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15 August 2017 @ 08:37 pm
Today's been pretty budgie themed for me. I took Bullet to the vet today again. She said the gram stain is better than before so that's very good news. Bullet is improving. Her weight is better but she's still a bit fat. Hum, I thought she was back to normal finally. She does make vomiting motions with her neck but nothing comes out. It's not love regurgitation as she does it when touched too. The vet said it could be a growth in her throat or a growth in her belly. For now I haven't decided what to do as at the moment I can't do much. But later I do plan to have her checked out. Otherwise she's good. And then I spoiled her and bought her some new perches and seed dispensers at the pet store. And the vet said she loves the Mad Cow Prion microbe I gave her last time. I'm glad she liked it.
06 August 2017 @ 11:17 am
Yesterday Aug 5th was my car's first birthday. I can't believe I've had Alan for 1 year now. Though I've been calling him "Fear" because of the art on him. I need to do something for him. Washing and do a photo shoot or make a video. With the stupid road construction here I haven't wanted to go anywhere or wash the cars. It's kind of pointless as when other cars drive by the throw lime dust everywhere. Washing is kind of pointless and I have no idea how long the road will be screwed up. There was nothing wrong with the road. If they don't make the connection through the cowfield then this was a completely pointless thing for the city to do.

Bullet is doing ok. She's on antibiotics. We're fighting her tummy illness. I'm proud of her because she's actually drinking her gross medicine on her own. I know it must be so bitter and gross but it's her only drinking water. She has no choice. I've also got her on pellets now but she only eats enough to stay alive. I can tell she's protesting the diet change. I must not give in and give her seeds. She's so fluffy probably from being hungry. But all this is best for her. Must not give into her. I've got two weeks to fix her still. She's acting broody too which is not good and I did cave and gave her a little towel so she can lie on it though she hasn't yet.

Art wise I've sort of put the plush aside for now. I might get back to it. I'd love to have a new travel buddy for this next trip but well he may not be ready in time. I colored most of the rocks for the Relaxed drawing. Almost done with rocks then I can start on plants. My Doom figures I have placed in the curio cabinet. They look nice in there and for now it's their temporary home. I'll order paints for them later too. It's not a priority to paint them yet.

I'm loving my Plague Inc Evolved game. I beat the Black Death scenario. It was challenging but not impossible. After playing Shadow Plague so long I got spoiled by having bats and forgot how hard it was to infect islands and I kept getting stalemate on this level where I infected nearly the whole world but some islands and then everyone dies but the islands survive though the cure was stopped. Definitely a stalemate. It's one of those things you just have to get lucky on that a boat or plane will go to all the islands in time before they close the ports. Before I get to the good stuff want to rant a little bit. Some scenarios are stupid. I played the Global Warming one. I knew something was wrong when they let me chose my disease type. That's not a scenario. That's no different than playing the normal game. Sure enough I started as bacteria once I picked it for an easy experience and all the news flashes were from the bacteria game play. There was nothing unique in the dialog or in the leveling screen. WTF Does this have to do with global warming? I even named my bacteria Pyrobacter and thought I would start with built in heat resistance but no not even that. I beat it on the first try and it was just stupid and disappointing. I figured the Ice Age one would be more of the same and sure enough it has nothing to do with Ice Age and you pick your own disease. I'll have to blow through those levels on easy and fast just to get them over with. I'm disappointed after the other two were so great.

I played the Frozen Virus one and LOVED it. This is an example of a very well done scenario based on a real virus. It's based on the Pithovirus which Giant Microbes calls Zombie Virus. I recognized the picture right away though it had been colored blue as it looked just like the one on that link. I love that they made it be accurate to the discovery. You start in Russia where it was discovered frozen/fossilized in Siberia. It is a giant virus compared to what we have today and lived at the time of Mammoths and Neanderthals. But it didn't attack big animals it went for amoebas. In the game you start with maxed out cold resistance which makes sense and you have to repair your DNA which makes sense if you've been dormant for 30,000 years. You infect amoebas (the leveling screen has pics of amoebas! I like new an dunique screens like that) to increase transition and have to build up heat resistance. So I love those starting parameters and then it's the same strategy to quietly and quickly infect then kill everyone. I really enjoyed that.

Ok now for the screen caps of the Santa's Little Helper scenario with the Neurax worm.

YES, Bringer of Light is a force of good. I named this worm after the story with Scary Fear I am still working on. No my story has nothing to do with Christmas but there are some parallels in this that I love that fit my story apart from the obvious that these worms and Fear are mind control creatures. One thing unique about this is you play the good guy for a change. Now don't get me wrong. The whole fun of Plague Inc is you're the bad guy doing evil things like destroying the world and humanity. But I have never been so happy to be the good guy in this scenario. The fact that all the governments turned evil and banned happiness, fun and holidays is something to fight against. And though some things were funny in the game at the same time it's also a bit scary that some of this stuff is happening in the US. Less government is always better so off to destroy all governments of the world with a cute worm. Another thing unique about this game that I found very interesting was that there's no lethality. The Neurax Worm is a lethal organism in the end but in this version the point is only to infect and FREE everyone. This makes this scenario probably the most unique one in the whole game. Ok more screens behind the cut.

Happy Christmas WormCollapse )

So yes I am very much enjoying this game and now that all these other scenarios are unlocked I look forward to playing them. BTW the official Plague Inc Giant Microbe plushes are

Neurax Worm
Nano Virus
Bio Weapon

Nano Virus is the only one I'm missing. Too bad I can't add it to my wishlist. I hope they bring the wishlist feature back. So anyway yes fun game and since I'm not done with it I'm not yet ready to fully review it but I can tell already it will get a great rating from me.
04 August 2017 @ 08:59 pm
I beat the Christmas Neurax Worm level and I really enjoyed it. Took me about three tries but I got it. I enjoyed the level of difficulty. It was a bit of a challenge but not so hard that it was annoying like the Shadow Plague. I figured out the strategy in good time. I named my worm Bringer of Light as a reference to the Fear story where he's forced to be a good guy and a hero. I really enjoyed socking it to the governments of the world. Also this is the first one where no legality comes into play. Again I was a good guy this time and for once I really enjoyed it. The evil of no happiness and no holidays by law was just something that could not stand. Also seeing the Neurax Worm in a Santa Hat was great. I did get tons of screen caps of the funny news flashes but I have to get them off the play station still so I will have to post those later. Great replay value and I unlocked an achievement. I did not know there would be one. So next up is to try to beat the Black Death level. So I'll be playing as bacteria again. Anyway back to the Christmas worm. Bringer of Light was just the perfect name for that not only that it fits my story for Fear but Neurax Worm is a mind control creature and so is Fear being he's a neuron. It just fit my boy so well. I also loved we weren't fighting against Fear but against sadness and misery.

