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27 August 2016 @ 09:03 pm
So Chris and I are now officially on vacation and having a good time. It's been an adventure and we've made a few mistakes that thankfully we found out about while still in the United States. I'll get to that in a bit.

So I've been packing our things in our suitcases since Monday. Like Santa I have a list and been checking it twice. More than that really. I did forgot the extra battery and charger for my Gopro. Luckily I can charge it on the laptop but I have to make sure to use it wisely when out as it's just one battery. So yesterday we left the Jeep at my other house. Ironically my plate came in the mail after that. So I won't put it on our truck til we get back from our trip. Chris's mom has been wonderful helping us with the other house. She's going to go over there while we are gone and help us package things and sort trash. We are amazed how she has done way more than the two of us put together. I kept telling Chris we need an S type to help us. Well there we go. She's amazing. We N's just aren't built for this kind of thing. We suck at it. We're very thankful. Also major props to Mike taking care of our birds. I'm so glad he was able to this time. We have to do something awesome for him in return. Perhaps I can take him to the park on the dirt roads.

Ok so all the stuff at home is taken care of now. We went to the dump this morning and we had everything already packed. We gassed up the truck and headed out. We decided to go down why 27. The scenic route. It's just easier than driving down the interstate. We like we can pull over and we get to drive through some small towns that are pretty cool. It runs right down the middle of the state too. But there was one section that was pretty annoying. All these barn swallows and green tree swallows were flying so low and fast in huge numbers. I was so worried we'd hit them. We almost hit some. But out of all those we only saw two dead ones in the road. I don't understand why they do this. They must be stupid thrill seeker birds. I was telling Chris the point of wings is to fly OVER danger not THROUGH it. Stupid birds. I don't want them killed but it's their own stupid fault they do fly in front of cars on purpose and veer off at the last second. WTF?

We did have to get on the main highway once in Ft. Lauderdale and that was crazy. People were just as stupid as those birds. We finally got to our hotel. We had lunch at Olive Gardens. I'm not a fan of that place but Chris likes it. I had a salmon which was ok. We came back to the hotel then went to go look at the Ferarri dealership right across the street from here. Wow such lovely cars, especially the Lamborghini's.

I've been annoyed that I've had to do chores on my vacation though. I had washed all my shirts or so I thought. But for some reason I thought they smelled bad. They did and so I had to wash them in the sink. I had to use one of my travel Tide detergents early. Not happy about that. And then the drying has been hard. I've been ironing them and using the hair dryer. I hadn't expected to do that, but I need everything nice and clean. I know stuff will get dirty and I expect to do this on the ship but hadn't expected to do this so soon and for all my shirts at that. I have to get them dry because they need to be packed for tomorrow.

Ok photo time.

Chris and I drive towards Ft. Lauderdale and pass through Lake Placid. We were joking about giant alligators. Unlike in the movie we do have giant alligators down here.

This is an old orange stand on hwy 27 that is shut down. I found this place two years ago when also going on a cruise. We had to drive by. One of my faves. The osprey nest is still on the pineapple and this time Scary Fear poses with it. I love traveling with Scary Fear. I can't wait to take him to famous places.

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As always I will not be able to reply to you guys directly in comments here I don't think but will reply in the next post I make. For those of you on DA I won't reply there either. I'm only uploading the best of the best each day to post here. I don't know if I'll have internet on the ship. It's so darn expensive and they changed how the timing works. I don't want to be disconnected so I'll see. I am willing to pay the rip off prices to stay connected. So yes very excited about tomorrow.
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20 August 2016 @ 05:03 pm
Today was a nice full day. Chris drove us out to our eye doctor to get new glasses. My trail pair of contacts hasn't come in yet. We both got bi focal lenses. My first time with them. They are called progressive because there's no line so you can't tell the difference. They look like normal glasses. I got a new frame for Chris too because his old frame was to flimsy and frail. We're both much happier now though I have to get used to the new prescription. I hope the bifocal contacts will work. If not I have to do contacts with reading glasses which I'm not too happy about especially when I do photography. It makes it hard that I have to fiddle with glasses for both near and far and I can't really tell if the screen is in focus on the camera. We'll just have to see if they work for me or not.

After that we went to look at a storage unit and I rented one. I need to finish work on my other house and right now I think it's best if I just get basically everything out and sort it later at the storage. That way I can get this darn house on the market and get rid of it. I really don't want to pay another month on it.

Our vacation is one week away. I have to get ready for that. I think I will start packing our luggage tonight or tomorrow. Last time I said I need to pack two days ahead of time so I'm not killing my back the night before. Well I think I will get a head start on it. I got a nice new galaxy swimsuit for this trip though I probably won't use it much. Probably just for the spa. As for our shore excursions not much swimming it's all land tours which I'm excited about.

And like the subject says I'm actually still sick. I forgot Fibro is this way. You feel really really bad then you feel normal and think you're well then you crash. Yesterday was rather scary. My blood pressure was very low which explains why I was so weak and winded. Eating helps a little and fibro complicates my hypoglycemia too. I noticed after eating a key lime pie it helped. I was able to clean the patio which is not an easy chore. And I did laundry this morning but then I got really weak again. But after some lunch I felt almost normal. I feel good now but I know I can't trust it. I know this can last 3 months. That's been my worst but I hope I get over it before our trip. I've booked high endurance activities like hiking to go bird watching and walking up a hill to a castle. I can't be having this now. I'm trying to do small amounts of exercise too as that's supposed to help even if you're feeling weak. It's annoying when I'm mentally and emotionally fine but physically can't do anything. And there's so much to be done.

