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25 May 2015 @ 09:48 pm
Chris had the morning off today. We went out for breakfast and that was nice. Then we went to Walgreens to pick up some supplies. While there my left shoulder and neck started to hurt. I wasn't doing anything just walking around. It got worse and it's hard to turn my head left and right. I think it's a fibro attack because my eye, face and down my art started to hurt too but that's stopped. It feels like stabbing in my back. I don't need this right now. I was actually making progress on my inking. Now it's hard to work on digital art again. I managed to render a video but stupid youtube is not taking it. I think it's youtube and not my video. It says 0% uploaded and never does anything. I'll delete it tomorrow and try again. I've deleted it twice already so this is my third upload. I hope I can get it up because only my main computer can edit GoPro footage. The files are too big for the laptop. But it can't render them because there's some memory problem. So I have to save the project file and put it on the laptop then render it there. So the whole process of making videos has become a chore. It takes two computers. That just sucks. Because of the pain my body acts as though its sick and I got a bit of a fever since it thinks there's a microbe. Nope. And I got very sleepy and had to fight hard to not take a nap. I hate napping. I'd be all messed up for a few days if I did that. I'd be in the wrong time zone. Day time is bright so you're up doing things. I have to be extremely ill for me to sleep during the day. I've never been into naps and even in kindergarten when they forced us to nap I kept my eyes open refusing to sleep. But yeah I need to get over this. I hope tomorrow I'll wake up ok. So because of that I haven't really done much today.
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24 May 2015 @ 11:55 am
I has been so hot the last few days. Gosh this summer is going to suck I can tell. I have had to water the plants more than usual. The other day my luffas and gourds were so wilty. Even the sunflowers that can take a lot of sun were looking sad. I've been wearing my kayaking clothes in the garden to protect myself from the sun even for the little time I'm out there watering. I used to turn the AC on around 1:30pm. Now it's been coming on around 10:30am. I'm trying to hold out this morning as I like to run it as little as possible to save on our electric bill. But sometimes I can't despite being very heat tolerant. It's 10:30 now and I'm already thinking of starting it. It's just nasty out. Gosh I wish this would be like another 2013. That summer was great because it rained almost everyday so the sun never had a chance to come out and get hot. Sunshine right after a rain is terrible here in Florida. It's not like up north that rain cools everything. If it rains it better keep raining til sunset and that's what that year was like. The nepenthes loved that.

Next week I think I will order that budgie coin. I'll wait for the next pay check. Need to rebuild my savings.

Ok got a drawing to share. It's not new as I drew it weeks ago. I just haven't done anything with it yet.

I like this and I don't. Would have been better if George's leg had been out to his right more. Everything's too centered but that's the restriction I had on the page. But though that would look better I don't think you'd be able to see his spur from that perspective which is the whole point of this. I have been wanting to show how he uses his spurs in a fight. They are very deadly things. Remember he has the catch phrase "These thing's ain't just for kicking horses." Well this is what he means. George has a powerful and nasty back roundhouse kick. I might be able to position the victim to the right more and perhaps this will all look better with the motion blurs too. I can't really know how something will look until I color it. But over all I love George's pose and this does show what a brutal fighter he is.

So last Tues I went out with badcowboy to Orlando. I've started a new little project. Kind of a life list. Uhaul makes these trucks with art work of the 50 US states and 13 Canadian provinces. So I've been trying to get photos and collect all 63. The photos don't have to be perfect. I can get them on the road which is hard or if I see trucks parked. Well she started to do this too and she took me out to the places where she saw the ones she got. So I got the ones I was missing. That's so cool. Currently I'm at 33 of 63. After that we went to a mineral star called Black Market Minerals.

You can see out to the side they have one of those panning stations.

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I'll post all the kayak stuff in another post. One last thing I want to talk about. I've been thinking a lot about this and still not sure if this is the right decision to make. I'm thinking about selling my big camera. I know I just got it and though I got a great deal I feel like I'm being a traitor not keeping it. I don't know. I like it. The camera itself is awesome. But I hate the lens. I really want the Canon L series 100-400mm zoom lens and I'm thinking about selling the camera just to get the lens. The lens costs more than my camera and lens combined. So then I'd have an expensive lens I can't use til I get a camera body. The camera body I have is nice. It's an EOS 60D. But it has one fatal flaw. In video mode it doesn't have auto focus. From what I found out DSLR's until recently have not had auto focus. WTF? Why not? If you auto focus in photo mode why not in video mode? Why do video cameras and even cheap point and shoot cameras have auto focus in video but a fancy DSLR is lacking here? I suck at manual focus and though it looks focused on the screen it's not when you get it on the computer. Imagine shooting a whole movie out of focus? I wanted to this camera because it could do everything. But apparently it can't. Also my lens is an 18-135mm. Mid range which is an area I never shoot in. I mostly do macro (bugs and flowers close) or birds in flight which requires a long distance lens. This lens does terrible macro. Actually it can't do it. And it's not long enough for my bird photography. Chris's camera is better for that. So I'm frustrated by all this. I could sell the lens though I wouldn't get much for it. A smaller lens would be more affordable and I'd at least get my macros. So an 18-55 would be ideal. But then there's still the video problem. I'd get more money if I sold everything of course. Camera, lens, bag and accessories. The new 70D does have auto focus on video and a longer buffer for rapid fire photos. They say it's a great bird in flight camera. So I have options though I'm not sure what to do right now. So yeah I'm open to suggestions on that one.

Just a note to myself.
Holiday Inn Express
4450 47th Street West, Bradenton, FL

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23 May 2015 @ 10:27 pm
I haven't posted much. I was so tired and dead after our last kayak trip. A lot has happened. But mostly it's been good. We went to Weedon Island Preserve in St. Pete. First time in salt water and mangroves. It was gorgeous. But we weren't ready for how long it was. Four miles. We only went for one then had to come back. I got too weak and was having a hard time fighting the current. I don't know why they consider it an easy place for beginners. The mangrove tunnels were cool but hard to navigate. They were very narrow and we had to break our paddles in half to fit. My hands got sun burned despite having used sun block. I'll have to invest in some light gloves. I've been putting lotion on them trying to heal them.

On the 19th my chicken Mocha died. She died on her birthday and was exactly five years old. I wasn't upset. I've been expecting it and I got lots of pics and a video of her a few days before

The day before the trip to the preserve I visited my friend BadCowboy and had a very good time with her. I'll make a post later with pics of everything and video. Just wanted to do a quick update as I'm tired now and about to go to bed. And today I got some inking done. I've inked about half of the Leeanix pic so I'm very happy about that. I have a new pic of George I need to start to ink as well.
20 May 2015 @ 08:32 am
Had a fun day yesterday. badcowboy Came over to pick me up. She took me to this cool mineral and rock shop called Black Market Minerals. They had lots of nice minerals. There was a neat little mining station outside where you could sift a bag of sand and see what minerals and fossils you got. I love that kind of thing.
Then we went to a store that sold knives and fantasy art. I hadn't expected to buy anything but they had an awesome scorpion I fell in love with. And there was a blue dragon shirt I knew Chris would like. So I did end up buying those and the lady was nice to give me a 10% discount on top of everything.

I'll write more details later on and post some of the photos I took. I need to get ready to go this morning since we're going to kayak at Weedon Island Preserve in St. Pete for the first time. I'm very excited about this.

And some interesting gaming news I know some of you like Gamma and AudeS were wondering about. Chris FINALLY got sick of Bloodborne and sold it. YAY! He got a lot of money for it and bought The Witcher 3 which does look like a way better game. I found the game in the truck when he picked me up and he told me that I was very happy about it.
18 May 2015 @ 08:59 am
Yesterday we took our kayaks to the Withlacoochi River in the Green Swamp. We've been wanting to go there ever since we found the boat ramp. We had trouble getting the kayaks. But we found his awesome net that really secures them into place.

And we found some padding to keep them from scratching each other. Notice our bumper sticker that says, "Annoy a Liberal. Work hard and be happy." Perfect for this photo. After hard work here's our day of happiness. Ha.

Here we are at the boat launch. This is actually the return trip but you can see how steep it is. We really need to get those wheels built because for situations like this Chris's boat is to hard to take down there. Other than being steep I like this launch a lot.

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15 May 2015 @ 10:31 am
Ignore this. This is just a list I'm posting for myself because I need to prioritize and it helps me to see things as a list. Also I can reference this so it wont get lost if I just put it on a temp text file.

2013 1/2 budgie
2013 1 oz year of the snake
2014 1/2 great white
2014 1 oz salt water croc
2015 1/2 hammer head
2015 1 oz funnel web spider

These are silver coins from Australia that I plan to get and need to figure out the order to buy them in. Probably should get the older ones first of course as they get more expensive as time passes. The budgie one is already very expensive for a 1/2 oz but it's a budgie so I want it. Also one of my favorite years. I know I'll be totally ripped off but I kind of don't care. I'll be happy once I have it. So this will keep me from forgetting.