I got my Doom game today!! The board game that is. I LOVE this thing. I don't play these kinds of table top RPG's though. So I don't care about the board or the rule books or anything like that. I enjoy the art on the cards but may as well be in a foreign language to me. I only got it because I wanted the figures. Anyway check this out.

You get so many figures with this game. They are very well detailed for being so small. Nine Imps. That's great. I was worried about messing up the paint job on these. I do want to try to paint them and I suck at paints. But well with 9 I can paint maybe one or two. Only one Cyberdemon of course so I may not paint him. I don't trust myself for that but I have other plans for him that I hope will work out. More on that some other time. My only complaint is no Hell Knight. I would rather they not made so many of those zombie soldiers and given us at least one Hell Knight instead. I need my villain Bologoth so that was the only disappointing thing.

The three main characters of my story Flight of Fire. Leagrinn the female cacodemon, Balgaar the Cyberdemon and Pyranax the imp. I got these only only because these are my three fave species but also because to me these are my characters. If only Pyranax had the spines right hehe. If this whole sculpting thing goes right I'm thinking of making my own Pyranax figure. Too bad these aren't to scale with each other. Balgaar can hold Pyranax on his arm like a bird.

Here we have a Mancubus, a Pinkie (Bologoth's dog) and a Barron of Hell.

And Barron of Hell, Revanant and Imp. I don't know why but I find Revanants funny for some reason. In my story the one is the comic relief and he's constantly picked on by Bologoth.

So that's been my day today and it's been awesome.
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03 August 2017 @ 09:11 am
Yesterday was a very good day. Chris and I did our chores and errands then we had breakfast at Subway. I had a chicken sandwich but I think it did not agree with me because I got a few tummy cramps right after eating it as we headed back to the truck. But then it stopped. We got supplies for the new Fear plush. I found the Parakeet Blue thread so that was cool. I hope I can start on him today. I mean actually start to tread the pieces I've cut out. After that we went to Pet Supermarket and got some things for Bullet. We got her a new perch, pellets, a chew toy and a cage skirt for the travel cage. It's not even her birthday and she got all these nice new things haha. We also got some mice and fed our snake.

Chris got me the movie A Stork's Journey. It's a cartoon about a sparrow raised by European white storks. But when it comes time to migrate to Africa he gets left behind because he can't made the long trip and he thinks he's a stork. It was good. I enjoyed it. I liked Adventures in Zambezia better as far as bird cartoons go and that short one on youtube with Prima is probably my all time fave cartoon bird movie. But it wasn't a bad movie and worth the $10 I think. There was a budgie in it that had a big roll. He was colored beautifully but was rather ugly in design. But finally nice to see a budgie main character. BUT they got his feet wrong. The other birds had accurate feet.

We went to Red Lobster again but this time with the notion of doing that dessert date we always talked about. I had a soup and Chris had stuffed mushrooms. Then we shared the Vanilla Bean Cheese Cake. I was mostly interested in the vanilla part of it and that was good. It came with strawberried. It was a very funny date because we had a spoon sword fight and with one move Chris did he put cake on my spoon and instead of attacking back I ate it. Then after that I had my spoon on the plate but was holding it. He was scooping some crust and accidentally scooped it on my spoon and I picked it up and also ate. "HEY!" He goes. "Hey, you GAVE it to me. What did you think would happen." We were laughing so hard about this and he said he felt like Po from Kung Fu Panda and I was Master Sifu. Actually this is the second time something like this has happened while we eat where he's Po and I'm Sifu. Then we were quoting the movie.
"You are Free to Eat."
"Am I? AM I?"
Funniest date we've had in a while. We always have a great time.

Then we gamed for a bit. I bought the remastered GTA San Andreas for my PS4. I might start playing it soon. I also started to play Plague Inc Evolved again. My gosh that Shadow Plague level is kicking my butt. I can't beat it. I come very close but then the cure destroys everything I have done. I'm not sure what to do. I came the closest to beating it last night and I have it on the easiest difficulty. WTF? There must be one tiny thing I'm doing wrong. Of course I can't add any genes because you can't have any until you beat it once and then you're stuck in the problem that you can't beat it so you can't get the genes. I want to beat this first before I go back and replay the other levels. There aren't any good tutorials on youtube like for the others. When the shortest ones are a half hour long you know there's a problem. So after that aggravation I watched Chris play Vice City some more.

Unfortunately at the end of the day that tummy ache returned and I was in a lot of pain and lost sleep. I'm ok now but tired and got up late because of it. It's cloudy today so it will be nice to just take some time to rest and take it easy today.
01 August 2017 @ 08:58 pm
Today was a pretty good day though I can't seem to make any decent progress on my plush. I cut the new black fabric today and I love how it feels. I think this will be perfect for his skin. But I'm working with such a small figure I'm unsure of my ability to put it together right. The other thing that slowed me down or brought this to a stop was lack of major tools. I didn't have black thread, blue thread or needles. I HAD it but with all the moving and stuff they must have gotten packed into a box and I don't know where they are. It's so annoying because I can see them in my mind. I need a special type of blue too that used to be called funny enough Parakeet Blue. This specific spool I remember seeing since I was very young when my mother used to drag me to these boring stores. I was drawn to this blue right away.
And when I learned to read I was thrilled it was called "parakeet blue". All the more reason to like it. So this will be for his shirt. And this brings up a question I have been pondering for a while now. What exactly is the shirt that Scary Fear wears? Because it has no collar is it still a button shirt under a blue vest? Or is it a one piece shirt with two colors. But I draw the sleeves with cuffs. So I am not really sure if it's two shirts he wears or one? It does have an elastic at the bottom. What do you guys think? The closest thing I can think of if it's a one pieces is something like this.
Because that's how his collar is now. With his having black sleeves and turquoise body. I really am not sure if it's two shirts or one. What do you guys think?

Ok so speaking of art I'm thinking of sculpting again. I still have the clay and the tools and I think this was something I was going to experiment with when everything went to Hell last year. I am going to write these notes I found for myself so I can remember this about sandpaper. I have learned to get that smooth perfect look you use sand paper but you need to use very fine and I don't know what all the numbers are. I'll look into this later.

The 3 stages of sanding for me are as followed: 1. Use real rough sandpaper (100-200 grit) to sand the whole piece. Keep sanding until all low areas (dark spots) disappear 2. Sand the entire thing again this time using (400 grit) sandpaper to take the heavy scratches out from the previous step. 3. Sand once again using ultra fine (1000-2500 grit) sandpaper to remove scratches and to give a automotive-like ultra smooth finish! * The piece can then be polishes using compounds and a buffer for a natural shine, glass-like surface.

I don't need a glass like surface but this is for making skin if I try to make a Fear figure.

