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03 June 2015 @ 08:42 pm
My birthday is coming up in July. I will be out of town for it but if anyone wants to get me something here are some suggestions. Not everything costs money as I'd love art too. Don't feel obligated. This is only if you feel like it.

Amazon Wish List
Giant Microbes Wish List
Amazon UK Wish list
DA Cake Badges
Gift art of George Smith, Gallemotch, or Ophidius Slith. Or budgie gift art.
Gift card for Dick's Sporting Goods. I could use some Kayak gear
Paypal gift. Note me for the address.

Please do not send me stuff not on my list as I'm trying to reduce the amount of junk in my life. I thought about making an Ebay wish list since Amazon doesn't take paypal. But my only problem with that is that stuff expires fast. Let me know if you prefer Ebay to Amazon.

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03 July 2015 @ 09:04 am
My chick Luffa might be a rooster. OH No!! She's (I'll refer to it as a girl til I know for sure) been growing slower than the others. I noticed that right away that everyone got their tails and she didn't. Also she's growing feathers in the wrong order. It's always been, wings, tail, shoulders, neck, belly. She got her shoulder, neck then wings and still no tail. They are now just over four weeks. I found this page on how to sex chicks.
On page three there's a chart that show differences between cockerels and pullets at 5 weeks and Luffa fits everything for cockerel. And at the end they talk about salmons having black wings and she does. OH NO!!! This is not good. I can't have a rooster. We'd have to bring him inside every night to keep him from singing in the morning. I already have a bad hen that does that and is a pain. Not only do I not want the neighbors to get upset about that, even if they don't, Chris doesn't want a rooster because he wants to sleep. The only good thing is that if I ever did get a rooster I had wanted a Salmon Faverolle. They are more docile but too bad they still sing a lot.

Here's a pic.

I forgot to mention that a few days ago the company that makes our kayaks Pelican Sport, found my review on the Stinger and Boost. They left nice comments then put it on their google and facebook page. That was cool. It has so many views now it's funny but yeah only one comment after 2,000 views. Sigh. But hopefully they'll find my other videos. I need to make one for the last trip we did. We had so much fun exploring lake Avoca in Tarpon Springs.

This is the 1910 Inn in Tarpon Springs. We always pass this on the way to Howard park and I LOVE the color of this house and the round part of it. So I had to get a pic as it looks very nice on this sunny day.

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30 June 2015 @ 02:32 pm
YAY! I'm so happy right now. I told Chris to open the garage so I can leave my car outside. I had planned to go out and run some errands. He left for work and after I fed all the birds I finally went out. I went to the junk yard and think I had a very successful trip. They had a 1994 Camaro V6. They took me out to the yard and I got to see it. Poor thing was destroyed. Made my realized Black Sunshine's not in bad shape really compared to this poor thing that's a year younger. So they yanked the console and steering knob out for me. I got a great deal for it at $30 when I've had the console on watch on Ebay for $36 and the knob for $13. But it was a smoker's car so I had to clean it a lot when I got it home. So gross. Why don't people care about their cars and not smoke in them? It ruins them. Also cars and fire are a bad idea. It is different from the plate I had before in that it has an extra button. I don't know what it's for. And it has white letters instead of yellow ones. I'm not used to that. I have no idea why that is. The one on Ebay was yellow like I'm used to. So that's still an option if this doesn't work out.

So after that I went and bought a nice pair of pants for Chris and myself for kayaking. The kind that have zipper legs for turning into shorts. Our legs have been getting tanned too much on the water so this will be good. I then went and picked up a big bag of grower/finisher crumbles for the chicks. They finished off two small bags for chick starter so they're almost four weeks now. So I think it's time to switch them over. Instead of buying small bags this one bag should last for the rest of the feedings til they are old enough in 6 months for layer crumbles. They are getting big but not ready for cages yet. I still wanted to go do one last thing but was hot and tired so I decided to head home. I may go out again and finish that last thing. I don't know yet we'll see.

So good day so far. I may not finish that drawing today after all which is not good as that means I made nothing for June.

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29 June 2015 @ 07:41 am
I think I'm better today finally. You guys know I was upset about finding out about the loss of my friend. I shared a very good quality with her that was mentioned in the video. I don't stay down long. I just can't. It's not my default state so I'm very glad I've always been like that. This year has been great and still so much left to do.

Yesterday we took the car out for an oil change and for them to look at the door. The door mechanism had fallen apart which is why it was making noise. So that was put back together but not fixed and the window was left in the up position. So now I think everything mechanical has been taken care of on the car. All that's left is to actually fix the power windows and mirrors, fix the AC and change out the stick. That's pretty awesome. The guy that rang us up told me my car sounded great. I love that everyone loves my car. That's very cool. Oh I need to get the speedometer checked too because we think it runs slow. I get tail gated a lot though I'm driving the speed limit. I think I'm going less than what it says. Better than going more at least. And there's still the matter of the garage door opener. We still need one or none of this will matter if I'm home alone and I can't get the car out anyway.

I've also made a lot of progress on the Owen drawing. I think I can finish today. All that's left is to color his fires and there are three layers of those. And also a few background components. Then I'll finally be done with that. It's a main story scene. Would be great if I could finish the drawing of Gallemotch and Leeanix too.

Thursday I went out with badcowboy and we had a great time. We went to see Jurassic World and again I dressed up as Grant and she was Malcolm. Because we went early there were only like five other people in the theater which was great and I finally got to see it at a decent seating. No more squashed raptors. Chris wants to see it again so I'll probably end up going a third time. So then her and I ate at Outback which was nice.

We came home but it started to rain pretty hard and the power went out twice. So we played with some of my dinosaur toys. I finally showed her the compound. I showed her what I was working on too. Because it rained we didn't get to do two things we'd been looking forward to. Going to the feed store and me taking her for a ride in my car. I don't drive in the rain because these cars can't take it and hydroplane to easily. Also the window was stuck open so I've had to be very careful of rain. But Chris came home and showed her some things in Fallout New Vegas and Assassin's Creed Black Flag. Then we watched Tremors. I'm glad she liked that. Next we'll watch Tremors 4, because 2 and 3 sucked and it's not needed to understand 4. Kind of like the Jurassic Park series.

And we're getting ready for our trip in July. I need to write down the itinerary. So I'll do that here so I don't forget.

July 14 Drive to Georgia.
July 15 at home
July 16 Atlanta Botanical Garden and stay at Best Western
July 17 Georgia Aquarium
July 18 drive back home
July 19 at home
July 20 Anna Ruby Falls Tennessee
July 21 at home
July 22 drive to Florida

This is still subject to change and we'll see how we feel too if we decide to cut out earlier or what.

I've been thinking a lot about the movie Inside Out. I want to get some of the figures and plush dolls. They are so cute. Anger is my fave but I'm starting to like Fear too because he's such a nerd when he's not scared.

We've both been so busy with stuff that we haven't kayaked in a long time. We miss that. While waiting for the car yesterday we went to Colt Creek State Park but gosh we were tried. It's probably because we're on the protein diet again. I'm not sure how many days I have been on it but I've been doing good about not cheating. We both want to look good for our vacation. I'm slowly getting to my ideal weight.
And I'm on a travel kick again. I keep thinking about all the great places I really want to visit. I've been thinking a lot about Kauai and the Galapagos. Gosh the Galapagos is a dream but so darn expensive. I'm thinking because that one is so hard to do I should make that my main goal and start saving for it. Then doing Kauai and all the other stuff won't be so bad. I'd love to go on the National Geographic ship Endeavor but that one is expensive. Even for the cheapest room. I'll probably have to do it through Celebrity Cruises.
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22 June 2015 @ 08:02 pm
My car is working again. YAY!! I'm so happy about that. Today was good they finished and I called for them to come pick me up at the gas station. It's great that Tire Kingdom is walking distance from my house but even better that they some times pick us up and drop us off too. So I didn't have to walk after all. But I was prepared to wear all my sun clothing if I had to and bring my thermos with me. So I was expecting this pick up truck or van. A truck did pull out but this hippy guy came out with a huge beard. I was like, "That's not them." After waiting a bit then I see a red camaro coming. I'm like, "Oh no they didn't." They drove my own car to pick me up in. I got in and told the guy, "I hadn't expected to be picked up in my own car and I'm not used to being a passenger in my own car. He said it was so I'd recognize who was picking me up. I go, "You just wanted to drive it." He replies, "No I've had my fill of sports cars." Pause. "But this is a nice car." Yeah right. I just smiled and nodded. I think he wanted an excuse to drive my car and wasn't a good liar. I don't blame him but that was a new experience. So I paid and the guy that rung me out told me what a nice car I had. I'm actually surprised at how many compliments I've been getting on this car when my black one didn't get nearly as many. It's the same car. I wonder if it's just because it's a red car and T tops? When the AAA guy was here to jump my battery he was going on about my cars too and that they are great cars, and a good investment. He even mentioned people will bang on your doors for them. YES! I hate that. I told him my cars are not for sale but people come to the door asking if they are. I always have to turn them away. He said there was an interesting story about a woman that had one in her driveway and one person offered her $10,000 and she turned it down. Yeah, if you love your car there's no price on it. The biggest offer I've had was a trade for a brand new sports Mercedes. That was from my own mother. She wanted to get rid of it because it was "old". No. How many people can say no to a new free Mercedes? I'm proud of that. I really think I can not be bought.

