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12 May 2016 @ 08:45 am
OK I have been terrible about not posting here. This needs to change. Though I only have two active commenters here I need to make daily posts regardless to log neat events. I am behind on posting my art as I have been cranking it out. Lots of neat things have happened. Plans mostly.

Still have car problems. My car is totally dead. It's either the starter or the battery has died on it. Battery is new so that means something must be draining it. Perhaps there is a light on somewhere I missed or there's a bad connection who knows. I'm rather sick of how much this car has been in the shop. Like I mentioned on DA, I really still want my dream vehicle which is the Dodge Ram. But we can't afford one at the moment. Even a used 2013 is as much as a new one. It's so stupid how they don't devalue and they are expensive all the way down to 2008. I don't want one older than 2010 though and I'd like a 2013 because I think that's when USB's became standard. I know I can change the stereo for cheap and probably get an older one and it would be ok. But it's still expensive for an older car.

My second choice is a Jeep and I have REALLY been obsessing over getting one to paint it like a Jurassic Park Jeep. I really want one. But those are the same age as my car and I am worried now as I might have gotten had on the 1993 Camaro. Anyway a JP Jeep can be made from models from 1992-1995. I don't know about 1996 or if they made any that year but they had the square headlights and the changed to round ones in 1997. I don't like the round lights but that's how they are up to modern ones. I went to look at the new ones. They are expensive too. Not as much as rams but in the 30k range. Sigh. And though it would be neat to have modern features and paint one like the ones in the movie we can't do that right now. We're still paying Chris's car. It's been very frustrating. I found one in the Miami area for as much as I paid for my Camaro and seems like a dealership so we wouldn't have to pay right away. We could finance for very low monthly payments. The only prob with this one and I guess it's minor is it's a 4 cylinder when I'd rather a 6. But it seems to be in perfect shape for a 20+ year old truck. The colors are perfect too being tan for the look of the movie. I want to rant about other fans but I'll do that on DA later. Anyway,it looks great but then so did my Camaro. The most important thing in a vehicle is that it starts and always runs. Everything else doesn't matter really, not AC, not color, not interior colors, etc. And yes I have thought about the option to sell my lovely Camaro and probably get all my money back if not more. But then I might lose my custom plate on it and well though I didn't drive it much I'm already attached to it which is bad. I'm like that. I fall in love with vehicles and want to keep them forever. It's my loyalty trait I guess. I am loyal not just to people but to things. I have always said Camaros are aggressive cars and not for everyone. They are jerks and I can handle most of them but this one's been a jerk from the start. I don't think he likes me. I don't know why. Worked great when I bought him but then you know the rest of the story after I got him home. It's the first car I have ever bought that's in my name. I'm proud to have paid it off in one shot but it does me no good if he doesn't start or drive. So there is the option I don't like of selling him and getting the Jeep. Which is also scary because the Jeep could turn out to be the same darn mistake with less resale value than the camaro. The other option is sell the camaro and keep saving. I'd have no car that way but I kind of have that problem right now anyway. This whole mess has me extremely frustrated.

So funny story. Yesterday we went to a new park. We were following a red tailed hawk in the woods. Amazing huge bird with an awesome sound. We lost it and headed back to the trail when we hears loud animal foot steps through the leaves. My mind didn't know what this was at first. I thought it was a giant deer because I wasn't expecting a domesticated animal in the middle of nowhere. I finally realized it was a donkey. I waved at him and talked to him. He almost made a U turn to come back but then kept going. Gosh he was huge. I wonder if he belonged to someone and was escaped. There were no horse trailers in the parking area. He headed towards a developed area. It's funny because I had just been talking with Chris about the funny escaped llamas in Arizona that caused DA to raise the level cap for llamas here then this happens. Would be great if he ran into the city and caused trouble. It was rather thrilling to see a huge mammal in the woods run right past us. We just stopped and photographed and this was the highlight and most thrilling part of the day.

I hope this photo works because DA has been crashing the last two days. It's doing it again today.

I finally got a response from that guy on my flickr. He said something is wrong with his ebay and he can't reply to messages and he only has a phone and a crappy tablet. Well if you're doing business you should have a real computer. I hate everyone's using phones as their computer. It's stupid. They aren't as good and can't do everything real PC/laptop can do. He also said he sent the package along with some extra stuff but yes it's been way too long when our towns are only 2 hours apart. It should have arrived at most in 48 hours. Letters take 1 day. Hard to believe it got lost within the state. So I'm still not happy. Perhaps it will show up still but I also don't know if he just made up that story. If it's true I wonder what bonus seeds he sent and sucks if they are lost.

