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25 July 2014 @ 08:04 am
Well my friend Mike came yesterday and he picked up all my pigeons and Henrietta. I have been having a very hard time with so many birds and Henrietta's been driving me insane being loud and jumping the fence. I have been wanting to do this for a long time now but I did have some favorite pigeons I will really miss. The flock IS better without Henrietta they are so good and quiet. I can't have the babies learning bad things from her. But she was a clam bold chicken. I picked her out as a baby because she had those traits. She was smart. Much smarter than the any other chicken I have had. When Mike was putting all the birds in his truck it kind of hit me that they are going away. I guess you could say I'm a bit sad though it's not that strong of a feeling. I'm not sure what I'm feeling it's very mild but constantly there. But both Mike and Chris reminded me they live just down the road and I can go visit. I do want to do that. I want to see where Henrietta will live. I warned them not to cage her too long with the new hens because they might beat her up. He told me his hens are smaller. Oh dear. In that case Henrietta might beat them up and take over. I told him she's my dominant hen. He told me he lets them free range which is good and at night they have a coop of some sort to sleep in. So that's good. I hope she will learn how to go home to it. It won't be easy for her at first not knowing where to go. And I told him to not let the pigeons fly ever or they'll all come back to me. All but two. There are two babies that have never been outside. So this will be my first morning that should be easier with much fewer birds. I do miss them already. But it had to be done. Their life spans are too long for me to wait them out. Now all that's left is to find a home for Daimon my macaw. I would have much rather he go first but he's going to be hard to get rid of since he is mean and has weird problems. It is so nice and quiet this morning. It was 10 pigeons and Henrietta that left yesterday.

Other than that I'm having a very nice time. I put the gopro camera in Bullet's cage. She's afraid of it. Not good. She loves my other two cameras but I hope she'll get used to this one. I left it in there over night. I want her to go up to it and get some videos of her landing. She can't be afraid. I hope she'll be bold around it like she is with my Canon that she even attacks that one sometimes.

I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt I was at school and these birds flew over head. Some fell out of the sky and they looked like plucked egrets. They were on a ledge higher than me so I could see them but was taken how they didn't try to shard to escape and I could pet them just barely. I saw one to my right and it was really bald and felt I couldn't leave it there. I also didn't know what they were. So I picked it up and regardless of what anyone might say I decided to take it home to raise. It needed help. I tried to ID it so I put it in front of me. The eyes were to the sides and forwards like a bird of prey. The skin was light gray like a young falcon or eagle. But he was HUGE. About five pounds and I could hug him like a pillow. From the front the beak was like a mix between a bird of prey and a parrot so I didn't know what he was. I opened his beak with my finger. I'd be in his mouth a lot since I would be hand feeding him and I had to figure out how. I thought I could tell by the shape of his tongue. Raptors and Parrots have different tongues. See how logical I am even in an illogical world? His tongue was more rounded so more like a parrot but not so round as one. How annoying. But I decided he was a bird of prey. He had pin feathers coming in only on his wings. All his flight feathers. I carried him around in a hug and he didn't move. I LOVE that. And that was all. I woke up still wondering what he was and how I'd feed him as though he had come into the real world. I may try to draw that front view as that was the most impacting thing for me.

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24 July 2014 @ 08:23 am
Things are going pretty well. I got so many nice things for my birthday this year. Check out the haul.

You can read what everything is here

This is a gift from Suzi of Influenza or The Flu. I was so happy about this silly thing. My first plush Giant Microbe and now I want to collect so many of them. But I think this will always be my fave because of the simple but adorable shape. I wonder if the museum I worked at carries them. I got an answering machine when I called and didn't want to leave a message. I may try again some other time or if we're in the area just go to the store. I prefer to buy things locally sometimes and this is one case where I'd like that so I can hold and see them for myself.

And Chris got me the GoPro Hero 3+ Black. I didn't like it at first because of the stupid fish bowl effect. But there's nothing that can be done about it. It's the lens. I noticed how round it was. I find it funny this camera is so geared to the SP personality type. It does give you a very wide field of view to capture the whole experience. I may be able to get rid of that effect in Sony. I need to look into it. But the quality of the images makes up for that. And the accessories you can buy for this are just so darn cool. I love that aspect. It's like having an action figure and buying more guns and vehicles for him. Chris bought me the floaty back door so it won't sink. I'm waiting for the head strap so you can get a first person of what I'm doing. Some of the things I want to do are film my feeding routine of all my birds. And well there a bunch more things I want to get for my camera.

Yesterday we drove around with it on the dashboard and filmed out trips. I also want to film timelapse of my nepenthes. I just need to figure out how to keep it powered for days. This will be awesome on our trip. And I hope that by this Friday I can have the whole thing paid off. I need to start saving after that and rebuild my funds.

I really need to post the next chapters of No Longer One. Perhaps today I can do that.
Oh and I got Rio 2. I did not like it. I must write a review for it here.
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18 July 2014 @ 11:42 am
Well I had a very nice birthday. actipton80, I got your letter yesterday and LOVED it. I'm not picky about details when it's a gift art. It's the thought that counts. I will post that on DA soon enough. I appreciate everything you said too. Thank you. I'm feeling much better today and like that it arrived on my birthday.

I got lots of cool things yesterday but am still waiting on a few more gifts in the mail. I will take a pic of everything once it all arrives. I'm dying to show it now but don't want to do an updated or part two pic because I didn't have everything yet.

I do have a bunch of pics I want to share. Chris took me to Bok Tower Garden on the 16th. It rained but that didn't stop me and got soaked. I didn't stay as long as I would have liked though because my back started to hurt from my shorts getting heavy with rain.

Luckiy I planned for that and brought my water proof camera. I only took some pics with my normal one then had to switch to that. BTW, if you guys don't have a DA please get one. It's unlikely Chris will post here again and he posts all his cool photos over there and makes journals there too. Earthmother, Actiption80, I'm looking at you

Ok so here are some pics.