So it's nice to know my cars are actually worth money and I really do want to fix up Black Sunshine one day. I found out there's a junk yard just down the road. Found them on Craig's list because they just got in a 94 camaro. I might go there tomorrow to see what parts would cost for both of my cars. But I won't be driving too far yet as I need to get an oil change next week once I have saved a bit more. The oil probably been in the car for 3 years too. So I got a new battery and new alternator. I can feel the difference. And Chris said I'll probably feel the difference once I get the oil changed. So next on the list is change out the annoying stick, fix the windows and mirrors and get the AC fixed. In that order. Oh the windows worked today so they have more power now since it was also an electrical issue.

Well at last I did something I've been wanting to do since I bought the car. I took Chris for a ride. So we went on a short 10 minute ride around town with the windows down. He was impressed with the power even when we were stopped at a stop sign. It was growling and rumbling and shaking. Just way cool. When it goes into 2nd gear it does this burst which is so cool to feel. Doesn't do it with the others so when you hit around 20mph it kicks you. Hehe I love that power trip.

I got much further on inking the Owen drawing today so that's good. I should finish that tomorrow. Oh and well since we're talking about art here's Renegade Page 7.

Yes page 7 is a full page single image. First one. Here is the previous page 6 if you need a recap.

And I think Renegade now needs its own tag. I have all this lumped under "George Smith". So this will be the first then I have to go back and tag all the others both pencil and colored pages. Oh and yes the gun is too small. That will be fixed digitally. Sometimes I just need the shape to know placement then I use guns I've already drawn to save time. Line from the song is:
Face to face once and for all

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21 June 2015 @ 10:51 pm
I've had a great day. So I'll start with the kind of bad news first. We took the battery out of the car and went to get it checked. It was ok they told us so it's either the starter or the alternator. So we put the battery back in then I called AAA to come have a look at it. The guy said it was the alternator but he charged my battery and I decided to take my car out to Tire Kingdom and let them inspect it and let me know what was going on. So we took the car there. I was nervous and stressed over this but Chris took me out to Toys R Us as I did not really want to think about it anymore. Chris bought me some awesome toys. I got an ornithopter, a Jurassic World Book bag and some cute wind up centipedes.

Then we went to eat at Stake and Shake. It was crowded and the food took forever but it was yummy once we got it. I love the hot sauce there. It's more of a hot juice as they just have peppers floating in vinegar. So we bought a bottle of that because I really like it. While we were eating we got a call from Tire Kingdom. It was the alternator and the battery was very old. Well the car was sitting in a garage for 3 years. But it wasn't that expensive being they'll install a new battery and alternator and that includes the labor too. But they don't have the parts yet so they have to keep my car over night. They'll call me when it's ready. So that means tomorrow I'll have a nice long walk to go pick my car up.

We rested at the house for a little then went out again to Tractor Supply. I needed more baby chick food and shavings. I also needed a new wallet so we went to walmart to pick it up. We found an awesome Mosasaur figure from Jurassic World and picked that up. I love it. This is my fave Jurassic World figure I have so far.

And tonight I am thrilled that I drew this for Father's Day.

It's a scene from No Longer One chapter 5 when George reveals to Leeanix for the first time what he really is. He was afraid she'd reject him like everyone he's told the truth to. But no not Leeanix. She thought he was beautiful.I'm very happy with how this turned out and I do plan to color it.

OH speaking of coloring. I'm thrilled my tablet works again on my laptop. I uninstalled everything and just booted it again with the disk. It works now. Thank goodness. So tomorrow I can do some inking. I really want to finish inking the drawing of Owen on fire for the first time and now I need to ink this pic too. Well first I need to finish drawing some details like her other hand and her centipede legs.

I can't wait for Wed so I can go see Inside Out. I'm very excited about that movie. My gosh this summer is going to be great for movies. Kung Fu Panda 3 comes out and it looks really funny. And there's a move coming out called The Secret Lives of Pets. It's a CGI cartoon movie. The art is terrible but the story seems funny. Well the most important thing is there is a budgie. I've never seen a movie with a budgie. I hope he has a big role to play.

Oh and I finished drawing page 7 of Renegade. I'll have to post that next time.

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19 June 2015 @ 10:00 pm
Today I spent most of the day reading and editing my old story Owen's Lost Memory. It's been updated here on LJ so if you haven't read it it's an alternate sequel with two different endings to Innocence Lost. I think it's better than Innocence Lost. Please check it out if you have time. Here's the first chapter and I linked everything together. Let me know if anything is linked wrong.

So here's the video from our first outing at Fred Howard Park.

I need to make an updated video. The most exciting thing was a huge Nurse Shark swam under my kayak. Chris got a video of that I might make a locked post just for that. Youtube has made some stupid changes. For one there used to be a sidebar on the left that showed your channel, subscriptions etc. But now it only shows if you do a pull down menu and then it covers everything instead of being its own side bar. I HATE that.

Well I still might not be able to drive this week. I'm worried now the problem might be my alternator on my car so if that's the case still got to save up more. It's always a set back with my cars it seems. Ever since my first one broke down. This is ridiculous. Like some force doesn't want me driving.
18 June 2015 @ 09:45 pm
About time I wrote this up. I hope I remember everything.

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15 June 2015 @ 04:31 pm
So a lot has been going on for me. This has been a crazy summer. I knew it would be, but crazy in a good way. Because of buying the new car...and mostly the darn tax on the title it has been a very tight week financially. We're very much looking forward to Friday when we get paid because we've pretty much only been paying for food and gas and can't do anything else much til Friday. It's killing me I can't drive my car but Friday I should be able to call AAA and have them bring out a new battery and install it for me. But this has been a good week so we're on our way to rebuilding our funds.

So you guys know I still want custom art on my kayak. Well the first guy I was talking to I will not use because he was rude and had communications issues. I found someone else that also has communications issues but is much easier to talk to. He gave me an estimate but unfortunately that's when all the car stuff happened and I just stopped talking to him. He probably thinks I've vanished. Well I'll apologize for that later. What he told me is that I can get a print on clear sticker paper at a size of 4" x 53". That's crazy awesome. With just Leeanix and the text I'm wasting a lot of space. I asked him if I can squeeze more stuff on. He said yes. And that's when we stopped talking. Ok so that means art block or not I need to get serious and try to fill in all that space to really get my money's worth. To make things faster I will be reusing old art but modifying it a little. You guys remember this pic of George?
I'm going to try and replace those guns with his desert Eagles. I'm also going to try to change his boots to his modern black ones. That part will be harder because I will have to draw them digitally or find the original drawing and draw them on that, and ink them on the original ink work. I may also use the pic of Quetz from The Mountain King drawing. And I don't know what else. I'd like to draw something totally new as well. All this other stuff will be for my luggage. So lots to do and try to finish by Friday. I doubt I can finish in time but we'll see.