But I do want to talk a bit about coins. I have come to the conclusion that my favorite coins are from the Australian Perth mint. They are lovely coins as far as art, great quality and some of the best for increase in value. My second faves are the Canadian coins also for the gorgeous art though the quality is not so great on them. They have a tendency to get milk spots on them. I don't know how those form but they come out flawed straight from the mint which sucks. I've heard it tends to happen on mirror finish more and well that's what I like instead of a matte finish. Coins should be shinny. Funny that collecting from both these countries I have only half a beautiful artwork. Whatever is on the front. The other half is the ugly queen. I read a really funny review about the Red Tailed Hawk Canadian coin I just got. Someone wrote, "I got a coin with a beautiful bird on one side and an ugly duckling on the other." I laughed out loud when I read that. So now I think of these coins that way.

After reading a post by samanthafalco about the personality types of the presidents I started thinking again about how bad these online lists are for typing real and fictional characters. It really bugs me that characters are so blatantly off and why does no one bother to check these things? Everyone just believes without question, copies and pastes and perpetuates the misinformation. They had Ronald Regan as ESFP when he was ISTJ. He was very introverted and no one but his wife really knew him. Typical of the type that does not open up to just anyone. He had a handful of close friends. He was logical and was not swayed by emotions and he was a doer. I'm amazed how these lists can screw up even the easiest most obvious trait E vs I. It's not hard to tell the difference between an extrovert and an introvert. Job is not an indicator of type so one should never look at what a person does. More if they do it well or if they like it. Behavior during childhood is the most telling. Bill Gates is an introvert but always gets typed as an extrovert because of his job. Well his job calls for lots of meetings, and speeches and travel and stuff that requires you to be an extrovert. But if you look at his life growing up he was quiet, had a few friends and preferred to work alone. Chris and I are major introverts but our jobs made us seem like extroverts. We both had to do customer service and talk to lots of people and pretend to be friendly. At the end of the day we're drained and if we didn't have to do it we wouldn't. My job at the museum was giving shows and lectures. I think my biggest crowd was once 100 people. And I'm good at that but I'm not an extrovert. So don't look at someone's job to type them.

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14 May 2015 @ 05:48 pm
Want to share with you guys my drawing so far. I have finished the pencil portion of Leeanix and hopefully she'll look nice on my boat.

I'm pretty happy with this to be a print. I'll color the lines of the water in dark blue but leave the water clear so the blue of the boat makes up for that.I'm not totally sure how to go about it yet actually. It's going to be a strange horizon that way with the sky also being clear. I'm just trying to think in terms of printing and how to make this easier and cheaper for printing. Or if I should just fill in the background and do simple graidents. There are a few minor flaw but those will be fixed digitally.

Wanted to share some pics of the park.

Saw this lovely dragonfly. Had never seen one like this and am having a hard time IDing it as I can't fine one with the black edges on the wings when I do a google search.

More pics of the park and my accessoriesCollapse )

So stuff is really coming along. I can't wait to do our first major outing on a river or in a tidal flat.

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13 May 2015 @ 09:35 pm
Today's been a very good day. We did our usual trash drop off and then breakfast. We checked out a new park called Withlacoochee River Park and then The Green Swamp. We were very pleased to find so many boat launches and like the Green Swamp better because it's free. But we didn't bring our kayaks as we were just scoping out new areas. Plus we need to get wheels for them, especially for Chris's and we need to find a better way to transport our kayaks.

We came home and I got two orders I have been waiting for that I'm very happy about. Got two hats in the mail. The are hiking hats that can take the sun, get wet, float and be folded nicely. They are soft sun hats. I got a great deal on Amazon vs buying them in the store locally. I'd say 50% off. I got Chris a dark green one and I got mine in turquoise. Unlike my Dr. Grant hat that I don't want anything to happen to it so I don't really use it, these are made to be beat up and get dirty. So though mine's kind of pretty I don't really care if it gets messed up since I will be hiking and kayaking with it.
Yesterday we went to Walmart and Chris bought me a life vest that's so colorful and has all my fave colors. I just hope it won't be too hot. That's my biggest concern about it. It's odd it's a large but I tried it on and it fits so I'm keeping it. So now I have my most basic gear, boat, life vest and paddle. Everything else is extra but I will work on accessories and stuff now to get everything how I want it.

Unfortunately it's time for me to do real clothes shopping. I haven't had to do that for about three years. I did laundry the other day and well all of Chris's shirts are ripped and chewed up. Many of my shirts are ripping too and most of my wardrobe is sadly falling apart. Nooooo. Gosh I hate clothes shopping but even NT's have to do it or risk having no clothes at all. Because I'm such a nature lover I'm actually rethinking my wardrobe. Shorts are fine. I've always loved cargo or safari shorts. But I don't really want much cotton stuff anymore. No more cotton shirts. If they get wet they stay wet and they are heavy. So I want stuff that's light and dries quickly if it gets wet. I mean everything too no more cotton socks, underwear, pants etc. So I'm looking to mostly have nylon and polyester in my outfits. Light weight and fast drying has become a priority not just for being outdoors but I need light clothes for my back too. In winter I haven't worn any heavy jeans in years because my back can't take it and I have to wear a size up to be loose and not tight. I need to get Chris shirts and also want to get him one of those long sleeves that I got because they are great for blocking the sun, light and dry fast. I wish I could do what Cope does and just buy everything in bulk of the same stuff I like so once it rips and wears out I just get the next one out of the closet no fear of it going out of style or getting discontinued. Problem with that is you have to have lots of money to do it. Cope was rich from all the research he did. Wish I could do that because that would solve so many problems. Unfortunately I'll have to do this for a while before I am done replacing everything that broke. Oh and I want to get one down winter jacket that folds down easily. They are expensive but I hear you buy one quality one and it's for life. So when it does get cold or if I visit a colder northern state I'll have a warn jacket that won't take up tons of room and is light. So that's the plan for now. Oh and a good pair of hiking boots. Again though I hate how much this stuff costs but I like the idea too of buy one good quality thing that lasts forever.

The other order I got was another shipment of silver bullets. This time I got a 9mm and 22 long rifle. It's so neat to have the five types of silver bullets all lined up. I love them. Definitely more fun than coins.

I started to build the wheels for the boats out of PVC. I finished the frame and am very impressed with what I have come up with. We went to Harbor Freight and got the tires there for a great price. $5.99 each when they are $25 or more everywhere else. But I can't finish them. No one has the 5/8" nuts I need. I have the washers so I can't finish building the wheels. I also have to get paint. I have green for Chris's but I don't know what color I want to make mine. I actually don't want blue for once. Everything is blue and I want some contrast. I don't want two green ones either as that would be my second color but too similar. I think I'll go for 80s neon pink. I love pink and blue anyway. I do love that pink. It's the pale pink I can't stand. So I also need a spray can of that. I'll take pics and show the progress because this is a cool project and I haven't done a building project in a long time.

And lastly I started drawing again. I began to draw Leeanix yesterday for the bow of my boat as the Tropical Centipede. She's turning out so nice. I just have to finish her tail and feet. Since today was a day off I didn't draw. But I hope to finish drawing her tomorrow and perhaps start to ink her.

So yes lots of good progress and I can't wait til our boats are ready and we can do either this new park, Weeki Wachee river or Weedon Preserve in St. Pete which is salt water and mangrove tunnels. I like the lake at Colt Creek but I'm ready for something much more interesting and not so contained.

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09 May 2015 @ 11:19 am
I'm very happy to finally have to nepenthes of opposite genders in bloom. N. khasiana male and N. alata red speckle Luzon female are in bloom. So I have taken the pollen of the male and pollinated several of the females. It's too bad that if these make sees the pitchers of this cross won't be so interesting but it will be my first time breeding nepenthes. So here's hoping they make seed pods. I'd rather breed true species but that's the hard thing is getting a male and a female.

Here are some male flowers from N. khasiana. Most have not opened and are still buds. You can see my paint brush turning yellow.

More neat alien flowersCollapse )

So Chris has decided that he is going to exchange his Stinger kayak before it arrives for the Boost. I hope he will like it and it's the one he will keep. I hope we can do that soon like this Weds perhaps. We want to check out a place to try our kayaks on a river that's kind of close to us as well. And I found a place in St. Pete called Weedon Preserve that might be good for that too. They have mangrove tunnels and I'm looking forward to that. I already know I prefer to kayak in shallow marine waters than in fresh water. And I have decided that my boat will be named Tropical Centipede.

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08 May 2015 @ 08:59 am
Well lots of neat stuff has happened. Weds we went out and got my kayak. They didn't have the green one for Chris though so we had to order it. Here is a video.

Though after using my boat he did not like that it does feel like it will tip if you look over the sides and he's considering changing it for the Pelican Boost 100x which they did have in the store. It's a heavier boat but solid green in the color he likes. Mine's 40 lbs and the Boost is 45 lbs. I don't know it's a hard decisions. Ideal I wish he could some how test the Boost before buying it then he'd know for sure. I like that we would have matching kayaks and he could put pontunes on it but I want him to have a boat that he feel comfortable in and that's more important than looks.

I got my luggage in from Staples and it works. I'm so happy. So now all that's left is to fill out the form with the manufacturer and send off the broken one. But I need ink for my printer so I'm waiting on that to arrive in the mail. I'll be glad when all this luggage business is over with. But I have pics to share now of the packing cubes and the bags.

Here they are. Aren't they nice? I love how small they are and I like the colors of both.

