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05 December 2016 @ 05:59 pm
I want to share some of my newest art that I think has turned out so nice.

I love how this turned out. Simple background and the final scene of a funny story I'm still drawing all the parts too. What happens here is Scary Fear got tired of people in towns and markets randomly being afraid of him even when he wasn't trying to scare anyone. So he figured the next time his team went to a new planet to buy goods he'd wear a cloak and cover up his scary features. But what he hadn't counted on was that that actually made him even creepier and scarier. When he tried to pay for something and the merchant began to panic he lost it and went into his berserk mode, took off his hood and showed his full fangs, claws and wings and yelled "I AM FEAR!" It was a rather powerful move out of frustration that sent the whole market into a panic and all the vendors vanished. No Korsho, George and Paul can't buy anything. Korsho looks at Fear annoyed and tells him "This whole cloak thing isn't working." Fear knows he screwed up and just wants to forget his failure and replies, "Apparently not." I drew this fairly fast. Wanted to do a simple but nice background for this. I'm happy with it. I'm very happy with how the two turned out. I love Fear's expression. I think he looks very nice despite being upset with himself.

This happens before the scene above. Here he tries to buy something at the Bazaar. He pulls out some coins and says, "Will this suffice". The vendor was afraid to take the coins from his sharp clawed hand. And the hood does not hide his glowing eyes or sharp teeth either. This is right before Fear loses it with everyone being afraid of him when he's not trying to be scary. This was my official Halloween drawing for this year too because he's creepy.
13 November 2016 @ 07:55 am
At last a nice dream last night. I had two exciting ones but want to talk about the last one first. I dreamt about my fictional game I'm making up called Triangulum Resistance. So it was the four characters Korsho, Paul, George and Scary Fear. We were in this place that had a bunch of steps, leveled walk ways and suspension bridges. Paul, Korsho and Fear had gone off somewhere and were talking and planning their next move. I don't fully remember the details though I just woke up. George was on a far side of one of these platforms and getting very impatient. He doesn't like not doing anything and didn't understand what the others were talking about. He wanted to move. In the dream I could feel his frustration and I became partially lucid. I kind of wanted this dream to get moving and when I realized it was a dream with just my thoughts I gave George permission to go ballistic. He is an angry guy and very emotional and the dream was making him a bit out of character by suppressing his anger. I wasn't directly controlling him because I wanted to see what he'd do on his own. He pulled out both his guns and started shooting anyone in sight. It was rather funny. He then ran off down the planks destroying stuff. The three looked up totally surprised and confused. "I said we need to go!" George yelled and leaped over one bridge to another and made his way to where the three were. Before any of them could say anything George grabbed Korsho, lifted him over his head and tossed him far into the direction they needed to be going on. Paul tried to run but he grabbed him too and Fear and threw them as well then followed in their direction. OMG that was so funny. I keep saying it. George is the "heart" of our team. I don't know what happened after that, if the others got made at him or what. I'm guessing George got annoyed by all the "pointless thinking" going on when he just wanted to jump into the action.

The other dream I had was I was at a beach with beautiful blue waters. I was wading out into the shallows and having fun looking back at the beach. Suddenly the water rose. I mean the volume just increased like crazy and rose up like a big rectangle high into the sky. It lifted me and though I had very little fear I was also excited. The shape of the "wave" looked like a mesa and I was like 300 feet in the air. I don't understand the physics of this dream. Was it sea floor rising? In the shallows? Certainly wasn't a tidal wave as it went straight up. The left side of it began to go down and now I was on a massive natural slide. I knew I had to keep my head above water and stay near the surface at least as I didn't want the weight of the high end burring me. I managed to ride it out and made it back to the beach. There were other people and I went around asking if anyone had filmed that. Everyone kept saying no and I couldn't believe no one had documented such an amazing and strange thing.
That was it for the dreams. I woke up refreshed, happy and excited.

Yesterday I worked on some art finally. I finished coloring the two cities on the Dawn of Fear cover and started coloring the detail of the skies. I'm not sure how I'm going to color the planet yet. That may be the hardest thing. I can't wait to color the characters. I'm saving them for last.

Chris helped me with the last parts of smithing and enchanting last night in the game. At last I am finished with Fear's outfit and have most of his weapons now. Oh man it's so nice to go out into the world and basically not be afraid of any enemies. I'm still learning my play style but with the gear I have it costs me no magic to use Illusion or Destruction magic. The problem is I had to make another hood called the Mages Hood and it's a lighter ugly color than the one I had. I hate how it looks but the other one always comes with a spell already on it. How I wish there was one with no enchantment. I wish I could remove the enchantment and place my own on it. Of course this awesome game would be loads better if you could choose colors for your own outfits. So I keep both hoods and not sure yet if I'll use mine with all the enchantments or go just for the looks. If I go for looks those spells cost only 10% though I'd rather have no cost to magic if possible on my main attacks.
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09 November 2016 @ 07:46 am
No disagreeing comments please.
Got up around 6:45 am today. I'm very happy with the good news that Trump won the election. I felt like my vote hasn't counted for the last 8 years but now I feel like I did my part for my country. I have ALWAYS liked Trump since I was a child. I remember hearing about his business moves on the news in the 80s and have always respected him for being so tough, brutally honest and successful. I have no doubt he's an ENTJ personality. I also find it funny the three times Hillary has tried to run she has failed. I hope she gives up after this. Now I hope Trump can actually do the things he claims and turn this country around. I hope he can stay in office for 8 years if so. There hasn't been a great president in my life time since Reagan. I so miss Reagan and the prosperity of the 80s. Make America Great again? Yes I hope so since though we've slipped down badly we're still the best nation in the world. Another president I look up to is Teddy Roosevelt. He also helped build up our nation and our military. But because Trump knows how to run a business I think he'll do very well. I hope he can get rid of the horrible destruction obama did to the medical practice. It's been too hard for people to make a living and stand on their own feet so we definitely need this. I'm glad voters turned out as people are sick of what's happened. I was very happy that here in Florida I never once saw a bumper sticker or sign for the democrats. Everything has been pro Trump and the neighbors have had signs in their yards for him. Ok so hopefully this is the last time I have to make a political post but I am happy about this and looking forward to 2017.
05 November 2016 @ 03:52 pm
x F L = x from Left
x F R = x from Right
L = All the way left
R = All the way Right.

Dark Elf
Preset 5
Skin tone 1 F R
Weight L

Complextion L
Dirt - L
Dirt color - L
Scars - L

Nose Type 1 F R
10 F R
Nose Length - R
Jaw Width - L
Jaw Height - L
Jaw Forward - R
Cheekbone Height - R
Cheekbone Width - 6 F R
Cheekbone color - L


Shape - 7 F R
Color - L
Height - 7 F R
Width - 3 FR
Depth - R
Eyeline color - R
Tint - R


Type - 4 F L
Height - R
Width - R
Forward - 2 F R


Shape - 3 F R
Height - 6 F R
Forward - R
Chin Width - 2 F L
Length - L
Color - L


Hair - 8 F L
Face - L
Color - 3 F R

Black Mages Robes
Apprentice Hood - or some dark hood with no fur to match his black robes.
All else optional.