I have been getting a lot of movie time and game time because of it. I have been playing the space exploration game No Man's Sky and I've found some really cool animals and plants.
Oh and I've been having good dreams again. Seems my subconsious mind knows about my trip as I have not thought about it much consciously. But I have been having dreams about booking cruises, being on the ocean and going through corridors on the ship.
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18 August 2016 @ 03:42 pm
Ok I need to post about this before I forget all the details. Aug 3rd was a day off for us and we were working at the other house. Mid day we decided to go to Ferman to look at the Jeeps as I really needed a vehicle. The salesman named Juan was very nice and I had done my research so I already knew what I wanted. I told him I was interested in a 2 door Sahara and I wanted to test drive one to see what I thought. They didn't have any Saharas in 2 doors but they had two 75th Anniversary Saharas. I test drove the army green one. I loved the leather seats. But I can't really tell from one drive around the block. And I didn't have the seat right. It was too close to the steering wheel so I couldn't tell if I liked it or not. I was rather sure I did. BUT I did not like the 75th anniversary one as it had ridges on the hood and the whole point is for me to paint this like a Jurassic Park Jeep with my number on the hood. So I can't have any thing like that. So we went inside and I told him what I liked and that I did not care about the color as I would be painting it anyway. So long as the interior was black. Luckily most come with black interiors so that's good. He found two in Tampa to ship over to them. They were the same except one was $1000 more because of the leather seats. I went with the cheaper one and later realized that was a mistake. More on that later. Anyway it went very well and we were financed through the dealership. We spent a long time there but I was quite happy. Poor Chris had a headache. Luckily they had snacks and drinks and I got him some advil for his headache.

The new Jeep arrived on Friday the 5th. It was black so it looks lovely. I gave the down payment and I was given the keys. I have since found the perfect placement for the seat. I love my Jeep but I wish I had chosen the other one now. I don't like the cloth seats. They are hot, hard and rough. I'm going to have to upgrade them later on and pay the thousand dollars anyway. Probably more because I didn't do it outright. The only custom stuff is I have my JP hang tag in the mirror. I'm not going to do any major changes to it until it's paid off. And I'm hoping it will be paid very soon once I can get this house on the market. Once the house sells I can pay the Jeep off and all will be good. I've been very stressed dealing with the house and the business issues still. I wish I could take my Jeep out for fun. I'd love to go to the park or the beach with it. So far it's just been a work vehicle going back and forth between properties.

About three days ago my Fibromyalgia acted up pretty bad that I had to be in bed. I was so weak and achy I couldn't walk. I still haven't recovered and today is the best I have felt in three days. I need to get over this and be fully physically well as my cruise is coming up in just over a week. I want to forget about all the house stuff for a week and enjoy seven days in the tropics celebrating our 20th anniversary. A late celebration but still we've earned it.
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25 July 2016 @ 08:42 pm
Ok so I'm back from my trip. I need to write about that here before I forget everything. But first I need to write these dreams before I forget them. The Owen dream I had the day before yesterday. I have no idea why I dreamt about him. I haven't thought about him much. It's probably because someone called me a narcissist recently on DA. To me that's not an insult. Owen is my narcissist character and possibly also psychopath.

So this was a strange dream because I played both myself and Owen. Not at the same time necessarily. I kept morphing into him and it felt very different when I was him. It was like split personality. I felt even smarter and more confident than I normally do when I was him. That makes sense as he is way smarter and more confident than I am. I guess the extroversion plays a huge role in that and makes a big difference. I was him without his fire though. I was with this group and we were going into this cave. He was over dressed like usual in his nice tux. Sometimes I was me and then I'd turn into him. But when I was him I was pretending to be stupid or a clumsy nerd which is not like him at all. But it was all a trick and he'd get behind people, grab them from behind, pull them into the shadows and quickly kill them with a knife. Since he's a doctor he knew exactly how to kill in the most efficient way. Then there was this one trick where he put on different shoes though a sandy area but when he got out he switched to his normal ones so then when they asked if he'd been in there he easily denied it saying his foot prints weren't left behind. Or he walked or rocks to not make any tracks. I thought that was awesome. I find it fascinating that when Owen is in my dreams and I'm with him he's usually on my side as a protector and he was kind of watching out for me which I liked.

Last night I had a short Doom related dream. I was going down the stairs to this cave. What's with all these caves lately? So Pyranax appeared and was coming up them. I gotta say that seeing him for real was actually scary. He is a creepy monster that looks like he's been skinned. So his whole anatomy looks painful. But I quickly got over that. I started to admire his glowing eyes. And I even talked to him. I don't remember what we said I wish I could now and I wish I could remember what he sounded like. Darn I wonder if I missed an idea from my subconscious because I forgot it. But then he started shrinking until he was the size of an action figure. I put my hand down and he stepped into the palm of my hand. And then he turned into a figure of SpaceGodzilla. WTF?

Then the scene changed and I saw the cyberdemon in a stone chamber. He had his energy sword extended and was simply practicing his moves with it. He wasn't after me or anyone in particular. I could tell he really was just practicing his deadly moves. I just loved looking at him a he's so powerful and beautiful. And that was the end of the dream. I get a lot of monster dreams like this that are short and just feel good dreams.
12 July 2016 @ 04:16 pm
So things are a bit crazy here right now with so much stuff going on. Bullet, Randy, Sandwhich and nameless greywing budgie are going to the inlaws' house in two cages. Bullet is in a cage to herself. Chickens are going to Chris's cousin who's two hours from us. We're taking the chickens there tomorrow. And extra budgies and cockatiels are going to a pet sitter. If he forgot back up plan is the inlaws can watch all the birds. Hope we don't have to use the back up plan. Mike will be back when we go on our next trip and already offered to take care of birds in August so thank goodness for that. Mike has been a God send through all of this as he did the whole funeral arrangements for my other as he owns a funeral home. I booked a hotel at for the day before our cruise in August so we can be rested from the cross state drive and get ready to go to the ship by then.

So for this vacation. I'm excited. Got the train booked and got the car booked. I'm looking forward to the train ride and it's Chris's first time on a train. I know he'll enjoy it. I'm looking forward to spending time with my awesome friend ACTipton80. I repoted some plants today and got the plants ready to be on the patio while we are gone. They'll lose less water being in the shade for a week then out in the garden where I have to water every other day. I've been watering everyday this week so they'll be really moist while we are away. I think I'm in an art block with all the stupidity going on in real life and on DA with jerks messing with me. Well they always LOSE. My friend Colonel Motivation has the same birthday I do and I want to draw something for him. I know it won't be on time. And even before that I noticed I was slipping into an art block. After I drew the 4th of July pic I didn't feel like drawing ANYTHING though I have tons of ideas I'd like to see become reality. My drive is gone though. It's annoying.