The entrance to Bok Tower.

Bok TowerCollapse )

Yesterday we did a garbage run then went for breakfast. I had strawberry banana pancakes. I opened my gifts in the morning. We played our games for a while. Then we went to Staples in the evening to get a memory card for my new camera. I'll talk more about that in another post. I saw a nice book bag. I'm looking into getting something smaller for travel that can hold my laptop, art supplies and electrical chords. My current laptop bag is too big. I got it so it could hold my art tablet which is bigger than my laptop. But really I don't often travel with my tablet so I need something less cumbersome. I need to upgrade my camera bag too since I have more cameras now but still keep it on the small side too.

Then Chris got me an Oreo milkshake at Sonic as my "cake" and we watched Flight of Dragons. I was so tired yesterday from Bok Tower and was hurting so yesterday was a day to relax and rest my back. I got some very nice gift art on DA too I'm happy about.
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14 July 2014 @ 08:09 am
Good news. I'm feeling much better. I'm hesitant to say I'm well because I don't think I am totally but it's so much better than what I went through. I found out one big problem was my computer chair. I didn't use it for a day and noticed an improvement. I had to get a file off my main computer a day later and only sat less than five minutes and it really started to hurt in the same place. So I have been using Chris's couch and living room couch and just gaming or on the laptop. A few days of that and it's already better. I have to remember to not work for hours and hours on the computer. I will be able to go back to it. I have had this happen before. But I need to remember to take breaks and get up and move around.

Well I hope that I can work on some art today. I really wanted to yesterday but never hooked up my tablet to my laptop. My Skyrim George game is going very well. I finally got the outfit I had been wanting for him but it turned out to be a big disappointment. Here's what I wanted.

These are the Thalmore robes and closest thing in the game to a duster. They are very nice. The problem is all of them have 12% destruction magic on them and they are not armor. George is not a mage and the fact that none come with no enchantment really sucks. I like to put increased health and a second attribute on body clothing especially if they have no protective value. Perhaps faster health regeneration. With my enchanting maxed out I can do loads better than 12%. But you can't enchant something that already has one. So these are no good to me. He may as well not be wearing anything. But then I found this armor.

I hadn't planned to use too much heavy armor but this is made from the chitin of a charus. A creature that kind of looks like a centipede. So it's bug armor. It's not his final look though. There is one more bug armor I want to get him because the back plates are close to how
I imagine his plates in hybrid from. So I haven't finalized his look yet or gotten all my enchantment skills to where I want them yet. Still a long way to go. It's a bit annoying how long you have to play this game before you can get your character the way you want them.

Well I don't have any plans for my birthday yet. Chris will get the day off which will be awesome to actually celebrate ON my birthday with him. I've already gotten some gifts. I ordered some things from Amazon and I can't wait to get them. I hope they arrive in time. I used a gift card so lots of stuff will be arriving in the mail.

So we're still watching Star Trek TNG. We just started season four. I wanted to watch it again mostly because I wanted to analyze the Data/Picard interactions now that I know Myers Briggs. But I didn't think that this time around I'd be paying so much attention to Worf. I'm taken by him because he's just like George. My gosh he could be George with the way he reacts to things. He has a hard time controlling his emotions. Mostly he's grumpy. And one thing I find interesting is he gets annoyed when others start talking about theoretical sciencey stuff. George would too. He doesn't understand half the stuff Leeanix says when she tells him about what she just learned. He gets annoyed when she asks too many questions too because he can't answer them to her satisfaction. He's has fierce loyalty following orders even if he doesn't understand them or they go against his nature. George is this way too. But in the end with a good leader they do as told because they know in the end it will make sense and they respect them for that. Something George would say is, "It is not for us to question but to follow. It will make sense in the end." So I think Worf is a good study for me to finally understand and perhaps portray George's feeling side better. He tries to control it but in the end he can't and he blows up.
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11 July 2014 @ 08:10 pm
Well I was actually right the first time. Gamma died. Chris found her on her back in the coop. She had been looking for a place to die. I'm glad she finally chose the coop and not the bushes. Yesterday she got wet in the rain. I put her on the perch while we dug her grave. Raptor came over and said good by. She looked at her and made sad noises.

Her leg band. I will retire it and save it.

The last photo I took of her. I took this yesterday. She kept sitting in plants and weird places like this. Now I know what she was looking for. She was my only pink egg layer. And she was only 4 years old. Chickens can live to be 10.
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11 July 2014 @ 12:10 pm
Need to write these before I forget. My mind was inventing species again last night. Something it likes to do often. I dreamt I was at a bird show and was buying blue finches. They looked just like Java Rice Finch but were bright turquoise with grey beaks. The males were brighter than the females. I was getting a few pairs for breeding. Then I was back at my childhood home and there were all these bugs crawling around outside and there were rocks and a sidewalk. I found a giant dead centipede in pieces. I should have realized I was dreaming as my mind missed these obvious cues. The whole thing was a pale white and had a heavy shell. The head was huge about 6 inches across. I turned it over and only the venom claws were the typical reddish with black tips. Kinda colored like a termite. I wondered how long it was since it was dead and broken. I then found the tail end and was amazed how long the feelers were. Usually they are the same length to slightly longer than the legs. But these were super long and floppy and grey. Then I saw another one that was live but it was wrong. It had the head of centipede by two pairs of legs per segment. "What's going on? Only millipedes have two pairs per segment." I said and left puzzled. This is what I hate how I question the obvious but then quickly accept it after I question it. Obvious dream sign I missed. It was black with orange dots on the sides of each segment. Very beautiful and abnormally long. It was thin like a normal millipede but was like 15 feet long. No wonder these things were getting chopped and killed. Another clue I missed this was a dream. Both these species were made up. Then I went to a beach restaurtant like the pier I was recently at. And they were cooking the bigger ones and taking out the meat. I was going to try one and they were boiling the meat in water and it looked just like plant tubers. And they told me they taste like plants. I know why I dreamt that too. It's because I watched a video of a guy cutting the giant tuber of an Amorphophallus paeoniifolius and it looked just like that in the dream. The video disturbed me a bit because they are such awesome rare flowers. In real life when I talked to the vendor he told me he doesn't spray anything on them because some people buy them for eating. He asked if I would eat mine. Yikes! No. Hehe, my plants are actually like pets. I couldn't cut them up and eat them. Not unless they had replaceable parts like tomatoes that wouldn't kill the whole plant.