So the vet visit went well today. Other than the super long wait. Once there everyone loved Bullet and talked about how beautiful she is. But everyone noticed she's fat. Vet wants her on a special diet. No more seeds. She doesn't eat the pellets and veggies like she used to. I hope that she will eat other stuff. I tried taking the seeds away from her and she refused to eat and was starving and got all weak. I caved and gave her the seeds back. The vet said she has too much estrogen and seeds can do that. She also found sores on her feet I didn't know she had. So I need to change out her perches. Mostly it's on her bad foot that was splayed when she was a baby. It's getting bent again. She's also on antibiotic as her main drinking water. I was told to get her back on pellets, oats, pasta and sweet potato and she should be good. I'll try. Basically she said anything but seeds. After an exam her and I always have a fun conversation. I bought her a Mad Cow Giant microbe because I remember her telling me she liked prions. She flipped out over it and was so excited. I then asked her is she played games. She said sometimes. So I highly recommended Plague Inc Evolved to her and she loved the concept of being the disease. I hope she does get. Would be great if she played that and does the opposite of what she does in her doctor job. Hehe. Oh she told me despite the issues Bullet should be good to travel but not let her interact with other budgies. Even if she recovers from these issues we talked about her aggression and how she indirectly killed Sandwich so I just don't trust her with other birds.
31 July 2017 @ 09:29 pm
At last I am very happy to have met Peregrinefalconlady. I was determined to let nothing stop me. I had been worried about unforseen events and some really weird ones popped up this time. Like the road work. Annoying but I have a Jeep. No prob. But when I got up today and checked the radar I hadn't expected to find a tropical storm right off the coast in the Gulf. WTF? But only 35 mph winds. That's nothing. I wasn't going to let a mini hurricane stop me this time. I just kept my eye on the radar. I loved going through those back roads I found. So nice to make it to Orlando without getting on the interestate. Also when I got to her hotel I hit 10,000 miles even on my Jeep. My Jeep will be a year old in Aug. Aug 5th precisely will be the 1 year anniversary. My gosh does not feel like a year.

Ok so, I waited in the lobby and finally met Peregrine and her dad. Because of the weather I was unsure if we could do Gatorland but then I figured the weather might be a good thing as it would scare the tourists away. I had one of those extra folding ponchos so I gave that to her and I had my rain coat. But we were out too early and nothing was open. Gatorland didn't open til 10am. So we went to Target first to pick up supplies like water. Then we just walked around the electronics section a while. The toy section was being restocked so not much to look at. There's a whole aisle for the new Cars 3 movie. I hope it's better than the second one. The first movie was great. So after that we took off and got there at opening time. I had never seen the parking lot so empty but it didn't stay empty long. Because it was raining so much I had to use my cellphone as my primary camera because it's water proof. I was right about the storm and we really enjoyed walking around having nearly the whole park to ourselves. There weren't many active egret nests because the breeding season was basically over. But we saw some and we got to see the many fledged juveniles. Also because of the rains the swamp walk was closed. We ate at the restaurant there and I checked the radar again. The storm had made landfall near Bradenton it looked like but now it was letting up.

Ok so some pics now.

A lovely skeleton donated from the skeleton museum of osteology. I found it amusing this was here as this was the back up plan if we hadn't done gatorland. Well I do hope to check out this museum sometime.

More hereCollapse )
30 July 2017 @ 08:16 pm
Well tomorrow I'm looking forward to meeting Peregrinefalconlady. This is basically a day trip for me so I feel like I am going on vacation again. I have never driven to Orlando before and going through the back roads because I don't want to get on I4. It's terrible no matter the time of day. The weather has been typical of late summer. Lots of rain. I hope we can do Gatorland but if not I have some back up plans to do indoor stuff. There is a small aquarium and a skeleton museum that will be cool as a second choice. But I'd really take her to Gatorland and show her some natural Florida. It's annoying so many northerners thing Florida is just Disney and theme parks when we locals and natives don't even think about that stuff. I am a bit nervous about driving in this big city that's kind of crazy but at least it's a familiar big city in my own state. I'm bringing my drawing pad, my laptop and my drawing tablet as well as Scary Fear. I am excited and looking forward to this.

Speaking of Scary Fear plush. Today Chris took me to Jo Ann Fabircs and I went to pick up the material for Fear's skin since I had bought the wrong stuff before. I was shown the right thing that's furry but they didn't have it in black. Darn it just my luck. But I realized something the back side of this stuff was just like the "panty hose" like material that made his body. I showed a sample of that to them and how the other side had cotton and no one could ID what it was. But then I thought it must be the same furry stuff that makes his skin just that whoever made this shaved it and put it inside out so he'd have a smooth body. So I bought some white furry stuff and will do the same thing to make his legs with. I then found some tough similar black fabric on its own and bought some as well. I'm going to experiment because I've never been a fan of furry plush toys that what they represent aren't furry things. Like dinosaurs and reptiles. Fear's skin isn't furry. It's quite smooth actually since he's a cell. I'm thinking of making his head and hands out of this stuff. If it's durable I may scrap the whole furry fabric thing with him. When I was a kid many plush toys were made of cotton and were smooth. You don't see that anymore and I prefer those because they don't shed and feel cool to the touch. Why should I make things based on the trends. I've always done my own thing anyway so we'll see how this goes. I wish I could find more of this fabric in other colors than black so I could make his green mouth and yellow teeth. Well those will be cotton then.

Because it's been raining so much it's been a much nicer cooler day. I love that as it's a nice break. I'm not looking forward to the sun coming out because once the sun returns it will be like soup out there. The construction has made a mess of our road and driveway. It's hard getting in and out but it's not so bad. I have a Jeep so I can get over it.

Artistically I feel a bit lost after having finished writing that outline. I guess I should start writing Flight of Fire for real then because that's what I'm channeling. I'm definitely on a Doom kick. I'm impatiently awaiting my board game.

I think LJ has changed something. I first noticed I was having a hard time highlighting text when reading AudeS's story. I highlight sections of big text so I don't lose my place. But it wouldn't let me do it or only sections near what I was highlighting. I thought it was his journal but then it started happening when I was reading posts through my friends page in my own journal style. So LJ is doing something stupid and new or it may even be my Firefox.
29 July 2017 @ 09:36 am
I'm very happy to be reading the travel posts of my friends that are abroad right now. I love that kind of thing. I am excited to meet up with samanthafalco in a few days. Kind of neat that she's so close right now. Only an hour away. We've had such bad luck and well there are so many unforseen events you can't control. Already one has happened to me that is very annoying and was almost a problem. Yesterday they started construction on my street. They are ripping up the road one way and we were blocked off. I had planned to do some errands yesterday and couldn't leave. Today they are back and ripping up the other side. There is no peace and quiet right now which is very annoying. But hopefully they'll go away. The road is now worse and there was nothing wrong with it before so I don't know what the point of all this is. Chris was able to leave for work and I hope I can get out to do those errands today without big machines in the way. I was also going to wash my car but am holding off as it would be pointless and it would end up dirty and white from the limestone sand they churned up. Speaking of meeting people. I'm disappointed that meeting my two new youtube buddies has failed. They were here in Florida and were going to meet us on Sunday for a double date probably at Red Lobster. But they had a small emergency back home so they went back up north today. We are welcome to their place if we are ever in their state. That's nice. But I don't know when we would be up that way. They wanted me to visit when I was on my road trip but I was way too far west so it didn't work out. Some meetings are just very hard it seems even when you are close by. I have been talking a lot to Peregrine through text and have been enjoying sharing photos with her. One thing I loved is she went to the welcome center on I 95 and they have a dolphin statue there too. So we traded statue photos. It was so neat to see they are the same only painted different. The I 75 one was blue for the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and the I 95 one was orange for Clearwater Jazz Festival. I think those are the two major entrances to the state. Not sure if there are any other official welcome centers.