Destruction - Electricity
Illusion - Fear and Frenzy spells
Conjuration - Atronarchs

05 November 2016 @ 11:57 am
Well it happened. Chris had to buy a second copy of Skyrim because the one I bought him for his birthday could not be shared. We both knew it would happen so it's ok. The free time I have had I have enjoyed playing as Scary Fear though I have not done much of anything cool. I've been grinding. I've leveled my sneak to 100 and will be focusing on Illusion magic because it has Fear and Anger/Frenzy spells. I've never played this way so I don't know what I am doing actually or have a strategy yet on how to use my powers. I think it's my first time playing as a full on mage and will focus on Illusion, Destruction and Conjuration as my main skills. Of course regardless of how you play you have to also get Smithing, Alchemy and Enchanting to 100 which wastes a lot of perks. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage all of this yet. I need my highly enchanted weapons and clothes. Yeah I'm not really using armor or weapons this time other than bows and daggers for an emergency if enemies get too close to me. I guess once I get to that point I can name my fave dagger The Claws of Fear. Chris had a good idea in naming. Add a dash at the start of all names. So it would be -The Claws of Fear. Reason is this will put all your custom weapons and clothes/armor at the top of your list and you can find them all fast. I'm disappointed the replication glitch doesn't work unless you have three of the items you need. And I ran into a stupid problem with my followers having morals. I was going to replicate giant's toes and they were stolen. So when I asked Fendal or whatever his name is to pick them up after I dropped them as part of the glitch he basically said No which pissed me off. I helped him, I lied for him to give that fake love letter to that girl and he claims to have my back but he won't pick up stuff I drop that was stolen. You guys hate I hate disloyalty both in real life and now apparently in video games. Of course I can be more vicious in video games and I will kill Fendal and get a better friend that doesn't care that I'm a villain. Just that we were in White Run and well stupid guards look down on murder. So I'll take him out into the woods later on, steal all his stuff then electrocute him to death. Oh we were also in Aniese's Cabin which was the house of a witch. She attacked me so I killed her and now the house is mine. But then I went to trade stuff with Fendal he goes "You're not supposed to be here." And wouldn't let me access the menu. OK yes this stupid elf is so dead now hehe. I just need to bide my time for the right chance. Perhaps I'll film that and put it on youtube for you guys.

So that's what I've been doing game wise and will probably spend my free time doing that more than anything. As far as art well I have no shortage of ideas just a bad shortage of time. gamma_wings, I can tell you here about this. I'm hoping to draw a line up of our characters to show their heights. So far I have drawn only Fear. I'll draw George then I'll draw Paul and Korsho. I need to know what height they are in Feet and Inches. George is the tallest at 6'9" then Fear at 5'10" then I'm sure Korsho and Paul last but I'm not sure. I have the scale right on the drawing of Cloak Not Working. Perhaps Korsho is 5'0" or 5'2" and Paul could be like 4'9"? I won't do fancy shading just keep them flats as this is technically another reference pic.

Here are some pics and a video.

Scary Fear gets a personalized letter from the Jarl of Falkreath to become Thane and buy land. This is so cool. But I'm not ready to go there yet as I'm still leveling him and he's a wimp still.

Ah my Scary Boy has his look now mostly. I found this nice black robe. I haven't put any enchantments on it yet so this is no this final outfit. But this is the look I am going for inspired by the cloak incident from Triangulum Resistance. Yes he's trying to look less scary again. You know that won't work. I do hope to find a decent hood for him that is separate from this robe. I can't wait to get my enchanting, smithing and all that so I can add good stuff to his outfit. I do love how he looks.

Ok had this funny glitch while leveling Illusion with the Muffle spell. I got stuck in the crouch animation and he was surfing all over the place. Chris and I laughed so hard at this. I tried to see how long I could make this last. I could still do things like pick flowers and annoy guards. I did this for nearly 5 minutes until I fell off a waterfall. Oh too bad but it was fun while it lasted. I love these kinds of harmless glitches. Ignore the horrid outfit. It gave me extra magic and magic regeneration. You have to wear stupid ugly stuff when you're grinding skills.

So that's about it for what I have been doing here lately.
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28 October 2016 @ 09:12 am
I went to the house yesterday long enough to load up my Jeep with some of the fragile breakables. But gosh I'm not well so once again I came straight home and didn't go to the storage. I hope this won't be a habit of bringing the junk home haha. But gosh every time it's closer and closer on that stupid house. What's left? Inside just some paintings and a few statues I think. The really big paintings don't fit so Chris has to get those. One is special to me as it's a commission of our old house from Cheval that I LOVED so much. One of the "treasures" I found in the house was the blue prints for that house. Gosh if one day in the future I ever have tons of money I'd love to rebuild that house. That would be so neat. I know I keep saying it but I hope I can finish today at least the inside. Oh I still have to empty the stupid desk in the office and the garage needs emptying still but it's way better than it was. I just want the inside finished more than anything because I want to start showing the house. The worst thing now is the mess of magazines on the patio. That will be lots of garbage runs. I need to make a copy of the key for my realtor. I've moved out most of my stuff. Just need to empty the bathroom cabinet of my toothpastes and shampoos and things. I no longer have to live there YAY!!!

So now some fun stuff. Tomorrow is Chris's birthday. Today I will go pick up a copy of Skyrim since that's out now. Rather funny he said that he doesn't mind that though it's for him if I open it and start to play it first. You know that never would have occurred to me but since he suggested it I think I will now....IF I have time. I'm sick of that at the end of all my sentences "If I have time." Broken record there. His last gift is in the state. I checked the tracking on it. Says it will arrive tomorrow which is dumb as it's in Jacksonville and really only 4 hours away, but well they like to take their time. It would be great if it arrived today but tomorrow is just in time too. I'm looking forward to playing as Fear though it won't look like him much. I'll have to use a lot of imagination.

So tomorrow is a day off of course. I don't know what the plan is. I don't think there's much of a plan when INTP's are "in charge". Hehe it's ok. It's his day. If he wants to do nothing all day that's what he gets. I want him to be happy on his birthday and I'm excited to give him all his gifts. I do know later we will meet his parents and go to the restaurant Alexander's in Tampa. Not as fancy as Charlie's (thank goodness) so I don't feel as anxious about that as I really don't like fancy restaurants and been reminded too much about it dealing with my mother's old house. All that fancy stuff and parties. This is nothing like that. Chris's parents are cool just the annoying atmosphere of some places I can't tolerate anymore. On the cruise we had a free dinner for two at any restaurant. We could have gone to the most expensive one and ordered the most expensive steak. But we didn't even bring dress clothes. They called us and asked us when we would use our tickets. We told them probably never we prefer casual and as far as paid restaurants go we mostly ate a Johnny Rocket's the Burger joint. Hehe. That and Windjammer the buffet and Park Cafe for breakfast which were complimentary. We're just easy going casual people even if we had lots of money. Usually we prefer simple. A fancy house? Well that's a different story.
24 October 2016 @ 09:24 am
I can't believe it's been four days since I posted here. I thought it was less. Sigh. Anyway I am happy that so much progress is being made. I am kind of tired of saying that though. I can't wait for the day I can say I am finished working on the house. But I have nearly cleared out everything small now. Some rooms are actually done. Soon only furniture will be left. We're getting close to having the first garage sale finally. I guess I should focus on kitchen stuff, shoes and blankets as that will be the bulk of what needs to be sold. Oh and that office furniture. Gosh it REALLY needs to go. I need to film how my two storage units are stuffed. What's crazy is I've given away literally TONS of things to donations. I've given to Goodwill, Hospice, Salvation Army, Amvets and some private thrift stores. I'm sure it's literal tons of weight of stuff I've given away and I still have junk left over. Junk I hope will make me good money though if I can sell all of it. I'm at the point I'm also just throwing away books now. Really old medical text books that are now outdated and no one will buy or even take for free. I did take two days off and came home. I had to. I was going nuts and it was nice to be with Chris. Though we did go back on our days off to work over there. My Jeep can't carry much so his truck is a big help. I know I totally made the right decision buying the jeep but because of all this I sometimes wish I had bought the Ram instead. Once this is all over I'll enjoy my Jeep. I didn't buy him for carrying capacity. That's not the point. Too bad I can't afford a hitch and trailer now as that would solve that problem and I could carry bigger light loads.