Well because I haven't been well I haven't done any art and I feel bad about that. It's always on my mind and I don't want to lose motivation. I don't want Renegade to become another unfinished project like so many others have. I just don't feel the passion for it anymore but don't worry I haven't called it quits yet. Listening to the song doesn't help anymore either. But I hope to put my files on the laptop and try to work on my digital art at some point even if I'm laid out on the couch.

Quick rant. Youtube changed the coding of their embed boxes. Now all my posts with videos are ruined. They only show color backgrounds and they don't work. Guess I'll write to the owner of that coding page and let him know again and hopefully he can make it work. I know my old posts will be ruined still but I like how youtube used to have lovely colored borders. It's one of the things they changed that was for the worse.
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07 July 2014 @ 07:48 am
My three species of Amorphophallus are doing well. They have all come out of the ground now. I'm thinking of buying a new one I don't have Amorphophallus paeoniifolius. Look that up on google images. Found a local grower selling on ebay and wrote them to ask if they allow local pick up so I can save on shipping. The shipping was expensive for the small bulb you get. They said yes and gave me their address. Since I just had some money come back my way I may get two. I'm just waiting to hear back from him to find out if Weds would be a good day to go out to his nursery. So I have some photos to share.

This is A. titanum. Mine's such a baby still. It will be a year old in August.

A. bulbifer.
I also have an A. konjac just coming out of the ground.

Chicks, Star Trek and space stuffCollapse )

I'm still gaming. I had to restart my game because I forgot to put in George's last name. I just reached level 20 so now I'm where I was on my other play through. I am having fun with it. Can't wait to level all his traits and get his right outfit and weapons. I still don't really feel like doing art right now. But I will try to finish one piece that's about half way done. I hope I can work on something today.

I wonder why subject bars don't have spell check? This one doesn't and neither does the one on DA.

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05 July 2014 @ 08:04 am
Yesterday was nice. I was upset Chris had to work and got a call in the morning. Who's thinking about leaks on the 4th anyway? I had a feeling it would be his only one and I was right. He came home pretty soon which I was happy about. I managed to clean the patio before he came home. It rained the night before and it was gross for the first time since the chicks have been out there. We went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant and then we stayed home and gamed. We've both been playing Skyrim. He's using Leeanix and I'm using George. We also watched Independence Day which is a tradition for us to watch every 4th of July. It always rains on the 4th. I have never in all my life had a dry 4th. Sometimes the rain stops just in time for the shows at 9pm. But not this time. We bought little fireworks but only set off one fountain and one smoke bomb. Certainly too wet for snakes.

I have not worked on any art in days. I've been so wrapped up in my game. I do feel bad about it and think about it a lot. But seems my mind is more focuses on that right now. I'm still Dizzy when I get up but it's not so strong when I go to bed. Now I sometimes mildly feel it when I'm sitting. I don't know if that's better or worse. I did clean my ears out. I have to keep that up and perhaps have Chris pour peroxide in them. I don't know if my ears are the problem. They don't hurt. I wake up so tired.

I just realized the text here looks black again. I think it does. I hope they changed it back because grey on white was really stupid.

On the second we picked up a cool new Xbox controller because the old one was messing up the game.

Shinny blue! We love it. Works great and feels really nice. The back is black so it's got a good grip and isn't slippery.

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01 July 2014 @ 10:38 am
Happy July 1st. Today is the best I have felt in a long time. I'm afraid to say I'm well because I don't trust it. But I woke up with very little stiffness and almost no pain. But I think the fibro stuff is going on still because I have been very dizzy when I go to bed. Feels like the bed turned into a flying carpet. Luckily it stops when it matters. When I'm up and about.

I'm disappointed that because I have been ill we won't get to go to Atlanta this month. Every time we try to do this something comes up. We've been trying to go back since 2008. But I'd rather be sick for this than for my Oct vacation. I hope I am fully recovered by then. I'm back on the healthy diet again. I'm going to try to do two weeks of just meat and veggies again. We'll see if I make it. By around day 7 I start cheating. I am allowing myself some grains like cereal and milk just for that as well as small amounts of bread. But I will try to not have bread if possible. It's just that sandwiches are the easiest things to get. What else is there to eat that doesn't require time to prepare even at at a restaurant? Anyway, hopefully that will work out for me.

I have so much art I have been working on and most of it is in the inking stage and going slow. I'm coloring the Copes' wedding pic and hope that will turn out decent. I am not giving it my all like I should. So far it's in the shading stage. I may put up some of my Innocence Lost art that isn't spoiler to the story. Wish I could post Jet Shoe Kick. I LOVE that drawing. As for what's in the works. I'm inking Gallemotch's one page comic, George and Leeanix, Renegade page 4 and Centipede and Raven cover. Centipede and Raven is another comic that I don't entirely know what the story is about. The premise is, a raven spares the life of a centipede he was going to eat. He lets him come with him on his travels, but other birds do not like that this raven has befriended his food. I'm not too happy with the cover so far but I'll keep at it because it may look better once totally done. Working with black creatures is annoying too for coloring as you have to do your base color a few shades lighter than black so you can still shadow darker.

And I finally finished coloring this one.

Click for full size. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I've stared playing Skyrim again and made George. He turned out ok.

He looks best from the front but not so good form the side. The hair is acceptable. It's not poofy enough or layered. And no bald spots. I have discovered that in most well probably all games I have to play George without his hat. He's never going to have an awesome hat like he did in Red Dead. BUT You guys know I always like to photomanipulate to show what my ideal look would be.