I am very happy to have ordered the Doom board game. I used ACTipton's gift to help bring down the price on it and it helped a lot. I'm very excited about this because they are the best Doom figures I have seen and they come with a lot of them. They are white so you can paint them. I won't be painting them though because it's an expensive set and I suck at painting in real life be it painting sculptures or canvas painting. I also don't like it or have the patience for it. I had my raptor model painted back in the 90s so I may try to find a local artist to do it for me. My raptor model is awesome and I'm quite happy that this guy did it for free and did a great pro job. Wish I'd gotten his contact info but that was decades ago now. I will have to go to hobby stores and ask around. Also I am going to experiment with molds and replicating the figures and try to paint those myself to get some practice in. I'm excited and can't wait to get this in the mail. Hopefully no more major purchases from here on as I need to save money other than the rear floor mats I want for my Jeep. I love my front ones and that you just wash them with a hose when they are dirty and let them dry out. Anyway now that I've outlined and sort of finished Flight of Fire I'm very much into Doom again. I don't know if I'll start to play it again but I'm loving it and the Cyberdemon is quickly becoming one of my fave characters. I'm still stuck on trying to find a nice normal sounding voice for when Pyranax talks. And the new nameless nerds. I can't picture them. I keep imaging them like the two nerd fish from SpongeBob. This is so wrong.

They are humans not fish but this is what my mind sees. Also they are chubby not skinny but my mind puts this in when I write or think about them. Haha. The drawbacks of lacking Ne. I'm sure I'll figure something out. Or not. The voice problem with Pyranax is now a year old problem. I must say I feel a bit lost without something to write now. Since I have finished Flight of Fire and I enjoyed writing an outline per day I feel like I have nothing to do now. But that is feeling I always get when I finish a project. It's the "Now what?" feeling.

I hope to start working on the Fear plush soon. Maybe today. I am a bit nervous about it because I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm afraid to mess it up. But I do have lots of material. I bought extra for mistakes on purpose. Head and hands will be the hardest especially since I want to make him with an open mouth and teeth. I have some idea how to make the mouth. Not much idea how to make the teeth. We'll see. I found my old template for making the eyebrows but it was ripped so I will try to redraw it exactly how it was. I hope I can.

I need to make an appointment with the vet for Bullet. I want a general check up done. I don't like that she hides in her bells so much. Last budgie that did something like that had a serious problem. Also her behavior has changed. She's too nice now and the other day she was acting strange biting the ground and there was nothing there. So I want that done and make sure she's fit to travel.
Oh and in other budgie news. I found out something sad from calzephyr77. Disco the Budgie passed away. I used to watch his youtube channel. He was an amazing talking budgie. Always so sad when one of those passes away.
27 July 2017 @ 03:06 pm
So yesterday I had a very nice time with Chris. We went out to a park and took some photos. We saw a huge female black racer. She was so pretty and came so close to us. She could have slithered over my foot. I couldn't move because I didn't want to scare her. But it was so hot we came home for a bit. Then we went out for a date and had dinner at Red Lobster. We split the Ultimate Feast like usual. I got the crab legs and Chris got everything else which I think was shrimp, lobster, broccoli I don't remember what else. Oh man that crab is so delicious. Excellent meal. As always we did not make it to desert. I think we need to go there one day just as a desert date and try the key lime pie.

Then we went to a game store in a near by mall. They had a bunch of really cool Godzilla figures. Wish I could afford them. They are high end but also huge. Not sure what I'd do with them all if I even got them for free. Then we went to Toys R Us. I was hoping to find some Planet of the Apes figures but I don't think they'll make any for this new movie. I'll have to try to track down the old ones. Caesar and Koba are pretty common on Ebay. The rest have become rare and over priced like Luca and Maurice. I wish they'd make a figure for Rocket. I love how he started off as a jerk jock you just hate but became Caesar's most loyal ape. I love how the writers just toyed with your emotions on that. I really did hate him but over the three movies once he became smart and Caesar freed him what an amazing change. We did find an awesome Dunkelosteous figure by schlech that we picked up. No Jurassic World stuff anymore but well the new movie comes out next year so hope that will be neat.

Today is another great date this month. 7/27/17. Look at all the sevens again. Very cool. I'm still quite excited about the eclipse. I ordered some filter paper and I will try to make my own filters for my cameras. I need to take a camera inventory and figure out what cameras I will use for videos, for photos and for around the parking lot. I have no idea yet and need to come up with a plan for it. I got tired of trying to find videos of the science of what to expect. There are a lot of those. It hadn't occurred to me to look up videos that people have filmed of the eclipses from the past. Once I started doing that I found this really cool one filmed from a ship.

This eclipse happened North of New Zealand Nov 14, 2012 on Celebrity Millennium. My gosh what an amazing thing to see an eclipse at sea on a cruise ship. I had not thought of that. Would be amazing and perhaps something to plan for the next one. Some people chase down eclipses every year around the world. Would be a neat thing. I have never sailed with Celebrity cruises but it looks like an adults only ship. All these people are much older than I am so it might be a bit weird as it may be TOO quiet. It's kind of like our neighborhood. We didn't know we moved into a snowbird/retirement town. Haha we're so young compared to everyone else here. I think it would be the same on a ship like this but might be nice to try it once.

Bullet has gotten fat. She's basically lost her flying abilities. She doesn't fly to me when I do dishes anymore. So today I had the idea to take her to the sink. Sure enough she bathed in my hands when I cupped them. It's been a long time and she was soaked. Now she's all clean.

I dreamt about Owen. Ah my jerk cocky boy. He refuses to let me forget him. Well this was definitely a dream because I dreamt that Cope was there and I guess they were friends which is totally not the case in my story as they are mortal enemies and hate each other. This dream was like watching a movie. I was neither character. The camera was from Cope's point of view and he was freaking out about something having gone wrong. He picked up the phone on the wall and called Owen.
"Owen, oh gosh y-you have t-to help me. Please I a-am in serious t-trouble."
"What?" Owen said. You could hear him through the phone as a muffled voice but not see him as the camera stayed with Cope the whole time. "Hey I'm out of town I'm at a party." He said happily.
"Please I need your help. Can you..." Cope begged but was soon cut off.
"No sorry man. Wish I could. I'm getting promoted today and I'm very busy. Call me back later." He said and hung up.
"What no wait don't..." But Owen was gone. Cope sounded so desperate. I have no idea what was going on or what was wrong with him but to me this dream was just so funny because I picked up more on Owen's energy than on Cope's. My mind fed off Owen's happiness and pride than on Cope's misery for whatever had happened.
24 July 2017 @ 05:12 pm
I have a new drawing finally. Usually I post finished works here first but since this one was very late I posted on DA first.