I got my amorphs yesterday. They are so different from my others. Much harder and darker. And different shape too. Well I hope the sprout soon. For not I merely placed them on a pot with other amorphs. I can't wait for these to start to grow as they looks so cool when they have the black stems. This is the first amorph I'm more excited about the tree version than the flower. So we'll see what happens.

So still having a fiasco about finding the perfect chair for me so I can move back into my computer room. Chris bought me a very nice reclining chair but somethings are still wrong. I found out I need the mouse at my leg level and though the chair is good for my back I can't do that with the mouse next to my lap. The arm rests are nice but prevent that. If I keep my arms down it's fine as a normal sitting chair but when I use the mouse for some reason my right shoulder goes up no matter what causing tension and my hand starts to hurt and my how arm and neck get very bad. Sigh. So I think I will still keep the chair as a gaming chair and we're going to move the small couch into my room in front of the computer. That's going to be hard to get in and out of. So many dumb adjustments need to be done for these annoying problems I have. But I have been in pretty good health until I started using my main computer again. I'm typing this on the laptop.
I just realized today is Earth day. Ha, I'll have to give out little Earth balls to my friends on DA then. Anyway, I haven't posted in forever. I'm behind on sharing my art here. I've been very busy. Been making art, raising birds and plants and making plans. I've been watching Star Trek Voyager and Mysterious Cities of Gold. Gosh it will forever be my favorite show.

I ordered some Amorphophallus konjac blubs. They are a special kind called Nightstick. The trunk is black and looks super awesome. So I can't wait to get those. I've been amazed by the polar contrast of customer service from two different plant sellers. One was the guy that originally got me into Amorphophallus. I think we met years ago on flickr. I don't know why he won't respond to me. He ignores me no matter where I contact him on email, flicr or ebay. He has a passiflora I was looking for and saw he had seeds. I asked him if he'd sell them. No response. Then I see them on ebay and I missed the auction because I wasn't home and again I contacted him everywhere about a direct sale. Nothing. But it was listed again and this time I won. Days went by and I emailed him asking him when he would ship. No response but finally it said it shipped but not tracking. I still haven't gotten them and he's in Sarrasota so what is taking so long? If I don't get them by tomorrow I will write again. I'm angry with his crap. I know he is getting my messages. Why won't he reply? He used to have good communication. If I don't get these seeds in the mail or if they come late I will give him neutral feed back for horrible communication. I'd love to give him negative but if I get them I guess I can't do that. But I will be happy to give him negative if I don't get it and it will be my first negative feedback ever on Ebay. Just what is his problem?

The amorphophallus guy though. I forgot about the auction and logged on 6 minutes late. I told him about that and asked if he had any bulbs left. He instantly put up a private buy it now for me. It was great! I got them. He emailed me when he shipped them. He didn't have to. Ebay tells you. Has a tracking like it should. He told me he has a facebook with info. I don't use facebook but that's very cool of him and I know I can ask questions if I have any. My gosh what a difference. This guy is excellent and I can't wait to give him a perfect rating once my bulb arrive. I'm just amazed at the difference in customer service. This guy should learn from him.
28 March 2016 @ 08:51 am
Happy Easter. I didn't do too much yesterday. The day before yesterday was our fun day. But Chris needed a day to do nothing so that was good. I mostly worked on my art and made this new one.

Fear hates liars. It's very hard to lie to him with his powers. People that lie have fear; the fear of being found out. So Fear can see that right away and I think it's basically impossible to lie to him. I wanted to show his electricity coming out as he's angered by some victim trying to trick him.

Here are the new N. truncata plants I got the other day. I love these. So cute and I hope now that I have five that I will have at least one pair. Oh the plant in the background is that Passiflora sunburst I thought had died. The caterpillars destroyed it. But then I saw a piece of green coming out. I have fertilized it and have it under the grow lamps to recover. My motto with plants is if there's green there's hope. I looks terrible but I think it will come back. I will have to spray that one for bugs if I put it back outside in time.

Fear with some of my cute Easter decorations this year.

More photos of plants and EasterCollapse )

That's all for now. I'll post more pics soon.
25 March 2016 @ 10:39 am
I'm so tired right now. The budgies woke me up at 5am and I couldn't get back to sleep worried about them. Apparently there was a huge storm last night and I slept through it. Didn't hear a thing. Chris said it was amazing. I'm a very heavy sleeper. You'd be amazed some of the stuff I have slept through. But baby budgies screaming woke me up. Go figure. I did have a very strange dream I have to write down though.