I named this one If Only. This isn't the final outfit for him either. I haven't found the cloak I want for him. It's probably not available at these lower levels. Oh and I don't like his build but there were only options for skinny and muscular. So I went with muscular just to make him big. Not pleased with his lower body. I'm playing him as an archer because that's the closest thing to guns. I'm building up his sneak skill too since he's supposed to be a silent assassin. I'm not going to do much magic with him. It's not his style. I'm thinking of making Ophidius next as he would fit in perfectly in this world the way Owen and Sorath almost did. In fact he may fit in better as I wrote a lot his story in this time period.


Decided to make gamer cards for my other accounts.

I will eventually make another for Gallemotch. Then I can have that icon that Thagirion3 has and use Davon again for him. My primary account with the most games is Owen but that may change. Hum, I don't know why they didn't come out side by side. I put them all without entering and no spaces on the codes.

EDIT:EDIT: Well I went ahead and made a Gallemotch account. Perhaps this will be my main account now. I really don't care about all the achievements I will lose that I've gotten on Owen. I have no desire to play those games again just for the score. That kind of thing has never interested me. Here it is with no games so far.

I need to move it my Xbox. It's on Chris's right now. I also need to write down the codes for the other avatars. I was able to create George by looking at a screen cap. I wrote them down on paper but Need to keep a log here on LJ that I update if I make new ones. I don't have Davon, Ophidius or George written down. Bad centipede girl!
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25 June 2014 @ 11:18 am
I felt better a few days ago but today my back is hurting. I hate all this up and down stuff and wish I'd just get better already. I can't go out very long and I seem to get better in the evenings but wake up hurting in the mornings. Marie Selby Botanical is having a great time right now as two of their Amorphophallus titanum are flowering. One bloomed and the second is about to be in bloom and I missed it. I don't know if I can do a long trip to Sarasota and even when I could Chris is working. It's ok we need the money but it's frustrating not having a working vehicle and feeling bad on top of that. My titan arrum is doing well. It's so tiny. It will be years before it can make its first flower. I have it under the oak tree. My A bulbifers have made little trees and my A. konjac is just starting to poke out of the ground. I need to get pics.

Speaking of pics I want to post the last batch from my trip to Marie Selby and Earthmother's.

Hoya Kerii. Best known for its heart shaped leaves.

There were some bikes parked by Earthmother's gallery. I liked this one that had a macaw ringer and a coconut bottle holder.

This is the City Pier on Anna Marie Island. This place was really cool and had a seafood restaurant.

More Anna Marie Island picsCollapse )

So yes I had a very lovely weekend that week.

I'm frustrated with my art right now. Everything is in the inking stage and it's going very slowly. I will also have to start posting the next chapters of my story here.
17 June 2014 @ 07:24 am
Well my back is doing better. Very little stiffness in the mornings now, but yesterday my left toes started to hurt. I was actually at my desk working on art when I felt it start. Feels like they are broken or swelling up. Lots of pressure. I didn't sleep too well. Woke up this morning worried it would be swollen like my finger was that time but they look normal so it's probably just another fibro attack. So what I'm going through is not over yet. I really worry this might be another three month ordeal. I don't ever want to go through that again.

I made two videos yesterday. One is of the falcons I saw on the ship. Chris wrote and played all the music. I'm too tired to code it so I will do that later for now I will just post the link.
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14 June 2014 @ 12:15 pm
B Day is about a month away. If anyone wants to get me anything, no one is required of course, I like to put these lists up a month ahead of time. If you can't buy something I LOVE gift art of my character. I won't put a bunch of plant stores this year because even though I want plants many aren't selling what I want this time around. There is only one place I want to order from.

* Gift art of George/Gallemotch
* Gift art of budgies
* Gift from Grassy Knoll Exotic Plants
* US Amazon Wish List
* UK Amazon Wish List
* Ebay gift card
* Best Buy Gift card
* 1 oz silver coins from either U.S. Canada, Australia, Austria or Mexico.
* Paypal budgie_butts at yahoo dot com

I'm listing Best Buy this time because I'm hoping for a camera or that Go Pro video Camera I mentioned several post ago. Would be awesome to have that on the trip. Thanks everyone. Oh and it's July 17.
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14 June 2014 @ 09:59 am
Yesterday I felt much better. I still have some pain and stiffness but I can stand much straighter and am not longer all crooked. I can't wait for this to be over. I feel my energy level is back to normal at least which is great. I can stay in my computer chair for longer periods of time. I'm sick of using the laptop. I have been writing my story a lot though and made good progress on it. Still not much art but I can't wait til I can get back on my puter and start working on the pieces I left when this all started.

Yesterday was Friday the 13 and a full moon. That won't happen again until 2049. Yikes! What a shame. But what's worse is that it was raining and cloudy so we didn't get to see it. And it was the same with all my friends too. Seems nearly the whole country had clouds. I always have a good day on Friday the 13th. I love them but I think that's the only bad luck I have ever had. Chris really wanted to get pics of the moon with his new camera. Tonight might not be any better. May have to wait til next full moon. But it was a nice day. I felt improvement and I had a nice time with Chris once he got home. Later today I will book a birding tour in Nassau. The minimum is two people and because I don't think too many people think about birds on vacations that it would be great if it was just Chris and I and we got the guide all to ourselves. That's what I'm hoping for. So now I have shore excursions booked for each island. The only things left are to book the show Chicago which is complimentary and the All Access Tour. Chicago is a musical that takes place in the 1920's. So lots of gangster themes and old cars. I think it will be nice. Plus I hear it's about a villainess that wins so I'm looking forward to that. And she has a scum bag lawyer that I'm hoping will be like Ophidius. The All Access tour takes you behind the scenes on the ship. The highlights for me are visiting the bridge, meeting the captain, seeing engineering and seeing the helicopter pad. But I need to save up before I can book that one. I wonder when it is available. Hopefully on a day at sea so it won't conflict with the island stuff. Last time I regret not having gone to see the show Come Fly Away because it's not part of the line up this year. Check out this video of the highlight of the show.
Yeah we really missed out. Remember this is a play on a ship. Amazing.