The whole get a Jeep thing has been stressful too. I think I have finally chose between the Ram and the Jeep. Jeep wins. BUT now I'm hearing that for 2017 they are going to totally change the Wrangler and it will be worse. OH NO!!! That means if I get one it needs to be a new one this year. Oh man. So I have before the end of the year to find a 2016 Sahara. I hope they don't sell out. They probably will. I wonder if I can order one to my specs now that the year is half over. Well if all that paperwork stuff works it would be of great help. Oh and I have to go to the post office and tell them to hold my mail that week.
08 July 2016 @ 10:14 am
So if money was no option and I can only pick one I'm having a hard time deciding between a Ram truck and a Jeep Wrangler. So I'm going to do what I always do when I can't make a decision. I'll lay out pros and cons and try to decide based on the numbers.

Dodge Ram
Can Carry a lot of stuff in the back
Been wanting one since forever
Big and can be turned into a monster truck
Safe and long distance road worthy

Big. Will be hard to park.
Diesel fuel
Use a lot of Fuel
Probably high maintenance

Total: Pros: 5 Cons: 4

Jeep Wrangler

Dream Jurassic Park vehicle. Been wanting probably as long as the Ram
Some towing power
Regular gas lower maintenance
Off Road

No room in back but I only want a two door.
Can't carry as much cargo as a truck.
Soft top rips can be stolen. Hard top too heavy for 1 person hard to store

Total: Pros: 4 cons: 3

Gosh this is hard and still a close call. Jeep has fewer cons. I think cons are more important. I've decided to go with the hard top though the JP ones are soft top because Chris mentioned we can store the hard top hanging from the garage. Soft top can be added. The gas might be the biggest factor. Jeep uses less gas and cheaper gas. But I'm giving up a big bed and pulling powers. I have been wanting both about the same time so it's not about which I have wanted longer so that's out the window. Cost to buy is about the same. Ram is around 5k more just depends on what deals I find. This is not easy. Though I seem to be leaning more towards the Jeep. The good thing is both are at the same dealership. I do need to go and test drive some as the way it feels may be the deciding factor. I may get a total kick out of the truck...or the Jeep. I have no idea. I hear Jeeps don't drive like any other vehicle. I'll have to see that for myself.

And a possible 3 factor into the equation but just a fantasy is maybe another sports car again. Mustang or Camaro. Well problem is kind of the same. I LOVE the exterior of the new Mustang. Interior not so great. I LOVE the interior of the new Camaro, hate the exterior. But I already have a sports car. If I can get my Camaro fixed I shouldn't care about new sports cars. I wish I could combine them though. Mustang exterior Camaro interior. So far this hasn't helped. I'm still indecisive. I hate that. I'm usually good at making a decision but this will probably be my vehicle for life if I take good care of it.
05 July 2016 @ 08:17 am
I've been terrible about keeping this journal current. I must do better. Still dealing with real life issues I'll talk about in a later post. Other than that things are actually going well. Yesterday was the 4th of July. Chris and I stayed home and had a nice time. I worked on art and got this new drawing done for the holiday.

Leagrinn is the red female Cacodemon and Pyranax is the little imp. They're using their powers to make fireworks. Leagrinn was so amused by his fire she started laughing and her plasma energy escaped into the air.

I have been making a lot of awesome art that I'm very behind on posting here as well. So I'm working on a Doom story that's mostly art with these characters and my Fear stories still. But today I hope to start inks on the next page of Renegade. I promised I'd finish it before the end of the year. That doesn't seem like it will happen now but I will try. I can at least get one more page out. I haven't forgotten about George. I hope I can still draw him.

Here's one of the most awesome drawings I have ever made.

Scary Fear was with his friends in a fight. They won but he was hurt after being punched in the face a few times and fell down what they thought was a well. Turned out it was old technology on the planet they were exploring. Some kind of portal that made him fall into this room in some other part of the galaxy filled with shallow water. It's quite. He holds himself up just breathing a moment as he tries to get his energy back. Scary Fear's powers are insanely strong but he himself is not and can't take a lot of punishment like the others. The others will find him soon enough. For now he just needs to rest.

I've got almost everything taken care of for the trip. All birds have a bird sitter now. I just have to find a way to get them all there. So annoying not having a vehicle. We can't afford to even rent one right now. So that's taken care of. We have to find a way to get to and from the train station. Perhaps a taxi if we can't get anyone but we'd rather not as that's more money too. My only concern is no AC in our house while we are gone. Everything is all taken care of and paid. So I'm happy about that.
10 June 2016 @ 08:37 am
Long time no update. Things have been going good for the most part. The only bad thing that's got me upset is a very good friend just vanished out of nowhere with no warning. I'm very angry even though it's only been two days and so are many of my friends that feel betrayed and abandoned. But that will get its own post later on.

So yes I just did a review of the new Doom game. I love it and have art and a story going inspired by that, though I'm fighting an art block that I can feel wants to set in. It is that time of year when I tend to stop drawing. I hope I can resist.

So I'm getting ready for my visit to my friend ACTipton80 in July. Nearly everything is squared away. Found a place to watch our birds but not the chickens. I'm still searching for someone that can take care of them as I'd rather not leave them on automatic feeders and water. Though Mike is out of town that week perhaps we can put the chickens in his place if he has an extra cage. Second option is perhaps leaving them at Chris's cousin's though he lives 2 hours away from us. I'd gladly drive the chickens there if I had a working vehicle.

Plants are all doing well. That one that was so bad last year has totally bounced back with a fury. It's gotten huge and is making lovely little orange flowers everywhere. The amorphs have all come up and are doing great. No flower this year but I do have a giant tree in the house that's very cool. Some of my nepenthes are pitchering beautifully so that's good.