I was in my old house and I was with Chris. I had my Kevin plush in the bathroom.
But it was more green than this one a bit bigger. So I walk into the bathroom and see him start to open his mouth and begin to move. I just stared transfixed as it was coming to life. It was still a plush but it was alive. It was creepy but I kept watching anyway. I called Chris in thinking he wouldn't see this. But when he walked in he saw it too. We were shocked and amazed. Kevin seemed friendly and happy to see us though. I said I should get a pic and no one would believe us. But I decided a video would be better because a photo would look like a toy not moving. I also started to wonder how do I take care of it? Does it eat, drink? Chris said he'd keep an eye on him and I went to search for the camera. I was worried that he'd disappear because when you leave an area the object you focus on in a dream tends to vanish. But my mind was messing with me. Kevin wasn't what vanished. I couldn't find my video camera anywhere. I was running through the house like crazy looking for it. I found a huge old version of a video camera. It would have to do. I opened it and didn't know how to work it. Then it was in play only mode and I didn't know how to get it into record mode. I never got to film Kevin because of these stupid technicalities my mind always gets hung up on in my dreams. Oh and he filled the sink with water and was kicking is feet in it. My dreams are always annoying because there's always some kind of problem like this. Usually it's an annoying minor thing. I probably didn't hear the storm because I was so invested concentrating on this dream.
24 March 2016 @ 10:34 am
So things are going well. I should be getting my Nepenthes truncatas in the mail today. I'm excited about that. Truncatas seem to grow very well for me. I'm still so excited about plants this year. Spring is so nice. I hope that last cold front was the very last. I want to leave my pots outside for good now. Yesterday was a very nice day off. Chris helped me decorate the house for Easter and we got most of it up now. I can finish today with the last few things. My chickens have nearly recovered from their bites. But I'm afraid to let them out so I will keep them on the patio for a while longer til we can make sure the fence is safe.

Then we went to Colt Creek State Park. I got this short video of American Coots.

We got some great photos and just had a very good time.

I finished my Scary Fear Plush the other day too. He turned out so cool.

Here's how I made his wings.

1. So here's the final product. He turned out very nice. I like how his feathers droop and are soft.
2. Ok so I bought a few Fear dolls in case I screwed up horribly in the first attempt. Which one shall go under the knife? The one in the foreground is the victim I chose. The others are terrified.
3. I cut the side of his head, ripped out his eyes (which was very hard to do) and ripped all his teeth out. I did feel a little bad for him but well I had to press on FOR SCIENCE.
4. I began to put in the new white scary eyes. That original mouth design was scrapped when my friend karyl-delta recommended a black background. That was much better.
5. And Fear is reborn better and stronger as Scary Fear. But we're not done yet. He still needs his awesome raven wings.
6. So I drew and cut out some raven wings. I had to simplify the design from real raven wings but still they are accurate and identifiable as such. The little square is for the harness. I made the wings with 3 layers. This makes them look like actual bird feathers and also helped stiffen them and give them strength.
7. Finished the harness.
8. Wings DONE! YAY. This is how they look from the front.
9. And from the back. I wanted these to be removable because Scary Fear doesn't always have wings. Only when he is near someone that has a fear of birds or heights.
10. Scary Fear wearing his wings from the front. You can see how it ties on like a parachute.
11. Scary's wings from the back. Now you can see all the feather layers unlike in the upload I first put here. I purposely left a space between the wings as bird wings are not attached together. I like you can see his sweater.
12. And now I have an awesome new toy of my own creation. I'm very happy with him.

I can't believe how well he turned out. So yes lots of cool things lately.
24 March 2016 @ 09:10 am
Recap of flamewar with ex-friend Budgieblubird and how she disrespected Gamma-Wings and her real friends.

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22 March 2016 @ 10:17 am
It's cold again. No, why is it cold. I had to bring in my weakest plants again. So annoying I thought we were done with that. Well I finally made my choice about what plants to buy. I chose to get the two truncatas. They've been ordered. I still want everything else too but I need to not spend anymore. I need to save. I hope I get a few more commissions for my art to make up for what I spent.