I did manage to get some coloring done and some new art sketches. I soo want to get back to that. Things do seem less stressful too. It will all be coming together by the end of this month. I intend to have Chris's birthday and Halloween off at least. I did clean the entrance way of my house and it looks much nicer with the pumpkins I bought. I'm actually looking forward to cleaning our house once this is over. It's a disaster too but nothing like this other house. I sure won't take 3 months. Maybe there will be money left over too so we can do some home repairs and improvements. I'm heading back over today with the hopes of finishing. I always aim for that but so far nothing. I made three trips to the storage the other day which helped a lot. Ok so you guys know the drill. I may or may not stay there tonight. Depends how much I get done. IF I do Chris will watch my accounts for me and I'll be way from online again.
20 October 2016 @ 10:55 am
So I'm not leaving just yet to work on the other house. Got some things to work on here still. It's getting colder. Been in the 60's F in the mornings. That's probably warm to you northerners but to us native Floridians it's cold. But I'm glad too that during the day it's been in the 80s which is a relief from the heat of summer. Gosh I wish I could just take off and go to parks in my Jeep or go kayaking. The weather is beautiful and I want to chase down more white pelicans on the water.

Chris's birthday is Oct 29 and I'm very excited. I have bought him some cool things. I can't talk about them. I can't wait for them to arrive. I hope he won't get a spoiler with some of them. The only one he knows of because he mentioned it directly is that I'm buying him Skyrim for PS4 when it comes out. Comes out the 28th so I'll buy it that day and give it to him the following one. New remaster and I foresee "fights" with only one copy. It will be fun to play again. I hope they haven't changed some of the good glitches like the item replication glitch that I use. I've played the game honestly enough times that I don't feel bad about cheating. I replicate rare items like giant's toes. The way it works is you need to go to a town and have a follower.
1. Drop the item on the ground on a level surface.
2. Ask your follower to pick it up.
3. Fast travel to another area then come back.
4. If it works your stuff should be on the ground.

Repeat all of this and give it all to your follower. But drop stuff one at a time or it won't work. I mostly use this for rare alchemy items like Giant's toes. I'm not looking forward to grinding to level alchemy, enchanting and smithing but no matter how you play everyone should do that first. I'm excited. This will be fun. I'm going to play as Fear. He won't look like himself much but I'll use a dark elf for that and they can be given white eyes and a big nose so that will help. Plus they have blue skin I can imagine is purple.

I'm thinking of drawing a Scary Fear pumpkin template. I hope to finish that soon and put it on DA and hope some of my watchers will carve him. Now I just need to think of a pose that won't be too hard for people to carve.

Here are some wolf pumpkins from the patch I went to the other day. I love the giant stems.

And here is my Jeep next to a cute measuring sign. I love Fall so much and Halloween is my fave holiday.
18 October 2016 @ 08:47 pm
I'm home again. Today is the first time in a long time I have felt somewhat normal. I don't know why but my normal calm self was here. Things are not over but the end seems to be in sight and I do hope nothing else will happen. The house is almost done. Tomorrow Chris and I will go there to get as much as we can out. Almost everything is packed but the big furniture and electronics. I'll post details of what I have been packing later on in another post. I got home early as I didn't want to do it anymore and not much left I can do alone anyway. On the way back I figured I'd treat myself to something fun. I've been working so hard for months. So I went to the near by pumpkin patch and splurged. I bought myself one of the biggest Wold pumpkins they had. Those are a new breed with huge stems. I LOVE a good stem on a pumpkin and these are the best. I bought a small orange one, a small white one and a small hubbard squash that looks like a little bird. I'll get some googly eyes and glue them on so you can see how it looks like a bird. I took our house garbage to the dump so now we don't have to do that in the morning. And then I washed the front patio. It's ready for the pumpkins I bought and for nice Halloween decorations. That was good progress.

After that we finally got to take Mike out for Dinner. We went to Ruby Tuesday's and had a nice meal and very nice conversation. It was nice to catch up and have some laughs. We gave him a gift too which he was happy about. We got a new Welcome Mat with little birds on it at Lowes and then we went to Game Stop and Chris got a new game. I think the rerelease of the Batman games for PS4. I'm so tired but today was very nice. I'm looking forward to the progress. Oh and Chris paid for another month on our small storage unit as we weren't able to get the office furniture out in time. So now we put that up for sale on Craig's List. Need to do that soon to get it out of there. We hope to start emptying the big one once everything is out and then we can close out on that and just keep the small one. So much to do but things are coming together.
I finished reading White Shark to Chris. He liked it and we had the same complaints. Perhaps I'll review that book once I have time.
I'm so glad LJ finally fixed the calendar.
So I'm back. Much sooner than I thought. I've come to realize the strange thing about this job is that I don't know the hours. I may be gone for days or I may come back very soon and stay home for days. I figured I'd come back because Chris visited me today as a day off and to help me move stuff around. I'll get to that in a bit. He didn't want to leave. I didn't want him to leave. I had to come back on Monday to pay the mortgage at our bank. Then I realized. Why not come back tonight, stay the night then do that chore and go back to the other house tomorrow afternoon or evening. That way I'm not driving twice in the same day and I get to sleep over. This will be good and it's been nice being with Chris. I'm quite stressed again as new bad issues have surface about the business side of this. I'll have to make some phone calls tomorrow I'm not looking forward to.

I made good progress while I was away. I have boxed nearly all the books in the office now. I found a faster way to do it. Before I was flipping through all of them and sorting them into categories like English and Spanish. Then I quit sorting and just flipped through them because my mother started to read all of them and would put papers, book marks and envelopes in all of them. So freaking annoying. Nothing is easy when it comes to her crap. I'm so mad at her even after death she's still pissing me off and making things hard for me. Then I said screw it. I put all of them in boxes regardless if they have stuff in them or not. I've been marking the boxes "Check 4 bookmarks" later. I've got to get everything out of that damned house already and this went way faster. I really need to step things up too. I'll use the same strategy with everything unless it's a breakable item that has to be carefully wrapped. But I just need to stop sorting. Sorting will come later. I need to toss everything into boxes fast and get them out. So now the goal is to finish one room at a time this way and clear it so that only big furniture is left. I was originally sorting things as Trash, Storage and Goodwill. Goodwill is for any charity place that will take it not just Goodwill. Well I think that needs to stop unless it's out right garbage. Pack it all for storage then sort what goes to charity and what we keep for garage sales. That should help get everything out faster.