After this post I will post my B Day wish list for next month.

And hopefully I can be on here more that I'm starting to feel better now.
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11 June 2014 @ 03:13 pm
I'm still not doing so great. It's been just over a week since my back and my fibro started acting up. I've been in and out of bed with all the symptoms I mentioned before. I'm very stiff in the mornings and can't stand up straight. It seems to slowly be getting better though. Today I feel very weak and tired. I hope this is my one bad illness for the year because I want to be in great shape for my travels.

Speaking of which I have booked a shore excursion that will take us to Maho Beach in St. Maarten so we can go see the airplanes. I'm VERY happy about that as the airport is famous for one of the most dangerous runways in the world. The reason is the island is small so there were few places to put a runway. And there are mountains. So the planes have a short runway to land on. And take offs are dangerous too because the have to climb quickly to clear the mountains. Pilots of the big planes need a special license and lots of experience before they are allowed to land at this airport. It made it onto this documentary about the 10 most dangerous airports at #4
So yes a must do as that's the best thing about the island. But I'm not stupid enough to hang on that fence. I already have enough physical problems with out purposely adding more. I have seen a very nasty youtube video where a girl was lifted and smashed into a concrete wall. And I have no doubt she weighed more than me. Most females my height way a lot more than I do. I'll film and take pics from the beach and from that little bar. What's weird about this tour is it also stops at Orient Beach first. I looked it up and yikes it may be a nude beach so the plan is to stay on the bus for the first part as we only care about Maho and the airport. Oh another thing. Though they've never had an accident at this island with the planes I would only visit there by boat. I like planes but that's too dangerous to risk both take off and landing for my taste. But yeah those people in the video. So obvious they are SP personalities. I can't stand SP's. I say that stands for "stupid people". I just don't get thrill seekers that even experiencing bad is something they must try. Like the guy saying that rocks and sand don't feel good. WTF? I don't have to stand behind an airplane to know that. WTF?

As far as creative works I have only drawn a little bit. But I have mostly been writing. I'm very happy with how far I have come with No Longer One. I need to post those chapters here.

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06 June 2014 @ 09:06 am
Sorry I disappeared again. I'm hurt. Our anniversary was nice. Tuesday we went to Lettuce Lake Park and my back was hurting a bit. But I walked everywhere thinking it would be good for me. My doctor told me I should walk after all even if I feel bad. Well it was a bad idea. I was in pain that night. Had to cancel the helicopter ride on Weds. I still went to Gatorland and we met up with Badcowboy. We had a lot of fun. We've been trying to meet for a long time now since she's close in Orlando. Orlando is much closer than Sarasota. We went to the budgie aviary, and looked at the gators. But I was all twisted and had a hard time walking. I gave her her birthday gift and showed her my art on paper and on my computer. It was great chatting about characters. We want to get together again. But I was in a really bad shape. Yesterday I was in bed all day. I got some really painful surges a few times. I've been feeling electric veins going down the neck, shoulder and arms. Today I thought it would be worse. I am still in very bad shape. I have my walking stick for getting around the house. I have started a new Red Dead Redemption game on my new PS3 account. So once again I'm working to get George. So I think I started the night I made my account. I need to check the date for that. June 2, 2014. Ok so let's see how long it takes me to get to 50 to unlock George. I think last time it took me a month and a half. How I miss those extra experience weekends. I'm currently 15.

Today I hope to play, work on some art and write. I have decided Cryahgan's human name will be Haakon. His last name I'm still working on. So I'm open to suggestions. I drew an awesome pic of George yesterday for the comic.

I hope this bad spell won't last too long for me but I hope this is my one bad moment for the year so I can be healthy for all my future travels.
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02 June 2014 @ 10:34 pm
I now own two rare CD soundtracks. Both are from Rockstar Games. I got the soundtrack for Bully and for Red Dead Redemption. There are only a few songs I really liked on Bully. It doesn't come with the one for Consumo but I do have that as I found it once in good quality on youtube. The Red Dead soundtrack is great except for the last three tracks that have vocals. Those are terrible. But I can picture what forts I was in when I hear different tracks. I like this one a lot. I got them at good prices and they usually sell for a lot so they'll only go up in value.

Well I decided to make a new account on PS3 today. I was at the very last part about to confirm when the server went down. It was so annoying. So it couldn't be done through PS3 or the website. Not til later this evening did it come back and I was able to register as Gallemotch. So that's cool. I also installed my art for a wallpaper and my offline avatar. I found a nice avatar of some centipedes that worked great. But it took us a long time to figure out how to get my art on there because it's not at all user friendly. It's really stupid how you do it. That's why I wrote it in my previous post.

I got further in my art but don't feel accomplished because everything's still in the ink stages. I'm inking Ophidius for that huge city piece I'm working on that I've been on for over a year now. I'm not sure how I'm going to color all those buildings yet. I'm inking the one page comic of Gallemotch vs the Storm. Inking the pic of Leeanix looking at George's hand. And I need to start to ink the second version of Owen stabbing Ophidius and the Intentions with my Daughter pic. So yes lots of stuff with no real progress yet.

Chris was let off early today which was nice. Tomorrow and Weds we have the days off to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. Tomorrow we'll mostly do chores and take care of stuff. Weds is our anniversary and we're going to Orlando for the helicopter ride. I'm hoping we can meet up with a friend but that's iffy still.
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02 June 2014 @ 07:15 pm
I'm writing this down because it's a nightmare every time we do it because we forget. I said I'd do it last time and that was four years ago and I didn't so it happened again today.