The Easter drawing is at last finished. What was meant to be a simple drawing took a very long time. Feather painting always takes me a very long time and this was twice the usual work. I'm very pleased with how nice this turned out. A shoe bill stork stands in for a chicken. This is as close to a living terror bird as we get. We have a radioactive egg you don't want in your Easter basket being held up by the master of terror himself.

Don't know if this has happened to any of you but youtube has changed it's layout again and I hate it. The changes get worse and worse. I hate that when I got to my front page my video autoplays. I even have it turned off so I always have to click it to pause it as fast as possible. I have it set to nothing featured. They got rid of the "my channel" link that was on the left. It's buried under your icon on the right now. For me my channel page is my homepage when I got to youtube. The subscription pages also look terrible. The icons are bigger and look way too close. Chris's hasn't changed. I don't know why mine was chosen for this "honor".

I have some great news. I'm finally slowly getting back on meat. After my surgery I could not eat pork or beef. I've been living off chicken for seven months. If I had any red meat I'd be in horrible pain for almost three days at times. It was scary to think about eating it but I missed it so much too. I have been taking my medicine for it and just in the last few days I've been taking tiny bites from Chris's food and increasing my intake. I was able to eat some bacon the other day and then yesterday I had two big bites of Chris's steaks and so far I am ok. I am very happy about this. I'm so glad that I don't have to live on a half vegetarian diet for the rest of my life. I will try to take this slow but I can't wait to go and have a giant prime rib soon. Chris already wants to take me out on a date to celebrate and get me one. This week is going great for calls too. Because Chris took Monday instead of Wed last week this was a much longer work week. It's been hard but this might be a record paycheck. Good because we need it.

And a week from today I'm looking forward to finally meeting samanthafalco. If all goes well this will be great. Her and I have been friends for four years now. I respect her as a friend since she is a reliable person that has a job, studies and can drive. I can respect that as most teens her age don't have their act together yet. We have been trying to meet up but each time something's gone wrong. So far things seem to be going well this year.

Now going back to that video I posted about being an alpha. I found another great example of how the alpha pulls the whole team. Literally in this case. Migrating geese and cranes fly in V formations. Wing tips give of a spiral from the down draft or down wash. Other birds can get behind this down draft and use it to gain lift and so V formations happen. Well this sucks for the lead bird as he's technically pulling the whole flock along for the ride. Lead bird does eventually get tired but others will come in to replace him so he can rest and take advantage of the artificially produced lift. I first learned about this in ornithology class in college. The diagram in my text book is still the best one I have found. The ones online just don't explain this phenomenon well. I must scan the image some day I have been meaning to do that for years. Birds even time their flaps so when the lead bird flaps you see it ripple down to the back so they stay in that lift stream.

EDIT: Oh I forgot to mention this. I had a very funny dream last night. It was inspired by Doom since I've been doing work with Pyranax again. I dreamt I was in one of the human corridors of the Doom game. There were no living things around. It was an L shaped hallway and it was quiet. I think I have dreamt about this place before because I really felt like I have been here before. In fact I saw something on the ground in a cloth triangle. I went to pick up the small triangle and instantly knew what it was before I opened it. "OH this is the place where the six bucks spawn. There's glitch here I can exploit. I wonder if I can remember how to do it?" I opened the triangle and inside was a five dollar bill and a one dollar bill. I smiled and put it in my pocket. I can get rich just in this one spot! I thought. It had something to do to walking to a service window that was in the wall then walk back where you came from. Reload the game, do it again, walk over to the turn then pick up the money then walk back and do it over and over. I was laughing and so amused by this exploit. I should have realized this was a dream because Doom has no money in it. Plus I was me. It was such an amusing dream. More stuff happened after that but I don't remember it now.
23 July 2017 @ 06:33 pm
The time I have spent with Chris today as made this a good day. He's downloaded Vice City for PS4. It's kind of inspiring me to possibly make some funny art of it. We'll see. I have always loved watching him play that game because Vice City is Miami and I love seeing my own state. He's been playing it since it was new on PS2. But I don't think it's a game I could ever play or have the patience for despite liking the character and story. Tommy Versettii is cool. He's brave and takes charge. But I got into GTA with the next game. San Andreas. That's also available now for PS4 and I might get that one. I spent hours in that and though I am not a fan of California and hip hop themes for some reason I took to that game way better and spent hours on it and beat it. Watching Vice City makes me want to go to Miami again.

A new store opened here a few days ago called Rural King. I thought it would be another tractor supply but we went today and I was amazed. Bad idea to go on a Sunday as it was packed but I will definitely go back on a weekday when it's not so busy and browse. They have way more stuff than tractor supply does. They have an auto section and I found a few things for my Jeep. Chris got himself some stuff like a cool new green and black knife and some new LED flashlights. They sell guns and ammo too which was very cool. And they had a nice gardening department too. But the thing I'm most excited about is they had a very cool chicken coop. I'm still building mine but this is way better than anything I could build. It's expensive but I think I will get this very soon as my girls need a place so they can be outside all the time. It will be worth it in the end I think for how long it will last and how much better it will be for my hens. It comes in red though. I'm not a fan of the country barn look. I will repaint it multipastel colors because my chickens aren't country girls. They're beach girls. Haha. It's also way more room than my four chickens need so that will be good for them.

Ok time to share two interesting videos I found. First one is about things Bilingual people do. I do all of these things but one, and that one thing I have taken advantage of.

1. Talk about people in secret. Hell yes. In fact Chris and I have thought about learning Klingon so it's highly unlikely anyone would understand what we are saying.

2. Evesdrop. Oh Hell yes. I do this all the time with Spanish Speakers. Actually this exact scenario happened at a Chinese supermarket to us. We were standing in line to pay for some gourd drinks and I was my usual happy self about having found these cute cans. The cashier a guy and a girl started talking about us in Chinese rudely. We said nothing and I continued to smile and go on about my new drinks. Once we paid the guys goes, Bye. And Chris said "Thank you good bye" in Chinese. Everyone gasped so hard and started freaking out and freezing. "Do you speak Chinese? Do you speak Chinese." They kept saying so embarrassed. We just waved and left. OMG we totally owned them that day.

3. Words that are hard to translate. I have this problem when I talk to Karyl. I just say it in English if I don't feel like looking it up or explaining.