Chris and I took everything to the storage today. We have two units now and I'm moving everything from the small one to the big one. We took two loads and then moved nearly everything out of the small one. Chris has made progress in the yard at our house so that's basically done and we just need to empty our garage and get the black car in there and out of sight. Then that stupid business with the county should be taken care of. I can't believe how much Chris and I got done today though. It's really coming along.

My realtor's been great too. She told me about this consignment shop that should pick up most of the furniture for free. If they sell it I should get a cut of what they make. It's money I don't have so all of it will be profit for me. I'd like to get as much as possible but right now I just don't have the time to find the right buyers or the storage to put lots of big furniture to wait for the right buyers.

I got an email from my Jeep dealer about the Florida Birding Festival this weekend. There is one particular boat tour they are promoting to an island that is a bird sanctuary in Tampa Bay. I signed up for it. I am a bit disappointed that I'll be going alone. Chris would have loved this and wanted to go but with all the stupidity going on with the other house and the clean up at this house for the county he can't take any days off from work I don't think. I already bought 1 ticket. So mixed feelings. I'm happy to be going on such a cool thing then get in free to the Florida Aquarium but not happy I won't share this with Chris.

I didn't get any new art done while I was away but I have written the entire script for the comic of Dawn of Fear. That's always a good first step in making my comics so now I can tell it will be no longer than 10 pages most likely. Yes I need a short comic as my others have been long and difficult.
So I'll probably be gone again but Chris will watch my accounts as that idiot spammer found out. Thanks guys for all the budgies and jokers there to push it all out.
07 October 2016 @ 11:16 pm
I had a very cool dream the night before last. I didn't write it down right away so now I'm doing it and don't remember as much so I'm sort of kicking myself. This was not a lucid dream or even a partially lucid dream so a lot of what happens is weird and makes no sense. All I remember now is that I was in this old wooden shack that had several rooms. Egon the ghostbuster was after me though I wasn't a ghost. I don't remember if he was the cartoon version or the movie version. I think he was the cartoon one so that means he was blonde. And he was very scary for some reason. Very determined. I was an antrho shark monster and I looked very cool. I know why I dreamt this. I've been reading White Shark to Chris and though this is not what the monster looks like in the book this is what my mind made up. So I was a large humanoid shark. I had the head of a white shark, and the counter shading, dark grey on top and whitish blue on my ventral side. I was muscular and had claws like Fear. I had a lovely fin in the middle of my upper back. I had muscular human legs and I had a long tail. But it didn't have a fin on the end. It was just like a kangaroo like tail but shark skin. OR like a JP raptor tail I guess. I reminded myself of Roller Troller's Vindictive too only with legs. I think he was the inspiration for this dream too.

So it was dark and I was trying to get away from Egon. I went into the darkness. I could see in the dark for some reason. I leaped up onto a shelf, turned around and crouched. I could see my tail slide around behind me and wave back and forth. I was tired of running. When Egon walked under me I'd come down on him and kill him. But then on the other side of the room beside me a werewolf jumped up and got in the same pose. He looked at me and smiled. It was Malidicus. I thought, "What are you doing here? Is he after you too?" It kind of bugged me he had intruded on my hunt as I had decided to turn the tables on my pursuer but now I had competition.

And that was it. I don't remember anything and I don't think the story continued after this. I find it funny how once I figure out to turn and fight in my dream the dream does something off the wall and I rarely end up fighting. I loved how powerful I was and looked. I was beautiful and I wasn't ever afraid more like annoyed the entire time.

Ok so I sent a bug report to LJ about the calendar. I got this reply in email today.

Thank you for your report.

LiveJournal developers are aware of this issue, and will investigate the problem and take the appropriate actions to resolve it. I apologize for the inconvenience this issue causes you until it is fixed.

I hope they fix it soon. I have a feeling they were changing stuff around and they screwed it up themselves.

I have really enjoyed the days off I had these past few days. Unfortunately tomorrow I have to go back to work on the house so I will be once again cut off from internet. I don't know how long. Probably another week. But perhaps I can get some art done. I've made the first comic page of Dawn of Fear. I'd like to try to finish all the sketch pages for that comic. I'm guessing it will only be a seven page comic. It's just the intro of Fear's birth. But it's a cool story well all my stories are.
EDIT: Chris will be watching my accounts from now on. So if you see me on, it's him.
01 October 2016 @ 09:18 am
Happy Oct everyone. It's now Oct 1st here. I had to renew my domains and hosting today. I hate doing that. It was expensive and the price went up but I still have my website that I haven't touched in years. Sigh. Sometimes I wonder if I should bother but well if I ever get around to publishing my stories like I said I would ages ago I can use that for sure.

So I'm going back to the house today. I'll take my laptop and see about getting it fixed. The batter that came with it is crapping out. I ordered a new batter from BestBatt. They've always been good but this time it didn't work. It's my first time buying a battery for a laptop. So if I have time I may go to Best Buy and have them look at it. I love my laptop and need it working. It has all my stuff and programs on it so I need that plus it runs on window 7 which is great and I never want to change. So again I will be cut off from the internet most likely.

I'm happy it's now October. I hope that pumpkin tents start to go up now. I'd love to buy some lovely pumpkins. Tomorrow my inlaws and possibly my realtor are supposed to come to the house to help me move stuff out. I love that my realtor is getting involved. She really wants to help sell this house. I'm sure she knows she'll make good money off it and it should sell well. I didn't get any artwork done yesterday unfortunately. But perhaps I'll do some pencil art at the other house to start inking later on.

Fun stuff now. Remember back when I was picking a voice for Fear I had two. A melodic one for his normal form and the nasal creepy one from Nekrogoblikon for his Scary Form. As I moved away from him having two forms to him just having one. He's always Scary Fear. No more irises or pupils for him. No more stupid horse teeth or soft fingers. Even in FBTF eventually he stops taking normal form. So I wondered about the two voices. I still like both though. What to do? Well if you guys saw my journal on DA Leeanix I posted the song by Dionysus Divine. He starts with the nasal creepy voice that is like the Nekrogoblikon one. It's the closest to what Fear sounds like in his speaking voice. But then he easily transitions to a melodic voice. It's a prefect example to show that Fear could have these two voices. His speaking voice is the creepy one but he has a beautiful singing voice when he does sing. It works and I can keep those voices for his one form. So yet again that song helps and I think I'll add it to his soundtrack.
30 September 2016 @ 05:16 pm
I'm quite happy right now. I am home for now and got lots of work done in the garage. I did a garbage run this morning and took a printer that was dead and an old monitor to the dump. That freed up good space in the garage. I cleaned out the shed and put the bikes in there and some of my 2x4's. I think I can definitely get this garage cleaned out for two cars if Chris can help me with some of the heavy stuff. I had fun working and I'm happy when I feel productive. I cleared a path to the shed and washed it down. Though I was killing plants I was happy to be in my backyard working with plants. The yard's majorly neglected and I will work on it once I have time. I think I haven't gardened in two years and want to do something like that again for next year. It's Fall. Oct is coming tomorrow. I can't wait. Pumpkins will start showing up in tents around town. Migratory birds might start to show up. I can't wait for the pelicans to return though they might come in winter. The white pelicans. They're so big.