Bags and cubesCollapse )

I cleaned out my friends list yesterday. Now it's around 21 friends that are mutual. Since no one said they wanted to stay they got cut. They can still watch but well now they can't comment because only those I add back have access to comments.

EDIT: Oh forgot to say I'm considering two names for my boat.

1. The Salty Budgies
2. Tropical Centipede

And I'm leaning towards option two with art of Leeanix. What do you think?

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05 May 2015 @ 01:37 pm
Played on PS4, this is an RPG style game that takes place in what looks like 1800s dark London that's been taken over by monsters, werewolves and evil humans. Sounds great huh? Don't get too excited.

Pros: Game looks great. The graphics are lovely. The buildings and details are very well done. Great atmosphere and very cool evil looking characters. Even the good guys are scary looking or creepy.

Character creation. I had no idea you could create your own character. So I had to try it just to see if I could make my own guys in this. Looks like the sort of place George would fit perfectly into given the clothes and hats.


Where to start? Well I guess the beginning then. Character creation. If a game lets you do this, then this is usually my favorite part of said game. You can even save preset characters so I made George and Ophidius. Have a look.

Ophidius came out great! I have always complained that why can't any game ever have his artist mustache? Well this one finally does. When I saw that mustache when I was making George first I HAD to make Ophidius. And not only that but this is the closest hair to his which is almost spot on. He's only missing the little wave on his right. Lots of eye colors to choose from too. Oh but they are hidden. The control system when it comes for colors of eye and hair gives you this red, green and blue slider. So the aggravation begins even before the game does of, how do I make yellow hair? How do I make aqua, brown or green eyes? I finally found the tiny hidden menu to select from a pallet. Jerks. Then there's the body type issues. They give you options for muscular, burly and very burly. I chose very burly for Geogre. Uh, so why does he look like a skeleton? Clearly their definition of that and the real one are two different things. No he-men and no fat guys in this game. Sorry you're out of luck. Perhaps a big coat will make you look bigger....hehe more on that later. The menus to make your character are very annoying as there are many sub menus and redundant menus or mislabled ones. There are four different ones just for nose that could have been condensed to two and named as such. This next complain is not just about this game but all character creation games. Why is there never any long hair for girls that isn't a pony tail? Hair to the shoulders is NOT long. My hair comes down to my shoulder blades. I draw Leeanix with her hair a bit longer than mine; to her elbows. She does not wear a pony tail like I do. It's loose. Why can't you make female characters like this? So that's character creation in this game.

Game Play and Control:
Nice Graphics alone do not make for a good game. This game is hard therefor it is already not fun. Why does anyone play a video game? To have an interactive escapism fantasy. Most gamers are nerds. I'm a scrawny wimpy nerd. When I game I want to feel like a total bad ass. In life I'm just like Mr. Burns. I can't open a soda bottle many times without huge amounts of effort. In a video game I want to be able to run through a brick wall with my head and still be screaming or chop someone in half with a sword, or blow their guts out with a giant gun. That's the fantasy. There are enough aggravations and failures in real life. I play to get away from that so if my game is filled with failure and aggravation what's the point of playing? I don't want to walk five steps and get killed by a monster. I'm supposed to be an awesome hunter so why am I getting killed. I was running and hiding mostly waiting to isolate one enemy if it was two or more I had to flee. Where's the fun in that? And no difficulty levels. A good game will give the player options. Give people the option to play from super easy to super hard and everything in between. People that say games are "too easy" are idiots and don't know what they are talking about.

Control. There's no jumping. There's a dodge. Again so you can run away instead of facing your enemy. No block, no jump just dodge which is kind of like a jump but you can't climb on things. There are two buttons for attack and you can make your sword big or small. The only advantage I found was one's faster swing the other is slower but then you have a hard and soft attack so what's the point? One you have to be closer the other further but it's a melee weapon so you're already too close anyway. Then there are guns. There's a shotgun like thing and a giant pistol. The pistol is more powerful than the shotgun. How does that work? But it doesn't matter because guns are not as powerful as melee weapons and mostly helpful to push enemies back and get them away from you. What moron came up with this? Please take him to a gun range and let him fire the different types so he sees how they work. My gun should be my most powerful and primary weapon. Bullets are few and far between. Just don't bother with the guns in this game really. Why even have them? Oh and you can't holster anything. You're always carrying your gun and your sword at the ready even when talking to friendlies. Let's chop them in half too. Two buttons have a pointless animation that look like you will put your weapons away but you don't. Ha ha just kidding.

Other than your starting outfit everything's a long over coat in this game. You guys know I love long coats but if everyone's wearing them then what sets you apart? No one is unique. Everyone, you, bad guys, allies, wear long dusters. Found a new outfit? Who cares same as what I already have. I have been watching Chris game and hours later still have not been able to buy a wide brimed hat or a fedora nor has he found one. That does not give me incentive to play as George. Also this is a first for me trying to find a hat in a game because George is my first hat wearing character. I hate the notion of hats and helmets in games. What is the point of playing a game that lets you create a character, you spend hours and hours perfecting the look, then you slap a helmet on them and can't see their face the rest of the game. WTF? Then why make a character. Doesn't matter what you look like. You'll just cover it with a helmet anyway. So I have never had a full suit in any game because I pass on the helmets. And proud.

Money in the game. You lose it every time you die and you die a lot. That pisses me off. I earn all this money and it is lost when you die. Well you can get it back but you either have to find your blood pile or the person that killed you. What? That's annoying enough as is but why is it so inconsistent. Either make it a blood pile or the killer. I prefer the blood pile option but really this should not be the case at all. Why don't they loot your weapons and cloths? Why just your money? This game has no logic. And apparently it has no plot either. You meet a creepy old man at the start of the game and all he tells you is to go out and kill monsters because that's what you do. Having chosen your origin back story really has no bearing on your stats that I have seen. It's not like in Fallout where you assign your points to skills. There's none of that here. They lead you to believe there is but no it doesn't matter. Troubled childhood, loner, rising star none of that matters. You get you ass kicked. And the few friendlies you find don't add to the plot or lack there of. So I gather that my purpose is to fight monsters over and over til I die, get sent to a strange boring castle, then teleport back and do it all over again and again and again. Sounds like Hell alright. No more. I just quit the stupid game. No plot, no character development, no exploration. You're trapped in what is basically a circular area. All the doors lead back to the same place so you fight the same enemies over and over for the money you'll keep losing for the clothes and weapons you buy that all look the same.

The enemies. They all look the same too. The bosses are cool and unique but the first enemy you encounter is a werewolf. Looks awesome except for one thing. No tail? WTF again? Drawing wolves without tails is unforgivable. They look terrible and that's not what they are like in real life...oh yeah these are the guys that think sticks are more powerful than guns. And you have to die when you meet this first enemy. Doesn't give me incentive to play. He's unbeatable. You can lower his health to a certain point but then it stays there. The rest of the villains consist of tall guys in coats in angry mobs, fat guys in coats and some animal monsters. Not much in the way of diversity.

The bosses are cool from what I have seen. There was a minotaur guy and my fave the guy that looked so much like George other than being thin. That was my fave part of the game. But the endings could have been so much better had they been Assassin Creed style where you talk to your enemy before he dies and he gives you some insight. But there's no plot so forget about character development, yours or anyone elses.

Then there's the misleading health bars. They don't go down right away when you take damage. Oh I'm ok. I still have some healthy. Nope dead, it's taken a few seconds later. We were kidding you thought you still had a chance. The villains have this annoying health bar too so you're emptying your stamina on them but they're already dead. So stop moving! Oh that's another complaint. Doesn't affect game play but I hate the wiggly corpses. Everything turns into jello. There's no weight to them or realism. They should move realistically once dead based on their weight. That's a personal complaint again does not affect game play much. But the physics are wrong and that bothers me.

So I'm not even playing any more. I'm watching Chris play and being a passive observer it's still darn annoying. The load screens give info cards but they don't stay up long enough for you to read. If you're a slow reader like me forget learning anything. Just look at the pretty pictures and read the titles. That's all there's time for.

When you come back from the dream world you can only respawn at certain lamp posts. They are very rare. If you don't light them you can't use them. And there aren't enough so if you die miles way you have to walk all that distance and fight all those enemies and go through everything I already mentioned over and over.

No the game totally sucks. I'd toss it in the garbage. Bad game. Games are supposed to be fun and there is no fun factor in this thing. Do not recommend.

Two stars out of five. Graphics aren't enough to make a good game.

This is how I looked when I quit playing. Oh yes one last complaint if I didn't mention it already. Character may look nice in the creation engine but once in game something always changes. George here for some reason does not look like the pic above. Same happened to Leeanix. Looks more like Cpt. Ahab than George. I like Ahab but if I wanted to create him I would have.

Edit: Forgot to mention there is a glitch right now I should exploit before they patch it. If you do nothing the game thinks you are having a hard time and will lower the difficulty. If you leave the playstation on over night the enemies, even bosses basically do nothing. I should do this. I saw one jerk bitching about this. I should do this and beat it in one sitting, upload, turn off comments and say it was great this way.