4. Phrases that don't translate. Yes I mostly have this problem again with English to Spanish. I had a hard time explaining the other day the meaning of "Kicks Butt." It's not an insult. Don't take it literally. It means something is cool or awesome but I had to go into the origin and explain how this came to be that when someone kicks butt they dominated or won a fight easily so this is shortened to Kicks Butt which is a positive phrase. Not the same as Ass Kicking.

5. Teaching your language. I don't teach people wrong words though. I'm not a practical joker.

6. Switch Languages Mid sentence. I never thought about how this sounds to another person that isn't bilingual. Here in Florida Spanglish is a third language. Hence see number 3 this is the same as that. Don't know how to say or translate something, say it in the other language and then continue talking in the first.

7. Not Satisfied by Subtitles. YES!! I hate it when things are translated wrong. I prefer subtitles over dubbing though because they totally say wrong things that way and subtitles usually are more accurate. I'm extremely critical of movies improperly translated. Like in Spanish they didn't translate She-ra's phrase "For the honor of greyskull." They were lazy and kept it "By the power of Greyskull." Which is what He-man says and I HATE this ever since I was like 11. I hate the Spanish dubbed She-ra. Never will forgive that.

8. Instant connection with native language. I do not do this at all. Probably because I'm a thinking type. I don't connect with people just because they speak my language. This actually stems for foreigners living in another country where they had to learn the country's primary language so when they hear their native tongue they think others feel the same. Well it's true most of the time except for people like me. I do take advantage of it when I hear people talking in Spanish. It's amazing how they open up. The last time this happened was my first visit with ACTipton. I need to get some cash but didn't know where there was an ATM on the college. So I saw a groundskeeper and knew he was Spanish. Even fewer Spanish speakers in NC so I went up to him and started talking in Spanish. Instant ice breaker. He was super friendly at that point and even WALKED us across campus to the ATM. Just as I had planned. Perfect.

9. Speaking an expressive language. I've never had this happen. Probably because I'm a thinking type and an introvert so I'm just not expressive or emotional unless I'm talking about one of my passions and then it takes a lot for me to even open up to someone to get me to be passionate about what I'm talking about.

The second video is about being an alpha or a leader.

I liked this video and could relate to it. I do have good leadership qualities and take care of my own for sure. I had never thought of it but the role of the alpha is to defend the group. That is the ultimate reason to hang with them. I can relate and have done this. I have no problem standing up for my friends. Online I'm always the first to get blocked for it. I have earned the title of "ringleader" many times. I wear it proudly. I have done this in real life too and stood up for friends and family. Once even a pathetic guy I was dating. I stood up to a violent sounding angry guy. I was then annoyed with my guy at the time because he should have defended me and he was almost hiding behind a chair. Sigh but I was also proud of myself. I definitely love and take care of my own. Since I'm on a Planet of the Apes kick I could really see this with Cesare whom I also relate to since he's an INTJ leader. In the first movie he could have just gotten out by himself once he got the key and escaped into the woods. But he wasn't in it for himself. He'd made friends and saw the opportunity to come to power. So he went back to jail basically and freed all his other apes. That's a good leader. So this is a very good and interesting video. Very well put together and very funny art.
15 July 2017 @ 12:46 pm
I have been meaning to write about this for a while now. I remember reading an article a while back that INTJ's are the least likely to give to charity. I looked and looked but can not find that anywhere now. So I will talk about what I do remember and explain why I agree with it. The article said that the reason we do not give, it's not that we are giving, is that we are so driven by our motto "Bottom line, does it work." We are not swayed by emotions. We have very little empathy/sympathy. We are focused inwards on our own problems. I will explain all these points as well as add in my own views on our cold detached nature and interest in violent natural phenomenon.

1. Does it work? Most of these charity things you see are meant to pull at the heart strings of people and of all the types even the NT's INTJ's don't have them. So when they show you pot bellied picks of kids in Africa we probably don't think, "Poor things I want to help." A common reaction I get out of those photos is "Hum, that sucks. Glad it's not me." If we bother to look at what's involved in most of these "charities"/scams we are instantly turned off because these are not solutions to world hunger or saving whales or any other thing like that. They are temporary patches that do not solve the greater issue and we are not interested in something that really does not help and does not solve the big picture problem. I for some reason was getting a magazine about give a goat to a poor family. Just the fact they were begging from me in my own mail box has them already on the wrong foot. But I looked into it. Can I chose what kind of goat? Can I talk to the kids and families I give to? Can we write letters to each other? Can I be sent photos showing me how they have improved their lives? The answer to all this was No. CLICK. NEXT! I could go into a big rant about why this scam does not work but that is not the focus of this article. But it is our thought process as we are argumentative my mind made a check list of flaws this system and it made me proud that I saw through it when most people don't.

2. We are no driven by emotions or people oriented. This is where we differ from the NF's that fall for these things because they are so cause oriented and want so much to help. This includes the introverts. Cause and people oriented. Feeling types in general are people oriented even if they are introverts. Something else that is annoying to us. I have mistaken introverts for extroverts because of this puzzling trait. Anyway showing us photos of starving kids, hurt animals etc does not elicit an emotional response in us. Well at least not the desired one of "Poor thing how can help?" They are looking for. If INTJ's have one emotion it's Anger and its variants. Usually grumpiness. The emotional response will likely be anger for being bothered and disturbed and trying to force an emotion out of us. "Here's an emotion for you." Insert mental image of chasing hippies with a flame thrower. There is one other emotion that we might have but we keep it inside and you would never notice it. Excitement. INTJ's are drawn to power and if you're showing us disaster relief we are way more interested in the disaster and the science behind how it came about than the human side of the story. People crying is not interesting too us and this is something the media loves to show. These are strangers. We do not care so long as it's not someone we know. And we don't have a huge social circle so we're probably 95% safe it's no one that matters to us. "Yes yes enough with all the crying people. Explain how this tsunami started? What was the force? How many cities were destroyed? What moron forgot to sound the alarm? More more more?"

3. We are focused inward. I sort of touched on this already on point 2. Again so long as it's not someone we cared about or worse US then we really don't care. We've got more important things to think about like solving math problems, figuring out how to build our next invention and so on. We are very detached. This is a strength as we do not give in emotionally to crying during a crisis and instead focus on solving the problem or surviving. One thing that bothers me when there is a disaster is that you mostly only see aftermath. It's exciting at first but quickly gets old. We want to see destruction as it happens not the result of flattened cities and cars. We want to see cars flying through the air and people that know how to stand in a safe place and not flinch with their cameras. Lastly going back to the whole "Does it work." Scenario. So does that mean we never give and are stingy? Hell no. IF the project has value and merit to us and will be something that will be seen to completion then we will be happy to give what we can. Let's say that they figured out the cure for cancer but the thing holding it back was funding and they asked for donations. Yes that is something we would donate to happily even if we had only pennies to give. Plus we'd get pride from having contributed to a small part of it. INTJ's do have big egos after all. It's good to have healthy pride. On a personal level, we prefer to work on the smaller personal level than on the big crowd level, we INTJ's are very giving to the few individuals that matter to us. The rest of the world be damned. But to our small circle of friends we treat like royalty when we can. We give gifts happily to those closest to us as they probably occupy plenty of our head time. Just that the rest of the world never gets to see this side of us. And we do not care. The world be damned.