I got a plant in the mail today. I was thrilled. I haven't ordered plants in forever. Ok you guys remember the trouble I had with the seed order from that guy on Ebay?

Later he whinned to me about the neutral feedback I left. No not sorry and it doesn't affect his perfect score. I won't do business with him again and we are no longer friends. Well I know the place where he got the plant Passiflora rovirosae. I was on the waiting list and I got an email from Grassy Knoll Exotic Plants the other day I was home. I went ahead and ordered it right away. Got it in the mail today and was so fun to unbox a new plant. It's a tiny cutting that doesn't look like anything. I will keep it on the patio so the darn butterflies won't lay eggs on it and kill it. I have a nice collection now of rare passifloras. I must make cuttings of the older ones to protect against possible future loss. As for the seeds I finally got? They didn't even sprout. Total waste of time and money. Doesn't matter. I now have this rare plant. Here's info on it.
Yes the red fruits are what make this interesting.

And then I got a chance today to catch up on comments and talk to my friends here on LJ and DA. Gosh I have been needing that and had fun just spending hours. I need to make time tonight to work on that art piece of Scary Fear. So yes good things.

Oh and I'm really channeling George right now too because I am re-reading my own story Captured and loving it.
27 September 2016 @ 05:32 pm
So you guys may have seen me commenting on DA. I am home today because of a silly thing. Chris called me last night and told me a got one of those slips for a missed certified letter from "attorney". WTF? It was so vague so I got worried and told him I'd be home the next morning to pick it up at our post office. Why would I get anything in the mail? I had no idea what it could be. Just when I was starting to enjoy being at the other house a bit, I had just watched a movie now this. So I went home this morning and luckily it turned out to just be a receipt for something I did. Well legal stuff makes you jumpy and I do have to be on alter ready for anything. I am very defensive right now with this whole mess. I didn't see the point in going back to the other house and well more time to spend with Chris. So I decided to stay home, play with Bullet and get caught up with stuff here online. I felt bad I missed a day of work but well not totally. I found other things to do that will help with the other house in the long run so it's not a wasted day. I'll go back tomorrow. Tomorrow is a day off for Chris so today was nice to spend the morning with him. It was also a bit exciting. I got to see my friend Mike. We met him by chance at the gas station. When I asked what was going on he said he was looking for his lost cow. I couldn't help but laugh at the thought of a cow having walked down our street at some point. He told me this happened also once last year she got out and went into the cow field by our house. Well there are bulls in there and that's probably what she wanted. I had to go but I hope he got her back. That's a very interesting lost pet. Seriously I hope he finds her despite the funny part it's still stressful and not fun. If Wished I'd had some carrots. I'd help and then perhaps she'd come if I fed her. But I never saw her. He told me she's a red cow.

Ok so I remembered my idea book so I will scan my logs I made and post them here soon enough. I'm not back on DA, but just wanted to catch up a bit. I haven't logged into Thagirion or Sorath and they'll probably have lots of comments and group stuff I have to take care of when I have time again. So tomorrow I'll go back to the other house and Chris will help me. I'm on a nautical kick so last night I watched Master and Commander. I LOVE that movie. It's great and I highly recommend it. It's also the first movie to get permission to film on the Galapagos. You guys know the Galapagos is one of my dream destinations. I like how this movie tried to make the ship's doctor try to be the first naturalist on the islands to catalog things but well it didn't work out for him and we all know Darwin was the first. I think the doc was an INTJ because I could relate to him and his love of finding new creatures on islands and running all over the place. There are some beautiful sailing scenes and also great battle with gun fights and sword fights. I love movies that have both action and intelligence. The other movies I brought over are Moby Dick with Gregory Peck and Titanic. I'm watching them in "chronological" order so Titanic will be last. By that I mean as though they had happened in history. Master And Commander early 1800s is the oldest, then Moby Dick mid to late 1800s and Titanic early 1900s.
25 September 2016 @ 06:37 pm
Ok so not everything has been work. On my way home today I saw the eagles on posts and I pulled over. I loved that my jeep has become part of my camera tools now. Just another photography tools to get me to my bird subjects. So I have this video I took that I'm happy. It's jumpy at first. Sorry but I fixed that later. You can see how nice my zoom lens is at 65x and I have taken some of the best eagle photos ever with this male eagle. The female was down the road but too far to have a good pic uploaded or video. I'm so behind on photo uploads. I can't wait for this mess to be over for me. I miss all of you so much. Anyway, It's things like this that keep me happy and thankful despite the stuff happening to me I still enjoy life, am thankful and live in a beautiful state. I press on and fight like these birds do and will rise above as always.

18 September 2016 @ 08:16 pm
Des' husband here. She wanted me to let you all know she temporally moved into the other house to keep working on it. If you all see Des on Deviant Art, it is me. Des does not have internet access at the other house.

17 September 2016 @ 08:16 am
Finally I had a very nice dream about Scary Fear. I don't know why I rarely have these but this is probably my best one yet. Chris and I are already talking about our next cruise. I've started looking around and found one we like but funny enough it goes to Key West. To us that's a waste of time and money as we're Floridians and we've been to Key West. We think it's a bit of a waste to do a cruise anywhere in the United States really (with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii) when you can drive there for less money and spend more time. But anyway, so I dreamt I was on that cruise with him and we were docking in Key West. Like we had talked about we were just going to stay on the ship when we got there. But I love seeing buildings go by when I enter a port and in this dream the buildings were higher than our room so I got to see the roofs and then they got taller til I couldn't see over them. I got excited and I told Chris, "You know I think I will disembark just to see the port. I'll be right back." At that point the dream showed me that I was Scary Fear and I just flew off our balcony. Like all my flying dreams I was thrilled the moment I took off. My raven wings were beautiful so big and broad. I had no trouble flying around and I got to see the ship from over head. It wasn't a Royal Caribbean but a Celebrity because it was smaller white and dark blue. It was so neat to see all the buildings and palm trees from over head. So beautiful and relaxing. I then landed on a dock and was watching other ships come in. Some girls were complaining about stuff and I was just listening. It bugged me because they were talking about stupid things. I should have scared them but didn't think about it. Then I got that worried feeling that I should head back because I had limited time. I took off and everyone was amazed I could fly. I smiled loving that reaction. Perhaps they thought I was wearing a costume. I flew high then got really worried because I couldn't see my ship. Where's my ship? It couldn't have left and even if it had there should be a wake. I can still catch up but there's no trace. Where is it? I landed by some of the dock workers and started asking around where it was. At first no one knew what I was talking about but finally someone told me I couldn't see it because it had gone into a hanger. Well then of course I would never see it from overhead. This was a cue this was a dream because cruise ships are too big for hangers unless they are being built.