We went kayaking last week at a new spot and it was nice. We've been thinking about new kayaks. Chris isn't happy with his. I love mine but they are cheap beginner kayaks. I'd like to get the Tetra model by Ocean Kayak as that's mostly what we do. Kayak on the ocean. I love my little boat but don't trust it for an open water crossing and one of my dreams is to go out to Anclote key which is 3 miles away in the Gulf. You can see it from land but yeah I'd still rather have a more sea worthy craft for that. It's a bit scary to think about but I really want to do it one day. I'd be giving up my super light weight boat though so that is one thing I would regret. A new one would not be one I could move by myself.

EDIT: Potential Kayaks to look into
Ocean Kayak Tetra http://www.oceankayak.com/kayaks/single_kayaks/Tetra_12/
Perception Pescador 12 http://www.perceptionkayaks.com/us/products/pescador-120
Perception Trumph 13 http://www.perceptionkayaks.com/us/products/triumph-130
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07 June 2016 @ 04:21 pm
Another DA block head.

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06 June 2016 @ 09:27 pm
Alright. I just beat the game and can finally review it. I know a lot of people have been waiting on this review so here we go at last.

I played on PS4 and I played it on the easiest difficulty. I'm not ashamed of that. This is my first time playing a first person shooter so it's my first time playing any Doom game. I actually don't like first person shooters. I can't stand that I can't see my character. Where are my feet? So the fact this game got me to play it tells you a lot. I am familiar with the first Doom because I remember when it came out on PC and how my university dedicated a room in the arcade to it. The Doom Room. Yes it was really called that. Back then having two computers hooked together was an amazing breakthrough. I used to go in there and watch others play. Then Chris got the game on PS2 and I used to watch him play that quite often. So though I never played myself I know of it and have a respect and appreciation. Hey you guys know what a special year 1993 was for me anyway. I am only reviewing the story mode or Campain. I don't play online or multiplayer games so I won't go into if that's good or bad. To me all that multiplayer stuff is bad and I don't want to deal with other real people in my fantasy escapism games.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are just amazing! It's because of the graphics that I wanted to play this game. I saw a trailer for it and was floored by the beautiful Hell backgrounds and monsters. I also love how much glowy blue stuff was in this game. You start with a pistol and it's got glowing turquoise parts. So does the Gaus Cannon with it's lovely turquoise turbine. The whole game is just eye candy. It's very hard to mix fantasy with sci-fi but this game pulled it off masterfully. The monsters look great. I love the new looks of all of them and this is a vast improvement over the original game for sure. The most iconic and well known creature is the Cacodemon and I love the new looks. Extra teeth on the sides is nice and I love they now have vestigial arms and legs hinting that at one point in their evolution they were terrestrial. My fave demons in this game funny enough are the imps. Smallest and weakest true demons I just love their design. They're kind of raptorial being small, agile, fast and pesky. Plus wall climbing is a neat ability. I never paid attention to them in the original where they just looked like over grown messed up gingerbread men. This is a major improvement. Same for the cyberdemon. What an awesome half way point boss he was. His face was very nice and reminiscent of the good looking kaiju from the 90s Godzilla and Gamera movies. So no cons here only pros. Ok actually I do have one Con to gripe about but it doesn't take points away from the final score. What is up with the lazy white Doom logo with a few holes in it. For a game that is so graphically good did they run out of funding to pay an artist to make the font? Things are supposed to improve with time not get worse. The original game had this lovely colored, graident purple to tan and brick embossed logo. It was lovely. So why does the logo of the 2016 game look like someone cut it out of printer paper? Come on people.

Control: The control is good. Took me a while to get used to it as it's not set up like most open world games that I usually play. But I quickly got used to how to jump, run, dodge and change my weapons out. Weapon wheel could have been better I suppose. I had the trouble that I would chose a gun like the rocket launcher and then my pistol would come out at the worse time. I could have sworn I picked the right gun but the Hell Knight was laughing at me for that one. I think I died more falling off of cliffs than I did because the monsters got me though. This is because I am not used to nor will I ever like first person shooters. I would rather have been able to have seen Doom Guy running around. If I could see him I would have known there was a cliff behind me when I'm backing up and not fallen from the same spot 5 times in a row. Yes that's not an exaggeration. It happened I have a witness to that. I then died because I was laughing so hard I couldn't breath or hold the controller anymore. Then there was the jumping onto small ledges or short ledges. If I could have seen where my feet were I wouldn't have over shot them or gotten too close to the edge and fallen off. Nothing worse than finding an argent cell and getting all your guns filled with ammo including the chainsaw and BFG only to turn around and happily walk off the mountain and lose all that ammo. But this is not the fault of the game but mine. I'm just not into legless first person shooters, and this did hinder me though the WHOLE game.

Loading: The loading! Ok first con of the review. Points off for bad loading screens. It seemed like there were load screens for the load screen. You start the game and you wait for the load while staring at a creepy Revanant. Then you're in the red menu that has to load. Then you load a new game. Then the map loads. Are we gaming yet? Load load load. There was one good feature they added. At first I didn't like it but soon saw the advantage of it. ONCE the game loads it doesn't just start. You have to select start. I think it's so that you can wake up out of your trance from all the loading so you aren't surprised by monsters suddenly attack you after all that down time. Really you might be doing something else like sipping a soda so though I thought it was annoying to wait more for me to realize the game is ready it's actually good you decide when to start so you aren't taken by surprise. But over all this category fails.

Saving: The saving is another con and perhaps even worse than the loading. You get ONE save slot. If something happens and your game gets corrupted forget going back to an earlier time. You've lost your game. Start all over. Replaying levels you've beaten is not the same because you don't advance after you beat that level. It takes you back to the menu for more loading. This game should give you the option to have multiple save slots. And manual saves please. I have check point saves. I want to save where ever I feel like so long as you're not in a battler. Why only one save per game? That's not cool. In fact it can be game breaking. If you walk into a boss battle and you didn't have enough ammo sorry you're screwed and stuck there forever. This almost happened to me when I had to fight the three rock brothers as I call them. The energy weapons are my faves in the game and naturally I was out when I got to that level but the checkpoint save went off so I can't reload from anywhere else but at this giant gate now. Even though I didn't go through the gate. And no you can't go to an older mission and get ammo. I tired. Doesn't work because it doesn't advance. So I just went in with very little ammo. Luckily I was able to beat them with just my rocket launcher. Woo that was too close. I could have been stuck there forever. So that's a very bad game breaking things.