I've been feeling very weak today. Yesterday fibro started acting up with a mild stabbing in the lower back of my skull left side. Still had it when I woke up. It stopped but then it turned into weakness. Eating doesn't help. It's hard to work on anything when I feel this way but I hope it will be over by tomorrow.

Weds we want to go to Fred Howard Park again and do more kayaking. We really had fun there. I haven't made the video yet because we took a lot off chaotic footage I'm not quite sure how to edit it together yet.
I'm kind of motivated to write also. I'm happy that I'm starting to think about George again. I haven't thought about him much actually which is not good. I'm thinking of an important story that takes place in the old west not long after he was exiled. I can't say much else about it but it's the one that involves the evil Indian guy. I went over the little I had today and fixed up some awkward sentences. Would be nice to start on that again and get to some of the action scenes already.

The garden is doing great. I've got big beautiful snake gourds growing all over my fences. I need to make a video on that and take pics. Also the chicks are growing quite fast. They are doing well. The one that had the problem is all healthy now. And the wren is ok. He's very scruffy and has not weaned yet. He'll never make it on his own. I think I'm stuck with him for as long as he lasts.

Now that I'm not afraid of spoilers I've been trying to find out what kind of toys are out for Jurassic World. I don't like the figures for the T-rex and the Indomidus rex. They don't look like the movie versions. Come on. The original series toys were the best. Even the crummy dinos they made were at least like in the movie. I do want the four raptors though they look like thier snouts are way too long. And I want the vehicles which I have not seen out yet. Gosh this is the kind of thing that's so annoying I can't buy anything right now. I must try to be patient. Hum, I wonder if my series 1 toys are worth more now thanks to this movie?

I know some of you have made posts. I need to catch up and leave comments still.

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12 June 2015 @ 09:43 pm
Just got back from the movie. Had a very nice time. I won't talk too much about what happened so as to not give spoilers just yet for those that haven't seen it. But I sure as Hell was right about them reusing scenes and camera angles from Jurassic Park just like that Disney video I linked to. I'd love to make a side by side video not just of these movies but also 2 and 3 to show how much they copy themselves. Jurassic Park was great because it was completely new and original. All the others are just like Disney with "Follow the same formula" down to the very scenes.

But the movie was good and way better than 2 and 3. Plus they did something great that rubbed it in the face of Jack Horner that ruined so much stuff in the last three films. I think I have a tag just for him so see my rants about him.

I dressed up as Dr. Grant. I think I looked really good. Got some decent pics on Chris's cell and with my own camera. More on those later. Chris said I did get some looks but we were surprised no one said anything to me or that anyone didn't ask to have their pic taken with me. But it was fun being Grant for a few hours. I do want to see the movie again. The theater was sold out so I'm glad we got the tickets online. The bad thing was that we should have gotten there early as only the worst seats were left. We sat in the second row far left. So we had to look straight up and the picture was distorted. Everyone looked fat and eyes were not aligned. In fact it was so bad in one scene I thought the raptors were baby T-rexes they looked so fat and squashed. So yes I need to see it again properly. I do want to go with BadCowBoy after all. That's all for now.

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12 June 2015 @ 12:56 pm
I am more confident today after what happened yesterday. If I go out to get the mail not so worried now. I do not plan on selling my other car anyway just yet. I want to share a few more pics for those of you that have not seen these yet.

My two cars.

The wheels on it are Corvette wheels so that's pretty nice.

Our three cars. You can see part of Chris's truck.

And the two cars together again. I am still amazed I got this car because this is THEE car I wanted when I went to see these cars at the dealership. Red Z28 with the dark seats. I never thought I'd end up with my first choice from back then. Oh gosh, got to change that stupid battery. I need to be driving this thing. I got a hold of the former owner and he said it was in the garage for 3 years. That would explain why the battery died. I'm very excited about customizing this and my old one actually.

So tonight we will go see Jurassic World. I'm very excited. Have been waiting for this movie a very long time and I have a feeling I will not be disappointed. Though I am expecting the same camera angles and poses from the first film as all the JP films seemed to reuse those and if you've seen the first one as many times as I have you'll notice these things. Well there's no rule against copying yourself. Disney is worse about it.

But anyway I have to get my Dr. Grant outfit ready. This will be fun. I'm charging my camera for the photos today.

I'm also very excited about the new Pixar movie coming out Inside Out. I looked this up on youtube and when I saw the thumbnails I was immediately turned off. Oh no cutesy characters that look stupid. What have they done when they used to be so good at animation? But I decided to watch the trailer. What it is is the cutesy characters represent emotions that control the members of a family that are the main characters. I thought that was a very neat concept until Chris told me that it's been done before on the 80s show called Herman's Head. I never watched that as I never cared about live action when I was a kid. But that was disappointing that this was basically a rip off of Herman's Head. But the other thing I noticed is that the emotion Joy looks just like Marge Simpson. WTF? Why did they make her that way? Blue hair, yellow skin and green dress. I haven't noticed if she has red shoes. I should look. Those are my only complaints about this. Everything else seems fine. Actually it seems this will go deeper into the psychology of the brain which I really like as they mention things like long term memory and core memory. It will show how experiences shape your out look on life. I hope they do go into the different parts of the brain. That will be neat. And one thing it shows that I have mentioned as my own personal theory is that everyone has a default emotion be they feeling or thinking types. I noticed the father's main emotion is anger, the mother's is sadness and the daughter's is joy. I've never heard anyone mention this besides me. I don't care too much about spoilers with this one so I've watched all the trailers and am excited. All the real humans look great so that makes up for the cartoony emotions. Like in the episode of SpongeBob where he had to learn to be a waiter you see all the SpongeBobs in his head and one tells another to do something and he goes, "You're not my boss. You're not even real. You're just a visual representation of the abstract concept of thought." That was hilarious. Gosh this is why those episodes when Hilenberg was in charge were the best. But I'm not in a hurry to see this opening day. I can wait for another day off for that.

I have not been to the movies in a long time so this may be a good summer for movies.

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10 June 2015 @ 06:36 pm
Yesterday when I went to pick up the chicks I got in my car to go home and the car had a hard time starting up. I got very worried but I managed to start it and made it home. I had noticed all the warning lights came on. I knew EVERYTHING couldn't be broken at once but I should have known something was going to happen.

Today we went to the DMV. That was not enjoyable. I had no idea getting the title in my name would be so darn expensive. Also we needed to have insurance first. I thought we needed the tag first so the insurance would have a tag to add or I would have done insurance first. So Chris had to call them while we were there but that worked out and now I'm on his plan. But then we were given the total. I got very upset about it and we split the bill between our cards. My account is now basically broke. Darn government and their taxes. They never do anyone any good. I felt robbed. I was robbed. They are the only ones that can legally rob people. But I don't want to go into that now. Political rant for another day. I am anti-tax. Always have been always will be.

So now the car was legal. And I will be getting the plate BUDG1E. HA HA!! Though I'm not please that someone has it with an "I" and it's not me. But now I have a "red budgie". And this is the first car I have ever legally owned. So first time the renewal is in July for me.

So we came home to clean out the garage since my car's driver window does not work. It won't close all the way. I was so happy we made all this room. It's been years since there's been that kind of room. Then we had to move the black camaro into the grass. That was hard. It was so heavy. It's heavier than Chris's truck. I don't know how that is possible. It's probably also a reason why camaros don't just stop. You have to start hitting the break way ahead of time of a red light or another car. Or it keeps going even with your foot on the break. This is one of the things that scared my father in law. He thought the breaks were broken on Black Sunshine and hated that the car "didn't stop." Hehe, he does. He's just mean that way. You have to know how to drive him. So we got him in the grass. I went to put Budgie in the garage and he would not start. Lights on the dashboard lit up which tells me it might be the battery. There's just enough power left for things that require little power like the dashboard. But not for the engine to start. It's that or the starter. I'm hoping it's the battery though. The former owner told us it had been sitting a long time and not been driver and batteries run out of power when that happens. I had planned to take Chris on a date. Drive him around the country roads but well that didn't happen.