So I started going to all the hangers and no luck at first. Finally I found the right one but still couldn't see my ship. Again I talked to some of the workers and told them I REALLY needed to get back on. One told me with a worried look that the ship had just been taken to a lower level. WHAT? Apparently there were some kind of bay doors and the boats could go even lower. Kind of like planes on a carrier. I wondered how does that work with the water. Anyway I needed to get to this next level. They told me I could not because it was a restricted area. All passengers were back on board. WHAT? No they weren't I NEED to get there. There was a big open bay door in this one and I realized something important. "Perhaps I can't get in but the ship can get out. It has to take off, right?" I asked.
"Yes it should be leaving port soon."
"Then I'll see it when it leaves and I can catch it then!" I said happily. The guy gave me a confused expression. "Thanks for the info." I said, spread my wings and flew off out of the bay doors. He was so surprised to see my fly away. So I circled the port and hovered whenever I got a good head wind. I saw other big ships leaving for the open ocean. At last I saw my ship leaving from a covered area. I was so excited. I did two powerful down strokes of my black wings and dove down after it. It was exciting and beautiful chasing down a huge moving ship heading towards the horizon. It was heading south and it was evening. I knew this because the sun was on my right and would set in a few hours. I thought about my landing. I'd never landed on a moving vehicle before so I would have to land at speed. That would be interesting. Also I couldn't be seen since they had no idea I had left in the first place. I decided to go for one of the open pool decks where I'd have room in case I crashed and funny enough I was able to turn invisible. I landed with no problems and then had to find a place where I could become visible again without anyone getting suspicious. I decided to go into the hallways of the rooms. There is rarely anyone there. So that's what I did and it worked out great. I passed by the casino. All the lights were very pretty and I regretted not having my camera. I was hungry. The dream ended with me finding a dessert bar and the person there came out with a huge like five stack of pancakes covered in strawberry, vanilla and mint ice cream. So it was pink, white and green. Oh my gosh I can't eat all this they always give you so much food on these boats but how pretty and what a treat after a long tiring flight. Ha.

So that was my awesome dream. One thing that surprised me was that no one was afraid of me or questioned that a purple and blue monster with black wings was just walking around. The last part of my dream was in first person but I wonder how freaky it would be to see Fear eat, even if he's eating pretty food like a dessert. I also like that my mind totally made up these new places because it is a boat I've never been on so I don't know what it's supposed to look like. I'm glad it didn't set me on the Allure. So yes very fun dream and it's about time I was Scary Fear again
10 September 2016 @ 02:06 pm
I'm so behind here again. Gosh let's see if I can remember what all happened on the last day of the cruise. Not much. I felt bad from all the exercise that I over did on the previous days hiking. I mostly stayed in the room. I ate too many chocolate covered strawberries. I'm not supposed to eat chocolate because it has caffeine but I figured it would be ok on the last day of the trip and perhaps I could get away with it. I think I ate 7 as they brought them to our room to replace the champain. We don't drink alcohol so the bottle was a waste on us. I did get chest pains but it was days later after I was home. Odd it was a delayed reaction and luckily it was a mild one. So that's my caffeine for the year. I really shouldn't do any of it. I have to be careful. Almost every morning on the ship I've had a yummy salmon bagel for breakfast. Wow I enjoyed those too much. I have it heated and it's awesome. I've never understood the appear of eating cold meat sandwiches. But enough about food. I really don't like talking about food it's boring. I may have to edit this and ask Chris what he remembers because I don't remember much about this day. Did bird watching from the balcony and went to our fave spot a few times on the stern of the ship to watch the waves. Oh I did boring luggages. I had to pack up. I am glad that this is the first trip I didn't get too sad at the end. I thin it's ok to get sad at the end of vacations but part of me was so tired I wanted to go home and get back to my life. I might have finished my sketch dump on this day. Chris and I talked a lot and just spent nice time together. We watched Puss In Boots as it was playing that night and our DVD's didn't work with stupid windows 10. I'm looking into buying windows 7 and see if I can downgrade his computer. We HATE it. How lame we can't watch DVD's. Listened to a lot of metal and this is when I became obsessed with the song Stormcrow though I had heard it many times before. I don't know why on this trip it got into my mind and while on the ship I knew I had to draw a pic of Scary Fear to that song. I'll post that later. I don't think I even took many photos this day. It was a recharge day spent at sea. Oh we did pass by a neat light house in Cuba. I did get a photo of that and have to upload it. It's a shame Cuba is enemies with the US and doesn't let American tourist go there. So many cool birds there I'd love to see and it must be beautiful but they've got one of the worst governments in the world.

So Day 8 we're back in Ft. Lauderdale. There was a cool huge cut away ship next to us in the dock. I finished packing and we left early. Well I have learned something new. Leave early. I knew arriving late made getting on the ship easy. Ship sails at 5pm be there by 2:30-3pm and things are good. But before I'd been waiting til like 10 or 11 to disembark because we didn't want to leave the ship. That meant long lines at customs. We left early this time and I was amazed how fast we got out and how easy it was. Especially since we have no checked bags. We carry everything ourselves because we travel light. This was the best exit we've ever done. Now I know. Arrive late, leave early. Got it. The four hour drive home was pretty nice. Couldn't tell there had been a "hurricane". Was sunny and beautiful and everything was fine. I know it rained a lot while we were gone but timing worked out great as we were on the tail end of the storms both in the Caribbean and in Florida. We missed them so good.
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03 September 2016 @ 01:25 am
Ok almost caught up with posts now. But before I get to that I want to post last night's dream. I dreamt I was back in college and I was taking my very last class to graduate. I don't know why I keep having dreams about school when I graduated years ago. So my final class was English class. I had left it because it was easy or so I thought. I know my grammar and in highschool English was easy for me. So I go into the room and am deciding what desk to sit at. My friend JokerForever303 was in this dream. He was one of my classmates and I was happy to see him. I don't know what you looked like. My mind I think just make you look like an average guy I couldn't not describe what you looked like as it was literally blurry. But the class turned out to be a nightmare. The teacher was a real jerk. Some big scary black guy that was purposely failing everyone. He was one of those that says "no one gets better than a C" in his class. On one of my reports he took points off and gave me a C because I used birds as an example. I got so mad about that because the grammar part which is what mattered was all correct. The whole class was angry at him. They wanted to complain but he threatened to fail those that did and that they couldn't get rid of him because he'd been there or 30 years and no one had been able to defeat him. He also thought that since I had not complained I had no problems with him. Wrong. I was recording everything he said, keeping everyone's tests and was going to sue. I'd somehow been put in charge by all the classmates but nothing else became of the dream. I'm sure I could have defeated him and helped everyone else but how stupid to even dream about it. But some part of me liked it.

Ok so got up today and we were arriving in Labadee Haiti. I was super excited about this mostly for all the cool birds. I know this place is full of endemics (birds found nowhere else in the world) Last time I saw the palmchat. I hoped to see those again. I was more excited about that than the Dragon's Flight Zip Line. Look it up on youtube. It's an amazing drop off a mountain. So Chris and I got up and had breakfast at the Park Cafe again. Then we went to our orientation and to fill out the waivers. They took us out and got us suited up to do this. We did a little practice drop on a smaller zip line. No problem. I said that's the chance people have if they want to chicken out. If they don't like that it's a good time to quit as they won't like the big one. We were then driven to the top of the mountain which was very cool. The day was beautiful. I'm glad all three days ashore have had perfect weather. We could see the cruise ship from up there. Funny enough they let almost all of us down at the same time I came in last. Even the person after me caught up fast and passed me. I think it's because I was the lightest I just didn't have the speed. It's ok as I got more time to film everything that way. I didn't find it scary at all. I wasn't scared at all actually and the drop was fun and lovely.

