
Frame 6: Fear: There, no problem.
Joy: Wow. Was that the right thing to do?
Disgust: Yeah. Usually you're panicked in a situation like this.

So Fear has gotten used to his powers, what he knows of them so far, and has gained quite a bit of confidence. Last page was probably the last time you'll see him so comically scared. Ok well I will have to flip him in frame 2 because this looks terrible with him facing the same way in each one. I don't know why I did that and didn't notice. So that might help a bit. Frame 1 looks boring and empty but perhaps will be better once colored. I like frame 2 a lot and think that I managed to make quality art again in 5 and 6. Yes I love 6 with that crazy perspective. Plus Anger haha. Also, Fear doesn't need glowing eyes to look frightening and cool. Oh and I hate drawing Joy. She's so hard and she's ugly.

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26 August 2015 @ 03:03 pm
actipton80 and audes_lj I finally mailed out your packages. Late birthday gifts basically. So be on the look out for those. I'm taking a break right now. Been enjoying a day off with Chris. We went to Home Depot and he got a new weed wacker as the old one was one he never liked. I finished drawing his emotions yesterday and he really liked them.

I think they turned out very nice. In order of preference Fear/logic, Joy, Disgust, Anger and Sadness. I'm almost done drawing page 3 of the comic. I'll probably go work on that after this.
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