And now we had to push another Camaro. Chris could not push this one and to make things worse the stupid stick didn't say if it was in neutral or not. We kind of had to guess. But a guy saw Chris pushing and came over to help. Turns out he's a mechanic and wants to help us and wants to buy my black one. I'm not quite ready to sell yet. I told him I'm using that one for parts. But he still wants it and said he'd take it once I'm done with taking out the parts. Wow. You guys know how people keep wanting to buy that car when it's not for sale and has no sign. I need money now and I may do it but yes I need to get the parts out first for my other car. But would be great if he can help with the current problems. We have his card and will call him once we can pay for repairs. So for now I have two broken Camaros and I'm again stuck for a little while longer with no vehicle. Sigh.

Chris was sweet and took me out to Red Lobster for a fish dinner though.

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09 June 2015 @ 04:05 pm
I'm so tired. It's been absolutely crazy this month but with all good things. The post office called that my chicks had arrived. Chris was at work and though my car isn't really ready I had to go pick them up myself. The post office is only 10 minutes from my house taking the slow back roads. Here's the pick up and the set up.

This is my first time going to pick up chicks by myself. I wish Chris had been with me. So I think I will not use the name Tomato after all. I have Gourd, Loquat and Luffa. Need one more name. Loquat is the Easter Egger. I've thought of reusing names like Melon or Hazelnut. Or perhaps I should choose another Greek letter since I had Gamma and Omega. I like Theta or Tau. Just don't know yet. Well here are some photos.

Loquat is the brown one. One of the Salmon Faverolles got in front of the camera. These pics are hard to take because the wrong bird always gets in the way of the shot.

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And tomorrow is a day off. Priority is to go to the DMV and get that sorted out. I'm getting used to the stupid stick in my car and can change it now with one hand. But it's still going to go. So now only the window is a priority. Which btw it rained after I got home. I ran out there and got soaked. I had to put two big trash bags on the window and then put the tarp over it. The garage HAS to be emptied so I can put this car inside of it already. So we probably won't kayak tomorrow. I'd like to return to Howard Park but the way things turn out seems we may only kayak once a week either we're too tired to do it again so soon or something like this comes up. And now for both of us to rebuild our savings so we have decent money for our July trip.

Speaking of July. I got all the 4th of July decorations up. I don't have much but the house looks all pretty now in the few red white and blue things I do have.

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08 June 2015 @ 10:27 pm
I was going nuts waiting for the time I could go pick up my new car. Chris came home and we headed out. We met the guy at his house and saw the car in the drive way right away. It was very nice and in very good condition.

The former owner shows us the lights. It's in great shape.

Here's the dashboard. Very familiar. The only thing I can't stand is that stick they installed. It's super hard to pull. I have to use both hands and I'm pretty weak. The guy before this owner put it in so it looked like a manual stick shift. The car is automatic. The other problem is I can't see the letters. So no P, R, D etc, and it's hard to know if it's in reverse or drive. It's hard to count the clicks when you're fighting to just get the thing to move.
The other major problem it has is the window doesn't go up all the way on the driver side. Just like my old one. It had a stuck window too. I can't believe I still have a car with a stuck window. Everything else that needs work is minor and does not affect performance.

It drives great. Very powerful. When I first turned it on it was very different from mine. Well mine was just the V6. This is a Z28 an 8 cylinder. So it rumbles and growls even when idling. It is the upgrade to my car. But other than the engine everything else is the same. So my old car I will use for parts. For one I'm putting the old factory stick in it. The drive home was long but a good one. Very rummbly. I drive at or just five above the speed limit and I have people tailgating and passing me. I hate that but well I drive within the law. The ride is rough which I like about Camaros. When you hit 20 mph and it goes to the next gear you feel this jerk and it makes a thud sound like being on a rollercoaster. It's great. I got used to that pretty quick. Amazing two cylinders make such a huge difference.

I filmed the first half of my drive with my Gopro but found a problem with the Go Pro that now have to deal with. I used the regular door instead of the waterproof door because I wanted the sounds. Well, the Florida humidity got into the case and fogged up the lens from the inside. I was driving with the windows down as there's no freeon for the AC. Something else I have to fix. I can handle the heat though so that's no priority.

I was amazed how I had no problem handing over so much money in cash. I enjoyed the whole paper work part even because this is the first car that's all mine. Totally in my name. But I can't drive it again. I need to get the plate first from DMV. I think I'll try to get the plate BUDG1E. I hope that's available. And I have to get insurance next. THEN I can drive it legally.

Because of the non closing window I have to clean out the garage and get it in there already. The seller was nice and tossed in a car cover. It was fun to talk about cars since we both remember cars back to the 70's. Well he's older than me so he was telling me about 60's cars which I didn't know about. And we agreed on almost everything we liked and didn't like. So that's cool. I do eventually plan to repaint as there are some chips and cracks in the back. I may go with all black again or maybe the teal I have always wanted. But that's far in the future. I'm glad to almost have my freedom again. And I am the owner of two Camaros. Nice to have a parts car.

I hope I get the chicks tomorrow.

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08 June 2015 @ 01:39 pm
So I had the idea to go to Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs since it is salt water and safer than freshwater as far as no cotton mouths or alligators. One of the main reasons for this trip was to at last practice safety with our kayaks. More on that later. So we got there and luckily parking in the park is free. If you park on the causeway or on the island it costs. We had not plans to really go to the island we just wanted to go around it. I wanted to check out the cormorants at the two places under the bridge. They also had a kayak trail through the mangroves like Weedon Island but already as soon as we put in we liked it much better than Weedon and Weeki Wachee. Weeki Wachee is lovelier. The water color can't be beat. But the snotty kayak stores where you put in kind of ruin it. I'm finding that pretty much all these places frown on you owning you own boats. Another thing we don't like much is that even though rivers are better than lakes we don't like how linear they are. Kind of the same reason we don't like guided tours. We don't like being lead and hearded about. The ocean you're free to go where you want pretty much. The only thing that made me nervous on the ocean was other boaters.

So we left the mangrove area and found the opening to the sea. Instantly it was amazing. We followed the cause way and got to the section where the cormorants were. Also it was raining when we started off. It was a light rain but we hoped it would chase away most of the people. After taking some pics and video we set off again. We saw one dolphin but it was too shallow where we were to see dolphins. But our first sighting from a boat. Then we went around and to the island. The beach/swimming part did suck. Lots of loud people, kids and tourists. I hate those kinds of beaches. Perfect for extroverts. So we went out into deeper water to get away from that. We rounded a corner and found a more natural secluded beach. This was perfect. Oh one other thing I'm amazed. The water at the mangroves was cold. More of that 75 degree water that feels terrible. BUT the ocean water was warm and wonderful. I don't know what the temp was. I'm guessing 80. So this is where we decided to do some safety exercises.

So I went first. I emptied my boat, put all my gear in Chris's boat and we put on our life jackets. The point was to go in fairly deep water where we can't feel the bottom and purposely flip our boats to practice flipping them right side up and re-entry. It's bothered me I haven't learned this yet as it's very important as well as knowing the limits of how much you can lean in your boat. So I went first and flipped mine completely over went under was upside down. I came up and got on my boat grabbed the opposite end an with my weight pulled it upright as I went back in the water. At this point I got caught under the boat. I can swim fine and hold my breath a long time but my stupid life jacket made me float which is not what I needed. I needed to sink so I could get out and way from under my boat. I had to get on my back and push out from under the boat. I never panicked and never ran out of breath. My thoughts were more like "This is annoying." I wasn't alone. Chris was in his kayak and my boat was tied and he was holding the line. He was there in case I did get in trouble. Some swimmers came over and asked if I was ok and I told them yes. We were practicing this because best to learn in a safe beach than to do it in a real emergency if a wave hits you and you have never done it and you're losing all your gear. Ok so next step is getting back in the boat. This requires swimming into it and laying across it with your stomach, and then turning onto your back then getting in the seat. That was hard too because if you go to hard you fall over the other side which I did and if it's not hard enough you'll flip your boat again. I managed to get back in.