Put images on a USB. Put USB in PS3. Under images find USB. There's no menu just hit pyramid. Then the images will appear. Select each one and do Copy. It will make a folder for the current month. Now select the image and set to background.

For avatar go to Account selection tab. First tab. Highlight name and hit pyramid. Then do select from photos and pic your avatar.

There. GAAHHHH!! What's hard about this is it doesn't tell you it's pyramid and that's a button rarely used in selecting or deselection stuff anyway. Who can figure that out? So it's very annoying each time.
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01 June 2014 @ 10:56 pm
Sorry I have not been on. I have been busy. I will try to keep up here better and post more. It's late and I'm sleeping so I'm mostly going to do an art dump.

This is a scene from the story No Longer One. I will add the next chapter here tomorrow. I don't want to spoil this just yet, but basically it's the first time Leeanix see's George's right hand without his glove. He's nervous she'll reject him after seeing that. Totally irrational and unfounded but that's how George is sometimes. Plus that's all he's faced over his life. Of course Leeanix would never do that to him or be mean to him. I just love their relationship. These two are awesome together.

Click for full size.

My newest pic. The lyrics are from Iron Savoir's Running Riot. It is perfect and fits George so well during this time period when he still had his position as 4th and would sometimes partner with Solan. These two are best friends and get along very well and work very well. Back then George wasn't as grumpy because things were as they should have been and he had a lot of power with his rank. Oh and in this time period Solan had a dark red suit as opposed to his modern outfit that's more earth tones.

Click for full size.

And I separated George by himself because you couldn't see him with Solan covering him. Wanted to show how big he is and the detail on his other hand. Sometimes I put a lot of work into my art and it gets lost covered or blurred. So I make separate versions like this.

And I made a new icon out of the second one.

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The last two days were great. Because of the holiday Chris got two inadvertent days off in a row. It was great to just be home and be together. We really needed that to just be sweet to each other. I forgot to mention that on May 16 we started to watch Star Trek TNG. The goal is a marathon to watch all the series through Voyager. We'll skip the few eps we didn't like. It's been a lot of fun so far. And we're curious how long it will take to get through the three series. And I'm sure there are days that we'll skip all together and others were we'll watch more than one. I love Picard. I totally see how he's an INTJ. I can so relate to him. No wonder he was my fave. Data's my second fave as he's the INTP.

I got some artwork done last night. Now this is all "What If" art it won't actually happen in the story.

This isn't done. I still have to draw the details on George's guns, his tail and the guy's hands in the foreground. My bad writing says, "What are your intentions with my daughter?" The main reason I drew this was to lay to rest once and for all the notion that George and Leeanix are a couple. They are not. People think, "Oh they're the same species and they have the same last name. They must be married." Nope. Of course this pic will cause other problems like, "Who's the mom?" No mom if they've read the story. And. "Who's the boyfriend?" No one. Leeanix doesn't get those feelings anymore so she wouldn't be interested in human males. It's just a drawing to get the point across. It's possible she's lured young guys so George can feed. But the whole point was to show they are not a romantic couple. There is love but it's parental love. And Leeanix is adopted so that's why there's no mother. She had real parents when she was human but has no memory of that and does not miss it. New life, complete start over for her.

Hazelnut is so pretty. Here she is on day 7 of her life. But she is a slow grower.

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Well you guys know I love Jurassic Park and I love to travel. Hawaii is one of my dream destinations. Specifically the island of Kuai. I've been looking up info for a future trip and the three primary places I want to go to. First is a helicopter tour to the falls to see Jurassic Park Falls. That would just be so amazing. I know that will be the most expensive thing. I'm sure it's going to be around $300 per person. I haven't looked but I'm guessing. Next is Kuoloa Ranch. This is where the scene where the T-rex attacks the Gallimimus happened. The other is the National Botanical Gardens at Lawai Kuai. Here's the fig tree where Dr. Grant found the raptor eggs was filmed. Those are the three must do things for me if I ever go there. And of course then see the beaches, volcanoes, snorkel and bird watch. A dream vacation. Actually here are my dream destinations for my life time.

Australia to see wild budgies and the desert
Hawaii to visit Jurassic Park locations
Peru to see Machu Pichu
Costa Rica to see Quetzals
Guatemala to see Tikal
Arizona to see the Grand Canyon and desert
Panama and Panama canal
Galapagos to travel in Darwin's footsteps

The reason I was thinking about this is because our 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up June 4th. Kinda snuck up on us and Chris asked me what I wanted to do. I had not idea but I want something special that can be done in one day. I can't leave the chicks alone to travel. Then I thought of it. I want to do a helicopter ride. The one we did in Orlando only longer. I've been wanting to refilm it since now I have a real camera and that was one of my biggest regrets having a crappy video camera when we went. And that got me thinking about helicopter rides over Jurassic Park and I started looking this up.

Well better get back to work on art and stories.

EDIT: OH forgot to say. The first exploding cucumber has come up! I'm thrilled. I hope they will thrive. They were so hard to get a hold of these seends. Had to order them from England.

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26 May 2014 @ 08:19 am
I have been working very hard on my comic the last few days and last night I finished page 3. Check it out.

Click for full size.

I hope the next page won't take as long and page 4 is one of my faves. I have page 5 drawn and I REALLY need to start drawing page 6. I like to be ahead on the pencil drawings. So from here on out everything takes place at night in the city.

Want to do a short rant about a moron I dealt with recently on DA. You guys know I hate faves without comments. When that happens I always go to their profile page and ask why they liked my art. This person has faved my stuff and never answered my questions on top of that she hides all comments by marking them as spam. Her name is mayo-senpai. So I told her that flagging things as spam does nothing. It only serves to make the flagger feel better. The reason DA doesn't even bother to look at these is because it's meant to be a placebo. People do mark anything as spam and they don't have time to investigate it. It really is a do nothing button and basically an extra hide link. Another reason is people accidentally mark things as spam too and they don't like getting notes on that either so they are just ignored. I told her I would be taking my art out of her faves because she doesn't deserve it. And I did by blocking her. This morning I get on and get a message that my pic had been faved by purvy-senpai. Really now? I miss the days when only nerds were on the internet. Not only did she not use a different name on her new account but she said she was 19 from New Zealand and posted her entire bio from her main account. Way to be sneaky. That was sarcasm in case you can't tell. I left her the comment "You're not very bright are you?" And blocked and removed my pic again. Idiot. Oh and this is the funniest thing in her bio.