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05 May 2015 @ 09:55 am
The problem I had with the luggage is now mostly resolved. There were several options I could have taken and all seemed bad. So what I decided was since they would not write me back to buy a new one from someone else, send the broken one to the manufacturer and then sell the extra once I got it back. I think this is a discontinued model so if the manufacturer doesn't have the same model and they send me something else no loss I can still try to get my money back on it. So I went ahead and found one and ordered it from Staples. A bit more than the one I paid for. I was ready to leave negative feed back which I have never done and really didn't want to do. I've had only good experiences with Ebay except one back in the 90s. I have a perfect record there and don't like to have it messed up. But yesterday they finally wrote me back and offered me a partial $20 refund explaining that returning is a hassle and expensive as I'd have to pay it and a replacement takes a long time. This is all true and I did not want to deal with mailing it away yet and all that other stuff either. So I agreed to that so only having paid $35 for a broken bag. Got my refund today. Got an email from Staples that my order shipped and it should arrive at the store this Friday. I can't wait. I'm a bit nervous though and hope nothing will be wrong with this one. I'm glad I didn't act rashly. I don't think this company was trying to rip me off. I only buy from people that have a 95% or higher rating on feedback. They had a 99.5 and after reading the negatives they go they often mentioned if the customer had just waited a bit they would have fixed the issue. So they just need to work on their response time/communication. Would I buy from them again? Yes. One second chance. I do that for people. It is a low end bag so some things might be cheap out of the factory. They aren't the ones that broke it. But luckily I don't need any more bags so I won't buy from them again.

The other funny thing is I got a refund from a plant store. It was my first time placing an order. They don't ship until April because they don't want to risk tropical plants dying in winter. That's fair. They had told me I could add to the order at any time and they'd send everything in one box. I did add to it but got charged shipping again. I asked about this and never heard back. Then I get $15 in my paypal one day. I thought it was for shipping though it was too high. I then get an email saying they accidentally gave me someone else's refund but since it was their mistake I could keep it. Hehheh ok will do. I'll consider it the shipping the owed me. So that worked out great too. Got my plants yesterday. They have slow communication too which I don't like and slow shipping so I won't use them again unless I have to have something.

So life is good. Oh and I had my first flamewar in years on youtube last night. Rather funny. I'll post it here. This jerk left a demanding comment on one of my plant videos.

Rayneger01 commented on a video on YouTube.
lol. you havent done this in like 3 years. i stopped watching. i guess i can start back XD

Yesterday 8:25 PM
I do not make my videos for your entertainment but for mine. I don't need your watch.

Yesterday 8:55 PM
ummmmm..... That was kind of rude. You should treat your subs with a little more respect....

Yesterday 9:18 PM
Good. I have no respect for you as you have not earned nor will you earn my respect. You're a stranger and a nobody to me. And now you are no longer allowed to comment. Your comments will not even show up. So long. And what you think of me does not matter to me either. So long.

Yesterday 9:25 PM
dear god you are annoying. I didn't know your that much of a jerk....

Because I said I would not comment to him again I did not but it was very tempting as I had the perfect response to this. "Well now you know."
I blocked him which will make his comments not show up. So now he can't comment. So funny he called me rude when his first statement was the rude one basically saying I'm only worthy of his watch because I'm posting plant updates again. And if he looked it wasn't three years it was 1. So he's been stalking all that time? Loser with no life. I'm tempted to not show plants now but I won't do that just to get rid of him. I do have very good friends there that watch me for my plant stuff. Luckily these types of problems are so few on YT. But yeah I will be posting mostly travel stuff there anyway especially with the kayaks.

So yes we're probably getting them tomorrow. I'm so excited. I can't wait. I hope they have both colors in stock but if not we'll have them order the green one for us. I've started watching this guy on YT that does kayaking and lives in my area. So I love watching the local films he puts up. I have discovered at least on YT most kayakers use them to fish. Not my thing. Fishing is nice but I don't like skinning, deboneing or cooking. I don't like cooking anything really. So I wouldn't keep any fish. I'll be using mine mostly to explore and for photography. I think I will name my boat The Salty Budgie. That's the only name I have going so far. Would like other options but nothing's coming to mind. Chris loves that name. I'd like to put art on it of a budgie but again I need to find a place I can only order two stickers from. And so far I have no idea for a pose. I am in an art block after all. I need to get letter stencils too for the name. Chris is very excited too about these boats so I'm happy about that.

So that's about all that's been going on. Which is really a lot. I'll be doing a review of the video game Bloodborne soon. I'll say this. It won't be a good review.
I will be doing a friends list cut tomorrow or the next day. If you haven't commented to me in a good amount of time I will remove you. I joined two of those friend finding groups and when I posted what my journal is about and what I expected a few people were like, "Oh you're interesting. I'll add you." Well have I heard from them? No. I clearly state I expect them to be active here and for them to comment I have to add them back as only my watchers can comment. So enough's enough they had their chance. Yes lots of interesting things have been posted here and not a peep.

So I have been talking about Pixar's Up. Chris bought me the Blue Ray Collector's gift set and I love it. Check this out.

In the first pic you can see how huge the box is. This is our biggest box in our movie collection now. Where to put it? It comes with a collection of lithographs (posters) from all the Pixar movies of the time. The four disk Blu Ray. Disc 1 is movie and bonus features. Disc 2 is more Bonus features. Disk 3 is the DVD. And Disc 4 is the digital copy. There's huge cool guide book and a thin sticker book. I show the center page of the stickers. I showed the pages of Ellie's Scrap book for the guide book because I love Ellie and she's just like me. I had something similar growing up. And last all the little posters laid out.

Because of this I found out I have more in common with Ellie or just stuff I hadn't noticed. She has green eyes like me, she's an artist and she likes to collect rare coins. They showed an alternate version of how Carl and Ellie met and I'm glad they didn't go with it but there was one part I loved. A science museum went up in Muntz's name. She loved going there because they had a display for "Extinct birds of South America" and a Kevin like terror bird was there. She loved birds even more in this version and there was a scene where her and Carl had the house filled with birds and bird cages. They ever in every room. OMG!! We lived through that and I'm still downsizing from all that. I need to find a way to get a screen cap of that.

Yesterday we went to Cot Creek State Park again to rent a kayak. We had a great time and it was so beautiful. But it was the fullest we've seen it since it was a Sunday. So here are some pics.

Entrance of the par,

Kayaking picsCollapse )

I think I'm in an art block. I have not felt like working on anything. It seems so tedious and I'm so busy with stuff like being outdoors, fixing up the house and getting ready for our trip this summer. But I do feel bad I haven't done anything.
I need to make a youtube update too. I filmed the next one but I haven't edited it yet.
Today is another anniversary. 19 years 3 months. Happy 4th.
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01 May 2015 @ 11:49 am
I looked up on google yesterday if there were any budgie stickers. I have some from Pet Prints but when I went to look they don't carry them anymore. Well I don't buy from them anymore anyway but that's too bad. They were nice big clear ones. I had a blue budgie on my car for years. So anyway I found some really awesome ones I want to plaster my luggage with but they are only on Etsy. I don't have an Etsy account and don't want to get one. Could anyone here help me if you have one? I'd love to get two of each of these sheets and I can pay you with paypal. I really want these. They are adorable and perfect. The color budgies I like best.

Speaking of luggage I got my blue one in the mail yesterday and really like it. The color wasn't as bad as I was afraid it would be. But one big problem. The zipper gets caught and is a huge problem at the bottom. My green one does not do this and I have to exchange it. I hate returning things. I dread it. Chris's printer isn't working either so that's another annoying and big problem. I hope there won't be a huge hassle getting this sent off and getting another one that isn't broken. You can see how it gets caught. Set backs. I hate set backs especially after anticipating this so much and anxiously watching the tracking and waiting impatiently. Luckily it's happening now and not before our trip.

I really need to stop being so unorganized. I'm tired of things getting lost. Now my micro SD adapter has vanished. Also the small green tripod is somehow missing. Although that one belongs to Chris I still want to know where it went. I am angry at myself about that since I just filmed some stuff with my GoPro and will have to remove it directly from the camera which is a hassle. I prefer full control and extracting direct from the memory card. It's a tiny black adapter and it's not where it should have been.

I did go out today and chopped more branches and most of the banana trees on the property. The bananas are a weed actually. The get damaged in the winter then rot standing up and smell. They never produce bananas and if they do they are tiny and not edible. And they pop up where they are not wanted so yeah they are a weed. They have to go. Would be nice if they made yummy fruits but they don't. But it's funny how our yard is a huge plant massacre right now.

Oh and back to stickers. Anyone know of a good company that lets you make custom stickers of your own art on clear vinyl and you can order a small quantity? I hate that you have to order 500 and they are over $100. I am not a business. I will not be selling these. I want them for myself. I'd like to have my own art on my stuff. So I only need one sheet. Why is that always too hard to ask? It's been like this forever. Same with T-shirts. I remember I looked everywhere for a place in the 90s to print my dinosaur art. Finally found one and got my shirt made and the place goes out of business. Noooo. Typical of my luck. When I find something good it goes out of production or the place breaks. It happened with the new joint powder I've been taking. Now there's nothing I can take for that. We bought up what we could. I think I have three cans. But once that's gone it's gone. Just like the Joint Juice On The Go powder. I can't take those huge horse pills. Oh and before all this there were nice chewables that tasted good. Gone too.