So that is why INTJ's of all the types are the least giving. Oh and there is one exception to this that I personally dealt with on my trip. I was gassing up my car on the way home. This kid comes up to me and begs me for money that his mom was over there in a truck and they'd run out of gas and he was collecting money. Scam. Almost every gas station has one of these types working it doing such a thing. But without saying a word I eyed him and the situation. Big kid, way bigger than me. A bit scary looking. He's interrupted my thought process of filling up my car while I'm in a strange town I don't know anything about. So I gave him two bucks just to make him go away. I really don't care about him or his mom or if he spends it on beer and pisses it away. To me it was worth $2 to be left alone at that point. Sure enough he went and gave the same story to the next person. That's not charity it's a job and by the end of the day he's probably going to have a good amount of money for whatever. Funny enough when I was in Canada the same thing happened with a woman that came up to me and asked me in French for money. I gave her the death stare and said sternly "No." in a Spanish accent as I think it's pronounced the same and she understood to leave me the Hell alone. So there you have it.

On that note I want to talk about natural disasters now. I am fascinated by them and love watching disaster footage. It's so hard to find good raw disaster footage and again not just aftermath. I found an article the other day that the Volcano in Guatemala was erupting. It's called Volcan De Fuego. Well there wasn't much out there . The footage of lava coming out was only at night. Pretty at first but then the novelty wore off on me quickly. I can't watch a volcano making lava for more than 3 minutes. It got boring. But then I found THIS amateur video. I prefer raw amateur footage like this than official news footage for being un cut and showing things from a personal level. The commentary made this video for me. She was talking about how she got up this morning and Volcan De Fuego was very grumpy and angry. Look how mad he is. The one next to him is nice. And the big one here on the left is very friendly and never does anything. I know she's being positive but to me this tickled my dark humor. Yes look how grumpy the volcano is today before is crushes our village with a pyroclastic flow. Haha. I loved her panning too. Despite the shakey camera this shows very well how typical it is in Central America to have villages like this completely surrounded by deadly volcanoes. I've been to El Salvador several times and I'm always amazed how the capital is at the foot of several volcanoes. Beautiful imposing view in all directions, but it's just a way of life for these people I guess like hurricanes are for us. We have hurricane parties. Makes me think of Independence day
Will Smith: Is that an earth quake?
Girlfriend: Not even a four pointer. Go back to sleep.

And yesterday we had our own disaster here in Florida. Funny I was just talking about this in a previous post. A large sinkhole opened up not far from where I live in Land O Lakes FL and ate two houses and the street. I spent hours on youtube searching for the best videos but got rather annoyed after a while because everyone was just uploading the same thing over and over again. I'm thinking, in this age of cell phones SOMEONE, some neighbors had to have filmed more than the 4-5 videos floating around. Perhaps they'll pop up later but at least this time they were interesting. So here are some videos. This first one I found because I watch this guy. He posts great videos from his quadcopter of the Tampa Bay Area.


This next one is the one everyone and their grandmother has reuploaded. Would love to find the original in good quality. I do like it a lot because of the amazing sound of a house breaking. Also it's crazy to see how the ground water comes up and there is a current. I will talk about FL geology after these posts.

I love this one because this is before the house in the other video collapsed. This is basically the start of the sinkhole. I would love to find more stuff like this as I know there are lots of people in this neighborhood that would have filmed each part of it.

Lastly the neighbor's house starting to go in. I'm amazed at the power of this thing destroying a concrete house like nothing. Interesting to see a bed floating in the quicksand.

Florida Geology 101 now. Florida is a fairly new piece of land having risen out of the ocean during the Cenozoic. We're only around 40 million years old and that's why we sadly have no dinosaur fossils. Only age of mammals. Not as interesting unfortunately. So from bottom to top Florida is mostly Limestone, Clay and Sand because of our marine origins. Limestone is porous and weak against acid. Rain is naturally acidic so over time the rain percolates into the ground and erodes away the limestone forming caverns.

Our "solid" limestone layer is more like a sponge made of a network of caves and tunnels that run through the whole state and contains our aquifer. The aquifer is a system of underground rivers that flow to the ocean. Sometimes they break the surface as springs and provide fresh drinking water. There are many springs all over the state. After a great period of time rains can erode the lime stone and form a huge cave under the land that is filled with water from the aquifer. But during times of drought the water level drops and then with only air filling the cave the roof can not support the weight above. If there are buildings and cars over this they will fall in when the roof of the cave breaks.

Now look at this fictional cross section of our aquifer.

Notice that some of our big cities are literally floating on water. The entire state is a big sinkhole threat zone and that is why home owners insurance does not cover sink holes. For that you have to buy separate sinkhole specific insurance because all parts of the state are under threat. It just depends how much of a threat you are in.

Now have a look at this image. What happens if there is a lake over an empty cavern? Well we have such a case. Lake Jackson is the "magic" disappearing lake that has the plug pulled on it every few decades just like a bath tub. It's in north Florida in Tallahasee. Every 20-30 years the plug opens up and fish and alligators get swallowed up by the earth. I wish I could find the original video that showed that but it seems to be gone from youtube. For now here is one that is kind of interesting. I like seeing the lily pads on dry land.

The old video mentioned the original Indian name for the lake meant something like "Land of disappearing lake" so this has been going on for centuries.

Sinkholes usually happen in the dry season when the water dries up in the caves. But what about the one that just happened. This is our wet season. Well, as you saw the opposite happened. The sinkhole filled with water in those videos. Looks like a new spring came up between those houses. Eventually most sink holes become lakes. The infamous Winter Park sinkhole of 1981 did this. Probably the largest we've had today is now the lovely Lake Rose where people can go and feed ducks. Many lakes are former sinkholes.

Lastly sinkholes can also be caused by human activity like drilling a well or putting in pipes that cause the ground above to collapse.

So yes it's always interesting living here in this state.
11 July 2017 @ 09:25 pm
Today has been a great day. I really enjoyed chatting with you guys in the stream today. I'm very happy to have worked on so much art today and made some progress. I don't know if I'll be able to finish the budgie pic. It's so late now and tomorrow I'll be pretty busy so it will be late but it should be done by the end of the week. So much stuff in the works. And I have enjoyed writing again. I want to work on an outline for Flight of Fire. Been thinking about Pyranax. Oh and some good news I have been meaning to mention. I finally found Fear's wings. I was starting to freak out they had been lost. We moved so much stuff out of my computer room and nothing. Chris mentioned they might be stuck between something like paper or magazines. Then he said that he even looked in my book bag and no luck. That's when I stopped and had an idea. What about my old camera bag? I checked it and sure enough they were folded in there. So I had not unpacked them since I visited ACTipton last July. The wings have been missing almost an entire year. But of course when I got back from that trip is when my life got turned up side down.