Ok time to do it again on the other side. So this time I tipped to the right. Ok no prob falling out that's the easy part. But this time I don't know why I had such a hell of a time flipping the boat upright. My boat is wide and I could not grab the other end and I was getting very tired and had to stop a lot. I could see how in an emergency when you're already tired this could be bad if you can't get it right. I managed to get back in after much effort and with the last of my strength the last test was standing in the boat. I can do it but with a lot of effort. I have to hold my arms out to the sides and can't do anything else. If I want to stand I have to install pontoons. And then I fell in the water. Now I was exhausted. I swam the boat back to land. We trade equipment and now it was Chris's turn. He did it once and the second time on the other side he did it well but still with effort. It's hard. You watch people on youtube and it looks easy but you do need to learn this as it's hard to do. Here is how you're supposed to do it.

We went back and rested on some rocks. Got drinks out and had some snacks. It was nice to recover our strength as that was a very trying exercise. Once we got our breaths back we paddled back along the other side of the bridge. It was a great time. It wasn't until I got home that I realized I did get minor injuries during this. I had two bruises on my legs, one on my tummy and I think I hit my face getting in the boat. I did use my face as a weight and this morning when I brushed with cold water the cold hurt my teeth. I thought it was a cavity at first but that makes no sense as I brush very well twice a day and haven't needed a filling since I was 11. So I may have a bruise on my upper gums too. I was joking around with Chris that my boat beat me up. The bruises everywhere else were from the little latches that stick up. And when I put my weight on them they jammed into my flesh. You don't feel it when your adrenaline is pumping.

I don't like life jackets. I hated having to wear them in St. Thomas for the swimming part. They slowed me down and I couldn't swim well at all. They always ride up when you sit instead of sitting on your shoulders like they should. And now it worked against me when I needed to sink not float. I just have not had luck with those dumb things. Also I wore them while paddling and my very comfortable seat became uncomfortable and was hurting my back. We did not wear them on the way back. We know how to swim.

Ok so now some photos.

Tarpon Springs Power Plant.

Our first true salt water kayak. Open ocean. Amazing. Definitely Salt water is our favorite place to kayak.

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OK now about that car. So I looked up on Craig's List and found someone selling a 93 camaro. My car basically but it's a Z28. I only have the V6. It's been completely restored, is red and has very few negatives. I got very excited because this is actually the car I wanted back in 93 when I went with my mother to the dealership. It was "too expensive" at the time and it was "red" which was bad as she was under the false impression that cops pull over red cars more than other colors. No they pull over cars that are breaking the law. I've always been a good driver and never tempted to speed or break the laws despite having a sports car. So I got the V6 black one instead. Black was my next choice and my little Black Sunshine has been wonderful for over 20 years. But this is the upgrade and the price is incredible. We spoke to the owner and he sounds nice. Said he bought it originally for his son but it was too much for him. I laughed at that because I know Black Sunshine has been "too much" for pretty much everyone that's driven him but me. I know these 90's camaros. They are a rough ride, they are mean cars and they are finicky. I think I just learned the nuances of my car that most people won't put up with. And well he's mean too. I'll have to tell those stories sometime. His nick name was Widow Maker. I wonder what this car has done to its past owners but I think he's found a home for life with me now.

So this morning I went on a job with Chris. He's very happy for me. I transferred my part of the money to his account then we went to the bank and made a withdraw. I've never had so much cash before. We're both very nervous and unease about that. It's well hidden the way I did it. I was also amazed at what the 100 dollar bill looks like now. It's totally different. It has a huge yellow 100 on it and looks totally foreign. I hate it. I haven't used cash in forever so I did not know all the bills have been changed AGAIN. All but the 1 dollar. I hope it never changes.

So Chris will get off early this evening and we will go look at the car. Drive it and I already have a feeling it's coming home with us. Otherwise it's a crappy day to go back and re-deposit all that money. But yes we're both excited and the nice thing about this is no debt, no monthly car payments which is what I was worried about with the new truck. I will get the truck. I will start to save for it. But I think I will do it to where I pay it all off at once or I have at least 75% or the price so the monthly payments will be easy. It is my dream vehicle so one day I will own it.

I knew this summer would be incredible. It's already off to an amazing start. Oh and the chicks hatched today. They might arrive in the mail tomorrow. I can finally drive by myself to pick them up. So exciting. So yes the excited SpongeBob icon is perfect for this as that's exactly how I feel and look.

Lastly I found this awesome song the other day that I think fits me very well as my outlook on life and as I reach a milestone birthday.

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07 June 2015 @ 09:52 pm
What an amazing day. We went out to Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs for our first truely 100% salt water kayaking. We had an amazing time and experienced some very new things. But I'll go into detail tomorrow. I am dead. This is not my video but a quadcopter view of where we went as we followed this bridge/causeway and went around the island and came back.

And in really big news. Chris and I have been having lots of conversations about finances. You guys know I want my truck and I still do. I will get it but now perhaps not this year. I was having second toughts if I should dump the money we've saved into my car's repairs. Chris said it probably would cost less to buy a good used one than to repair mine. So I started looking around for used 1993 camaros and found an amazing one at an excellent price. I want it and this would be great then I can keep saving for the truck. We spoke to the guy on the phone. And hopefully we might get it soon.

I've got pics to upload from today and lots of video to sort through and edit. I'm pooped.
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05 June 2015 @ 09:07 pm
I was on the phone with GoPro and I'm so glad my feeling about their customer service was wrong. I told them about the problem with the silver 3+ and they said that locking up like that and not turning of is a cheap memory card. Try a different card before sending in the camera. They also told me to reformat after deleting everything because deleting isn't enough and sometimes hidden files stay on that mess up the camera. Sure enough I went to delete everything and I couldn't. It said the card was protected. WTF? After trying a bunch of different things I finally got it to unlock and I deleted everything and reformatted. I then tried my Sandisk extreme on it which is a much better card. I recorded two movies no prob and shut it off. I then tried the Sandisk Ultra which is a cheap card for such a powerful camera. I was able to record two movies and turn it off. Success. So Chris needs a new memory card for his camera. I'm sooooo glad as I didn't want to go through the hassle of returns. But now that the 3+'s have been discontinued it might be a good idea to pick up another black 3+ as the price has gone down on them. They will disappear in time and now for our kayaks it's nice to have several points of view. I'd like one for my boat one Chris's and one for underwater. Stick it to the hull of one of our boats.

Check out this cool article about Amazon's Chaotic Shelving system.
It's very cool to see how what seems like disorganisation is actually a much better way to mange so much stuff than having sections like TV's, DVD's or Books.

AudeS asked which ship we'll be going on for our 2016 cruise. It will be the Allure of the Seas. It's funny that so far we've only been on the Oasis class of ships. I like Oasis better but I had no choice really as this was the only ship doing this itinerary. I'd actually like to try some of the other class of ships eventually. Perhaps the Freedom class. And they are putting the finishing touches on a new Oasis class called Harmony of the Seas. Rumor has it there is even a 4th in the works called Ovation of the Seas. I don't know but Harmony will be a reality and bigger than Allure. I don't know why they keep making them bigger. I thought all ships in a class had to be to the same specs. So Allure will soon be dethroned and I can no longer say I've been on the largest cruise ship. I wonder what will be Harmony's home port? Perhaps something up north. Texas I think would be nice as I'd rather fly to Texas than to New Jersey. Quantum is in New Jersey and I've heard bad things about that port. Plus NJ sucks anyway. I've been there and wasn't impressed. I wish Florida would get a Quantum class so we don't have to leave the state. So I hope they make a 3rd Quantum for us. Oh and the itinerary is Ft. Lauderdale FL, St Maarten, San Juan Puerto Rico, Labadee Haiti and back to FL in 7 nights. What really got me was that this one has San Juan. Usually San Juan is a departure port and you have to fly there. Rarely do cruise ships stop there during a cruise. I also wonder if they don't have a dock big enough until now for an Oasis class. And the other reason was Labadee. We had low expectations of Haiti and it turned out to be one of our faves if not our fave when we did the Western Caribbean. We keep talking about going back and doing everything else like the world's longest zipline and the roller coaster. So now we can go back. You can only get there by ship.