I'm very excited about my trip. I will book the same La Quinta Inn again. I'm posting the address here so I can have access to it. 5727 North Federal Highway. This time instead of doing the Everglades Air Boat I think we'll go to Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. We can rent canoes there and it looks really beautiful and has access to the beach. Ft Lauderdale is an awesome city. I love. Also staying at this hotel again will be great because it's right across from a Ferrari dealership and I had such a wonderful time looking at all those gorgeous cars last time. Plus there will be curly tailed lizards and millipedes everywhere. So exciting. Hehe. I want to do another train trip again. This time with Chris. But I don't know when we can or where we would even go.

OK two more drawings for this post.

This one is called Antidepressant. Goes great with my motto of it's better to get mad than sad. Sadness was being a little jerk and Anger got sick of her so he punched her. I've been wanting a reason to punch her ever since I saw the movie. Anger's the perfect one to do it too.

This is one of my fave drawings of Fear. It's called Crawling from Hell. He's not hurt. He had a fight in that hole with some enemy and won. So it's not his blood. But he's still furious and ready for the next victim. Something really set him off which is very hard to do and he's in beserk mode. I also drew this to show how his teeth invert. I have this set as my laptop's background.

I've been working on making a harness for my plush Fear's wings. I messed up last night and have to start over. But I hope today I will finally be done with his wings. I'm trying to not lose my creativity to Spring Fear. Every Spring I get all hyper about plants and nature stuff and my urge to draw and do art goes down and I get in an art block. And then in the Fall it returns with a fury. So I'm very seasonal I have noticed. Keeping a journal has helped me realize this.

Well I do want to write a short story so I'll hopefully make a new entry for that here today.
21 March 2016 @ 02:37 pm
Gosh so the colored cover of Chapter 2 is the last thing I posted art wise here? Gosh I'm behind.

Oh gosh that's a lot of missed art then. I'll probably post 3 a day and try to catch up to where I'm supposed to be then.

This is a scene from a dream I had Feb 3.
I was him and fell into the ocean in California. I wasn't far out to sea I was near one of the cities. I remember being worried the water would be cold when I hit it but it wasn't. I started swimming. I swam past some bushes and they had green budgies and kestrels in them. I knew the budgies weren't supposed to be there since they are from Australia. Then I heard the sound of Sandhill Cranes and wanted to see them. So I took off and flew over the trees. I didn't have my wings when I was swimming and I dont know why this is the second time when I fly it goes into first person so I didn't get to see myself as Scary Fear with wings. That's all. So short. I liked it but wish there had been more.

So I decided to draw the first part of this dream where I fell in the water. It was like a video game where you loaded wrong. I loaded in the sky and fell. It was funny really. So that's when I first came up for air. I was never afraid more surprised than anything. Once I started to swim I was very happy actually. Yes it was stormy with light rain and dark water. I know this looks more like a river than an ocean but it was a narrow channel leading to the ocean. I still hate drawing water and this came out mostly how I wanted it to. I wanted a wave to hit the "camera" so you could see underwater too. Fast drawing done all in a few hours today.

This one is called Boiling Point. Anger kills a virus who is actually an enemy of mine I can't stand. He released all his anger and enjoyed ripping this disgusting foe to death. Here's the song.

The lyrics are posted in the description. I so enjoyed drawing this.

This was my Valentine's card. For the last 3 years I have shown a different kind of love other than romantic love. This is to show those loser that complain they are alone and Valentine's was made just to get them. They don't understand how diverse love is. So this year it was love of pets and we have Scary Fear with one of his ravens.
21 March 2016 @ 02:26 pm
DA dummy. And a person that would not relent.

Failure to reply to a simple question gets you griefCollapse )
19 March 2016 @ 10:25 am
So things are going pretty well here. I have booked us for the zip line in Labadee. It's supposed to be the largest in the world. It was expensive and a rip off but it's one of those once in a life time things so I bit the bullet and got it. Here's a video on it.


Jerks won't allow embeding. Anyway, I booked it early in the morning at 10 so that we'll have the rest of the day to explore. I really want to explore because Labadee has more endemic birds than I realized. I need to make a check list of what I might see than just the palm chat. I found this list and need to refine it to what's in this area.


Chris and I have been doing a diet and we've been doing well. I don't know how long we've been on it. We're terrible about keeping records. We were not happy with ourselves. Today I'm down to 106.4. I'm going to keep at it. I'd probably be doing better if I cut out soda completely but I can't do that. I'm addicted. Goal is 103 as I have reached that before. I do feel a lot better. I was having back pains from the weight and it hurt to sit so yes I'm better now. Mostly been eating meat and veggies.