Music: The music in this game is pretty good. Nothing super awesome that you're happy to have stuck in your head but also nothing repetitive. The battle music is pretty good. Not quite metal but still good hard rock that gets you excited. A true metal sound track would have been perfect for this or even have the orginal them made heavier. The entire place looks like it's a Gamma Ray album cover anyway so some instrumental power metal during traveling and fighting would have been great. Still the music was good. The ambient sounds were good too. Sometimes you'd hear demons breathing and growling which adds to the creepiness.

Fun: This category is probably the most important for any game. I'd rather play a game with crappy sound and graphics so long as it is fun and enjoyable. Luckily Doom looks good, sounds good and IS good. This game is fun. You just want to keep shooting more monsters and advancing through the levels. I love that this game also does a nod to the original with Easter Eggs. The way that Jurassic World had nods to Jurassic Park (another gem of 1993) Doom 2016 had nods to the original. You can find Classic Rooms by pulling a lever. It's neat to see these classic levels with the modern enemies. The ammo and health is still in the old pixel style which is rather funny. You can find and collect different colored dolls of yourself. Doom Guy in multicolors. The nice thing is in the menu you can then click each doll and rotate the weapon or monster they represent. I was happy to find the Cacodemon and Gaus Cannon ones. But never found the imp one. I am not so good at finding hidden packages in games. But these dolls are very helpful to me as an artist so I can rotate and get clear refs of the weapons and monsters. One of the best Easter Eggs is falling in the llava. Yes remember I fall a lot because I can't see my character and this happened to me more than once. I got to see the Terminator 2 death where he thumbs up as he sinks into the llava. Made dying not so maddening. There are so many neat little hidden things in this game that it does encourage you to explore. I'm definitely playing again and that's very rare that I replay any game even when I like it.

Other: Story. Well Doom doesn't have much of a story. You're a nameless marine with lots of guns. Monsters come out and you shoot them. But it's not about story. This is one of those games that's about the violence and fun. It comes at you kill it in your favorite way. Here is another con that is also very minor. The first monsters I killed I was not happy that the bodies disappear. WHY do they disappear? I loved in the original doom they never disappeared. That was very helpful so you know where you've been. Just follow the trail of corpses. Plus as an artist and a biologist I like looking at the creatures for details. Do let my monsters disappear. And then they make a wierd crackling noise when they vanish which freaks me out as I think something else is coming after. No! Leave them where they lie. I really did not like that. Points off for that. The ending was weird again with bad story writing it left so many things unanswered. Like who is Samuel Hayden? Why is he a robot that cares about bettering mankind? Why does he sound like Optimus Prime? And why does the head demon (whom you never see) sound like Dr. Claw? Both sound cool. Prime and Claw awesome characters from the 80's. But WHY? Why does Doom Guy hate "optimus Prime?" And then at the end of the game "Prime" takes your giant key you worked so hard and leaves you in a room. All that work for that darn thing and he steals it from me. I was used. Doom Guy should have listened to his instincts but well he was frozen and couldn't fight. If the demons had stolen that technology they could have won.

So over all I have way more pros than cons for this game. And the few cons I have are pretty minor: load screens, saving problems, and bodies that vanish. I do highly recommend this game then. Go buy it. It's loads of fun. My score is a 9 out 10. It gets an A.
12 May 2016 @ 08:45 am
OK I have been terrible about not posting here. This needs to change. Though I only have two active commenters here I need to make daily posts regardless to log neat events. I am behind on posting my art as I have been cranking it out. Lots of neat things have happened. Plans mostly.

Still have car problems. My car is totally dead. It's either the starter or the battery has died on it. Battery is new so that means something must be draining it. Perhaps there is a light on somewhere I missed or there's a bad connection who knows. I'm rather sick of how much this car has been in the shop. Like I mentioned on DA, I really still want my dream vehicle which is the Dodge Ram. But we can't afford one at the moment. Even a used 2013 is as much as a new one. It's so stupid how they don't devalue and they are expensive all the way down to 2008. I don't want one older than 2010 though and I'd like a 2013 because I think that's when USB's became standard. I know I can change the stereo for cheap and probably get an older one and it would be ok. But it's still expensive for an older car.

My second choice is a Jeep and I have REALLY been obsessing over getting one to paint it like a Jurassic Park Jeep. I really want one. But those are the same age as my car and I am worried now as I might have gotten had on the 1993 Camaro. Anyway a JP Jeep can be made from models from 1992-1995. I don't know about 1996 or if they made any that year but they had the square headlights and the changed to round ones in 1997. I don't like the round lights but that's how they are up to modern ones. I went to look at the new ones. They are expensive too. Not as much as rams but in the 30k range. Sigh. And though it would be neat to have modern features and paint one like the ones in the movie we can't do that right now. We're still paying Chris's car. It's been very frustrating. I found one in the Miami area for as much as I paid for my Camaro and seems like a dealership so we wouldn't have to pay right away. We could finance for very low monthly payments. The only prob with this one and I guess it's minor is it's a 4 cylinder when I'd rather a 6. But it seems to be in perfect shape for a 20+ year old truck. The colors are perfect too being tan for the look of the movie. I want to rant about other fans but I'll do that on DA later. Anyway,it looks great but then so did my Camaro. The most important thing in a vehicle is that it starts and always runs. Everything else doesn't matter really, not AC, not color, not interior colors, etc. And yes I have thought about the option to sell my lovely Camaro and probably get all my money back if not more. But then I might lose my custom plate on it and well though I didn't drive it much I'm already attached to it which is bad. I'm like that. I fall in love with vehicles and want to keep them forever. It's my loyalty trait I guess. I am loyal not just to people but to things. I have always said Camaros are aggressive cars and not for everyone. They are jerks and I can handle most of them but this one's been a jerk from the start. I don't think he likes me. I don't know why. Worked great when I bought him but then you know the rest of the story after I got him home. It's the first car I have ever bought that's in my name. I'm proud to have paid it off in one shot but it does me no good if he doesn't start or drive. So there is the option I don't like of selling him and getting the Jeep. Which is also scary because the Jeep could turn out to be the same darn mistake with less resale value than the camaro. The other option is sell the camaro and keep saving. I'd have no car that way but I kind of have that problem right now anyway. This whole mess has me extremely frustrated.