Hum seems this post has been mostly a rant but well it's quite founded.

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27 April 2015 @ 11:29 pm
This movie is excellent. I love it mostly for personal reasons as it hits so close to home on so many levels for me. So the movie starts of with Carl Fredrickson as a child watching one of those old movie news reels at the theater. His hero Charles Muntz is shown going off on adventures in his blimp The Spirit of Adventure. Carl is wearing an aviator helmet and goggles just like his idol he really looks up to. This whole sequence is a great homage to The Lost World. Not not the bad Jurassic Park movie but the original 1925 movie about a discredited adventurer that claims he's seen living dinosaurs on a Tepui (plateau) in South America. He has to go back to South America to prove to his fellow scientists he is not mad and making this up and takes a team with him to a Tepui with a split on the side. In UP Muntz brings back the skeleton of a "monster" but it has no head. If you know anatomy you'll know the skeleton is that of a terror bird and not a dinosaur. The witty joke where the announcer says the scientists cry "foul" which could also be "fowl" for the "fake bird" is a well written moment. Muntz is kicked out of the adventurer club for forgery. He takes his pack of dogs on his blimp and vows to not return until he brings the monster back alive to civilization. In the Lost World the adventurer brings back a sauropod dinosaur that runs amok through London after it escapes from the ship. In Jurassic Park the Lost World this was also done but with a T-rex (the only good part of that movie). Another note. I think the name of the blimp is a nod to the plane The Spirit of St. Louis flown by Charles Lindberg as the first flight across the Atlantic. Notice his name was also Charles. These myriad of hidden facts, wit and trivia is something that NT's eat up in movies. I'm also loving the fact that instead of dinosaurs in the lost world that this time they chose a terror bird as "the monster". Another fact. Terror birds did live in South America and was one of their last strong holds before going extinct in very recent geologic history. They were not able to compete with mammals when the land bridge formed connecting North America to South America. Carl feel out raged this has all happened to his hero but does not change how he feels about him and he leaves with his head full of ideas and day dreams. Very typical of a dreamy creative INTP.

Next scene you see him with a little blue balloon that he wrote Spirit of Adventure on and that's all he needs as that's his blimp. He pretends he's the famous Charles Muntz as he tackles many different strange lands. All this with an announcer blaring his victories in his head. That thought bubble is soon popped when he hears another child shout "ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE!!" The sound is coming from an old house that's falling apart. Curious Carl goes inside and finds a girl his age that's set up the living room to be the flight controls of the blimp and she's at the helm flying it and barking order to her imaginary crew. Her name is Ellie.

Now this is where the film gets personal for me. Ellie is INTJ. Took me a while to figure that out. At first I thought she was ENTJ because she was loud but in the context I will explain later on I found this to not be the case. INTJ's are very passionate about their interests and are also extroverted thinkers while INTP's are introverted thinkers. Carl's game was in his head and silent. No one could guess what he was doing. Ellie's fantasy was out in the open, out loud and she'd actually built the blimp. As a child I was a kid that built forts and caves. I would grab all the chairs and benches in the house, put towels in them and make a batcave, Halls of Justice, Evil lair etc. My toys were my crew and I would speak out loud to them and tell them what to do. All alone though. I had to make sure no one was watching. If I found out my mother was coming or anyone else I would go silent and get embarrassed or get mad. This is the introversion. And this is what happened. When Ellie found that Carl was watching in amazement she got angry telling him it was an exclusive club (of one person) and that not just any kid with a helmet or goggles could join. Gosh I can relate to this. He was so scared. But she relented and let him stay and play with her. He was taken from the start. But after being startled by her the first time Carl's balloon flies away. Ellie takes him to the attic and they find it across a plank. She tells him to go and get it. Being an INTJ she's a big time doer and had it been hers she would have not hesitated to walk the plank to get it. INTP's are not out going doers though and Carl had to be shoved a lot to go get it. But it didn't go well as the plank broke and Carl fell to the floor and broke his arm. Another great INTJ moment here. Ellie didn't have much of an emotional reaction to Carl's accident. There was no "Oh my gosh are you ok?" She just stared with her arms crossed analyzing what had just happened. This is exactly how I would have reacted. Yet another clue she is not an E and definitely an NT and not an F.

That night she sneaks into his room through the window and shows him her scrap book. Something she's never shown ANYONE. Again INTJ's don't open up easily and not just to anyone either. I had a scrapbook and journal growing up and I did only show it to certain people. Just like her my book was filled with my ideas and my wishes of what I would do in the future. She shows Carl her pics of Muntz and South America. She makes Carl swear to take her there to Paradise Falls one day in a blimp. Her dream is to put her house at the top of the falls. Great master mind ideas. He crosses his heart and swears he'll do it.

Now side note about Chris and I. Both of us had very similar childhoods and sometimes we wish we had met as children and not in our 20s. We even went to the same high school but never interacted. I do remember seeing him there. We were both obsessed with dinosaurs from a very young age. I think I got hooked on them when I was 8 when I learned what they were in school. I used to watch documentaries about them and also loved watching monster movies like The Lost World and Godzilla films. I won't go into detail of how much we had in common as kids as somethings are scary how much alike we were and it's too much for this. But if he'd found me in one of my forts I'm sure the same thing would have happened. Technically it did once we were adults though it was "my arcade" and I was not happy he was in "my territory" while he watched me like "WOOOOOOW."

Carl and Ellie grew up together getting along great for years and finally got married in what looks like their twenties. Same here. They bought the house they used to play in and fixed it up themselves. She was handy. I was handy and built my own stuff out of wood. Like the pigeon loft. The two did everything together and not with other people. This again shows me Ellie is an introvert. Carl is all she needed for her socialization. She worked at a zoo doing a parrot show. I was floored by that. I worked at a zoo with birds. I also worked at a science museum and did parrot shows. I loved my job and she did too. Carl worked at the zoo selling balloons. Chris didn't work with me but he was always there to pick me up from work and I would take him behind the scenes so it was like he was part of the staff. The other member of the staff knew him and would let him in for free too. Carl hasn't forgotten his promise to take Ellie to South America. She loves to travel and adventure another thing I can relate to. So they save. They have a jar of coins to save up to go to South America. but things keep happening that keep messing things up. Life. Flat tire, roof caving in and Carl breaking his foot early on. Which happened to us the first day we moved in. Chris almost broke his foot and we had to tap into savings and I had to take care of him while he recovered.

One scene that also gets to me is the mantle place.

Notice the little Andean bird, the cute goofy photo of Ellie and the blimp model. Now have a look at some photos of our shelf. BTW I also have a little guitar and violin like that but it's in the bedroom. Perhaps I should change that.

Photo of us on our wedding. Our shelf changes with the seasons but a few elements like our photo, a little air plane and my gourd bird from South America never change. Also noticed the goldfinch on the binoculars. I do have real binoculars too in this same room though not on this shelf.

Here you can see my little F16 that I've had since high school as I wanted to be a pilot.

Here is a close up of Ellie's Andean bird.

Here is my gourd bird, the black one that looks like a kiwi, that I bought years ago from a store called The Andes Shop. Long before this movie was made. And my dream for ages has been to go to Machu Pichu in South America. This scene really scared and amazed us when we saw it.

The two live a great life together. Their relationships has no problems no fights though they do have problems with life that they face together. This is an excellent pair that shows how a married couple should work as a team and not against each other. Happiness always no reason to fight about anything. But when two NT's are alike why should they fight? One day when Carl looks at the pic of Ellie as a kid then realizes she's an old lady he feels bad he hasn't kept his promise and time is running out. At last he buys a ticket to Peru but when he was going to give it to her as a gift Ellie gets sick from old age and dies in the hospital. Carl is left alone and grumpy and guilty he didn't fulfill his promise. So far the movie has been about Chris and I and watching all of this was very emotional for us both. We didn't cry but we did get pretty choked up which is very hard to do with NT's in a movie.

Now the movie switches gears. All the houses have been sold in the neighborhood except Carl's. Everything has been turned into a big city and they have been trying to get Carl to sell but he won't budge. A boy named Russel knocks on Carl's door and annoys him asking if Carl wants help. Russel is in the Wilderness Explorers, which is something like boy scouts, and only needs one more badge. The assisting the elderly badge and he thinks Carl is the perfect person to help. Carl being a grumpy witty guy send the annoying fat kid on a wild goose chase or actually a wild snipe chase. Tells him a bird has been eating his flowers and if Russell could catch it. It was two blocks away. But after an accident Carl caused with a construction worker it's just what the city had been looking as an excuse to take Carl's house away. They force him to move to an old folks home the following morning. But after going through Ellie's scrap book he's determined to keep his promise after all. He hooks up the balloons that are left from when he used to sell them and his house lifts off and flies away from the big city. He uses Ellie's rig from when she was a kid to control his flying house. Peace and quiet at last.