My watch broke today. Again in the same place just like the last one. The part where the band attaches broke and the pin fell out. I hate this because the watch still works I just can't wear it. It can't be fixed. So I opened my spare and worry it will break the same way too in time. I saw they have a limited 2 year warranty. I should buy two more and keep the receipt. That way if it happens again perhaps they'll send me a new one as it's their design flaw. Both times I was just sleeping when they broke. But I know it's because of the elements I subject them to. But it's a sports watch. It should be able to take, sun, water, hot water and bumps.

Gosh I want to buy a bunch of plants. I'm giving myself a $60 budget. Perhaps next week. I need to decide if I should spend it all on getting two Nepenthes truncatas at 30 each from Sarracenia Northwest. OR get mixed nepenthes that are cheaper from Predatory Plants? OR get some passion vines and succulents from Grassy Knoll Exotic Plants. I'm not sure what to do. Truncatas grow well for me and are some of the largest nepenthes in the world. I bought one from them a while back and it's got some nice pitchers already. Perhaps concentrate on these lovelies and breed them once they are adult. The more I have the greater the chance of a pair I think. I don't know if I should focus on the passion vines and rare succulents this time too I do want some of those pretty bad. Decisions decisions. I lost my awesome Passiflora Sunburst to stupid caterpillars. In Florida it's hard to keep passion vines because of the darn Gulf Fritillary Butterflies that eat the plants.
14 March 2016 @ 06:40 pm
And here is the next page. I know it's horribly sketchy and terrible handwriting. Definitely needs translation.

Panel 1: Video game island is very dangerous. Lots of soldiers, thugs and robots. Holiday Island seems ok, but it's dominated by Halloween. I'm not quite ready for that yet.
Panel 2: Literature Island is nuts. Because Charlie reads comic books it's full of superheros and villains. And because of the history books it's full of pirates and wars. Looks like the pirates declared war on Holiday Island. 80's Island seems ok. That's an option.
Panel 3: Astronomy Island looks good too. Very beautiful.
Panel 4: I may be a lot braver now than I was yesterday. But I'm still Fear. Let's take it one step at a time.
Panel 5: 80's Island it is. Besides, I'm already dressed for the part.

So unlike Riley's stupid mind these aren't strings to the islands. They are actual thick transport tunnels with a purpose. I need to draw in a few proteins in there so it doesn't look so empty. Maybe? I'm not sure. So the islands look crappy because I have most of them already drawn in detail and just need to paste them in. This is a nice insight into Fear's rational thinking. Also in panel 4 it's hard to tell but he's got his hand on a panel as it opens the glass doors to that tunnel. He mad his choice.
12 March 2016 @ 10:43 am
So I'm very excited about the cruise this year. It's paid off finally and will probably be our least expensive cruise ever. I have booked a birding expedition in St. Maarten. I hope we'll be the only ones like we were in Nassau. They said there's a good chance of that as Aug is the slow season. Yep that's why I picked it. No holidays in Aug and kids are all going back to school. I have to look into what can be done at Labadee Haiti but I definitely want to go on the world's largest zipline and get some more bird watching in. I hope to get better pics of the palm chats this time. I love those endemic birds. Perhaps I'll see those giant caterpillars again. And in San Juan Puerto Rico I'm excited about going to El Morro fort/castle. BUT this is the one I am having the hardest time organizing. I have been looking at the map on google maps. I want to go to that fort as well as walk around it on the sidewalk called Paseo del Morror. And lastly visit Parque de las Palomas. Pigeon park. I think this all can be done in the limited 7 hours we have. I just need to figure out what is the best order to do things, what are the best streets to walk and manage my time. We arrive there at 7am but the fort opens at 9am. I figure head there first but I've been told it's a 45 minute walk so we'd still be there early. I don't know if it's good to go to pigeon park first as you just walk in. I wish I knew a local that could recommend all this for me.

But the good thing is I'm not booking anything through the cruise line this time so it will be way cheaper. It's around $55 per person to take a tour to the fort and be led around. I hate that unless I totally don't know anything about a place. And I speak both languages excellently in this country so I know what is going on. Found out if you go on your own it only costs $5 and if there's time this includes two forts. YEAH!! I'd rather walk and do this on my own though there won't be time for two forts. I have chosen El Morro as the priority. So yes I'm trying to figure all this out still.

OH and I really want to get a GPS. Though I still can't drive I want one for our trip. IT will be handy walking around San Juan with it. So that's the new toy I want before our trip. I saw one at Best Buy I really want.