So funny story. Yesterday we went to a new park. We were following a red tailed hawk in the woods. Amazing huge bird with an awesome sound. We lost it and headed back to the trail when we hears loud animal foot steps through the leaves. My mind didn't know what this was at first. I thought it was a giant deer because I wasn't expecting a domesticated animal in the middle of nowhere. I finally realized it was a donkey. I waved at him and talked to him. He almost made a U turn to come back but then kept going. Gosh he was huge. I wonder if he belonged to someone and was escaped. There were no horse trailers in the parking area. He headed towards a developed area. It's funny because I had just been talking with Chris about the funny escaped llamas in Arizona that caused DA to raise the level cap for llamas here then this happens. Would be great if he ran into the city and caused trouble. It was rather thrilling to see a huge mammal in the woods run right past us. We just stopped and photographed and this was the highlight and most thrilling part of the day.

I hope this photo works because DA has been crashing the last two days. It's doing it again today.

I finally got a response from that guy on my flickr. He said something is wrong with his ebay and he can't reply to messages and he only has a phone and a crappy tablet. Well if you're doing business you should have a real computer. I hate everyone's using phones as their computer. It's stupid. They aren't as good and can't do everything real PC/laptop can do. He also said he sent the package along with some extra stuff but yes it's been way too long when our towns are only 2 hours apart. It should have arrived at most in 48 hours. Letters take 1 day. Hard to believe it got lost within the state. So I'm still not happy. Perhaps it will show up still but I also don't know if he just made up that story. If it's true I wonder what bonus seeds he sent and sucks if they are lost.

I got my amorphs yesterday. They are so different from my others. Much harder and darker. And different shape too. Well I hope the sprout soon. For not I merely placed them on a pot with other amorphs. I can't wait for these to start to grow as they looks so cool when they have the black stems. This is the first amorph I'm more excited about the tree version than the flower. So we'll see what happens.

So still having a fiasco about finding the perfect chair for me so I can move back into my computer room. Chris bought me a very nice reclining chair but somethings are still wrong. I found out I need the mouse at my leg level and though the chair is good for my back I can't do that with the mouse next to my lap. The arm rests are nice but prevent that. If I keep my arms down it's fine as a normal sitting chair but when I use the mouse for some reason my right shoulder goes up no matter what causing tension and my hand starts to hurt and my how arm and neck get very bad. Sigh. So I think I will still keep the chair as a gaming chair and we're going to move the small couch into my room in front of the computer. That's going to be hard to get in and out of. So many dumb adjustments need to be done for these annoying problems I have. But I have been in pretty good health until I started using my main computer again. I'm typing this on the laptop.
I just realized today is Earth day. Ha, I'll have to give out little Earth balls to my friends on DA then. Anyway, I haven't posted in forever. I'm behind on sharing my art here. I've been very busy. Been making art, raising birds and plants and making plans. I've been watching Star Trek Voyager and Mysterious Cities of Gold. Gosh it will forever be my favorite show.

I ordered some Amorphophallus konjac blubs. They are a special kind called Nightstick. The trunk is black and looks super awesome. So I can't wait to get those. I've been amazed by the polar contrast of customer service from two different plant sellers. One was the guy that originally got me into Amorphophallus. I think we met years ago on flickr. I don't know why he won't respond to me. He ignores me no matter where I contact him on email, flicr or ebay. He has a passiflora I was looking for and saw he had seeds. I asked him if he'd sell them. No response. Then I see them on ebay and I missed the auction because I wasn't home and again I contacted him everywhere about a direct sale. Nothing. But it was listed again and this time I won. Days went by and I emailed him asking him when he would ship. No response but finally it said it shipped but not tracking. I still haven't gotten them and he's in Sarrasota so what is taking so long? If I don't get them by tomorrow I will write again. I'm angry with his crap. I know he is getting my messages. Why won't he reply? He used to have good communication. If I don't get these seeds in the mail or if they come late I will give him neutral feed back for horrible communication. I'd love to give him negative but if I get them I guess I can't do that. But I will be happy to give him negative if I don't get it and it will be my first negative feedback ever on Ebay. Just what is his problem?

The amorphophallus guy though. I forgot about the auction and logged on 6 minutes late. I told him about that and asked if he had any bulbs left. He instantly put up a private buy it now for me. It was great! I got them. He emailed me when he shipped them. He didn't have to. Ebay tells you. Has a tracking like it should. He told me he has a facebook with info. I don't use facebook but that's very cool of him and I know I can ask questions if I have any. My gosh what a difference. This guy is excellent and I can't wait to give him a perfect rating once my bulb arrive. I'm just amazed at the difference in customer service. This guy should learn from him.
28 March 2016 @ 08:51 am
Happy Easter. I didn't do too much yesterday. The day before yesterday was our fun day. But Chris needed a day to do nothing so that was good. I mostly worked on my art and made this new one.

Fear hates liars. It's very hard to lie to him with his powers. People that lie have fear; the fear of being found out. So Fear can see that right away and I think it's basically impossible to lie to him. I wanted to show his electricity coming out as he's angered by some victim trying to trick him.