Chris went back on the ship to drop off the gopro and get my other camera and our sun gear. I'm glad we didn't bring everything and use the lockers because the lockers cost money. It's hassle going all the way to the ship and going through customs but it's FREEEEE.

We then had lunch and so began my birding adventure. And wow I mostly saw endemics and some amazing ones.

Narrow Billed Tody. OMG I knew this was Toady but I wasn't sure which one. I love looking these up when I get "home". Endemic to Hispaniola. This was such a pretty colorful green bird. Green birds are so rare at least you don't see them in North America so I'm thrilled to see them on my travels.

Black Crowned Palm Tanager. At first I thought this was some kind of Jay. But when he wasn't in with the crows I had to search the whole book then found him in with the Tanagers. Another Endemic. Wow so lovely.

White Necked Crow. This is one of my faves. Looks like a normal crow but has red eyes. But the coolest thing about these is the voice. They don't' sound like crows at all. They sound like parrots. I thought I was looking for a parrot til I saw this guy. They also travel in pairs which is great. I never got a good recording of their voices but they sound so cool.

I also got to see the Palm Chat again and some kind of new warbler. I need to get a pic up later but it's also an endemic. The only other bird I saw that wasn't endemic was a Grey Kingbird and they are everywhere. Oh I saw a cut baby though, newly fledged with no tail. He was singing like he was an adult. He looked so funny but already singing. Amazing. I also saw some strange butterfly I need to ID. No giant caterpillars this time though. It's probably not the right time of year.

About that. We've always traveled in Oct for Halloween. This is a new at the end of Aug for us. We haven't seen as many other ships because of that as before. Also fewer seabirds and flying fish which has been a minor disappointment out at sea. And now no caterpillars. Well it is different but we do like Oct travel better.

We're both exhausted and sun burnt despite wearing lots of protective clothing. I'm tired and I'm ready to go home finally. I have had my fun. No ready to go back the all the stress of dealing with the other house but I do want to go back. I need to write Mike. I heard a hurricane went by. Only a category 1 and the media is probably making it sound worse than it is. But haven't heard from anyone back home so I'll do email after this. Hey Roller, if you see Gamma give her a poke for me. I'm surprised she hasn't popped in here to say something.
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03 September 2016 @ 12:55 am
I was not able to get on yesterday. The internet connection on this is terrible. So what I have had to do is upload the images from my laptop to DA then make my post here in the ship's lab since I'm sure this connection won't go out. I should complain about how bad the connection is because it's ridiculous to be on for 3 minutes or less at a time and get kicked.

Anyway so yesterday was a great day. Got up and watched the sunrise. We arrived in Puerto Rico, but it was only a half day. We had to be back on the ship by 1:30 pm which was not so great. So we got out at 7 and I am amazed we got to do everything I wanted to do. I'd been studying the map on google maps and knew everything was within walking distance. One thing they had mentioned was that it was a difficult up hill climb to the fort through the city. Well everyone's definition of difficult is different. I had found a passage way called Paseo del Morro that goes around the castle and is all flat so that avoids traffic, people and hill climbing.

Here is a view of El Casitllo San Felipe Del Morro. People call this either the castle or El Morro for short. I definitely wanted to go check this awesome fort out. You can see the walkway around it. And a lovely sunrise to go with it. Well we didn't have a real plan but we found ourselves going by Paseo de la Princesa. Or the Princess' Pass which leads to Paseo del Morro. So we walked around the outside of the castle. It didn't open til 9am and we had two hours to kill. Plus with morning light is was so lovely and hardly anyone was around.

This is part of the beautiful walk around the castle. There's a huge wall all around and Puerto Rico isn't called The Walled City for nothing. There's a cat rescue called Save A Gato and that's why you see that bin on the side. It's full of cat food. When you take this walk there are cats everywhere. Some are really messed up with bad injuries. Who knows what happened to them. The smell of the food is kind of gross. But there are other neat things to see besides cats, like iguanas and birds. The plant live is beautiful too so if you don't breath too much only a small section has the cat food bins out.

We were thrilled to find out this walk way loops around, you have to climb stairs and then it leads you right to the entrance of the castle. After getting some water as we were very tired and thirsty we went in once they opened up. I'd watched youtube videos of this fort so I knew what to expect but it was still very nice. I loved all the towers you could go into. My only regret was that the big pile of canon balls I'd seen in a video was not here. I asked what happened to them and they said they were being repaired. So I missed them. They are around just not in public anymore. It was like this huge cool pyramid. We actually bought some souvenirs. I had not expected that to happen. But we went into the gift shop as I really needed another drink. I bought a little plastic model of the fort and a DVD. More on the DVD later.

Once done with El Morro we walked back and cut through the big gate in the wall. I kind of knew my way to El Parque De Las Palomas or Pigeon Park. I'd also seen a youtube on this. It's a small park filled with pigeons. You can buy food for them and there is a wall with holes where they nest. It was lovely to see this in person. The walls here are pink which I really like and there are lovely flowering tropical trees. The added bonus was we could see our huge ship perfectly from this park too. I had a feeling this would be hard to get to as it was at a higher tier than the Princess Pass. In fact I was looking down on it so I'm glad we did this last or we would have had to back track. Everything about this trip worked perfectly. OH and I did see a new bird for my life list though I was not able to get a photo. Canary Winged Parakeet.

Well when we got back to the ship we tried to watch the DVD documentary we bought. It didn't work on media player. We tried another of our movies we brought and nothing either. I was rather pissed about this. We brought Chris's laptop and he has crappy windows 10 on it and its media player doesn't run DVD's at all. So all the movies we brought we can't watch. I really regret not bringing my laptop but not that I could have. I need to get a new battery for it as it's breaking down. So we listened to metal instead. That was nice. I've been missing my metal and hadn't listened to any of my own awesome music in five days. So that was very nice at least. I think that was all that happened yesterday. Now to write about today.
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31 August 2016 @ 09:32 pm
Today has been an amazing. But before that. AudeS, JokerForever, RollerTroller ACTipton I saw all your replies even for previous days. Nice to see you guys here.
Joker yes all the days have been very nice. Yes exploring a huge ship like this is part of the fun for sure. It's so peaceful to sit on that deck and watch the ocean roll by.
AudeS. The storms aren't bad. It rains for a few minutes then gets sunny then rains again. Typical here. But today was a perfect day on the island. This is a HUGE ship and you'll see that soon enough in the next photos. Walkie Talkies have been a lot of fun for nerds like us. Once we got a private channel they've been great. Yes it's great being lazy for sure. We get enough exercise on the excursions on the islands.

RollerTroller thanks for the info. I LOVE those kinds of stats and info. I did not know it was the deepest trench in the Atlantic. Then I'm happy we went over it.

Actiption, funny I am the same way. I agree with the reason. When I travel it's new and I want to see everything so I do lots more running around.

OK so sunrise was super early this morning. 6:05am so I got up around 5:45am and amazingly I wasn't tired. Tomorrow sunrise is at 5:57am. I hope I wake up before that. I don't know why it's rising earlier and earlier each day. So got up to watch the sun rise and we could see land in the distance. We were surrounded by brown boobies. My gosh it was great. I got so many photos and videos of them. I got some crappy photos of them catching flying fish too. Here's one of my nicer photos.