I made a mix of cat food and boiled eggs for the wren today. I also picked up a new can of worms. All the other worms shrank from dehydration and actually that tiny can lasted longer than I thought. I think it's getting time to wean him. I'm trying to teach him to pick the worms up and not just have me push them into his throat. He's learned to hold them in his beak and smash them as though they were alive. But then he drops and stares at them instead of eating them. So he's got half of it right, but not the right half.

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04 June 2015 @ 12:09 pm
I have been meaning to rant about this for sometime now. PC games and gamers and why I can't stand them. First off I grew up on consoles. I was around during the arcade frenzy of the early 80s and my first game system was an Atarii 2600. I also had Atari 7800. They all sucked by the way. I never played them. But when NES came out is when I officially became a gamer. Then PC games start coming around once CD Roms were invented. This led to PC gaming and instantly I hated that. PC games look great but I never could get used to them because:

* Keyboards - How the heck can people play games with a stupid keyboard? Unless it's a very simplistic game like an overhead god game like Tropico or a click game like Sims keyboards suck for gaming. If you need to do anything more complex than arrow scrolling and mouse clicks then it's a total pain. I can't imagine playing a shooter, turning the camera and doing many other things with the letter keys. Just messed up.

* Controllers. So yes from the start they made controllers but they sucked too. It took forever before they made a Playstation style controller and when they did they were not compatible with most games. I had the game Alice and never played it because the controller I bought in the 00's would not detect. I don't have time for that. So all of it was trashed.

* Memory - If your computer is not the latest greatest version out there you can't play most PC games. Not enough memory. I have a pretty powerful computer and when something as basic as Sims 3 came out you still had a huge 20 minute load at the start of the game. Buy the add ons, which I did, and you start to get bad lag and you have to constantly save to not lose progress. I have so many unifinished stories on Sims 3 because it's just such a pain to turn on and get started. And that's just game play. It's even worse when creating characters or building houses. I had the world builder which basically is the program the designers use. I'd have happily made my own maps but I never even touched it when the basic creator in the game totally sucked. With consoles you don't have to worry if the game is too big for your system or if the game will break your system and not let you do anything else. If the game is too big for the system it doesn't get released to the public.

*Online - nowadays they seem to really force this on you. I don't want to go online. I don't want to share and upload my characters all the time. If something doesn't work from online it's very difficult to play offline. Again this was an issue with Sims 3. I kept getting nagged I would not be able to get gifts from friends. What friends? I don't have friends there anymore. I had some but we aren't friends anymore for various reasons so it does not even apply. I play alone. When a game comes out and it has a multiplayer aspect I don't even care about that. Maybe only a little if it has private online. Seeing a trend here?

*Mods - I think most mods are stupid and ruin the game play. Not necessary. If I were a designer and some one messed with my programing I'd be pissed because it's my story and I want the player to play it the right way. The only mod I used in Sims 3 was the one where you could change the clothes at any time. The reason was you spend hours in the creator designing clothes the way you're supposed to but then the characters get jobs and always wear the work uniform instead of the clothes you took forever to make for them. When it comes to characters clothes do make the man. But when I see stuff on youtube like, Put 100 giants in the castle in Skyrim, or remove all the trees from the land, it's amusing at first but then it quickly gets stupid and pointless. Mods like that tend to crash the games and the game was not intended to be played that way anyway. It's not like a glitch or an exploit. It's not something you figured out on your own that you can be proud that you played within the parameters of the game. No it's hacking. I saw one of GTA where they added Johm Marston from Red Dead Redemption. I was impressed and my first question was, what parents did they use to make him look like that? They didn't. It was a mod and they stuck him in. Now I have zero respect. That person can't be proud he made the character in the creation engine with his own artistic skills. No longer impressed. It's not something I could reproduce on my PS4. It's also super annoying when you're doing an image search and you find an outfit you think is cool only to find it's a PC mod. Then you have to add Xbox or Playstation but PC mod images still make their way in. I was looking up outfits for Witcher 3 and I got pissed at the mods. I want to know what REAL outfits are available for those of us that don't cheat and play the game right. I know it's annoying if you create a character and they don't have the right clothes or hair but the PC people take it to the extreme. I don't want to be Sonic the Hedgehog in Skyrim when I'm totally the wrong scale and texture. There aren't any horribly cartoony blues in that game. Why was that even a popular thing to do? Again this is ruining the story the designers wrote for you to play. If you want to play your own story or fave character then make your own game.

*Gamers - They are arrogant jerks. You see it on youtube all the time. Someone puts up a video and reviews Game X on playstation let's say. People are talking in comments until a PC Gamer comes in and says "PC IS BETTER!" Now it turns into a flamewar about PC vs consoles and it's no longer about the game being reviewed. That's rude to the author of the upload. You see why I screen my comments and keep such tight control on everything? I keep my comments clean and on topic. The PC gamers don't seem to realize the huge problems with thier games, and having to constantly upgrade their machines. Consoles don't have that problem and we aren't elitist jerks with all the said problems I have already listed.

*No resale value -Forget going to Game Stop or an independent store and trying to sell you used game. They don't take them. Hell you can't even give them to your friends. I'd have liked to have given some of my Sims 3 to my friend Peregrine but once you put in that code the disc is useless. Hell you can't even really put it on another computer yourself. And being that everything's online now you can get banned from you own game for installing on a laptop or a computer in another room. With consoles? Put that game in anyone doesn't matter. Sell it? Yes please. Give it away? How nice.

*No library - Again I come from the gaming age of the early 80s when it was so awesome to have all these games on a self. I like having a hard copy be it a cartridge or a disk on my shelf. Chris and I literally have a bookshelf full of games we are proud to own and display. Everything's becoming download now. I wish I had a CD of Beat Hazard Ultra. I like all the packaging and the booklets that come with discs. You don't really go to a store and buy a PC game. The PC game section is tiny to non-exist in a store. In a way that's good as it doesn't clutter from looking at my console games and I don't give a damn about PC games. Very rarely will I play them.

* Poor translation - PC games translate horribly to consoles. I knew Sims 3 would be terrible when they announced it for the 360. We rented it for laughs and it was horrible. Again a simple click game it's one where the menu is not hard on the letters of a keyboard since you're not doing precision aiming, lock on, running or anything like that. But the lack of buttons on a controller makes a PC game to console terrible. Sims 3 was a joke. We will never buy that and it was so watered down. Sucked. And when I played Hitman the controls took me forever to learn. The controls were my biggest complaint about that game. It could have been so easy had they been GTA controls but no the game took me a month just to learn to use Agent 47 effectively.

So in conclusion PC games suck. I don't want anything to do with them.

Now for some awesome news. Fallout 4 has officially been announced. Everyone is very excited about this. I'm excited. I hope the customization in this is better. At least to the level it was in Skyrim. Here's the trailer.

It looks like this one takes place earlier than the others. I know those are flash backs but seeing that blimp and tech that still works makes me think it's not long after the bombs and technology still sort of works and hasn't been destroyed from age and people stealing and bad use. The flash backs are cool to see what stuff really looked like when things were new and clean. And looks like having a dog is a big part this time. I hope that's optional as again even as a character I prefer to play alone sometimes. I'd like to get a dog when I'm ready and if I'm a dog person. Depends who I create in this. But I hope the creation will be better for faces, hair and even let you design body type.

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03 June 2015 @ 09:55 pm
I'm glad LJ is back now. I hope it stays that way. What a nice day I have had. Funny they said it would storm today but I think that happened last night. It was cloudy in the morning then quickly cleared up to a beautiful sunny day. So we could have gone kayaking. But it's ok. We got some other very important things done. The biggest thing was I did got to AAA and booked that cruise. I can't believe I did that. It's just so nice though I have a year to pay it off. So I don't feel pressured like I did the last two times. And it's even cheaper than last year. I told my agent that I like this. Each year it gets less and less. She laughed and said that was very unique and usually it goes up every year but that I seem to have a very unique life. We agreed with that. So this is for Aug of 2016 and will be for our 20th anniversary.