Here are the new N. truncata plants I got the other day. I love these. So cute and I hope now that I have five that I will have at least one pair. Oh the plant in the background is that Passiflora sunburst I thought had died. The caterpillars destroyed it. But then I saw a piece of green coming out. I have fertilized it and have it under the grow lamps to recover. My motto with plants is if there's green there's hope. I looks terrible but I think it will come back. I will have to spray that one for bugs if I put it back outside in time.

Fear with some of my cute Easter decorations this year.

More photos of plants and EasterCollapse )

That's all for now. I'll post more pics soon.
25 March 2016 @ 10:39 am
I'm so tired right now. The budgies woke me up at 5am and I couldn't get back to sleep worried about them. Apparently there was a huge storm last night and I slept through it. Didn't hear a thing. Chris said it was amazing. I'm a very heavy sleeper. You'd be amazed some of the stuff I have slept through. But baby budgies screaming woke me up. Go figure. I did have a very strange dream I have to write down though.

I was in my old house and I was with Chris. I had my Kevin plush in the bathroom.
But it was more green than this one a bit bigger. So I walk into the bathroom and see him start to open his mouth and begin to move. I just stared transfixed as it was coming to life. It was still a plush but it was alive. It was creepy but I kept watching anyway. I called Chris in thinking he wouldn't see this. But when he walked in he saw it too. We were shocked and amazed. Kevin seemed friendly and happy to see us though. I said I should get a pic and no one would believe us. But I decided a video would be better because a photo would look like a toy not moving. I also started to wonder how do I take care of it? Does it eat, drink? Chris said he'd keep an eye on him and I went to search for the camera. I was worried that he'd disappear because when you leave an area the object you focus on in a dream tends to vanish. But my mind was messing with me. Kevin wasn't what vanished. I couldn't find my video camera anywhere. I was running through the house like crazy looking for it. I found a huge old version of a video camera. It would have to do. I opened it and didn't know how to work it. Then it was in play only mode and I didn't know how to get it into record mode. I never got to film Kevin because of these stupid technicalities my mind always gets hung up on in my dreams. Oh and he filled the sink with water and was kicking is feet in it. My dreams are always annoying because there's always some kind of problem like this. Usually it's an annoying minor thing. I probably didn't hear the storm because I was so invested concentrating on this dream.
24 March 2016 @ 10:34 am
So things are going well. I should be getting my Nepenthes truncatas in the mail today. I'm excited about that. Truncatas seem to grow very well for me. I'm still so excited about plants this year. Spring is so nice. I hope that last cold front was the very last. I want to leave my pots outside for good now. Yesterday was a very nice day off. Chris helped me decorate the house for Easter and we got most of it up now. I can finish today with the last few things. My chickens have nearly recovered from their bites. But I'm afraid to let them out so I will keep them on the patio for a while longer til we can make sure the fence is safe.

Then we went to Colt Creek State Park. I got this short video of American Coots.

We got some great photos and just had a very good time.

I finished my Scary Fear Plush the other day too. He turned out so cool.

Here's how I made his wings.

1. So here's the final product. He turned out very nice. I like how his feathers droop and are soft.
2. Ok so I bought a few Fear dolls in case I screwed up horribly in the first attempt. Which one shall go under the knife? The one in the foreground is the victim I chose. The others are terrified.
3. I cut the side of his head, ripped out his eyes (which was very hard to do) and ripped all his teeth out. I did feel a little bad for him but well I had to press on FOR SCIENCE.
4. I began to put in the new white scary eyes. That original mouth design was scrapped when my friend karyl-delta recommended a black background. That was much better.
5. And Fear is reborn better and stronger as Scary Fear. But we're not done yet. He still needs his awesome raven wings.
6. So I drew and cut out some raven wings. I had to simplify the design from real raven wings but still they are accurate and identifiable as such. The little square is for the harness. I made the wings with 3 layers. This makes them look like actual bird feathers and also helped stiffen them and give them strength.
7. Finished the harness.
8. Wings DONE! YAY. This is how they look from the front.
9. And from the back. I wanted these to be removable because Scary Fear doesn't always have wings. Only when he is near someone that has a fear of birds or heights.
10. Scary Fear wearing his wings from the front. You can see how it ties on like a parachute.
11. Scary's wings from the back. Now you can see all the feather layers unlike in the upload I first put here. I purposely left a space between the wings as bird wings are not attached together. I like you can see his sweater.
12. And now I have an awesome new toy of my own creation. I'm very happy with him.

I can't believe how well he turned out. So yes lots of cool things lately.
24 March 2016 @ 09:10 am
Recap of flamewar with ex-friend Budgieblubird and how she disrespected Gamma-Wings and her real friends.

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22 March 2016 @ 10:17 am
It's cold again. No, why is it cold. I had to bring in my weakest plants again. So annoying I thought we were done with that. Well I finally made my choice about what plants to buy. I chose to get the two truncatas. They've been ordered. I still want everything else too but I need to not spend anymore. I need to save. I hope I get a few more commissions for my art to make up for what I spent.

I'm very excited about my trip. I will book the same La Quinta Inn again. I'm posting the address here so I can have access to it. 5727 North Federal Highway. This time instead of doing the Everglades Air Boat I think we'll go to Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. We can rent canoes there and it looks really beautiful and has access to the beach. Ft Lauderdale is an awesome city. I love. Also staying at this hotel again will be great because it's right across from a Ferrari dealership and I had such a wonderful time looking at all those gorgeous cars last time. Plus there will be curly tailed lizards and millipedes everywhere. So exciting. Hehe. I want to do another train trip again. This time with Chris. But I don't know when we can or where we would even go.

OK two more drawings for this post.

This one is called Antidepressant. Goes great with my motto of it's better to get mad than sad. Sadness was being a little jerk and Anger got sick of her so he punched her. I've been wanting a reason to punch her ever since I saw the movie. Anger's the perfect one to do it too.

This is one of my fave drawings of Fear. It's called Crawling from Hell. He's not hurt. He had a fight in that hole with some enemy and won. So it's not his blood. But he's still furious and ready for the next victim. Something really set him off which is very hard to do and he's in beserk mode. I also drew this to show how his teeth invert. I have this set as my laptop's background.