I am a super nice person although i can be shy. Don't be afraid to ask me anything i would love to chat with you.

Flat out lie. She is not "a super nice person" nor does she love to chat as she marks everything as spam when people thank her for faves. I did not thank her I just asked why she liked my art which she ignored. Another moron with terrible communication skills and she wonders why people don't talk to her and have real conversations? You can't invite people to talk to you by not letting them comment and by not replying. If she makes any other accounts I will know anyway and I can keep this up. Add BearTamerAllen to the list who is a friend of hers. She doesn't want spam but she lets this person post hundreds of the same icon over and over on her page. What a hypocrite.

My chicks are growing. They are doing very well. Today they are 7 days old.

This is Hazelnut. She's the prettiest chick so far. I am following her progress and doing a daily pic of her like I did with Bullet. And like Bullet it's hard to get a pic of her because she keeps running to the camera.

Chick picsCollapse )

I still need to upload the photos from my trip so as always I'm behind on stuff.
21 May 2014 @ 09:47 pm
Well today was great. I got my new baby chicks. Check this out.

I'm not sure which ones are which yet especially two of the black ones. So this is how the names are supposed to go.

Hoboken - Jersey Giant
Melon - Salmon Faverolles
Amaretto - Buff Orpington
Latte - Olive Egger
Hazelnut - Olive Egger
Leafie - White Marans

There were no substitutions and I got everything I asked for. Leafie might be the dominant hen in this group. She's very outgoing just like her name sake.

In other chicken news; I'm seriously considering getting rid of Henrietta. She's so loud, demanding, fence hopper and the other chickens copy her bad habits because she's the dominant bird. When she's not around the flock is perfect. I can't have the new babies being taught bad things. I need a quiet flock first and foremost and I can't have her teaching them how to jump the fence. I'm going a bit mad how many days nothing pleases her. Not food, treats, being in the house or using the nest. If I had no neighbors I wouldn't care I guess, but still she shouldn't wander off to where a predator could get her too like a dog. This is not easy for me as I do love her and her good traits but her bad ones are so bad. Chris has a cousin that owns a farm and I'm hoping he'll take good care of her. I don't know. We haven't heard back yet. My chickens need to be pets I can let out in the morning and not worry about or be checking on all the time. Then lock them up at night. Easy maintenance. I'm not impressed with Rhode Island Reds.

Other than that I'm very happy with my new hens. We also went to see Godzilla today. It was surprisingly good. Not the greatest but not terrible either. I will do a full review on that later on. And Chris got his new camera today after that. I was so happy to go out with him and get it. It's a Canon Powershot SX50 HS. Of course it's brand new so he doesn't know what to think yet but we both loved the reviews on it.
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19 May 2014 @ 02:48 pm
I'm back! I had a wonderful time with earthmother45. We went to Marie Selby and had a great time there. Both days were just gorgeous. They weren't too hot and they were sunny. The coolest thing we saw at the botanical garden was a baby barred owl that had recently fledged. He was still downy and had a stubby tail. He kept looking at all the people taking pics and walking under his branch. We took lots of pics. I also took videos. The water was lovely being on the coast. I got to go inside the mansion for the first time because they had a photo exhibit on display. The tea house had free tea tasting like always but I can never tell without sugar. Then we came home and I hooked up the computer to the TV and we watched Megamind. I wanted to share one of my favorite cartoon movies with her. We also chatted about my story and art which was nice. We were so tired though because we had too much excitement.

The next day I got up early and looked around Earthmother's garden. Oh I brought her some plants. A Nepenthes alata boschiana mimic, some leaf cuttings of Hoya archiboldii and a Stapelia hirsuta. After a nice breakfast we went to see her studio. That was nice because it was closed so there was no one in there. She had her display and there were other paintings and photos by other artists too. When leaving I spotted some parrots in cages and I wanted to stop thinking it was a pet store. It wasn't but the owner had their pet parrots on display. Lots of macaws, Amazons and African greys. One blue and gold really liked me and of course I liked that too. Then we went to the pier and ate at the City Pier Restaurant. It really reminded me of the pier in GTA 5. We ate there and I had a yummy blackend grouper sandwich. There was a little bridge too and there was a great view of the water. There were holes in the palm trees for Blue Crowned Conures. I saw several wild parrots actually. Mostly Nandays. Then we went for a short walk on the Cocina Beach uh...shoot I forgot the name of it. But it wasn't the beach but a nice little estuary on the other side of the busy beach. I loved that and want to go back one day to explore it fully. We went home and Chris came over. We had burgers for dinner and strawberry short cake for desert. The short cake was great. Chris brought he new guitar George and played. Then it was a long drive home. We almost made it before sundown but not quite.

Ok time for some pics. Oh and I had to upload these to flickr because DA is stupid again. I can't submit anything but everything else works. I know I'm not making it sound like a great place lately. I don't know why they are screwing up so badly but when they don't it really is a nice place and I do recommend those of you here join there as a back up. Good to have more than one place to chat on if one goes down.

Day 1.

I-75 South Ruskin Rest stop

This was the rest stop on I75 South in Ruskin. I was very happy because I saw a white winged dove for the first time here on the 17th. I need to add that to my list. White winged doves are not like Mourning Doves though and you can't get close so I couldn't ever get a pic. Not happy about that.

Entrance of greenhouse

The first thing you see when you enter Marie Selby's green house.