I just won an auction on Ebay for the ghosbusters ghost accessories I was missing. I'm so happy. Can't wait to get those and at last my ghosbusters original series will be complete. From the photos they seemed to be in decent shape and I got a great deal on it though it was an auction. I still won.

All this research on forts and islands has me wanting to play Assassin's creed Black Flag. Well It's about time I busted open my Christmas gift. My PS4 is still mint in box since Dec. I'm so bad. I just haven't needed to game. So I might set it up today in the bedroom and see about how to transfer my account to it. I hope that won't be a problem. Stupid accounts. I miss the day of just turn on the console and pop a game in. It starts. No logging in crap or registration.

I also finished a commission for my good friend Shychick. I'm happy to not be pressed for any art right now not even my own. I hope to work on stuff around the house. I nearly have all the Easter decorations out. And I'm so happy Spring is here. The days are gorgeous. Man I miss driving though. I'll try to start my car today. But I'm also excited about plants. I'm still disappointed about the bad plant losses I had over the winter but this year is a year to experiment with passion vines. I'm looking forward to that and perhaps I can replace some of my rare nepenthes after all.

Chris and I have been dieting again. It's going well but silly us lost track of time. We don't know when we started. We're doing our best to eat just meat and veggies with minimal grains. Cereal once in a while for me or a toast once a week at breakfast is all I do as it's just neat impossible for me to cut that out 100%.

OK so all that's left for the trip is book the soda package. I know I'm going to get ripped off on internet but I'll have to order that too. Makes up for no shore excursions I guess.
Things are good and going well. I'm very happy.

Check out these videos of places I want to go in San Juan.

Current Mood: Excited
10 March 2016 @ 05:39 pm
I'm cursed when it comes to this. It's happened way too many times in my life that I think the universe is out to get me. It won't let me be loyal to a product or store. So I will list stuff that has gotten discontinued on me as well as stores that have closed I liked a lot.

The most recent being Field and Stream's womens latitude long shirt. The color Loganberry to be exact. Here's what it looks like.
Nice pretty light purple. I have seen these in stores. I got the light blue one and the coral one. But never got around to getting this one and always wanted it. Now I go to stores and can't find it. I stocked up on the blue one just in case but blue is still around. So after many disappointments I decide to order it from Dick's Sporting Goods. I was happy it was still listed on the website. I get it today and it's this horrible dark purple like Dave the Octopus. I don't like dark colors. I'm afraid they changed it and the light purple is discontinued and probably all recalled. It's not on ebay or Amazon. I think it's over. Forget that.

Hanes S10C shirt that was so comfy and nice. Gone.

I thought to replace it with a new one

Hanes Scoop neck T. Oooh even better. Also gone after my first order.

Glucosamine and Chondriotin big yellow chewable tablets. I don't remember the name. They were awesome. GONE.

Joint Juice on the go powder. GONE. I got desperate but then found

Joint Vibrance powder. Gone from Walgreens.

IT's still available on Ebay. I need to stock up. It saved me while on our last cruise. I think I have one bottle left.

Sprite Remix

Orbitz drink

Granier Fructis gell Disorder Control and Clean Slick. Gone from Walgreens. I have sort of stocked up from Ebay at least.

That's all I remember for now. I'll update this list as more of this happens. I don't want it to happen again but seems if I find a product I like I need to buy a life time supply from the start. So annoying. Yes this is an angry post.
08 March 2016 @ 09:58 am
I can't believe I'm up to page 16. This is great! Here's the recap.
Page 15 http://thagirion.livejournal.com/879814.html

This is the first page of Chapter 3. I haven't drawn a cover yet. This chapter is hard for me to visualize actually though I know all the key things I want to happen I'm not sure how to go about it yet and getting the layouts of each page has been hard. I've mostly done a lot of sitting and staring into space trying to see the movie in my mind.

Panel 1: You see an elevator hit ground floor. It says Tunnels, Maintenance and HA. Fear is thinking "How could they do this to me? I thought they were my friends."
Panel 2: Perhaps I need new friends.
Panel 3: Quite Wow.
Panel 4: Where do I go?

This is one of those I had no idea of the layout. I thought the last panel would be a complete row in the middle. I didn't know it would take up the 2/3 of the page. But I am pretty happy with it. You do get a sense of a large size and it looks like an airport. Once colored you'll see all five islands in the distance and the pit at eye level. The choices are Astronomy, 80s, Literature, Holiday and Video Game islands. Fear's world is going to get a lot bigger now. I love Fear's face in the third panel. I'm so glad I can draw his normal form not dorky like the movie version.