I've been working on making a harness for my plush Fear's wings. I messed up last night and have to start over. But I hope today I will finally be done with his wings. I'm trying to not lose my creativity to Spring Fear. Every Spring I get all hyper about plants and nature stuff and my urge to draw and do art goes down and I get in an art block. And then in the Fall it returns with a fury. So I'm very seasonal I have noticed. Keeping a journal has helped me realize this.

Well I do want to write a short story so I'll hopefully make a new entry for that here today.
21 March 2016 @ 02:37 pm
Gosh so the colored cover of Chapter 2 is the last thing I posted art wise here? Gosh I'm behind.

Oh gosh that's a lot of missed art then. I'll probably post 3 a day and try to catch up to where I'm supposed to be then.

This is a scene from a dream I had Feb 3.
I was him and fell into the ocean in California. I wasn't far out to sea I was near one of the cities. I remember being worried the water would be cold when I hit it but it wasn't. I started swimming. I swam past some bushes and they had green budgies and kestrels in them. I knew the budgies weren't supposed to be there since they are from Australia. Then I heard the sound of Sandhill Cranes and wanted to see them. So I took off and flew over the trees. I didn't have my wings when I was swimming and I dont know why this is the second time when I fly it goes into first person so I didn't get to see myself as Scary Fear with wings. That's all. So short. I liked it but wish there had been more.

So I decided to draw the first part of this dream where I fell in the water. It was like a video game where you loaded wrong. I loaded in the sky and fell. It was funny really. So that's when I first came up for air. I was never afraid more surprised than anything. Once I started to swim I was very happy actually. Yes it was stormy with light rain and dark water. I know this looks more like a river than an ocean but it was a narrow channel leading to the ocean. I still hate drawing water and this came out mostly how I wanted it to. I wanted a wave to hit the "camera" so you could see underwater too. Fast drawing done all in a few hours today.

This one is called Boiling Point. Anger kills a virus who is actually an enemy of mine I can't stand. He released all his anger and enjoyed ripping this disgusting foe to death. Here's the song.

The lyrics are posted in the description. I so enjoyed drawing this.

This was my Valentine's card. For the last 3 years I have shown a different kind of love other than romantic love. This is to show those loser that complain they are alone and Valentine's was made just to get them. They don't understand how diverse love is. So this year it was love of pets and we have Scary Fear with one of his ravens.
21 March 2016 @ 02:26 pm
DA dummy. And a person that would not relent.

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19 March 2016 @ 10:25 am
So things are going pretty well here. I have booked us for the zip line in Labadee. It's supposed to be the largest in the world. It was expensive and a rip off but it's one of those once in a life time things so I bit the bullet and got it. Here's a video on it.


Jerks won't allow embeding. Anyway, I booked it early in the morning at 10 so that we'll have the rest of the day to explore. I really want to explore because Labadee has more endemic birds than I realized. I need to make a check list of what I might see than just the palm chat. I found this list and need to refine it to what's in this area.


Chris and I have been doing a diet and we've been doing well. I don't know how long we've been on it. We're terrible about keeping records. We were not happy with ourselves. Today I'm down to 106.4. I'm going to keep at it. I'd probably be doing better if I cut out soda completely but I can't do that. I'm addicted. Goal is 103 as I have reached that before. I do feel a lot better. I was having back pains from the weight and it hurt to sit so yes I'm better now. Mostly been eating meat and veggies.

My watch broke today. Again in the same place just like the last one. The part where the band attaches broke and the pin fell out. I hate this because the watch still works I just can't wear it. It can't be fixed. So I opened my spare and worry it will break the same way too in time. I saw they have a limited 2 year warranty. I should buy two more and keep the receipt. That way if it happens again perhaps they'll send me a new one as it's their design flaw. Both times I was just sleeping when they broke. But I know it's because of the elements I subject them to. But it's a sports watch. It should be able to take, sun, water, hot water and bumps.

Gosh I want to buy a bunch of plants. I'm giving myself a $60 budget. Perhaps next week. I need to decide if I should spend it all on getting two Nepenthes truncatas at 30 each from Sarracenia Northwest. OR get mixed nepenthes that are cheaper from Predatory Plants? OR get some passion vines and succulents from Grassy Knoll Exotic Plants. I'm not sure what to do. Truncatas grow well for me and are some of the largest nepenthes in the world. I bought one from them a while back and it's got some nice pitchers already. Perhaps concentrate on these lovelies and breed them once they are adult. The more I have the greater the chance of a pair I think. I don't know if I should focus on the passion vines and rare succulents this time too I do want some of those pretty bad. Decisions decisions. I lost my awesome Passiflora Sunburst to stupid caterpillars. In Florida it's hard to keep passion vines because of the darn Gulf Fritillary Butterflies that eat the plants.
14 March 2016 @ 06:40 pm
And here is the next page. I know it's horribly sketchy and terrible handwriting. Definitely needs translation.

Panel 1: Video game island is very dangerous. Lots of soldiers, thugs and robots. Holiday Island seems ok, but it's dominated by Halloween. I'm not quite ready for that yet.
Panel 2: Literature Island is nuts. Because Charlie reads comic books it's full of superheros and villains. And because of the history books it's full of pirates and wars. Looks like the pirates declared war on Holiday Island. 80's Island seems ok. That's an option.
Panel 3: Astronomy Island looks good too. Very beautiful.
Panel 4: I may be a lot braver now than I was yesterday. But I'm still Fear. Let's take it one step at a time.
Panel 5: 80's Island it is. Besides, I'm already dressed for the part.

So unlike Riley's stupid mind these aren't strings to the islands. They are actual thick transport tunnels with a purpose. I need to draw in a few proteins in there so it doesn't look so empty. Maybe? I'm not sure. So the islands look crappy because I have most of them already drawn in detail and just need to paste them in. This is a nice insight into Fear's rational thinking. Also in panel 4 it's hard to tell but he's got his hand on a panel as it opens the glass doors to that tunnel. He mad his choice.