More picsCollapse )

And I just got the email from My Pet Chicken that my chicks have shipped. They hatched today. YAY!! I should get them between Tuesday and Thursday. I hope it's tomorrow though. I've got the tank all clean and ready for them. I found their food and water things and have their baby food. So close! I can't wait!

Happy Birthday to silvolf. I got you something from Amazon so watch your mail.
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Well as far as the internet goes it's been a bad week for me on Deviantart, Youtube and Livejournal. Seems all three are back up and running now at least. So for now it is possible for you got stay on the "old" system of LJ. I say "old" in quotations because I remember three changes ago and I consider that the best "old" version before they screwed up so much. People use LJ because they don't like facebook, twitter or tumblr. People that use LJ are just more intelligent because they're more articulate. We know how to communicate and actually write decent amounts of text about our interesting lives unlike the fluff on the other sites. I was a member of tumblr for a very short time and found that there is no originality on that site. People just pass on something someone else wrote. I'm not there to see something by someone else I'm there to read about you. Since that doesn't happen and people couldn't comment to me I quit. LJ wins by leaps and bounds again.
Does the type box look lighter to you? Grr I think they changed that. Great it was fine in black text. Now grey text makes it harder to see. Not good for old people and people with bad eye sight. Thanks jerks.

Youtube now. You guys know that I can't comment because I refuse to get a google plus account. Well now I can't read comments directly on the videos either. A "safety mode" is on. That's a load of BS because if you go into your settings there's no option to turn "safety mode" on or off. You click the link to view the comments and it takes you to the comment page with the three thumbnails. This is just another thing implemented to punish people like me that refuse to join into their evil "community". I really miss commenting and chatting with my friends there and with strangers. I love finding random videos and saying, "Hey I liked your video." Or. "I've been there too." Or things like that or asking questions. All I can do is upload, view and thumbs up. It wouldn't surprised me if they forced me to get a google plus by saying those that don't get will have their accounts deleted. That would totally not surprise me as these types of harassments to get you to join become worse and worse. There will be those like me that will hold fast no matter what unless they make a power play like that. So I am forced to get around these things by posting my videos here and on DA so I can get my comments anyway or give other contact info which is my small war on google as it gets people off their site and into mine. And yes I do have friends that comment to me here or on DA for my videos so it is working. Just not as much as I would have liked. I also have email friends for those that don't have either.

I do want to mention how I have been using youtube and really been enjoying it. I've been using it as a research tool. I look up videos on ships and also locations and tours by these ships. I look up specific rooms people have been in and I look up documentaries and tech reviews. I now use the recommended videos section on the front page more than I use my subscribers page. Since I can't talk to my subscribers and they don't post interesting things I look forward to watching I may just remove the majority from my watch. I don't watch them anyway. But yes I LOVE the recommended videos. Just watched a great series on info about binoculars as I'm thinking of getting a smaller travel pair with higher magnification than my big bird watching ones. Something water proof too.

Ok enough of that. I actually didn't come on to rant but I am angry about all this stuff. So tomorrow I will be going away to spend the weekend with my friend earthmother45. I'm very excited about this. Chris will take me there in the morning and pick me up Sunday evening. I have been taking it easy yesterday and today to rest my back. But silly me ate some cheese doodles yesterday. They're made of corn. I knew they were made of corn bu they were spicy as they are jalapeño poppers. I am allergic to corn it makes me sick. But I figured since I was eating them with a sandwich I'd be ok. I didn't eat the whole bag. I had maybe five puffs. But nope now I'm kinda sick and have no energy today. But I think I can be over this today and be fine for tomorrow. Sucks though because there are some things I wanted to do around the house but I just don't feel like it. I also haven't really worked on my comic any. I had planned to work on it today but still no progress and still stuck on frame one.

After this post I may get off and go watch something. I want to take it easy and try to get better then start packing my bag. I'll bring a movie too I think she'll like.

I've been looking into the GoPro Hero black 3+ sports video camera. I hear it's what the professional documentary film makers use to make movies with. It's super tiny but takes wonderful HD videos. It come with a case that makes it water and shock resistant. You can dive deep with it or mount it on a helmet for a first person view of what you're doing. You can mount it on a bike too. I think I'm starting to discover the kind of photographer I am. I never would have thought this being that I'm such a nerd but I think I'm a "sports" photographer in the sense that I'm rough with my cameras. I take them out into the fields, the jungles, get them wet, swim with them and want to record my experiences. Very SP personality like. From what I've seen on youtube a lot of these people are SP types which I don't get along with. But I do have a very well developed SE (extroverted sensing) despite it being my inferior. I share that with the SP's. It's all about experience for me, recording the experience and then as an introvert reliving it again in my room after the experience is over. Hence why I watch my previous vacation videos so much. I first found this out when I got my Fuji underwater camera. It's a "sports" camera. It will certainly be getting a work out....that reminds me I need to go charge that right now....well this sucks. I can't find the charger. So anyway I want that go pro camera. Probably not this year as I can't afford it unless somehow money comes my way. It's not that expensive for all that it can do and you can get so many cool accessories for it. So yes probably my next major camera purchas. It's not just for the underwater videos but for the helmet cam, high quality AND time lapse. Time lapse is something I have been wanting to get into for years. I don't know if it can take still images but I can extract still photos from video using Sony Vegas.
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16 May 2014 @ 09:43 am
I was reading the complaints on news and someone mentioned that you can switch back but it's a hidden link.

If you go to the Livejournal homepage and look at the top bar in the new UI, you should be able to click on the (blank?) space between "Post in blog" and the message icon. This should give you a menu that includes the option to revert.

So please try this and let me know if it works. If it does please tell all your friends about this post so they can fix it. Seems that they did that horrible thing about changing the friends page everyone feared. What's wonderful about the friends page is to read it in your own style. The same style your journal main page is and being able to see icons and photos WITHOUT going to each journal individually. That's the whole point of a friends page. So I hope this will help. Spread the word.
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