Chris and I then worked around the house which was very much needed. I'll be putting up 4th of July decorations soon. So the kitchen and the living room are almost cleaned now. Our anniversary is tomorrow for 11 years of marriage and 19 years and 4 months total. But we celebrated today and ate at Ruby Tuesdays. We both had red velvet cupcakes. The vanilla icing on them is the best and my fave of any cupcakes. We also went to Hobby Lobby and Chris bought me some very nice 4th of July decorations and a glass whale ornament of a cartoony sperm whale. I will get pics beause it's neat.

It's been a very full and good day. So Sunday we may go to one of the beaches to practice self rescue on our kayaks. We really need to learn the limits of our boats and how to flip them the right way and getting back in if we do accidentally flip. So basically it will be safety practice. Been wanting to do this since we got our boats.
03 June 2015 @ 02:56 pm
So despite my tablet not working on my laptop I did manage to finish the drawing of Leeanix. Here's a rough idea of how the final sticker should look.

I'm pretty happy with this. Yesterday I wrote to a guy that does boat graphics and asked him what this would cost and the text. He told me what file format to save to and to email him everything done and he'd give me a quote. So I had to size the art to the final size for printing. Well I did that but also screwed up pretty big and was very upset. I accidentally save over my main psd file. I flatted everything and lost all my layers and folders. So I only have the cut out flat version. The only back up I had was on my laptop and it's just the inks. That means if I want the full size just for myself I have to color everything all over again. I'm not happy about that and was very angry at myself yesterday. I've only done something this dumb once several years ago. I called and talked to him on the phone too before I sent him the files. Yahoo wouldn't let me send anything over 1 megabyte. That's stupid we should be beyond that in this age of bigger files. That's a stupid limit from back in the 90's when you had to keep everything small. Of all the stupid changes this is something they should have improved. So I put the files in stash on DA and I hope he can access them.

I know some of you have seen this on DA already but for those that haven't I'm very happy to share this awesome video of our trip to Weeki Wachee.

On the little gear icon you can watch it at full 1080p for best quality. We had planned to go again today. We're so looking forward to it. But the forecast says there is a big storm coming. So unfortunately we'll just stay home and do land based activities. I really need to clean up around the house and need Chris's help for that.

The wren. This little bird is such a pain. I'm still feeding him mealworms. He's healthy but he's not growing at all. His tail won't grow which really worries me and though he looks fine I don't think he'll survive long. He never would have survived in the wild. I just wish he'd wean. But he's been the easiest and cleanest baby I have ever fed. I'm calling him Stuffy because I have to stuff him and after the Easter Bunny from the cartoon First Easter Rabbit. And he's still a crappy flyer. It's obvious he never would have made it in the wild.

There a cruise in 2016 that's a very good price and I'm very much considering booking it. I keep thinking about it and think it would be great to go on it. I'm worried the price will go up or the rooms will sell out. Perhaps I should look into it and visit my travel agent today. I'm not so sure though. I know I'm saving for my truck but at the same time this is the cheapest one. Chris said technically we could pay it off in two pay checks and I basically have all the money in savings now anyway. I'd still pay the payments though as that would break me. I need to talk to my agent. I just don't know yet. I do know one thing. I'm thinking about far future again. I want to book a cruise for 2021. That's our 25th anniversary. And we plan to get married again out at sea. I was already looking at wedding dresses yesterday. I have mine still but it's a huge poof ball that weighs around 13lbs. Doesn't work for traveling light. It would need it's own suitcase. So I'll be looking into a very simple one. Something like the one Ellie wore in Up Light thin and folds easily. Nothing fancy this time.
I just looked into it and will need to rethink this. The wedding costs more than the cruise. That's messed up.

My birthday is in July so I'll be posting a wish list. I'll be out of town for it. My garden is doing great. I've got two luffas growing and I have some snake gourds, the soft kind, finally growing in. I hope they are the long striped kind. I can't wait for that.

LJ is down while I'm writing this. I know because I can't open my page where I have my mood themes. The other day there was a scary error page that was all white. Anyone else having trouble? I just got the pic with the ugly goat that says "wait several minutes." Most S types would but NT's? I hit refresh over and over and over as fast as I could. Stuff like that just challenges us to push the limits. "Oh like this? Is that enough mintues? How about now? Now?" Hee hee. I think I'll stop here and go hit refresh more times.

LJ JUST let me post this afternoon. I will try to catch up with replies on here soon. Still on my day off and posted this so late.

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30 May 2015 @ 10:33 pm
I actually worked on art today. I got pretty far with Leeanix and almost finished. Wish I had finished today. I just need to color her lines most of which are done and then shade the background and add some details which also shouldn't be hard.

I'm still quite tire from our day at Weeki Wachee. I started making the video which like my art I have to work on my main computer where my chair isn't so good for my back. So I can only do it for short time periods then have to get up. Oh and bad news. My laptop does not detect my art tablet anymore. When I plug it in it has power as the blue dot comes on but it does not turn on. The rest does not light up and pushing the buttons does nothing. I downloaded the latest drivers and installed them. That didn't fix it. It's the laptop because it works fine on my main computer. I even tried a different USB cable. I don't know why my laptop is doing this when it was fine and I don't know what else to do. This is bad as I can't really be at my computer to do art.

But anyway yeah rendering the video. I love watching the footage. I so want to go back and do it again. Perhaps next Weds. Tomorrow is a day off or half day off but no kayaking we're still beat and trying to recover.

Oh and more bad news regarding electronics. Actually this happened on Thanksgiving of last year. Chris's silver GoPro broke. It turns on and when you record says it's recording but then you can't turn it off. We forgot about that and thought it was ok but it did it again on our trip so only mine was working. We have the receipt so I'm going to try and contact GoPro and get them to replace it. I have a feeling it's going to be a fight as I think their customer service sucks. Also they've discontinued the 3's now that the 4 is out. I found out about the 4 while I was on my cruise and I hate it for one major reason. Not only is it more expensive but they went and changed the battery. The battery that's been used since the 3 and 3+. So if you stocked up on batteries and chargers upgrading to the 4 is like getting a whole new camera and starting all over. That really bugged me. The one good thing is that the 3's are now cheaper even new. I'd like to get Chris a black 3+ like mine but well first I'll see if i can get the broken one fixed since it's still a year under warranty.

And youtube is still being stupid. Seems it goes down at night. When I upload a video it says 0% forever. Happens in the evenings and at night. I was able to upload in the morning so the videos I have now have to wait til morning when I'm sure it will work. How annoying.

For those of you that were curious here's what I did with my tripod. Link only. I'm too lazy to code for embeding right now.
28 May 2015 @ 09:48 pm
Yesterday was an excellent day. Went to Weeki Wachee river. It was so gorgeous. My favorite place so far to kayak. We took a long time preping in the morning and got out late. Didn't get there til like 1:30pm. I'm amazed how it's brackish water all the way to the source of the spring so you've got saltwater fish in a river. Very weird. Well we had planned to go down the river a bit then come back but it's a very strong current and we were not able to fight it. I don't know if I'll ever be able to fight against that. We were swept too far to come back so we had to go all the way to Roger's Park where they would pick us up and take us back to the car. It was four miles away. So when I made that decision we started to paddle hard to get there before 5pm. The current is weird on this river. The surface looks very slow and calm, like nothing is happening. But when you put a boat in it or you try to swim it's strong to carry you off. I wonder how it looks so calm but is actually moving at a decent rate? It's the first time I've ever wished I had an anchor. And I'm glad I brought ropes so I could tie our kayaks when we got out on shallow areas. Most of the way is blue clear waters so it's great. I will upload pics and vids soon.

The reason we had to get there before five was because that was the last shuttle back to the launch. They take you and your boats back to the parking lot. But I told Chris got go back on his own and bring the truck back and I'd wait at Roger's park with the boat. So for just one person with no boats it's $5 to return. It's $6 to launch your own boat. They didn't seem too happy I was staying behind with the kayaks. Well tough. I'm actually sick of the attitude at all these kayak rentals that they say you can use their docks but they get this attitude that you own your own boats since they aren't making as much money as if you rented a $40 boat from them. In the long run it's cheaper to buy your own boats then spend that much each week you go out and owning your own boats they are comfortable to your specs and not all beat up used by countless strangers. Screw them. We're doing it this way from now on and once I have my own truck they'll make even less money off of us.