I wish I could pet their white tummies. We docked in St. Maarten and our tour guide met us as we were walking out of the dock to the main road. She took us first to a salt lake and it was great. We saw lovely green iguanas and many shore birds. The frigates were my faves and I finally got some nice photos of some males.

Such shinny black feathers and his bright red pouch.

We stopped at a neat observation area. It was a like a blinds and this lake was full mostly White Cheeked Pintails. We stopped by a neighborhood and some random road sides and I got a pearly eyed thrasher. The bright eye makes them look mean. I like these birds a lot. We stopped by another little lake and I picked up a new lifer for me. A shore bird called Whimbrel. Not that exciting looking but new bird I've never ever seen so that's always a great thing. We stopped and had a snake of banana break and herbal tea. Then we headed to the entrance of the butterfly garden where I picked up another lifer. This one was cool. A Green THroated Carib. It's a neat metallic hummingbird. They had a feeder and he landed in the tree. Also so lots more bananaquits, Lesser Antillean Bull Finch and Black Faced grassquit. I saw some neat new lizards too. I can't remember what they are called but will have to email my guide for the info.
So all in all it was a great day. Here are a few more photos. I uploaded six today but took tons more. It's very hard sometimes picking just a few photos for these quick entries I make as so many good ones were taken.

Male black faced grassquit.

Green throated carib.

Canon at Ft. Louis St. Maarten. This fort was very nice. We enjoyed climbing up it though it was a bit of a tricky climb. I'm so glad we got those hiking boots. They came in super handy.

Our massive ship docked. We took this from the other side of the pay in St. Maarten. So lovely. It's crazy the shp is nearly as long as that mountian. It is a floating city.
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30 August 2016 @ 08:49 pm
Today was a very good day. Got up to watch the sunrise but not much happened as there was a big thunderstrom raining like a curtain right where the sun rose. I got to see a bit of it through a tiny hole so nothing amazing like yesterday. Well plenty more sunrises to come. I forgot to mention that yesterday we bought a pair of walkie talkies. This is a huge ship so we have really needed to use them. Since today was another full day at sea we decided to go our own separate ways to explore. Funny enough though this is a floating city we still ran into each other at a store. I was picking up post cards and a few things one of my members from my DA cruise group wanted. Speaking of postcards. I won't be able to mail them out until I get back to Florida. I'm so annoyed by that. I was hoping to mail them out tomorrow in St. Maarten but I forgot this was Chris's laptop not mine. So my text document with all the addresses is not on here. It's at home. So I'm a bit annoyed I didn't think of that and you guys won't get a cool stamp from a foreign country. The one good thing is at least out of Florida it will be faster but not as cool. I was hoping to send some to ACTiption80, Gamma-Wings, AudeS, Peregrinefalconlady and Karyl-Delta.

We're currently crossing over a trench on our way to St. Maarten. The deepest we've seen listed is 27,320ft. That's amazing! Around 5 miles deep I think. I just looked it up. It's called the Puerto Rico Trench. I don't have time to look up much on it as I have limited internet but if you guys can give me some facts on that I'd love it. It looks amazing on the map. So anyway we both went our own ways. I went to Central Park to take photos. Chris sat at his fave spot on deck 5. Hum, I guess nothing too exciting has happened to talk about. We just mostly explored the ship and relaxed. Took it easy. That's what a vacation is about. Being lazy. At least until the shore excursions. I may draw on this trip soon. I have been thinking about Scary Fear and Pyranx.

Oh one of the neat things we did with the walkie talkies is we knew there is a camera that films on the promenade and shows up on the stats channel we like. So Chris went down there and I filmed him and with the walkie talkies told him where to stand. That will be a fun one to share on youtube when we get back.

Tomorrow is bird watching in St. Maarten. I got an email out and told our guide we might be late since the whole turn around thing in Ft Lauderdale.

Well I think that's everything for this post. Just three photos to share. I'm posting the best ones I take and when I get back will try to post everything.

I'm loving breakfast at this place

This is Chris's fave spot on deck 5 aft end by the running track. Oh man this was early morning. Sun had just risen and the water was gorgeous. I named this one Endless Ocean because it was. In all directions there was ocean. No land in sight and it was lovely. We sat here for hours. I took pics and some videos.

I LOVE the view of the wak of the engines from deck 5. The water has been indigo but when churned up it turns a lovely turquoise.
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30 August 2016 @ 07:38 am
So this is Day two. I hate the internet on this ship or it's our laptop. I don't know but it is terrible and keeps disconnecting. I may have to type everything offline first. So today was our first day out at sea. I had an amazing dream last night. I dreamt I was Pyranax and I was with hundreds of other imps. We were supposed to be attacking some enemie. I was climbing up a wall and it was so fun and amazing for me to be sticking to it. I was wondering how I was doing it as I went up this cylindrical stone column. I got to the top of it and just perched in a crouch. I watched the other imps storm over into this area. I then thought "Why am I attacking this guy? I don't know him. I don't have a grudge against him. I'm not doing this." So I climbed down then landed on this flat stone that was really large. I lost my balance and felt the ground shake like crazy. Bologoth the Hell Knight had landed next to me.
"What are you doing? Where do you think you're going?" He yelled at me. I ran. That's all I remember of the dream. It was amazing how big and ugly he was and I was disobeying orders but I didn't care. I wasn't going to listen to him.
So on day 2 we had breakfast at the Central Park Cafe. This was our first day all at Sea.

But first a gorgeous sun rise. I love getting up early to catch the sunrise at sea. There's nothing like it. There have been scattered thunderstorms all over the sea though and this one was just coming through the clouds as it rose. So amazing.

Here we are at breakfast at the park cafe. They have those wonderful teas again. I don't know why the batch I ordered was so terrible. I wonder if they send the best to the ships and the commercial ones they sell to everyone else. Was disapointing to buy a pac of 100 and they are bland and gross instead of wonderfully minty. Anyway I'm happy to have these teas again. This is such a colorful and nice Cafe. I had an egg sandwich and a salmon bagel. It was delicious.

One of Chris's favorite spots. This is the aften of Deck 5 on the running track. We both enjoy sitting here just watching the water and the wake the ship leaves. Its been raining on and off like this which is typical of the Gulf of Mexico and Mid Atlantic at this time.

Scary Fear also enjoys the view. I'm so glad I brought him. What fun.
I tried two of the rock climbing walls again. I didn't even make it half way. The first one I tried was very hard. I was hoping it would be easier. The second one was the one I did last time. I was tired from the first attempt though. They now have a bell at the half way point and at the top. I'll be happy to make it to the half way bell but not even that. My arms are wimpy and I was on the "easiest" track. I will try again tomorrow as it's another day at sea. I can't wait for Day 4 and go birding on St. Maarten. I emailed our tour guide and she had told me we were still the only ones booked. I hoped no one else would join but I know she needs to make money. She offered me a discounted private tour for an extra $130. I thought that was very reasonable and took the offer. I was thinking of booking all six spots anyway and since it was so late she gave me a huge discount. I'm thrilled about this. Just us birding with her and we'll have time to go to Fort Louis. That's going to be awesome. I am so excited. I hope the weather is beautiful on all the islands.
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