On that note. I have been the happiest this month than in a very long time. You guys know I went through Hell last year after getting back from that trip with all the stuff that happened because of my mother's death. Nearly 10 months of aweful things I had to endure that even trickled over into this year. But I am better and stronger for it. I am very thankful now. I have my drawing skills back, I'm very happy, I get easily amused by things again. And I'm so much more free now. I got a new car out of this mess and I have done amazing things with it already like drive to Canada. I have an awesome husband that helped me through it all. Things still aren't perfect but they're a hell of a lot better and I am happy and thankful.

I watched this video today about the eclipse. Well the first part. It's annoying this guy did those stupid ads on his video.


It was this video too that made me decide to buy that app so I can track the neat events of the eclipse. I put in the coordinates for the Target I will go to and it says it's a great location. So I have done my research well. Let's hope the weather is perfect that day too. That's the only uncontrollable factor that has me worried. But this darn app kept talking to me even when I had closed it. I don't know why it was doing that. Doesn't it know what the date is? I finally turned off notifications on it and it seems to be ok now. I almost uninstalled it but now it may not be necessary. I just have to remember to turn everything back on on the 21st.

I played Plague Inc today on the Simian Flu level. Well, it does have music but it's super faint. I only heard a few notes at the start and it may as well be muted. It sucks this way and it's boring without music. What a shame. Shanalog showed me what the music is supposed to sound like and it's too bad it just doesn't work on PS4. So only one campaign left for me to play and I'd have beaten everything as far as main game goes. I'll check out the other stuff after that. I have enjoyed it.

As you saw I logged all the stories I have made for George on one post. I'll be making more index posts like this and try to organize my stories better. Cope and Owen will probably be next and they'll get a huge one. I bet there's stuff I've totally forgotten that I wrote. I've got quite a bit of material made up over the years. And I have to do this too with my descriptions of the types.
I need to fix the mood themes on my DA since stupid photobucket has screwed everything up with linked photos. They keep emailing me to which is pissing me off. I'll have to just block them. I haven't linked to them in ages anyway. They're not getting a cent from me.

And lastly I need to keep destroy that Fear plush so I can make the new black Scary Fear plush. I'll be so glad once that's over because I really want to have my new travel buddy before the end of the month if possible. So lots of stuff to work on. Things are good.
11 July 2017 @ 09:30 am
This is an index for the George Smith main stories I have so far. I will be making these indexes for my stories because it is easier to point a reader to these than to individual chapters. Plus I also forgot to include links to previous and next chapters. And when there are alternate chapters things get lost and quite confusing. I will try to place these in chronological order but seems there are more stories than I even remembered. Wow I didn't know I'd made so much for George. This is great. And this is just a tiny section of my universe. Please let me know if I linked something wrong.

Choose your Form

One chapter

The outcast

One Chapter

A Fresh Start

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One Chapter


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Final chapter and Epilogue

New Years 1980

One Chapter

No Longer One

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11. Final chapter
10 July 2017 @ 08:35 pm
We INTJ's are system builders. Our archetype is known as Mastermind, Scientist or Strategist. But I once read one that was unusual but accurate. The Outside Contractor. We come in see what the problem is in a system and fix it. If the system is a failing business we do not care about social relationships and who's friends and who's enemies. The point is to fix the system and we cut out those that are holding the system back without care for feelings or personal attachments. That is why we are so effective because we are so objective and well ruthless. I was having a conversation with jokerforever and he showed me a picture someone had made of animals that represent each of the types. I was fairly impressed and I don't easily impress. But that wore off quickly and soon I could not stand the flaws. It's all I could see and they had to be fixed. The system had to be improved on. We do not focus on the positive because that already works it doesn't need our attention. We focus on the negative because that is where improvement is required and one of our mottos is "Bottom line: Does it work?" So this is the old flawed picture I was shown.

Some of the animals were wrong. Dead wrong on the Seal for INFP. Seals are happy social, optimistic creatures. So that would not stand. The second issue was this person was obviously an N and probably an NF because all the N's got positive descriptions while all the S types were dumped on. So that had to be fixed. Cue the objective NT to fix the mess on an idealistic NF. Lastly, this person is from tumblr. That had to be fixed. So now I present to you the improved and corrected animal Myers Briggs chart and descriptions.

So this person almost had it right but not quite.

Ok if you read my post about how it's difficult to surprise me with gits well it happened today. Ironic I was just talking to audes_lj about this. A little back story. I had ordered two giant microbes as gifts. I had also written to the company to ask them why they got rid of the Add to Wish List button but still have a Wish List. Isn't that dumb and you can't add stuff to your list anymore so why have it? He asked me what microbe I wanted to add. So I told him about geobacter and thought he would manually add it for me. Nope bu the wished me a happy birthday filled with geobacter. I got suspicious and wondered if I might be getting one as a just because since I've been a loyal customer for years and been ordering every year from them. Hummm? I wonder? Anyway been watching the tracking and today I get my order. YAY! Two bags? WTF? I then thought maybe they put each microbe in a separate bag OR they sent me a free geobacter. That would rock. So I tore into one of the bags all excited. There was an orange plush. Geobacter??? No this wasn't Geobacter. What's this? I didn't order this. From Audes? OH NO MY GIFT!!! Darn it. So thank you for the early gift and sorry I accidentally opened it. Oh man we were just talking about this. It's funny and annoying because I'm not one of those impatient kids or people that can't wait to find the gift and spoil it. I really do like to wait for the special day to open gifts. But I have this curse thrust upon me. I can't pretend I didn't see it or forget about it. So thank you for the Neurax Worm and Krill. A harmless creature and a cool dangerous fictional creature with mind control powers. I loved the Neurax campaign actually. I named mine Alaskan Bull Worm. BTW I'm currently playing the Simian Flu right now. I lost the first time around and will try again soon. Wanted to ask those of you that play Plague Inc. Does your game have a glitch? Mine has no music. I've been looking forward to this mission but it's a bit boring with no music. The music gives this game awesome atmosphere. I don't know if it's just me or if this version is messed up for everyone. Also I think I'm actually a big fan of the Apes movies. The new Planet of the Apes movies. I could never get into the originals despite them being classics. I can't wait for the new Apes movie to open on Friday. I want to go see it on opening day. So Wed and Thursday I will watch parts 1 and 2 to be caught up on what happened and have those fresh in my mind when I see the new one.

I didn't work on any art today but I wrote a whole story for the drawing of George. So please check that out when you have time. I'm very excited about it and love how it turned out. I want to draw more scenes from it.