I am almost done inking the cover of To Vanquish Fear. I can finish that today but don't know if I can finish coloring it all. I will try. I can't forget about my phobia series either. I should try to draw agoraphobia next. It's rather funny how I see it actually. I hope I can do it. But I will try to draw page 17 first which I don't see so clearly. Oh the name of this chapter is Nightmare Be Thy Name. And YES so nice to draw new backgrounds. I was so sick of that stupid purple room.
06 March 2016 @ 10:52 pm
I promise I will make a real post here soon. For now this is a list of people I have blocked on DA for minor offenses. I may lift the ban later if I need the space in my list.

exkhale - for not replying to my questions about why he likes my art. And for having perverted art. He probably likes my art for the wrong reasons.
thundepup13 - friends with vampira and other enemies. Pedophile and sicko.
Pickm - a pervert that watched me for seconds. I was on when he added me so he's instantly out.
cristopherS940 - For fave bombing and not replying to my questions. I even told him in Spanish. Seems I had kicked him off my watch too.
fridaangeles - I think this one used to watch me and I kicked her out. Faved an ran too many times. Never replied to my questions.
SomeCrazyRandomChick - For negative faving.
Nezisa-Aksem - For hiding my question on her profile and being rude to thankers.
29 February 2016 @ 10:29 pm
This was an awesome victory on DA. It's a record. I beat someone in a flamewar without saying a word to them.

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18 February 2016 @ 07:48 am
Yesterday was very productive. It was a day off and after breakfast we went to Lowe's and bought a bunch of flourecent bulbs for the kitchen. Basically everything had burned out. Oh it's so good to have light in there again. We also bought dish soap and a broom because the outdoor broom had broken. Then we washed all three cars which was great. My back started hurting after that though so I went to rest inside and went online. Chris started burning some yard wastes and I eventually went out an joined him. I helped and pulled down a lot of dead vines. All the cucurbits I grew are dead and need to be ripped out and there are massive stick piles everywhere. We made some amazing progress but man was my back hurting after that. I had a hot shower which helped a little bit then we took it easy the rest of the day.

We've started to watch season 4 of Voyager now. I hope I can find the post where I said I first started watching Star Trek and to see how long it would take me to get through all three series. Of course I didn't tag it like I should have. But what a great day. And being outdoors and doing all that stuff really got me in the mood for gardening again. I'd love to do something with that side yard that used the be the pumpkin patch. I don't know what yet but I started thinking about ordering seeds and neat stuff I'd like for there. I should think about getting cinder blocks again and making those raised be gardens I want. I still want that one desert garden in the center. There's this one type of flowering vine that grows and I have never been able to kill it no matter how far back I cut it or if I even cut the roots as it spreads underground. I'm going to try to cut it short this year and get some plant killer and see if I can't destroy it once and for all. It's a rubbery plant too that's hard to cut and hard to burn. It's been a problem ever since we moved in and I hate it.
I just found out the type of plant I am fighting is a type of clerodendrum. And I also ended up IDing a wild plant in the same family possibly Clerodendrum indicum that gets all these red flowers that look like fleshy starish with a bunch of black fleshy beads in the center.

But over all yesterday was great and did almost everything that had to be done.
17 February 2016 @ 07:46 pm
Posting this for reference also as I think I am in one right now.

The NT/NF Death Spiral

Summary: Relationships between NT and NF personalities have often been noted to follow a particular pattern as they progress.

Stage 1: NT meets NF. NF is enamoured of NT, falls head over heels. NT is characteristically cautious, but interested. NFs are fun, after all.

Stage 2: NF appreciates and admires many characteristics of the NT and thus begins to behave more like an NT, perhaps even fooling the NT into thinking s/he is an NT. NT then relaxes, figuring s/he's with a kindred spirit, gets more comfortable with the relationship, starts acting like normal NT self, expecting to
be understood.

Stage 3: NF feels NT cooling off and wonders what s/he is doing wrong. Tries to
be more like NT to compensate. This doesn't feel right. NF gets needy and/or begins to consider is her/his duty to draw the NT out of her/his shell, encouraging the
NT to express all those feelings buried deep inside. NT doesn't get it.

Stage 4: NT feels pressure from NFs emotional demands, needs distance to figure things out. (This might be only INTs. I'm not sure.) NF panics, becomes more needy. NT withdraws more...NF needs more...and so on and so on.

Stage 5: NF suddenly realizes that the reason things aren't working is that the
NT is cold and unfeeling or not nurturing or some other horrible thing. Abandons NT without looking back. (This is especially likely with the NFPs.) NT is confused and (sometimes) relieved.