Seems my wren is a runt. He's so small compared to the wild ones. He's no longer afraid of me and begs for food. Gosh he eats a lot. I give him four mealworms per hour. That's 48 worms in a 12 hour day. That's an expensive bird to feed. Those small cans of worms cost $5 each. I always thought that was expensive and insect eaters are hard to feed because of that. And I don't feel like chasing insects outside all day like the parent bird. I wish there was a pellet food for insect eaters.
26 May 2015 @ 01:57 pm
Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I had a bit of a bad night. Woke up still hurting. Chris made me a joint shake. It will suck when I run out of these as they discontinued them. But I decided to go outside since it was overcast and cool to do some yard work. I weeded some gingers that were popping up where I didn't want them and I started to feel much better. My doctor said that to fight fibro you have to exercise even when you feel bad and that seemed to work. I can turn my head again. Well that wasn't until later in the morning.

And I have a wren again but not for reasons you'd think. The babies all fledged today except for one. The youngest. I was sitting on the couch and saw the last baby on top of the plant basket and I could tell he was too small compared to the others that flew away. I was on the phone with Chris. And then he jumped and fell straight down. Can't fly. It's the youngest and can't follow the others. So I went out and put him back in the nest. But then he climbed out and jumped down AGAIN. I was watching closely because the hens were in the area. Leafie saw him and came over. He held still and I ran out there because if she found him she'd eat him. I can't keep putting the darn thing back in the nest. He can only "fly" 3 inches. So I brought him inside and have been feeding him mealworms. What an annoying bunch of birds this has been. I plan to only keep him for two days. Long enough for his tail to grow in so he can fly then let him out. The parents should take him at that point.

So I'm hoping I'm fully recovered by tonight. I do feel loads better. I'd like to take the kayaks to Weeki Wachi tomorrow and try that river. It's so gorgeous. Oh and youtube finally worked this morning and I want to show you the video I uploaded finally of Weedon Island.

So I really enjoyed my first saltwater outing. I want to go back to this place and try to get further.

Here is a video of the times the adult wren got in our house for those of you that haven't seen it.

I made progress in my art today too. I'm very happy. I finished inking Leeanix. I just need to ink her palm tree and background which shouldn't take too long. So I hope to soon have that colored up. I'd like to have it so that she will go on the bow of my boat. So when you see the video you'd see here there on that blue point.

I got one of those floating pool noodles made of foam. I cut it into pieces and put it on the legs of my tripod. Now if the tripod falls in the water it will float and I won't lose my camera. Looks really funny but well it's a life vest for my camera basically. I'll make a video about that. It's neat how I have to rig everything I bring to float and be water proof.
25 May 2015 @ 09:48 pm
Chris had the morning off today. We went out for breakfast and that was nice. Then we went to Walgreens to pick up some supplies. While there my left shoulder and neck started to hurt. I wasn't doing anything just walking around. It got worse and it's hard to turn my head left and right. I think it's a fibro attack because my eye, face and down my art started to hurt too but that's stopped. It feels like stabbing in my back. I don't need this right now. I was actually making progress on my inking. Now it's hard to work on digital art again. I managed to render a video but stupid youtube is not taking it. I think it's youtube and not my video. It says 0% uploaded and never does anything. I'll delete it tomorrow and try again. I've deleted it twice already so this is my third upload. I hope I can get it up because only my main computer can edit GoPro footage. The files are too big for the laptop. But it can't render them because there's some memory problem. So I have to save the project file and put it on the laptop then render it there. So the whole process of making videos has become a chore. It takes two computers. That just sucks. Because of the pain my body acts as though its sick and I got a bit of a fever since it thinks there's a microbe. Nope. And I got very sleepy and had to fight hard to not take a nap. I hate napping. I'd be all messed up for a few days if I did that. I'd be in the wrong time zone. Day time is bright so you're up doing things. I have to be extremely ill for me to sleep during the day. I've never been into naps and even in kindergarten when they forced us to nap I kept my eyes open refusing to sleep. But yeah I need to get over this. I hope tomorrow I'll wake up ok. So because of that I haven't really done much today.
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24 May 2015 @ 11:55 am
I has been so hot the last few days. Gosh this summer is going to suck I can tell. I have had to water the plants more than usual. The other day my luffas and gourds were so wilty. Even the sunflowers that can take a lot of sun were looking sad. I've been wearing my kayaking clothes in the garden to protect myself from the sun even for the little time I'm out there watering. I used to turn the AC on around 1:30pm. Now it's been coming on around 10:30am. I'm trying to hold out this morning as I like to run it as little as possible to save on our electric bill. But sometimes I can't despite being very heat tolerant. It's 10:30 now and I'm already thinking of starting it. It's just nasty out. Gosh I wish this would be like another 2013. That summer was great because it rained almost everyday so the sun never had a chance to come out and get hot. Sunshine right after a rain is terrible here in Florida. It's not like up north that rain cools everything. If it rains it better keep raining til sunset and that's what that year was like. The nepenthes loved that.

Next week I think I will order that budgie coin. I'll wait for the next pay check. Need to rebuild my savings.

Ok got a drawing to share. It's not new as I drew it weeks ago. I just haven't done anything with it yet.

I like this and I don't. Would have been better if George's leg had been out to his right more. Everything's too centered but that's the restriction I had on the page. But though that would look better I don't think you'd be able to see his spur from that perspective which is the whole point of this. I have been wanting to show how he uses his spurs in a fight. They are very deadly things. Remember he has the catch phrase "These thing's ain't just for kicking horses." Well this is what he means. George has a powerful and nasty back roundhouse kick. I might be able to position the victim to the right more and perhaps this will all look better with the motion blurs too. I can't really know how something will look until I color it. But over all I love George's pose and this does show what a brutal fighter he is.

So last Tues I went out with badcowboy to Orlando. I've started a new little project. Kind of a life list. Uhaul makes these trucks with art work of the 50 US states and 13 Canadian provinces. So I've been trying to get photos and collect all 63. The photos don't have to be perfect. I can get them on the road which is hard or if I see trucks parked. Well she started to do this too and she took me out to the places where she saw the ones she got. So I got the ones I was missing. That's so cool. Currently I'm at 33 of 63. After that we went to a mineral star called Black Market Minerals.

You can see out to the side they have one of those panning stations.

More picsCollapse )

I'll post all the kayak stuff in another post. One last thing I want to talk about. I've been thinking a lot about this and still not sure if this is the right decision to make. I'm thinking about selling my big camera. I know I just got it and though I got a great deal I feel like I'm being a traitor not keeping it. I don't know. I like it. The camera itself is awesome. But I hate the lens. I really want the Canon L series 100-400mm zoom lens and I'm thinking about selling the camera just to get the lens. The lens costs more than my camera and lens combined. So then I'd have an expensive lens I can't use til I get a camera body. The camera body I have is nice. It's an EOS 60D. But it has one fatal flaw. In video mode it doesn't have auto focus. From what I found out DSLR's until recently have not had auto focus. WTF? Why not? If you auto focus in photo mode why not in video mode? Why do video cameras and even cheap point and shoot cameras have auto focus in video but a fancy DSLR is lacking here? I suck at manual focus and though it looks focused on the screen it's not when you get it on the computer. Imagine shooting a whole movie out of focus? I wanted to this camera because it could do everything. But apparently it can't. Also my lens is an 18-135mm. Mid range which is an area I never shoot in. I mostly do macro (bugs and flowers close) or birds in flight which requires a long distance lens. This lens does terrible macro. Actually it can't do it. And it's not long enough for my bird photography. Chris's camera is better for that. So I'm frustrated by all this. I could sell the lens though I wouldn't get much for it. A smaller lens would be more affordable and I'd at least get my macros. So an 18-55 would be ideal. But then there's still the video problem. I'd get more money if I sold everything of course. Camera, lens, bag and accessories. The new 70D does have auto focus on video and a longer buffer for rapid fire photos. They say it's a great bird in flight camera. So I have options though I'm not sure what to do right now. So yeah I'm open to suggestions on that one.

Just a note to myself.
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