But soon there is a knock at the door while they are flying high. Turns out Russell had returned to his patio just as the house lifted off and he was trapped. Russell is ESFJ and has to touch everything, talk a lot and ask silly questions. He does everything by the book and Carl is very annoyed by him. But Russell wants to help Carl get to South America because surely that would count towards his badge. After weathering a storm they crash land on top of the tepui but on the wrong side. The balloons have lost helium. But there is enough that Russell and Carl can walk the house to the other side where the falls are like a parade balloon. So they set off.

Scene changes to a shadowy bird being hunted by dogs. This is clearly a parody of the Roadrunner and Coyote cartoons where the bird springs all the traps and can not be caught because it is so fast. The living terror bird is at last revealed. The dog have special collars that allow them to talk. There is a doberman, rottweiler and bulldog. Three of the toughest dogs and I liked the doberman was the leader as that's my favorite dog. They made his voice funny so you don't take him seriously because his collar was broken. There is a fourth dog named Doug (yes sounds like Dog. Another great subtle joke) that seems like a mix of a hound and a golden retriever. The other dogs sent him on a "special mission" because he's dumb and messes things up and he's trying to catch the bird.

Back to Carl and Russell. After using the "bathroom" in the bushes Russell finds the terror bird and feeds it chocolate taming it. He names him Kevin and it tags along though Carl said he's not allowed to keep it. They then run into Doug and after an awkward moment when they find out he can talk Dough follows them too because he wants Kevin as his prisoner and keeps begging them to let them take it. Now I really liked Kevin's design. He was a terror bird with the feathers of a Himalayan Monal Phesant.


Himalayan Monal Pheasant.

Eventually the other three dogs find everyone and bring Carl and Russell to a cave with a huge pack of mean dogs. Kevin is hiding out on top of the floating house and earlier Doug reveals Kevin is actually a female and has babies. The angry dogs are called off when an old man appears from the cave he is their owner. Carl is thrilled when he realizes it's Charles Muntz his childhood hero. He tells Muntz how him and Ellie were his biggest fans and why he was here to take his house to Paradise Falls. Muntz is flattered and invites them inside on his air ship. Muntz is ENTJ so he has an ego. Also 50 or so years of isolation is not good for any extrovert and he's gone a bit crazy in all that time. He mentions how he's been hunting the bird but hasn't been able to catch it. Carl clams up at that point because he promised Russell to take care of Kevin the way he promised Ellie he'd take her to South America. He doesn't want to break another promise. But Russell accidentally mentions they have Kevin and Muntz gets angry thinking they are here to steal his bird.

A chase and an air battle ensues with Muntz and his dogs.There is a great scene where the three dogs are flying air planes and attacking Russell. The subtle joke comes into play as an ariel battle with planes is called a "dog fight." Muntz is finally defeated in true Disney fashion by falling to his death from his own air ship.

Now at this point I'd like to point out that Muntz is a tragic villain. In a sense he wasn't really a villain. He left to clear his good name that he had no fabricated the skeleton of the bird. He said he'd bring the bird back alive and not return before then. Bound by his own words, ENTJ's will do what they say no matter what, the isolation drove him mad. He wasn't going to kill Kevin just bring her back to civilization to prove the existence and be accepted in the club again. Which makes me wonder if she would have escaped and destroyed the city just like in the Lost World? But killing people and thinking everyone was after his bird is what did make Muntz a bad guy. But makes you wonder what would have happened had he gotten it? He could retire finally and would have probably been happy. Kind of like would it have been so bad if Ahab had gotten his whale? I have speculated on that one many times.

So Carl and Russell return to civilization and Carl fills in for Russell's dad and he gets his badge. Plus Carl gives him his special grape bottle cap "Ellie's badge" and the two are friends that play games on weekends. Carl is no longer a grumpy guy and he inherits the spirit of Adventure and a huge pack of scary dogs.

So yes excellent movie and I just love so much about it. Carl and Ellie are my favorite parts and well the whole South America, giant bird, cool bad guy, giant mountain and well everything about this was so creative and a great tribute to classic movies and history. One last fact. The Pixar team went to Venezuela and climbed Mt. Roraima which is the mountain Up is based on. It is now added to my list of dream destinations and I hope to climb it some day like I do Machu Pichu.

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26 April 2015 @ 09:32 pm
I'm very proud that this morning I finished the 5th page of Renegade. Check this out.

Click for full size.
The first frame took forever. That background was hard and a total pain to work through. The second frame wasn't so bad. Well unfortunately I think stuff will really slow down now because I want to work on the pencil drawings for all the pages. I'd like to finish the whole comic in pencil first THEN work on it digitally. At least it will be done that way. So it may be a long time again before I do another colored page. I'd like to get one more colored pic done for this month. I'd love to finish the one of Owen getting his fire but I don't know since it has a lot of detail. I may start to ink it tomorrow.

Chris won an auction for the collector's edition Blueray of Pixar's Up for me. That is my favorite Pixar movie and I want it with all the special features. This one comes with a sticker book and little info book. That should be cool. I should do an official review on this movie and why I love it so much. It's very personal but it was also a very good film. One thing I love is that the film crew actually went to South America and climbed Mt. Roraima which is the plateau this video is based. It looks like a much less difficult climb than Machu Pichu and now it is on my list of dream destinations. I'd love to go there. Of course it's also based on the original Lost World from 1925. I watched that on youtube. It's a silent film with only music. Back then there was no sound so movies had text cards to read between scenes. You see scenes from the Lost World in dinosaur documentaries all the time though. So yeah would be a great place to go to to see the rare plants and animals up there and cool rock formations. There really is a rock that looks like a flying turtle and one that looks like a sauropod dinosaur.

We then worked in the yard a bit. Chris helped me clear some bad plans and a stump from a bush. Nearly all my amorphophallus are coming up now. I planted some tomato plants in the front yard. Then we cleared off most of the kitchen counter which made me quite happy. Then Chris and I had a yummy meal at IHOP. We watched part of Moby Dick with Patrick Stewart. We'll finish the other half tomorrow. I've been watching Chris play Assassin's Creed Black Flag and gosh it makes me want to go on a cruise again. Such lovely scenery. Pirates are always fun. Because it's about assassins and climbing buildings it's the closest game to what it would be like to play George in a game. And I also like that there are these big enemies that kind of look like George. So I like that a lot too. I'm loving the new metal songs I have found. It's nice to have new songs to obsess over.
25 April 2015 @ 12:44 pm
I'm very excited about how close I am to finishing this frame of Renegade. I'm almost done with the shades but I need to take a break as I'm starting to go a bit crazy. But I think I can finish the shades today which is the worst part. Once the characters are done I need to add some effects to the background and some elements like garbage on the ground to keep it from looking so open and boring. I need to get better at filling my backgrounds.

After years of it sitting around on my desk doing nothing I have finished a very old Owen drawing. I scanned it and hope to start to ink it soon. Pulled some other half done PSD files off the computer too and put them on my USB so I can work on them on my laptop. I'd like to get a few more drawings squeezed in for this month.

I have finally scanned the pages from Prisoner of the Parakeets. I'm not going to code them into images. I'll just post the links.

Page 1 Wow this is originally from 1955
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6

Ok so there's the whole story. I could no longer suspend my disbelief after the part that this was a race of budgie that could build cities. So how can one man trick an advanced civilization to fly to their destruction? Kids were supposed to mindlessly cheer for the heroes in these books and on TV but these are the kinds of questions that came up in my very young mind and was insulting to my intelligence. Oh and how convenient they found him drifting in the ocean. Do you know how difficult it is to find someone not wearing an orange vest in an open ocean even on a calm clear day? So this is why I was usually pissed off by the end of cartoons like this and like inspector gadget. The let down is worse when the plot starts so well as was the case here. The budgies were interesting. Feeding coconuts to humans was rather creative and funny. The art was very good. They got the feet right so that's great. But yeah if the ending suck my J nature writes the whole thing off as a failure.

If I ever make my comic about giant budgies it will be WAY better.

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24 April 2015 @ 09:12 am
Been a while since I've posted. A lot has been going on. First off want to write down two dreams I had. I've forgotten most of the older one. My mind made up a new species of bird. I was holding an auk like bird. It was black and white. Kind of like the Razor Billed auk but the size of the extinct Great auk. I was holding it in my arms. But when I opened its wing it had a weird thing. The secondary feathers were like those of a mallard. White with a metallic blue box. I was very puzzled by that. That's all this dream was about and all I remember. I know I dreamt about this because this was when I was catching Latte and putting her under the hose trying to break her of her broodiness. She would scream and escape from me she was so strong. It was funny how she's be calm then scream when wet. So my mind made up this fictional bird. I love that latte doesn't have a comb or wattles so she doesn't look like a chicken. She does look like some kind of prehistoric bird like a small moa.

The second dream I just had. I was Ophidius and I was traveling in South Africa. I remember being very happy about being in a place I had never seen before. But I was on a bus on the cliff side of the road and couldn't see the grass lands on the other side. This annoyed me. Darn short Frenchman. We arrived at this lovely plaza and I was with someone else that had the power to turn into a bird like I could. The wind was blowing hard and we talked about flying off on our own. We'd be able to come back but screw the tour. So we climbed up on the wall of this building and got to the roof. I forgot what she was. A golden eagle I think and she easily took off. I on the other hand had to find a good launching point. I wondered why this was but I had to have the wind to my back. I did find a very windy point and jumped. I turned into an Andean condor. YES! Now that's now Ophidius's power as he's a Queztal but now I knew why I needed the right take off point. I soared into the air and could see everything. It was so lovely. I was so excited and the condor is one of my favorite birds. Definitely my favorite vulture. I should draw one. I haven't drawn one since high school. Well this condor dream went much better than the last one where I was a juvenile female and I crashed into a mountain. I dreamt about Africa because I'd seen a documentary about killer whales killing dolphins there. I can usually figure out why I've dreamt something since they are affected by things I think about and see over the last few days.