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16 February 2016 @ 08:23 am
I'm very happy that yesterday I was able to recover all the photos off the memory card. I don't know if doing the eraser trick on the metal plates worked or if if the printer I used has was more sensitive. Whatever the case I moved everything to Chris's computer then I will delete the memory card and trash it. As for the camera I have not yet tested if it still works or if the battery will charge. Recovering the photos was more important and I did get some great pics that day. I will upload those soon once I get them on my laptop. I had photos on there all the way back to Nov as that was my primary camera til I got my new on for Christmas.

And I'm happy to have started writing Fear's Lost Memory. A bit odd that I'm writing that before To Vanquish Fear as that one comes first. Perhaps I can work on both at once. Perhaps it's because I can release the lost memory story without too many spoilers while To Vanquish Fear has huge spoilers for FBTF.

I have seen the replies you guys left here. Thank you. I will catch up on those soon. I'm behind again.

I had some bad plant losses over the winter like always. This time due to lack of light and drying out. I need to do better next winter. I lost all my N. Khasiana which is horrible. They are a super easy plant. It's endangered and the only nepenthes from India. Nearly all the original venders I used to buy from are gone so this species has become near impossible to replace. My lovely large N. bicalcarata bit the dust. That was the snake fanged pitcher. I was so proud of that one. Terrible just terrible loss. I still have a small one. Finding replacements will be hard. And a few others that the losses have sucked so badly. I've sent out emails to some vendors but gotten no response from all but one.

So good news and bad news. That's about all.
13 February 2016 @ 10:43 am
What a great time we had. On the way back we didn't think anything would happen but then I had the idea to go to the Manatee viewing center at the Big Bend Power plant. But it didn't open until 10. So we waited at a near by plant shop.

How cool this looks with the power plant in the background. So many cool plants. I'd love to work at a place like this or own my own.

Kumquats. A typical view to see citruses in Florida growing like this. I thought this looked pretty.

They had ornamental grass. This feathery one was so pretty in the morning light.
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I'm also very happy because Chris helped me brain storm the Lost Memory story. We have figured out the beginning finally of why Fear was falling. Also I think I have figured out the motivations of this villain. So hopefully I can start to write it.
11 February 2016 @ 05:40 pm
Today was a good day over all but before that I'll show pics from last night.

I hooked up the laptop to the TV. I love doing this in hotels.

I love seeing my art on TV's. Though this one looked terrible. Notice I set up Fear in the corner.

Getting ready to watch Star Trek Voyager. Oh notice we have a fridge and a microwave. We used the fridge but not the microwave this time.

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So despite the disappointments and the wet camera the day was still a great one. Chris had a wonderful time. We then went to a kayak shop called Economy Tackle and it was pretty neat. We're relaxing the rest of the day in our room. My back is hurting quite a bit. But I'm glad of everything we did.
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10 February 2016 @ 07:34 pm
Ok so we had a good day today. I hurt my back yesterday when I washed the kayaks though. So annoying. I've been loving how I haven't had ANY back pain in weeks maybe months. But woke up with that side pain and it's been hurting all day. But I won't let that stop me from enjoying my vacation. It's the cold air makes me tense up without realizing it. I'm also kicking myself for forgetting my heating pad. But I brought my Icy Hot cream.

So our day started typically. We went to the dump to drop off garbage and we had breakfast at Ihop. Then we came home and I got the last of the stuff together and we headed out. The drive over was nice and we had some very nice conversations. Finally started to feel like a celebration.

The hotel is ok. Quality Inn. It was a cheap room. Our room in Atlanta was way better but it's fine for a place to stay.

If you look closely you'll see my Fear figure. One problem is these beds are too small. We'll have to sleep separately. I didn't know they'd be so little. We had two queens in Atlanta so the second bed was a shelf. But it's ok.

Once we settled in I knew of a little park near by called Porto Sueno Park. I saw manatees there once. No manatees this time but lots of pelicans and a few other birds. It was windy, cold and the water had too much chop to go kayaking.

This anhinga was very angry when we got close. IT was funny though. He was cute to me and kept hissing and threatening. I wasn't scare though. Silly bird.

Fear was afraid of the water and wind.

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So now we're going to try to hook up the laptop to the TV and watch Star Trek Voyager. That should be cool. Love bringing DVD's and watching them while on vacation. I think tomorrow will be a great day with good weather. Sunny and in the 60s.