I got my budgie comic in the mail the other day. I need to scan it and show the story here. I know Gamma wanted to see it. I didn't like the ending though. I personally would welcome budgie overlords.
I also got a new luggage for Chris and packing cubes in the mail the other day. I like this bag much better than mine actually. It's the perfect size for a carry on for a plane and I like the amount of pockets it has on the inside. It's green and hard shelled. So I need to get one for myself. They make it in blue too but I think it's a pale blue not a cool aqua or turquoise. I still don't know what the difference between turquoise and aqua is and I've been using the words interchangeably not sure which word I prefer yet. Anyway the pale blue is what put me off but I've been looking and looking and for the price it has the best pockets, wheels and size. I don't like spinners as they add inches to your bag which is the problem I have with mine. Gosh I LOVE the color and the pockets but the wheels won't let it work as a carry on. There is another one I'm interested in but it's also a spinner and more expensive and I wish I could just see it in person. A lot of things you can't just buy online because you don't know what they are like til you get them. Photos may look nice but sometime might not be good until you try it out. Then returns suck and it's wasted time and money. But what's annoying is stores don't always carry these things either for you to look at. I've had that happen where I got to a store and they tell me to go online. GAH!!!

Ok and the packing cubes I LOVE! They did come in the perfect aqua. I got four and they come with a dirty laundry bag. I'll have to get green ones for Chris. You fold your clothes into them and they save you a lot of space. I pack very light but I want to do even better. Last trips we took one carry on and one 25 inch bag. No more. I want to do just carry ons for both of us. Although Chris has bigger clothes that takes up more room I think these cubes will fix that problem so that we can get everything into small suit cases. So the most annoying thing will be the laptop. That's how I want it. I want to travel like a man not a woman. Which I already do but I need to get even better at it.
But back to my stuff. I think I'll put up with the not so nice color because I like everything else about it. I could get another green one too but that would be a bit confusing. Though I could put stickers on it that would tell them apart. Mine could have budgies on it. Oh but the other problem is Amazon ran out of the blue ones. I have it in my wish list so I'll keep an eye in case it comes back. I'm worried it's a discontinued item so I really do need to get it.

Some of you wanted to see what Latte looks like in the cage. Here's a short video. Sorry it's loud. It was raining.

EDIT: Forgot to mention a few things.
The Bullfrog came back. She was in the pond last night. But now that the water is so clear she only stays at night and leaves in the day. Yeah big frog in my pond and she wasn't full size yet. Powerful swimmers I love bullfrogs.

Funny thing I was talking to BadCowboy about. Chris and I aren't a typical couple in that our color preference is not Blue for boys and pink for girls. It makes shopping for us hard since his favorite color is toxic green with black and mine is aqua. I hate the pink that's popular right now. That breast cancer awareness pink that looks like pale peptobismol. Eew. It's not even the cool hot florescent pink from the 80s. I hate the girl guns that are out with that sick pale pink and camo branches. Why can't they make a nice bright blue gun? Not just that but yeah finding our favorite colors is hard so I get excited when I can get the right colors.

Lastly we had a funny gross event happen that's probably typical of NT's that don't care too much about things becoming a mess. Something got really smelly in the fridge. I opened the door yesterday and EEW gross gag! It was like a peppered meat smell. I couldn't find it but it was so bad it stuck up the whole living room and kitchen. I didn't dare open the door so I couldn't get my food or drink and I was living off water and cookies. Chris came home and found it. It was like a two week old steak. We put it in a sandwich bag to contain the smell. I'm going to have to clean the whole fridge though. Wash all the shelves by hand. Soap down the walls because it's still bad when you open it. We can be as bad as the Weird Al song Living in the Fridge. Yes wooly mammoth steak. Go listen to that song if you haven't heard it. It's so funny.

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20 April 2015 @ 08:19 pm
Well I did finish this today. I'm very happy with how this turned out. I called it Longing For Home.

Click for full size.
Poor Gallemotch is still searching for a way to return to Hell. The beauty of the desert sky is little comfort to him. He just feels displaced.

It rained today pretty hard. The wren nest got all wet like I knew it would. I don't know where the wrens are. I wonder if they'll come back tomorrow. And Latte is in "jail". I put her in the macaw cage because she was broody and no one's been laying eggs because of that. So she has to stay in there til she gets over it. She was mad and was screaming but finally stopped.

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19 April 2015 @ 10:14 pm
Today was an inadvertent day off. Chris didn't get any calls which was nice. He helped me around the house. I started doing laundry yesterday and we finally finished today. We have more floor space now in the bedroom. He moved all the bullets out of the way so now I can reach the bottom drawers of my cabinet and night stand. I'm annoyed at myself for having used that chair. I have set myself back. Not as bad as I was before but I'm hurting again and my back is tight. It's hard to stand up. But I'm still able to do things so hopefully it won't take me as long to recover before out trip. Another major thing we did was clean out both ponds. They were filthy. What's odd is I had 4 banana lilies in the Sarracenia pond and I only found two. But I was thrilled to find a young female bullfrog in that pond. I've been wanting bullfrogs for ages but because it's a female it won't sing. I managed to catch it with one hand and put her in bucket while we cleaned out the pond. When I went to put her back she slipped out of my hand and jumped away. I was worried the chickens would kill her. But she went through the fence into the neighbor's yard. I was very disappointed by that. My frog! I did get attached that quick. She was so lovely. So nice to see a big native frog. Once full size they're big enough to eat the Cuban frogs which is what I want. But it's rare to have frogs of any kind because my chickens kill them. I hope she'll come back to my pond.

The other crazy thing is Carolina Wrens are building a nest in my nepenthes pot. Just see the video.

Then Chris and I watched some Three Stooges because we'd been talking about funny shaving scenes with them. That was a lot of fun.

And I have made good progress on my galaxy drawing. I've inked Gallemotch and laid down the flat colors. So tomorrow I should be able to work on the shades. Would be great if I could actually finish it tomorrow. I'm thrilled with this. It's turning out lovely. I like that this month I'm on a roll art wise. Oh and I'm making decent progress on the last frame of Renegade. I have three brick walls I need to color up. Almost done with the first one.

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17 April 2015 @ 08:44 pm
For those of you not on DA I have at last finished that drawing in time for George's birthday. Check this out. I'm impressed with how beautiful this turned out.

Click for full size
I used a dark color for the top gradient and I'm amazed what a huge difference that made in my gradient sky. Looks great. So George blows out the candles in a very unique and frightening way. He is a sharp shooter so he'd be good at that. It's amazing to me I've had George for two years. Doesn't feel like it. Oh and this time I drew him with his .44 magnums which he obtained in the 50's. Wanted to show something besides his desert eagles.

I have recently found some new metal songs I'm loving. I also love it when I learn something totally new from metal I had never heard of before. That's happened a few times and why I love it so much.

Sabaton - Night Witches.

Ok WHY was I never taught this in history. I even took a course in college just on WWII and no one ever mentioned this. The "Night Witches" were a squadron of Russian female fighter pilots. They were given that name by the Germans. They would fly out at night, their planes were quite, they would strike enemy targets, case destruction then disappear. The Germans were afraid of them. That alone is cool but think of the time period. They were in a way equivalent to the American Tuskegee men which were an all black squadron. To have women in the military that weren't secretaries was something and let alone in Soviet Russia when women didn't have such advantages or privileges. I find this very impressive and only learned out this yesterday after reading the lyrics to this song.

Snakeyes - Ultimate Sin

Chris found this song for me and it is my latest addition to the Gallemotch soundtrack. This is what George dreams about. It fits perfectly for him having a day dream of at last returning back to Hell and being welcomed by his fellow demons.

Falconer - Locust Swarm

The lyrics that first caught my attention were the part about "Who is the demon in human form?" and it made me think of Sorath. But the more I listened to it the more I realized that it also made me think of Thagirion. The Locust Swarm could easily represent him. Substitute the visual image of his spirit birds. And Sorath would kneel and worship him. And lastly the serpent refs fit Quetzlcoatl perfectly. My gosh this is a song about the top three of the hierarchy

Last one for now. samanthafalco this one is for you.

Falconer - For Life and Liberty

This is a song about a hunt. The hunter and the hunted out smarting each other and it really made me think of Charles and Ruger.

For the lyrics go to The ultimate metal lyrics site. Click the letter of your band then find the song in the album and have fun reading.

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16 April 2015 @ 05:26 pm
Well I decided to try and see if I was ready to go back to my computer. I sat in the chair with and without the cushion. Nothing helped and I felt my back getting stiff again. I did some photoshop stuff but that will be all since I am so much better and don't want to make myself bad again. Took me 4 months to recover and can't set myself back now.

But I was bad because I was supposed to scan and ink the new drawing of George for his birthday. I didn't. Instead I started working on the stary night sky pic. I finished the tree that I couldn't do on the lap top and added a few more plants to the ground. But then I hit a huge problem. The main part. The stars. I'm stuck I can't do it. The tutorials I have aren't working for me because they are stars in outer space where the background is all black. I already have a background. Here's what I need to set the stars on.

I tried using the noise technique and that didn't work because I'm working on a canvas over 3000 px wide. The noise is too tiny to separate into stars either with brightness and contrast, levels or cloud layer. I also tried a scatter brush and that was a disaster. This is really frustrating. Looks like I'm going to have to do it the hard way and put in each star with the mouse. That's tons of clicking on a huge wide canvas. I don't know how else to do it for this sky so if anyone can help me please I'm open to suggestions. And I wasted time doing that instead of working on George. I haven't started inking him yet. Bad.

I loved working on my computer where my tablet has no issues and the keyboard and the tablet are all within easy reach. But yeah I'm not ready to go back until I can find a chair that works and I don't think any in the house do. It rained and I put all the water plants out in the pond. It looks very nice. I potted up the one Sarracenia. It's so tiny. Gosh I hope it will grow to full size soon. Looks like a two year old plant. I got a new Nepenthes in the mail today. A hybrid called Nepenthes St. Pacifica. It is a cross between ventricosa and insignis which is one of the largest pitchers. I love ventricosa so I hope this will do well in the heat of Florida and grow fast. Right now it doesn't look like anything. Just a big plant with no pitchers. Can't wait for pitchers to start to form on it.

I got a luffa planted in the ground and I removed the nets from the sunflowers. I think they are safe from the chickens at this point. Well that's all for now. I'll take a break then I should start to ink George.

EDIT: Some names I'm seriously considering for my hens.


Yes that's more names than chickens. Still searching for more options. I like having options.

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15 April 2015 @ 09:25 pm
Well I'm here now because DA logged me out WHILE I was replying to a note. I got to log in and it's in then a pop up shows up to register. There's an option to say already have an account. But if you do that it just kicks you out again and asks you to log in. So you're caught in a mouse trap. Same thing for Chris. And it won't work on another browser. So that tells me it's a DA thing and I'm sure they're "improving" something and I think everyone must have been kicked off just now. Great how long before they fix this and when will this be fixed?

Well good news is I finally finished the first frame of Renegade. YAY!! Gosh that was hard and took a long time. Now I can start on the second and last frame. But I need to work on a George drawing since the 17th is his 2nd birthday and I'd like to have something up for him. Assuming I can post it with DA being an idiot.

I'm tired too because today I thought I'd have to get into a real argument. Last week I sent an email to and asked if I could do a local pick up. A guy named Mark emailed me back and said yes. I then called to confirm. Today I called and made sure we were on for it and I got the address. We get there a bit early at 3:45 and no one is there so I call again and the guy picks up the phone and is like, "What are you talking about? We're not supposed to have local pick up." Then he hung up on me. Sounded like he was mad that someone gave the Ok for this. Finally a guy comes out and tells me his name is Randy and he's the one I had talked to this morning that I gave the address. I was in fight mode because I didn't know if he was the jerk on the phone. If it was Mark since he claimed he was the owner the email was his that he oked all this from the start. But Randy was nice and gave me my plants, said he threw in a different one and would refund me for one Sarracenia they didn't have and for the shipping. I was still ready for a fight when I left though. I looked them up on Dave's Garden and they have bad reviews that the guy Mark is rude and even cusses out his customers. That didn't happen but it pissed me off how rude he was. I also looked them up on BBB and they have an F rating. Seems this guy is worse than the guy from MyPetFlytrap. He never cussed me out just you couldn't reach the guy and he made excuses. They did make the excuse they didn't want people on the property because they don't have insurance. I don't buy that. What business doesn't list their address anyway? Besides I can get it from BBB just look it up. They're in Plant City FL. Chris thinks that the pond plants might be a front for illegal plants. And you have to be smoking something to say it's ok then not remember your own words that are in an email as proof. But I did get my refund and his employee was very nice and gave me a substitute plant. So I have mixed feelings. I want to review and leave a bad review but there's nothing to review that way. I'd love to file a complaint on BBB but again there's not really anything to complain about since I got plants and my money back. And Randy was nice and said I could come back if I place another order. I don't know if I'll order again. They do have stuff no one else has, but so did pet flytrap and I don't know if it's worth putting up with an asshole just for that. If I only have to deal with Randy from now on that would be ideal. I just don't understand how places like this stay in business. You do bad service you need to go under. I just don't get it.

But I've had a good day despite those two bad things. Chris made some awesome progress in the yard for me. He helped up root some really bad plants. Now I can get some of my cucurbits into the ground.

Oh I got my new luggage in the mail today too. It's really nice but with the external wheels it's too big for carry on in flights. So if I ever have to go on a plane I will use the old one. I never want to check in bags again. I want to get a hard shell case for Chris and I want to get some of those packing cubes to organize things better. I booked a hotel in Atlanta so we're definitely going on this trip in July. That's very good news. And Mike will be taking care of my birds while we are gone.

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13 April 2015 @ 07:03 pm
Yesterday was great. Went on a job with Chris and while I waited for him I started drawing a pic of George I've been thinking about for weeks now. I got it started and today I worked more on it. It's taking me a while for a pencil drawing but I'm also drawing perspectives I've never done and poses I've never done. Yes it's an action fight scene. That's all I'll say for now. As for Renegade I've made good progress on it. I think I'm done with shades. I'm working on an annoying little gun that the perspective is all wrong. We'll see if I can't fix it somehow. Gosh soon I will be done with this frame. I can't wait.

But yes then we went to Marie Selby and I had such a blast. The koi pond was the cleanest it has ever been and I put the GoPro in it and filmed the fish. It turned out great! I will upload that later. I need to edit it to cut myself out of the footage. I love going to places like this where I usually know more than the staff. I met one of the employees and was showing her the hoyas. She was amazed by how I explained how the flowers grow and showed her all the stages. I told her why most are called Wax Plant and by the time I was done with my demonstration I had five people flocked around me. One guest asked me if I was going on the tour with them almost like she was begging me to come. I love it when that happens actually; when people want to listen and I actually have something to say.

We went to the tea house and sampled two teas they had. I liked the one called Red Berry. Chris bought me the Siesta Key mix which was similar to that and one very pretty tea cup. It was tall and had California poppies painted on it. Inside there was a small butterfly. I love tea cups that have hidden art inside. When I was a kid there was a set that had a strawberry at the bottom and I was always amazed by that. It was like the surprise when you finished. I don't know what it is about some of that fruit art that makes me feel so relaxed and content. Kind of like that old naturalist art.

Well it might be a long time before I can get out to Sarasota again and I'd like to have a set of four tea cups. I don't care if they don't match. In fact I kind of like that they all have different art but be the same shape pretty much. I like tall skinny cups. So I decided to go on Amazon and I put some in my wish list. Then I typed in "parrot tea cup" hoping there might be a nice budgie painting one. Well I found something I had not expected, had no idea it existed and now have to have. OMG. Look at these three links.

OMG I was flipping out. Budgie tea pots!! I LOVE the bright colors even if they are unnatural this is one of those rare exceptions where I love it. I want that pink and green budgie well all of these are great!! Sucks they're expensive.

And speaking of accidental finds on Amazon. I found this baby chick luggage set for kids.
I could use them. I travel very light the big one would probably work for me and I could put my art supplies and maybe some cameras in the small one. They're very cute. Amazon is bad for my Wallet. Luckily I have good restraint when it comes to money.

DA's been glitching today. I wasn't able to upload the photos from the trip. I'll try later and make a separate post for that.

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11 April 2015 @ 07:20 pm
I'm feeling much better today. I got my order of tomato seeds in the mail and potted them up. Many of the seeds I potted have already come up including some special ones like snake gourd, luffa, and squirting cucumber. The sunflowers have really grown but I don't think it's safe yet to take the nets off them. Chickens could still step on them. Hum, I should probably make another garden update on youtube. It's been a week now anyway.

I made progress today art wise. I worked on Renegade and finished all the flats for that panel I've been stuck on. And I've just started on the shades. I might chip at it a bit more tonight. But I won't be able to work on it tomorrow because I'm going on a job with Chris tomorrow in Sarrasota. Then it's a half day off so I want to go to Marie Selby since we'll be out that way. I think it will be very nice.

I did something I haven't done in a long time. I ordered an old comic book. Thanks to gamma_wings, I found out about this Prisoner of the Parakeets comic from 1973 and looked it up right away on Ebay. I found one in nice shape for a good price and bought it. I didn't read the description of the story because I don't want any spoilers. But the cover alone is worth it. They are well drawn though wrong colors. Even the feet are made correctly so that's impressive. And the shell pattern on the wings is well done. I can't do that. OH

It still hasn't sunk in I'm getting four new chickens in two months. I hope I will start to get excited soon. I need to think of names. I have no idea. I remember I had thought about using Moby Dick names. That's a possibility, Ahab, Ishmael, Queequeg and Starbuck. But I'm open to other options.

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